Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Higher Cigarette Taxes Pays for Big Government: What Would Reagan Say?

Higher Cigarette Taxes Pays for Big Government
What Would Reagan Say?

Cigarette Tax Increased to Keep State Running * NY To Set The Bar On Cigarette Prices In U.S. - wcbstv.com * Legislature OKs raising cig tax to $4.35 A PACK! * Sen. Klein Touts Passage Cigarette Tax Bills * The TU thinks the tobacco revenue on which the governor and legislative leaders are now relying to help fill the budget gap is “questionable.” The Post says the governor is relying on “phantom” tobacco cash to close the deficit. * One Indian chief has said that trying to collect taxes on cigarettes sold on reservations to non-native smokers would be considered an act of war, Nick Confessore reports * Paterson says budget will be done by Monday - one way or the other!

Tusk Tusk: What About Bloomberg's Contribution to Blogo?
How can the NYT describe Tusk as known for his organizational skills and sharp political instincts, when he spent over 100 million of Bloomberg's bucks and only beat cash poor Thompson's campaign by 5%? The Bloomberg-Blagojevich Connection, or Campaign Politics Before a Fall During the corruption trial of the former Illinois governor, it emerged that the New York City mayor had donated to his campaign. $25,000 – one of the largest the ex-Illinois governor received for his successful re-election bid that year. They also shared something else: Bradley Tusk, a top Bloomberg aide who went on to serve as deputy governor to Mr. Blagojevich. Mr. Tusk denied any role in securing the money for Mr. Blagojevich after the judge said he did not have to ask that question while giving testimony. Tusk now works for Koch's NY uprising and for AG candidate Donovan who Bloomberg has also contributed to Signs point to Daniel Donovan making attorney general run | SILive.com * News spins for Tusk, leaves out the Blogo Bloomberg connection. Bloomberg aide Tusk whacks Blago on stand (DN) More about Tusk * Bloomberg Can’t Recall Who Asked Him To Give Blago Cash * Bloomberg Talks About Donation to Blagojevich (NYT) * The mayor says he donated $25,000 to now-disgraced former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich back in 2006 because the two agreed on abortion rights, gun control and the importation of prescription drugs from Canada.

Wayne Barrett Unplugs Tusk
Barrett: Quizzing Blago about Bloomie's Man, Brad Tusk' * Barrett: Quizzing Blago about Bloomie's Man, Brad Tusk - New York ... * Wayne Barrett called the “rehabilitation” of Paterson’s public profile “a joke.” David Paterson Shadow-Boxes Himself; Press Awards Him TKO (Village Voice)

Deputy Mayor Potter in Bloombergville
Banker Is Said to Be Mayor’s Choice for Economic Development (NYT) *Bloomberg to Tap Robert Steel as Deputy Mayor (NYT)* Essay: A Russian Billionaire, the Nets and Sweetheart Deals (NYT)

Election 2010 Lazio Draws Warning Over Filing Deadline (WSJ) * Willets Point Property Owners Claim Cuomo Delay (WSJ) * Hammond: Wanna be AG? Go soft on drugs (DN) * AG pension tension (NYP) * Wilson attacked state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli over a pension fund borrowing proposal.

Joseph Mercurio Cuomo leads in the general election: 58% to 26% over Republican Rick Lazio, and 59% to 23% over Republican Carl Paladino. Lazio tops Paladino in a Republican primary 46% to 17%. Q-poll

Why is the
MTA Building the 2nd Ave Line When It is Cutting Services and Raising Fares
Deeper Deficit Plagues MTA The MTA will have a bigger-than-expected budget hole to fill next month, making it more likely that fares will have to be raised sooner or higher than planned. With 2nd Ave. Project, Brief Moves May Pay Residents of some buildings on Second Avenue must relocate while the city transit agency makes repairs. If they find their own housing, they may profit * Subway Grime on Rise (WSJ) * The MTA will have a bigger-than-expected budget hole next month.

Cops 'robbers' The Port Authority's policy of allowing suspended police officers to collect overtime without working is worse than the city's infamous "rubber rooms" (NYP) * The state Senate passed Albany's parking permit bill.

"We will be attacking the U.S"
Terrorism NY Admits he tried to detonate a car bomb (NYP) * Guilty Plea in Times Square Bomb Plot (NYT) * Shahzad Admits Trying to Bomb Times Square (WSJ) * Bail Hearing in Riverdale Bomb Case (WSJ) * Remorseless Times Square car bomber Faisal Shahzad warns: 'We will be attacking the U.S.' * Hero cop on Shahzad: I hope 'bastard will go away forever' * McChrystal apologizes for controversial Rolling Stone piece (said Obama not ready to fight terrorism) * Youths sue city after being arrested in balloon splashfest (DN)* 'Cop's cop' sues city over bulletproof vests (DN) * Decision to fight thugs cost immmigrant Jollah his life (DN) * Supremely good sense: Smart ruling from top court on terrorist charity fronts (DN Ed) * Terror on the cheap: It's scary how little cash went into Times Square plot (DN ED)

Ed. Dept big hints at gifted test changes (DN) * Charters score and soar: Tests prove it's top teaching that makes success (DN Ed)

WSJ Retreads Daily News Story
Old Story The Daily News had this Mr. Softee story on Saturday Why is the WSJ doing retread stuff? Mister Softee Jingle Again Draws Mayor Bloomberg's Ire (WSJ)

Wall Street & the Economy Poll Finds Deep Concern About Energy and Economy * When Greatness Slips Away As we become increasingly accustomed to helplessness, the greatness of the United States is steadily disappearing. (Herbert, NYT) * Budget Director Orszag to Step Down (WSJ) * Obama's budget boss Orszag stepping down next month (DN)

Crane operator recalls deadly 2008 collapse (DN) * City recycle plan no 'green' feat (NYP)

Where is Sharpton?
Cop caught on tape beating vet was aggressive: witness Law and Order Officer charged with with felony assault and lying (NYP) * Stores’ Treatment of Shoplifters Tests Rights (NYT) * 2 Suspects in Spate of Shootings (NYT) * The driver of a black Crown Victoria sedan was shot to death around 2 a.m. Tuesday in Brooklyn. - WP * Customs Agent Shot Dead in Front of Parents' Home (WSJ) * Pint-sized punks sought in Central Park stickup (DN)

The Naked Cowboy is taking the Naked Cowgirl to court.

Media and New Tech
Times Chooses a Public Editor, Giving Him a 3-Year Term (NYT) * Connecticut Leads Google Probe (WSJ)

One Person, One Vote for President New York should become the sixth state to withdraw from the archaic and unfair way this country picks its chief executives. (NYT Ed)
Furious President Obama summons Gen. Stanley McCrystal to explain comments (Politico)