Friday, June 11, 2010

Cuomo's Prevent Defense Castle Strategy

Cuomo's Prevent Defense Castle Strategy

The WSJ has a good story today on the strategy behind the Cuomo election campaign. They call it prevent defense, but why does one have to play defense for a race already won. Even South Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Alvin Greene knows when your have the race won you do not have to campaign in any way defense or offense. What the article does show is that the Cuomo team is the opposite of the Paterson administration. All Cuomo's politics is done behind the walls of the castle in military precession, not like the present governor who uses the press to governor and bet the pols to do the right thing. * Cuomo is keeping a very low political profile and has held no campaign events since marching in a Memorial Day Parade. Cuomo continues to use his AG position to gain face time in the press.

Cuomo Plays 'Prevent Defense' Andrew Cuomo has made only one campaign appearance since he accepted the Democratic nod for governor, continuing a strategy that one political consultant likens to running "a prevent defense at the very beginning of the first quarter." (WSJ) * Cuomo: Tagged site ignored own abuse rules The New York attorney general’s office says a social networking site is ignoring its own procedures and allowing sexually explicit photographs of children (NYP) * Popular Networking Site Allowed Child Porn, Cuomo Says * The latest target in Cuomo’s crusade against social networking sites: * The AG is also cracking down on on-line scalpers who are selling free tickets to Shakespeare in the Park. * Cuomo's still taking a lay-low approach to running for governor -- that is, he's not exactly rushing to meet the press. (Daily Politics)

Albany's Animal House is Chaos
Will Anyone Notice Any Change if the Government Closes?
Paterson warns of 'anarchy' after shutdown (NYP) * Paterson: Shutdown would cause 'unimaginable chaos' (DN) * Borrowing Re-Emerges as Albany Budget Fix (WSJ) * Uneasy on Camera, Paterson Opens Up on Radio (NYT) * Albany's health insurance premium bungle (NYP) * Budget Director Echoes Gov: There Will Be Chaos (YNN) * Comptroller's budget doomsday scenario (NYP) * Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. told the AP: “I’m voting `no’ on Monday. So one of three things will happen Monday: They will have to do something, have a budget; Republicans are going to eat their pride and vote `yes’; or the government will shut down.” * One stumbling block in the ongoing budget talks: The Senate Democrats’ refusal to back off their call for property tax relief. * The TU is angling for Senate Coup II – on Election Day * Other top Democrats are downplaying the possibility. * Chaos, Anarchy To Reign If Paterson Shuts Down NY (WCBS) * Espada Backs Down on Political Threats (NY Magazine)

Election 2010 Monserrate Circulating Petitions For Peralta’s Old Seat (Updatedx2) * Queens Assemblywoman Vivian Cook, apparently felled by illness, has not attended session in three months -- so is she running for re-election?

The Daily News Keeps Up Pay to Play Smith Sen. Malcolm Smith 's door: Home-building firm failed, now buyers are crying foul

City's Real Estate Rose Color Market Shattered
Spring Real Estate Market Roars In but Tiptoes Out Early Although many brokers are telling clients that prices have already hit bottom, some experts said they were still falling and would drop 5 percent to 15 percent more by the end of next year.

School Transit Passes: Depends on Who You Ask The NYT and WSJ disagree on the end of free transit pass for students. The NYP says the UFT is organizing students to walk out of school to protest the end of the free rides. Students to Protest Possible End of Free Rides (NYT) * Free Ride for Students Looks Safe (WSJ) Unions boost HS walkout 2,000+ kids plan protest (NYP)

Future Hevesi and Hank Morris Meeting Will Be Held At A New Location

Ex-Comptroller Alan Hevesi and his disgraced advisor, Hank Morris, met regularly to discuss pension fund business, according to AG Andrew Cuomo.

Weiner's Press Event Goes Quiet
Was keep out of most of the newspapers today because the goat drew blood from the congressman. Note to Weiner the king of press conferences Schumer never uses animals. Elsewhere: Budget Shutdown Hysteria; Angry Goat Stabs Weiner The Post picks up Anthony Weiner's goat incident.

