Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How Albany Operates Like the Mob II

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Obama dismisses McChrystal after critical comments * Cuomo Accepts Millions From Special Interests He Assails (NYT)

How Albany Operates Like the Mob II

"I decline to answer under the Fifth Amendment."

Thomas Lucchese Three-Finger Brown"

"I respectfully decline to answer on the ground that my answer may tend to incriminate me"
Vito Genovese

" that "…to the best of my recollection I have no disremembrance of discussing with Scott any such question." Jimmy Hoffa

Ex-Aide to Gov. David A. Paterson Takes Fifth Amendment - David W. Johnson is said to have declined to answer questions in investigations into a domestic violence case and free Yankee tickets.

Reality Government Corruption TV?
True News has been reporting
How Albany Operates Like the Mob December 19th, 2009. Was Johnson involved in the Aqueduct failed bidding process that is being invested by the U.S. attorney? Maybe next year Paterson and Johnson can work with Spitzer on TV in a reality show called everything changes from day one or the New Gotti Family Mob scion making pitch for reality show - about going straight! * It’s Spitz-o-phrenia! Can the Disgraced Former Governor Really Make a Big Prime-Time Comeback? * Diaz Sr. vs Parker, Round II

Smoke, MTA and Tax Hikes Coming Soon
Fund Debt Fans Fears of Spike in Taxes New York's unemployment-insurance system is borrowing money from the federal government at an explosive pace—and that has businesses bracing for a sharp increase in taxes. (WSJ) * Judge Approves Stuyvesant Town Foreclosure

Albany Budget Talks New York Budget Talks Stall on University Proposal Paterson wants an overhaul to the public system that would allow schools to set tuition, but some fellow Democrats are opposed. (NYT) * Paterson Says Budget Ordeal Will End Monday (WSJ) * CUNY Wait List Expected To Grow, Officials Say * Experts worry a casino proposed for Springfield, Mass. could hurt Saratoga * Paterson Raises The Sales Tax Specter

Election 2010 Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice unveiled her reform plan, modeled after the proposals of the man she hopes to replace, AG Andrew Cuomo, in City Hall News * Sean Coffey again slammed Rice for her connection to Steve Pigeon * Q Poll: NYers Dislike Of Govt Reaches All-Time High * Sean Coffey Colleague Said Big Comptroller Donations Were "To Get A Foot In The Door"

Ruben Diaz, Sr. Is The "Crazy" One, Says Kevin Parker

Is the 51th State Doable Now If NYC gains more seats in Albany is this the time to cut upstate which soaks up all of NYC Tax Dollars Literary ticket for the 51st state - May 30, 1969 * City Growth May Affect Party Power in Albany Because legislative redistricting is population-based and the city is overwhelmingly Democratic, 2009 census estimates suggest that state control may shift even further Democratic. (NYT) * Recession Keeps Cities Growing (WSJ)

Facebook Azi Paybarah in nys, highest growth rate outside nyc = Kiryas Joel, the Orange County. its rate of growth...78 % #wnyc #census2010

Liu is a Red
True New and the NYT has been warning about Liu plan to keep the pay to play money mangers in the pension system, which pols are going to jail for participation in. Now reality has caught Liu red handed with another attempt to loot the pensions of New Yorkers.
Liu Postpones Pension Change Comptroller John Liu on Tuesday temporarily shelved his controversial proposal to lift the ban on placement agents that was imposed in the wake of a kickback scandal involving several pension funds. (WSJ) * New York's Pension Problem (Fox 5)

Nice Bonus Tom
Tom Ognibene on the $750,000 that got John Haggerty indicted: “John got this money funneled to him. That’s why there was no complaint filed. He never took a penny. He could’ve been making hundreds of thousands of dollars. This was John’s bonus.”

The Crane Trial Drama as crane 'slay' trial starts (NYP) * Lawyer Calls Contractor in Crane Collapse a Scapegoat (NYT) * Trial Begins For Rigger In Deadly UES Crane Collapse (NY1)

Yearlong Effort Will Add Vans to Transit Options (NYT) * MTA says to keep veterans Anddy Moreno and Alvin Taylor, toss two others under bus (DN) * Two dollar group-ride vans will be on the rise in New York if Mayor Bloomberg and David Yassky have their way.

Terrorism NY Nun dead as thugs' ride ends in Harlem carnage (NYP) * Militant’s Path From Pakistan to Times Square (NYT) * Most of the 10,000 injured Ground Zero workers of their survivors will receive settlement payments of between $6,420 and $1.84 million *Update Kelly Still Waiting on D.O.J. to Decide About K.S.M.

Law and Order Nun dead as thugs' ride ends in Harlem carnage (NYP) * Nun, 83, Is Killed by a Van Fleeing the Police in Harlem; Four People Are Injured (NYT) * Nun Killed by Van in Police Chase (WSJ) * Suspect fleeing police kills nun in getaway attempt (DN) * Mom-and-pop stores threaten to plaster shoplifters' faces on door * Brazen thief targets NYPD headquarters (WABC TV) * Man robbed at knifepoint in Central Park * NYPD Recruits Begin Community Relations Training (NY1) Update Harlem hit and run robbery suspect nabbed * Giants great Taylor indicted on rape charges

Wall Street Out of Jail, Ex-Aide to Madoff Awaits Sentencing at Home (NYT) * Top Banking Democrat Undercuts Financial Reform's Investor Protections * JetBlue starts selling food on longer flights * U.S. New Home Sales Drop 33% in May, to Record Low (NYT)

If General McClellan does not want to use the army, I would like to borrow it for a time." President Lincoln on General McClellan

Gen. Bigmouth in war blunder (NYP) * McChrystal’s Fate in Limbo as He Prepares to Meet Obama (NYT) * What’s Second Prize? Regardless of whether General McChrystal stays or goes, unanswered questions on Afghanistan will remain. (Friedman, NYT) * Failings in Afghanistan could be Gen. McChrystal's downfall (DN) * Command performance: McChrystal shouldn't be axed over snarky mag article (DN Ed)

Oil Leak
Judge who nixed drilling ban has oil investments (AP)

Eliot Spitzer, Kathleen Parker Get CNN 8PM Show

Media and New Tech Larry King Oil Spill Telethon Ratings Disappoint * Angry Jerry in grand slam at Gaga Rips pop-star 'jerk' over Citi Field outburst (NYP) * CBS News Exec: We're Covering Afghanistan Less Due To Lara Logan's Pregnancy * iPhone 4 Keeps Apple Top of Class * San Francisco board passes cell phone emission law * HOW DID CNN GET HERE?