Saturday, May 1, 2010

True News Update All Weekend

Joblessness and Service Cuts NY's Reality
Pols and their Enablers the Press Never Question on Governments Plans to Turn the City's Economy Around

This city is staving for jobs. 2,500 line up for 300 hotel openings Jobless 'suite' dreams. Yesterday a 166 year old hospital closed and today we get a press drop about we about major cuts in senior services At Least 50 of City’s Senior Centers Expected to Close to Save Money, Up to 75 senior centers on the chopping block(DN) The NY press has never confronted a New York pol to asked them how they plan to turn the city's economy around. Instead we get press stories written by the flacks who on the pols staffs on issues designed to increase the elected officials popularity.

Flack Generated Stories This Week
Mayor: "Popcorn Without Salt Is Not Popcorn" * MAYOR BLOOMBERG AND SPEAKER QUINN LAUNCH NYC WATERFRONT VISION AND ENHANCEMENT ... * Speaker Quinn and Commish Kelly hail 'excellent' work of elite bias crimes unit * New York City Council and other advocates denounce new Arizona Immigration Law * Mayor Bloomberg takes stand against Iranian President Ahmadinejad * Bloomberg On Salty Ribs: "It's Gonna Kill Ya"

Rolling Out the New Governor Like A New Car
Goodbye St. Vincent's Staff Says Goodbye to St. Vincent’s Hospital (NYT) * St. Vincent Closes Its Doors (WSJ) * St. Vincent's Hospital closing means no home births (DN) * So Long, St. Vincent's: Hospital Closes Its Doors For Good

DN Editorial Spins for Quinn Covering Her Ass
About a month go Public Advocate de Blasio can up with a plan for his former council members to list on the Internet all the applications from the groups requesting member items funds Quinn To De Blasio: Thanks, But No Thanks! Today's DN editorial thanking the speaker for coming up with her own website after turning down de Blasio site makes little mention of what drove the speaker to come up with the site. The DN should not only explained how the speaker had little choice considering her office has been under federal investigation for over a year over her use of the slush fund. The DN editorial also did not mention the councilmembers who have gone to jail, under indictment or investigation. * Chris cleans up: Council Speaker Quinn to let sun shine on slush funds

Dodd: What a difference A Year Makes
Last year he was taking person VIP loans from Countywide and millions of campaign funds from Wall Street, now he is Mr. Clean pushing reform of financial reforms. * Gilly & Dodd to feed at fat cats' $$ trough * Citing Wall Street Reform, Dodd Backs Out of Fund-Raiser for Gillibrand

The state Senate Tuesday approved a brand-new rent-based entitlement for another protected class -- folks with HIV/AIDS who qualify for housing assistance. Albany and City Hall will subsidize the difference -- an estimated $31 million hit between them. Not surprisingly, the Bloomberg administration insists that Gov. Paterson veto the bill when it arrives on his desk.Rent caps vs. reality (NYP)
Inside City Hall Former Indianapolis Mayor Tapped for New York City Post * Bloomberg Names Former Mayor of Indianapolis to No. 2 Post (NYT)

Albany Dysfunctionalism
NY1 Exclusive: Ravitch Dismisses Rift With Gov

The Big Fix It’s time to get rid of the gerrymandering used to define legislative districts in New York. There are signs of progress in creating an independent commission to do so.

New York Economic Melt Down Geithner Says Wall Street Reform Good for City

Chinatown Faces BID for Cleanliness As a grant that has helped clean up Chinatown is about to run out, some are reviving an effort to create a business improvement district to continue to pay for extra street sweeping and trash pickup.(WSJ)

Districts don't have enough kids for gifted programs

Obama Disses 'Poisonous Political Climate'

Law and Order Male nanny perv rap * Jump the gun' court deal costs 'not liable' nurse $1M * State appeals court voids $10 million decision, claims city not liable for shot woman

Terrorism Don't ID Gitmo guy jury: feds * Subway suicide cyanide scare *Man Walks Tracks Carrying Cyanide* 2 Ex-Brooklyn Men Charged in Terror Plot * Two Brooklynites accused of plotting to aid Al Qaeda by modernizing a cell in Yemen * Casios are jihadists' first choice * The threat keeps growing: List of terrorists in our midst gets longer and longer * Brooklyn Men Accused Of Helping Al Qaeda (WCBS TV)
Wall Street Corruption Madoff son-set is near * Madoff's sons likely to face tax-fraud charges * Museum Exhibit on Financial Scandal May Need an Update (WSJ) * Stocks End April With Big Loss on Goldman Sachs Fears * Warren Buffett defends Goldman, says economy rebounding * Warren Buffett defends Goldman, says economy rebounding * In lousy year, SL Green execs hit clover

Media and New Tech WATCH: Bill Maher Slams Obama, 'Too-Big-To-Fail' Oil Companies * Christiane Amanpour Signs Off From CNN After 27 Years (VIDEO) * Who’s Going to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner?