Thursday, June 17, 2010

Markowitz Danced for 30 Years, While Jobs and Businesses Left Brooklyn: Now He Protests Budget Cuts

Markowitz Danced for 30 Years, While Jobs and Businesses Left Brooklyn
Now He Protests Budget Cuts

Cheep Political Trick of the Week After being in off for his 30 years and in the Brooklyn Boro President position for the last 10 years what responsibility does Marty Markowitz have for the city's bad economy. Maybe Forgetaboutit Marty should have remembered to fight harder to get small business and jobs in his beloved Brooklyn and made less deals with the real estate developers who pushed manufacturing out of downtown Brooklyn. The press is not doing their job when they cover spin stunts by a man who help create the economic meltdown of New York. Marty Markowitz Will Don His Trunks to Protest Gowanus Pool Closing * Markowitz sued over Coney Island concert series

Nurse Marty
What will Marty do to protest people dieing because of hospitals closing dress up as a nurse? Patients Crowd Dowtown ERs Emergency rooms in downtown Manhattan have become more crowded since St. Vincent's Hospital closed in April. (WSJ)

"It is Not Your Night Dick"
Gov Paterson

Paterson throws his hand picked Lt. Governor Ravitch under the bus

Paterson Splits With No. 2 on Budget (NYT) * David's finest hour? Is Gov. Paterson finally getting a handle on the duties -- and powers -- of his office?(NYP Ed) * Paterson Rejects Borrowing, Sets Deadline (WSJ) * “I’m not the budget director; I’m not the counsel. I’m fully aware of that, and I’m not complaining about it. All I can do is offer advice,” said LG Richard Ravitch * Gov. Paterson: Ravitch Knew All Along I Was Against Borrowing

Election 2010 Andrew Cuomo's Pledge Proving Tricky for Fellow Dems (Village Voice) * Rangel in the money (NYP) * “What’s this coronation of Andrew Cuomo? Why would black leadership in this state coronate him. He has done nothing for us,” said newly-announced candidate for governor, NYC Councilman Charles Barron * Does Cuomo's Favored AG Candidate Have Her Own Pedro Espada Problem?

Government Rip Offs Queens electrician bilked city schools of $1M: probers (NYP) * Port Authority union chief admits he embezzled $300K * Ex-PA union big pleads guilty to stealing funds for hookers* (NYP) * City’s Former Chief Crane Inspector Goes to Prison for Taking Bribes (NYT) * Ex-chief crane inspector sentenced for bribery * Former Crane Inspector Receives Prison Sentence (NY1)* Harlem Hospital Ends Review of Unread Heart Tests (NYT)

State Indy Party pair cashed in on Mike Two leaders of the state Independence Party reaped windfalls from a $100,000 contribution that Mayor Bloomberg delivered to the party last year * Cuomo Waiting On Indy Party ‘Facts’

Pay to Play Seabrook
Judge Says No More Stalling In Larry Seabrook Corruption Trial

Diner's Journal Blog: Council Hears From Vendors and Residents on Proposed Food Truck Restrictions (NYT) * Vendor-Bill Debate Sizzles at City Council (WSJ)

Aqueduct Smoking Gun Lobbyist
'Proof' of Aqueduct bid sleazeSenator-turned-lobbyist Carl Andrews was ordered by the IG to turn over a document that might provide proof that AEG used inside information to land the Aqueduct racino contract. * Top aide Carl Andrews leaving Paterson amid investigation to start consulting firm * Carl Andrews aide to Paterson Resigns Amidst SLA Scandal * Senate Democrats hire 'irresponsible' aide, give him raise * Kings County Democratic Party, Developers and Corruption * Carl and Eliot, Odd Couple, Troubling Relationship | Room Eight * Spitzer and Dinkins Back Andrews in Campaign for a Brooklyn * Mohegan Sun casino owners received $54M in stimulus cash

NY StarPot Store?
Prosecutor whacks weed * N.Y. Senate Votes to Legalize Ultimate Fighting (DN) * Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson missed a crucial pre-shutdown vote conference to host a fundraiser for himself at Yankee Stadium