New York Economic Melt Down Bike lane plans bumped back to 2011 (NYP) * Strides Amid Rides Coney Island (WSJ) * Jersey Shore's Snooki Bashes Obama's Tanning Tax (WSJ) * Bronx City Councilman James Vacca is okay with jacking up fines on taxi drivers who participated in a massive passenger overcharging scam.

Summer School Increases
Scoring Low, More Pupils Face School This Summer (NYT) * Klein: Summer School Enrollment Likely To Double (NY1) * Bloomberg unveils NYC school truancy task force (DN)

De Blasio Wants Office Strengthened (WSJ)

Oil Leak
New Estimates Double Rate of Oil That Flowed Into Gulf (NYT) * BP Weighs Cutting Quarterly Dividend (WSJ) * BP oil spill makes Exxon Valdez look like grease spot (DN) * N.Y.C. Mayor Michael Bloomberg says don't rush to judge BP in Gulf oil spill * The Spilling Fields’: Jon Stewart Takes Aim At BP’s Failed PR Efforts * BP Manager Questions ABC News Reporter For Using Laptop By Shore (Medaite) * London Mayor Fears American Backlash, Warns Obama Against ‘Anti-British Rhetoric’

Watergate's Deep Throat Said
Follow the Money

Gotham Gazette's new website Councilpedia allows you to follow the people and organizations that give them money to city Pols Welcome to Councilpedia

A contribution GOP congressional candidate Tom Hanna made to the Independence Party in 2008 is under review by the Oneida County DA.

Starr's Wife Back to Stripping
Kenneth Starr's wife may have to start stripping again (NYP) * Kenneth Starr's ex-stripper wife won't get funds unfreezed Law and Order Sex fiends go free in Manhattan (NYP) * Mobster gets into heated fight with his wife outside Brooklyn courtroom (NYP) * Feds: Newark-to-Syracuse heroin ring broken up (NYP) * As Crime Rate Drops, New York’s Jail Population Falls to Lowest Level in 24 Years (NYT) * In These Difficult Times, New York State’s Motto Could Be: Will Tattoo for Food (NYT) * Legendary NYPD Detective Gets Paddleball Memorial in Queens (WSJ) * Mandela relative killed as driver is charged with drunk-driving (DN) * Wife hijacks mobster outside court, begs him to go to jail (DN) * Lesbian cop slaps NYPD, city with $40M suit * Arrest Made In Coney Island Shootout (NY1) * Suspects In Alleged Central Park Sex Attack Released (NY1) * NYPD On Lookout For UES Burglar * Prognosis Grim For Mom Caught In Crossfire (WCBS) * 15 yrs. for dirty 'drug' cop (NYP)

Anti Mosque from WTC to Staten Island Protests
Heated Opposition to a Proposed Mosque (NYT)
Terrorism NY Beyond Iran Sanctions, Plans B, C, D and ... * Ground Zero Deal Gives Plaintiffs $712.5 Million (NYT) * Deal for Ground Zero Workers New York City has reached an effective settlement to help the valiant workers from 9/11. The payout is not perfect, but it is better than more time in court (NYT Ed) *WTC Plaintiffs May Get More Money (WSJ)* Judge Denies Bail for Men in Terror Case (NYT) * N.J. Terrorism Suspects Denied Bail (WSJ) * The bad guys win: Nuke-mad mullahs won't even notice vaunted UN sanctions(DN Ed) * The good guys lose: Fear of brutal Iranian regime keeps protesters off streets (DN Ed)

Disgrace at Arlington: Hero Queens nurse among misplaced (DN)

Wall Street
May Sales Reflect Drop in U.S. Consumer Spending (NYT) * Retail Sales Tumble (WSJ)

Media and New Tech FBI Opens Probe of iPad Breach * CNN, MSNBC Battling for Eliot Spitzer (NY Magazine)