Wednesday, June 9, 2010

NYT, WSJ: Paterson Domestic Violence Interference Investigation is Lost

Paterson Domestic Violence Interference Investigation is Lost

Both the NYT and WSJ curiously have the same story of the about how the domestic violence investigation seem to have been back burned. After three months of no movement on the story one can only conclude that one of the papers has a spy in the other or one of the papers get a tip on someone being questioned by the other why there has been no movement. But for the NYT and WSJ to publish the same story about the investigation lack of developments is very interesting. The AG recused himself from investigating the administration of Mr. Paterson, a onetime political rival, and turned the case over to Judith S. Kaye, the former chief judge of New York, who is said by the NYT to feel little urgency or political pressure to finish. Laye hired by the Working Families Party to conduct an internal review of its campaign-finance activities, which she recently completed, right before the parties endorsement timetable.

A Former Top Aide to Paterson Languishes as an Inquiry Moves Slowly Accused of domestic violence, David W. Johnson has not heard from investigators in months, his lawyer said.(NYT) *
Three Months Later, Mum's the Word on Paterson Investigation Three months after allegations that Gov. Paterson improperly intervened in a top aid's domestic dispute, there has been little progress in the investigation being led by an independent counsel (WSJ)

NYT and WSJ how about a follow up on the city council lush fund investigation? That is longer than 3 months.

Wall Street's Lost Wages Hurts NYC Badly
Wall St. pay plunge Wages on Wall Street tumbled more last year than at any time in modern history -- including the Great Depression. As a result the city is counting on $12 billion less in sales and income taxes between fiscal 2008 and 2011.(NYP) * Liu Faults Wage Study(WSJ)

Driving $$$
Driving in this state becomes more expensiveNew York Economic Meltdown City Services for Families in Trouble Could Be Cut (NYT) * Co-Op City Workers Are Returning to Jobs (WSJ) * School admitted more kids than they had room for (DN) * The Oneida County DA is investigating the local branch of the Independence Party. * Rent regulation poorly targeted Among all New York City households with incomes below $35,000 living in private-sector rental units, only 10% had housing that could be called affordable. (Crains) PM Update Disney Pulls Plug On ESPN Zone

Coup II: Espada Wants to Blows Up Albany Again
Espada who is under reelection press back in the district he has a second home in, is out to finish the job he started with Monserrate to destroy Albany.

Espada's new plot for doom Vows gov't shutdown Espada pledged to withhold his crucial vote from emergency spending legislation, known as a budget extender, that must pass the Legislature by 11:59 p.m. Monday to keep the wheels of government turning for another week (NYP) * Dave's healthy cuts (NYP Ed) * Paterson Turns Budget Screws (WSJ) * Hammond: Pedro & Skelos star in 'Chaos 2' * Shutdown showdown: Paterson must keep pressing Legislature to cut spending (DN Ed) * The next round of budget extenders won’t include education spending cuts, but will include spending reductions on mental health and human services – plus a tax hike on cigarettes. * Gov. David Paterson’s tough approach seems to be working as budget negotiations got underway in earnest * Could New York be the next Greece? * Espada Threatening Another Senate Gridlock? - * A.M. Roundup: Budget thaws and threats (TU) * Flirting With Complete Dysfunction (Gotham Gazette) PM Update Senators throw cold water on Coup II
* Diaz is upset he’s a ‘thug,’ unsure what he’ll do Monday

True News Lights the Way
Lame Duck Paterson Runs the Government
Takes the heat for the legislature with cuts in emergency spending bills (True News June 6th)

NYT Editorial today writes that Paterson is pushing the legislature to cut, they do not understand that they are working with Paterson to orchestrate this extenders weekly dance to avoid taking the heat in an election year. Paterson just wants build his legacy (for a high paying job) and the other pols want to avoid public anger about the cuts.

From the NYT Editorial Today
"There is no easy, popular method for dealing with such a deep financial hole, especially in an election year. Legislators only seem to know what they don’t want. They don’t want cuts. They don’t want borrowing. They don’t want taxes. They don’t want responsibility. Governor Paterson deserves credit for forcing this decide-nothing crowd to decide something. It is nowhere near enough." Albany’s So-Called Governing * The Post is pleased Paterson is finally acting like a governor. * Paterson: ‘I’m Taking The Bull By The Horns’ (YNN) * Paterson Explains Emergency Appropriations At Leaders Meeting (NY1)

The Main Boxing Event Cuomo vs. Silver
Andrew Cuomo's Biggest Rival Won't Be the G.O.P. It's Shelley Silver and the old-school Dems in his race to Governor

Election 2010 The real first fight of the 2010 gubernatorial campaign is over LG contender Duffy’s police pension, which Lazio says is “double-dipping.” *Double-Dip Duffy? Attack and pushback (TU) *The T.U. thinks Cuomo should "stop meddling" in the A.G.'s race * Lazio Hits Cuomo (Belatedly) On Lobbyist Cash (YNN) * Rep. Charlie Rangel talked to WNYC's Brian Lehrer about comparing Barack Obama to Dick Cheney in the Daily News this week.

Talking Out of Two Sides of His Mouth
Does Liu Want More Hank Morris Corruption?

After previous befuddling behavior, Liu took to the podium at the recent state Democratic convention to put state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli's name in nomination, an odd speaker selection that merely highlighted the paradox of their opposing positions on a key reform promulgated by fellow Democrat Andrew Cuomo, the gubernatorial nominee. Pension Fund Scandal Is John Liu Really Ready for All the Attention? (Barrett, Village Voice) * Pension Play

MTA moment of booth: Court orders reopening (NYP) * MTA's deal with 'frauds' The MTA awarded a $28.6 million contract to a Spanish company that hatched a fraudulent scheme to lowball its projected profits (NYP) * A whistleblower says he got the boot from his job after complaining that the MTA was dealing with a Spanish company that hatched fraudulent schemes to lowball its projected projects. * MTA Board Approves Public Hearings On Layoffs (NY1)

City residents taking anger out on BP

The Oneida County DA is investigating the local branch of the Independence Party.

The Post doesn’t approve of Mayor Bloomberg’s “wobbling” on charging the working homeless to stay in city shelters * HOTEL ROOM IN NYC: $35,000 A NIGHT!.

Public Advocate Position Create for Stein
Andrew Stein and his political connected father was able to lobby a past charter commission to create the position of public advocate to set up a future mayoral campaign. The position has become whatever that person in that office wants. Most have tried to use it without success and a stepping stone to higher office. Charter Panel Eyes Advocate The Office of the Public Advocate -- beset by hefty budget cuts, calls for its elimination and efforts to erode its power -- is now under the microscope of the commission charged with remaking city * If he lives through this battle and succeeds in the office, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is likely to be a leading contender in the 2013 NYC mayor’s race. government. * The Battle for Bill de Blasio’s Soul

FACEBOOK Joseph Mercurio May be New York City could benefit by top two voting, a version of non-partisan elections. California Voters Back Election Overhaul - * California Overhauls Election System, Primaries Completely Eliminated

Prosecutorial Misconduct
Facing Misconduct Claims, Brooklyn Prosecutor Agrees to Free Man Held 15 Years * Judge nixes slay rap with slam at DA Law and Order Here drum the judge! Musical jurists can rock for cash, ethics panel says (NYP) * Ex-Yankee El Duque 'in shock' over half-brother's murder spree (DN) * Joint task force busts Albanian drug ring (DN) * Famed Colombo underboss Franzese betrayed by own son (DN) * Life for a life: John MacKenzie, like all cop killers, should die in prison (DN Ed) Update Jury convicts in for-hire killing of Bronx mom (NYP) * Mark Green: Bill de Blasio 'Has Been Put in a Box' (Politicker) * Stab 'monster' sent to the slammer for Queens kill (NYP)

Terrorist NY The faces of hate Jersey jihadis junior hellions (NYP) * 'Jersey Jihadist' turned against own brother over Islam (DN) * U.N. Security Council Sanctions Iran PM Update Ex-Brooklyn College student gets 15 years for aiding al Qaeda (NYP)

Council to fight for E. State Building tribute to Mother Teresa

Dust Bowl Unemployed Move West
2010 Unemployed Runs For Office

Unemployed Mystery Man Wins Senate Primary: No Money, No Campaign Signs, No Website

Night of the Woman National Primary Results
Newsweek calls its a "Sex Change."

I Am Woman, Here Me Roar
Blanche survives as Tea Party takes Nev. (NYP) * Whitman and Fiorina Win in Calif.; Lincoln Prevails in Ark (NYT) * Anti-Incumbent Rage Bypasses Arkansas * California Voters Back Election Overhaul (NYT) * Campaign 2010: New Faces Reign (WSJ) * Two Tech Chiefs Triumph in California (WSJ) * Lincoln Beats Back Liberal Challenge (WSJ) * Tea-Party Favorite to Face Reid (WSJ) * GOP incumbents in New Jersey Beat Back Tea-Party Challenges (WSJ) * Blanche Lincoln Win Sparks Furious Sniping Between White House, Labor * Harry Reid got the conservative opponent he wanted in Nevada * Primary results, polls show tea party struggles (Wash Post) * Fox News Panel: Blanche Lincoln’s Primary Win Means ‘Bill Clinton Is Back’ (Mediate)

FACEBOOK Joseph Mercurio "It's not rocket science," said Eddie Vale, a spokesman for the AFL-CIO. "People are unemployed... If Democrats want to win races in 2010, they need to show people they're creating jobs for them." In Senate and on trail, Democrats target overseas job losses *Joseph Mercurio What anti-incumbent rage, what tea party effect—Senator Blanche Lincoln wins in Arkansas, and in California Carly Fiorina, the former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard won as did Meg Whitman formally of e-bay. It’s still nice to be an incumbent and not too shabby to have your own money.

New York's Past Once Upon A Time In Manhattan: Penn Station's Original Grandeur Not Forgotten

Wall Street FBI Uses Terror-Probe Tactics on Fraud * $217,000 'Skimmed' From ATMs * Bernanke Says the Federal Debt Is ‘Unsustainable’ * Bernanke as chief cheerleader (Washington Post) * Debt: What Language Do You Speak? (Wolff, Newser) * FBI Raids Manhattan Brokerage Office; Arrests Made (NY1)

Media and New Tech
Fox News Launches New Site * Fred Drasner, Former Daily News Publisher, Shows Interest in Newsweek * Financial Times Becomes First News Company to Win an Apple Award for iPad Design

Lying with photos Reuters wrongs again (NYP Ed) PM Update Obama unveils $400 million in aid to Palestinians...

Blogo Update Blago not bad, trusted wrong guys: attorney * Ex-Blago aide testifies on plans to make money...