Friday, June 18, 2010

Another Blow in the Fight for Keeping the American Culture: State Eyes Cutting History Regents to Save Money

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State wants to hike cigarette tax to nation's highest (NYP) * Defective part may have caused May ferry crash (NYP) * Bronx not-for-profit director gets 10 months for stealing $54K 15,050 for campaign contributions and new office flooring for state Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo, and summer interns for Arroyo and city Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo (NYP)

Another Blow in the Fight for Keeping the American Culture State Eyes Cutting History Regents to Save Money

Your taught as a kid that those that do not understand history, you are forced to repeat its mistakes. If anyone has talk to someone under 30 recently you know that the education system has left them without the basic understanding of American history among other things. Add that to the high number of immigrants who only understand the American history they were force to learn to take to become Americans, the question to ask who will learn about the Americans like George Washington who built this county and the major mistakes we made like slavery and isolation of an entire race during WWII. If we want the American culture to continue we must pass it down to each new generation. Without the focus of a regent test on history schools will continue to cut the teaching of American history. Social studies 'ex'ams Regents eye axing test - The annual history and civics exams given to public-school students in grades 5 and 8 are set to fall victim next week to state Education Department's budget cuts (NYP) * New York Budget Fight May Hobble Commemoration of 1760 Battle commemoration of the French and Indian War (NYT) * Hitting rock bottom: State approves 192-proof booze

Leak In the Aqueduct Bid?
Top Dem ID'd as slots leaker Aqueduct memo bombshell Senate Democratic leader John Sampson has been fingered by investigators as the leaker of confidential bidding information to the lobbyist for the politically connected firm that won the contract to run video slots at Aqueduct, sources told The Post. * Sale of Ministry Property Positioned Pastor to Gain The Rev. Floyd Flake, an influential New York pastor, had a role as both seller and buyer of church-owned buildings. (NYT) * Sampson: I leaked the memo, and it was ethical * Senate Leader Says He Leaked Memo to Aqueduct Bidder (NYT) * Carl Andrews Goes From Clownish Antics to More Serious Trouble (Barrett, Village Voice)

State Budget 79 Days Late The NYT Editorial again tell Albany to Finish the Job The good news is that New York legislators have decided on about half of the state’s budget. The bad news is that the other half is the hard part. (NYT) The Daily News Editorials says trial lawyers run Albany Double-barreled rip-off Legislative leaders and Gov. Paterson still can't come up with a budget -- it's now 79 days late and counting -- but trial lawyers have been making out like, well . . . trial lawyers.(NYP Ed) * AG Andrew Cuomo opposes the soda tax and the cigarette tax increase as a means to close the budget deficit * The Rockefeller Institute says governors need more power to be able to better handle mid-year budget deficits * The governor’s rejection of borrowing of any kind sent lawmakers scrambling in search of new revenue sources. * State lawmakers expected to vote on $100M in cuts (Newsday) * The TU says Paterson has to live with his “no layoff” pledge to state workers through the end of the year. * Gov. Paterson Proposes State Agency Mergers To Save Money

Pension Funds Trustees in Sea of Red Ink Cover Their Asses The leaders of the state's pension funds who allow Wall Street and the political connect to make the investments they were supposed to protect into junk bonds. In addition to the fact that the pension funds are underfunded to begin with are now covering their ass by suing BP for the money the Gulf oil mess has lost for the state's pensions New York Pension Fund Mulls BP Suit * NY mulling lawsuit against BP over lost pension money * The fund has lost $30 million on the oil giant’s slumping shares since the gulf spill.

Hookers, Gambling and A Pension Hog
Boss hog's fat pension The obese, hooker-happy president of a Port Authority union who stole $300,000 of his members’ dues to pay for lavish meals, gambling and sexual hijinks, plans to retire — and his conviction will not prevent him from collecting a disability pension (NYP) * Wife of ex-Port Authority union prez blindsided by betrayal (DN)

Election 2010
Tea Party Battles for Ballot Slots Tea-party activists across New York are hoping for victory in November. But first, they just need to get their candidates on the ballot. (WSJ) * Barron running for gov as head of new all-black party (DN) * Cuomo called Rick Lazio’s claim that he failed to pursue Steve Pigeon a “silly accusation,” insisting he doesn’t have the jurisdiction to do so. * A mixed (GOP) bag at Bloomy event for Donovan (Politico)

Twitter Joseph Mercurio Tea Party Republican Carl Paladino donated $4,600 to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. LOLAROTF

Independence Party challenged by probe, controversies Role of third party receives new scrutiny with concerns over money, endorsement

Inside City Hall
City Scales Back Plan to Thin Out Art Vendors in Parks (NYT) * Ugly J train finally slated for a facelift (DN)

Founder of the Daily News Joseph Medill Patterson Respected His Readers the Working Man
When your Mort Zuckerman and you have billions from the pension funds of the workers to build your developments your should make sure the little people have jobs. Someone should tell the jerks in the council to respect the working man and woman before they put us all out of work. Keep on truckin': Parking law should not be used to regulate food vendors (DN Ed)

The MTA has abandoned its plan to scrap free MetroCards for students, saying it heard kids’ protests “loud and clear.”

Churches Mix With Charters Four new charter schools opening this fall have ties with religious organizations, although leaders insist curriculum will be secular. (WSJ)

True News Did the Markowitz Story First And Better

True News Yesterday
Markowitz Danced for 30 Years, While Jobs and Businesses Left Brooklyn: Now He Protests Budget Cuts (True News)

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Coney shul sour notes Two Brooklyn synagogues and their worshipers sued Borough President Marty Markowitz yesterday over his summer concerts and plans for a Coney Island. * Marty Markowitz Puts on Swim Trunks to Protest Pool Closure (WSJ) * Synagogues battle beep to pull plug on concerts

Seaport Unrest Cancels Jay Z Concert NYPD Blames Organizers for Near Riot at South Street Seaport Concert * Bloomberg nixes 'Late Show' marquee concert (NYP) * Rowdy revelers crowd streets after Lakers win (NYP)

Mayor Bloomberg "Screws" Up On Radio »

Reefer Madness Proposed state medical marijuana law is a recipe for disaster Law and Order 'Gang rite' in Bx. slay (NYP) * Horror stabbing at JFK mail facility (NYP) * Postal Service worker stabs boss at JFK: sources * Rabbi: I'm corrupt * The 'Honed' Depot Who knew you could buy an illegal switchblade or gravity knife at The Home Depot in the Flatiron District and Paragon Sports in Gramercy Park? *14 Stores Accused of Selling Illegal Knives (NYT)* Sick laugh at hate-slay trial * Man Accused of Stealing Sewer Firm From Widow (NYT) * Brooklyn Gang Population Is State's Highest (WSJ) * Assistant DA suspended as interns claim abuse (DN) * Murderer gets his wish: Death by firing squad (DN)

Obama Must Respect NY's Bravest
9/11 responders to President Obama: Stop ignoring us (DN) Terrorism NY Suspect in Times Sq. Bomb Attempt Is Indicted (NYT) *Judge Rejects Many Claims in 9/11 Cases (NYT) *Staten Island Church Reconsiders Deal to Sell Vacant Convent for Use as a Mosque (NYT) *Federal Judge Rejects Terrorism Suspect’s Plea to Halt His Strip-Searches (NYT) *More Charges in Times Square Plot (WSJ) *Ground Zero Health Deal Faces Hurdles (WSJ) * Times Sq. bomber indicted on terror, weapon charges (DN) * Rudy Giuliani and his successor, Mayor Bloomberg, disagree on whether President Obama is doing a good job in handling the BP spill.

Wall Street Home-fraud raid on 500 accused of bilking banks and homeowners out for millions of dollars * Fed Emerging IntactAs Congress moves to finalize regulatory-overhaul legislation, the Fed has emerged as likely to retain most of the power and independence officials feared they might lose. (WSJ) * Greenspan: The U.S.-Greece Analogy (WSJ) * Suicide' of rich B'klyn investor tied to scandal questioned (DN) * Greenspan: USA May Soon Reach Borrowing Limit... * Rahm Emanuel said President Obama has to get tough sometimes because "corporate America was not only at the table, they owned the table and the chairs around it."

Dump ASS Republican Steals Oil Headline
Retracks "Shakedown" Statement
GOP critics slam Obama's 'Chicago-style shakedown' * Slippery oil CEO plays dumb Tells spill-grill pols: I'm not 'well' informed (NYP) * Britons: O, what a bully! (NYP) * Medvedev Sees Risks For BP and Euro (WSJ) * Facebook Rickford Burke REPUBLICAN OIL SPILL DISASTER: Texas Republican Congressman Joe Barton yesterday apologized to BP for having to accede to President Obama's demand for a 20 billion oil spill disaster escrow fun, then "sort of" apologized for the "misconstruction" of his "BP apology" after being pummeled by Republicans and savaged by The White House & Democrats. Is Joe Barton a "dumbass" or does his original comments reflect a genuine Republican position? * Fellow GOP Rep Wants Joe Barton To Lose Ranking Position Over BP Apology