Thursday, June 24, 2010

Albany's Leadership Takes Decisive Action on Skippy Cups

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Supreme Court Ruling May Affect Bruno’s Case (NYT) * Bruno: I Have Faith in the System * The Bruno Argument *PM UPDATE Board Votes to Raise Rents on City's Rent-Stabilized Apartments - WPIX * Congress Fails to Pass an Extension of Jobless Aid

Albany's Leadership Takes Decisive Action on Skippy Cups

Balance the Budget Tries Nanny Statism

Purely infantile: Assembly saves New York babies from scourge of sippy cups alert parents that these hazards might promote tooth decay among juice slurpers (DN Ed)

Albany's Tax the Budget

Gov. David Paterson and the Assembly Democrats are at odds over who floated the clothing tax first.* “I believe we can’t raise more taxes,” Cuomo said * Bad budget is worse than a late budget (TU) * The delayed state budget are causing school districts experiencing cash crunches to borrow * Gov. Paterson: There Will Be More Taxes In This Budget * Paterson: Taxes Have Been On The Table For Months * The Rich Might Get Soaked Yet * Mayor Bloomberg: Tax Soda, Not Clothes, Governor

The Other 17 Percent?

83% Say Albany Dysfunctional

Facebook Joseph Mercurio 83% of voters say NYS government is dysfunctional, which is the highest number ever measured in the state. Voters also disapprove 76% to 16% of the way the State Legislature is doing its job, the highest disapproval ever recorded for this group. Q-poll

Teflon Construction Mob
The morality of two dead fireman from the Deutsche Bank has nothing to do with developers protecting the construction mob Contractor Investigated in Deutsche Bank Fire Gets a New Job at Ground Zero A contractor that was a focus of a criminal investigation into the fatal fire at the former Deutsche Bank building in 2007, and remains under scrutiny for financial irregularities, has been hired to work on the office tower that the developer Larry A. Silverstein is building at the World Trade Center site. * Recalling When a Crane Crushed His Apartment (NYT) * Crane rigger jury hears buried victim's call to 911 (DN) * Crane survivor certain he'd die (NYP)

As Hospitals Close People Die
Does Albany Continue To Loot?

Officials Ask for Hospital Probe State health officials have asked the attorney general's office to investigate the actions of trustees at two hospitals and a nonprofit health network linked to an influence-peddling scandal that sent a former Queens assemblyman to prison. * A Dose of Albany Fraud from Tony Seminerio (Village Voice)

Pay to Play Meeks
Queens Rep. Gregory Meeks mum on details of personal loans (DN)

Election 2010 Cuomo Accepts Millions From Interests He Assails (NYT) * Cuomo warns deceptive ’mortgage rescue’ companies (NYP) * Serge Kovaleski: “Cuomo pledged in 2007 not to accept donations over $10,000 from most categories of contributors during an election cycle. But he did not stick to that vow and has at times received amounts five times as great.”

What About A Report on the State's Pension's Health Before the Election

The City's media does not question the unopposed appointed comptroller in the democrat primary one question about the state's pension condition or about what reforms he will implement to dear with the ongoing pension corruption investigation and convictions. Maybe their lack of reporting has a little to do with the owners of the city's media who count on the pension funds to fund their development project. The comptroller spin about nonsense are pick up daily. State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli plans to sue BP

New York City Markets Itself to Tourists as the Anti-Vegas (NYT) * Gambling machines in city laundermats (DN)

Murdoch and Bloomberg Join Forces

Mr. President Dreams Again Bloomberg Plans Big Immigration Push legalizing undocumented immigrants and more strictly fining businesses that hire illegal workers (WSJ) The Job Bloomberg was elected to do Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley and Bronx BP Ruben Diaz Sr. called on the Bloomberg administration to cut consultants to save firehouses. * City Hall "Budget Birds" Fly Away (DN)

MTA's New Math If the MTA is Cutting Service Sunday and then cutting again and has another tax short fall this month, has does it save 700 jobs Another tax shortfall hits the MTA - Crain's New York Business * MTA proposal would save jobs of 700 workers (DN) * Last stop for the V & W MTA doomsday on track tomorrow

Terrorism NY Port Authority cops on lookout for terror attack (NYP) *Judge approves $712.5M settlement with Ground Zero workers (NYP) *Judge Clears Health Deal* New Yorker found with nuclear reactor in Brooklyn warehouse (NYP)

NYC Murder Spike
Murders Spike During a Week 14 homicides across the city, compared to the average of seven a week for the rest of 2010 (WSJ) * Law and Order Mom of vet beaten by cop: it was worse than Iraq (NYP) * Police Deny Closely Pursuing Van in Crash That Killed Nun (NYT) * Cops knocked my eye out, says Queens woman (DN) * State Senate OKs bill to shoot down stop-&-frisk database (DN) * Cop busted for stalking girl, 11, on way to school (DN) * Killer slashed, gassed Queens woman: cops (NYP) * LT is hit with six sex raps (NYP) * Drug queen gets 25 yrs * Armed Suspect Killed In Police Shootout * $800K MetroCard scammer gets a year in the clink (NYP)

Spitzer TV The Spitzer and Katherine Parker show hasn’t even starter yet, and it’s already a punchline * Maggie Haberman thinks Spitzer’s new career might not be helpful to him in the long run if he still wants to return to political life * CNN puts on Client 9 at 8 (NYP)

Facebook Joseph Mercurio Veteran journalist Connie Chung on Elliot Spitzer co-hosting a show on CNN, "It's sadly comical . . . and this is terribly disillusioning. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will give you more solid journalism than this program could possibly give."

Media and New Tech
Spots in iPhone line going for $1,000 each (NYP) * Eager Japanese Buy iPhone 4 (WSJ) * AP Washington Chief Ron Fornier Tapped to Lead National Journal Against Politico * Bernie Goldberg Slams Conservative Talk Radio’s Hypocrisy On McChrystal Sacking

Your Fired General Bam boots Gen. McChrystal over bigmouth barbs (NYP) * Petraeus at helm, U.S. faces grim future in Afghanistan (DN)

Wall Street Buys Congress The Derivatives Endgame Congress is set to begin public debate on the regulation of derivatives, arguably the most important issue for big banks and the public. (NYT)