New York's Economic Meltdown Successful middle school program faces ax (DN) * MTA isn't offering any free rides on Bx12 (DN) * Low enrollment threatens NYC school fighting closure (CrainNY) * Sales of industrial buildings fell 45% in 2009 (CrainsNY) * City Workers Rally Against Proposed Budget Cuts (NY1) * ESPN Zone Shutters on This Sad Day for Meatheads in Times Square * Delayed state aid is making it hard for big cities in New York to close their books * Barneys' $60M loss * 6-figure retirees jeopardize $tate * The MTA and the Legislature are near a deal to save student Metrocards.

St. Vincent's has a lot of bids on one of its properties.

The Citizens Budget Commission's Elizabeth Lynam looks at the shortsighted idea (under consideration) of borrowing from the pension fund to pay the pension fund.

Inside City Hall
Brooklyn Bridge Park officially city-controlled (NYP) * The Assembly Transportation Committee unanimously approved the bus lane cameras bill.

Terrorism NY
Ground Zero heroes urged to accept deal (DN) * WTC First Responders Attend Health Settlement Forum (NY1) PM Update Times Square bomber indicted on 10 terror charges * Times Square Car Bomb Suspect Indicted In NYC - WPIX * Suspect in Times Square Car Bombing Is Indicted * S.I. Pastor Reverses Decision To Sell Church To Muslim Group

Law and Order
Gal who torched lover had drunken brawl with beau, roommate testifies (NYP) * Con who mugged elderly gets 16 years (NYP) *Off-Duty Jail Guard Accused of Killing 2 * Jail Guard Arrested in Shooting Spree (WSJ) * Judge allows photogs to shoot serial mugger of seniors * 2 cops in hot water after running into bicyclist * The big cop-out: Organizers try to blame police after riot cancels their concert (DN Ed) * 4 years later, a killer is still at large: Chanel Petro-Nixon is dead, and it's personal (DN Ed) * Communication Breakdown Haunting Bronx Court - * TREGANGTV REPORTS: Riot @ South Street Seaport After Drake Concert is Cancelled! * NYPD lab tech gushed in her diary about con man who killed her (NYP) * Deadly push-in rob (NYP) * Slay-fume landlord guilty (NYP) * Report: Two Officers Suspended Following Accident With Cyclist

DEAD IN THE WATER: Animals Flee Oil, Crowd Shallow Waters.. Scientists Warn Of 'Mass Die-Off' * Obama's Curiously Flat Gulf Speech - Newsweek * BP CEO to tell Congress he grasps spill's 'terrible reality' (NYP) * With Criminal Charges for Oil Spill, Costs to BP Could Soar (NYT) * U.S. Response To Oil Spill Falters (WSJ) * Obama's oil disaster speech draws fire, even from allies * Obama bullies BP into £13.5bn fund for oil spill victims... but British pensioners will pick up the bill * Now Bloomberg defends Obama on oil spill

Twitter Joseph Mercurio "Ironic. The man we elected because we hoped his feel-good campaign speeches might translate into achievement is actually a guy who is going to achieve, even if his presidential speeches leave us feeling blah. Op-Ed Columnist - The Boring Speech Policy -

Pete Hamill on the Death of Newsweek The Saturday Evening Post
Media and New Tech Bloomberg: We Deserve Helen Thomas's Seat, Not Fox News... READ THE LETTER... * WASHINGTON POST CO first to 'break circuit'; Trading halted after share prices doubled in one second...

23 bid on St. Vincent's apartment building

Campaign Disclosure A Path Through Political Murk Congress should approve a measure that would require disclosure on political ads paid for by corporations, but fight a loophole the N.R.A. has carved. (NYT Ed)

Wall Street Still Waiting for Those Names Switzerland agreed last year to disclose the names of thousands of American clients of UBS who are suspected of evading taxes. Doing so hasn’t been easy. (NYT Ed) * N.J. Woman Accused in Ponzi Scheme * Senate Accepts Expanded Fed Audit