Thursday, May 6, 2010

NYT Analysis Clueless on City's Future: Economics Not Fake Government Transparency

Breaking News Two Years For Bruno *BREAKING: BRUNO SENTENCED TO TWO YEARS IN PRISON *Bruno: "I Know I Did Nothing Wrong"* Bloomberg: State is starving the city (NYP) * Bloomberg and Paterson Play Budget Blame Game * Dow plunges, dropping below 10,000 briefly, as fears of Greece's debt crisis plague markets * Bloomberg Guts Library Budget * Top Senate leaders have agreed to testify and turn over documents in the AEG probe. * DiNapoli Addresses Pension Fund Investigation

The New Majority Leader of Jail Block D Joe Bruno
Former state senator Joseph Bruno sentenced to 2 years in prison “In my heart and in my mind I did nothing wrong. Nothing! Maybe I used bad judgment. Maybe I was a little cavalier in the way I handled my business judgments,” former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno said in court today.

Wall Street Crisis
Dow Ends 3.2 Percent Lower After Brief 9 Percent Drop
Markets Plunge, Then Stage a Rebound
Wall Street Song of the Day

NYT Analysis Clueless on City's Future
Economics Not Fake Government Transparency

NYT does a story a week old about a fight between Speaker Quinn and de Blasio over whose website will be used to list council members member items slush funds. The NYT says it is the opening fight in the 2013 mayoral campaign. The ways to fix the member item slush fund is to put a few more council members in jail. There is evidence. How dumb to do this story on the day the mayor is announcing cutting teacher and other city services. How about the NYT do a story on which mayoral candidate will rebuild the NYC economy. Which will be very hard after Washington pushes new rules on Wall Street which will clearly reduce the amount of taxes the city can collect from it biggest tax payer. With Debate on Openness, Mayor’s Race Starts Early (NYT) * Saving the Teachers Congress must act again to prevent a wave of teacher layoffs that could damage the fragile recovery and hobble the school reform effort for years to come (NYT Ed)

NYT Time Warp: Late Again
After the NYP, NYDN, Village Voice, Koch and every blog in the city hit Senator Smith over his pledge to wipe out the GOP in the senate the NYT gets around to an editorial. He Probably Didn’t Mean To Senator Malcolm Smith may have told his fellow Democrats that a little gerrymandering is in order before 2012, but voters deserve a fair redistricting process. * Neither Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver nor Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson would commit to passing redistricting reform legislation. * With an eye to maintaining their hold on power, Assembly and Senate Democrats nixed a plan to reform politically beneficial gerrymandering in redistricting. * The Times says don't believe Malcolm Smith's promise to redistrict fairly.

Facebook Joseph Mercurio Not only was Smith wrong on what the policy should be, he violated all the rules of sensible public relations on the way to achieving his goal.

WSJ Late Also
The WSJ has a story today about a Monserrate aide who got arrested after a fight with a cop that was reported in the NYT, NYP and Daily News two days ago. Since there is no breaking news here can we expect the daily will just read they competition in the future and do stories they missed. If the WSJ wants to win the Pulitzer to compete with the NYT they will have to do less repeats and break new ground in stories. And no meat stories! Former Monserrate Aide Calls Police Officer Fat, Gets Arrested (WSJ) * NY Times Report on Contaminated Meat Wins Pulitzer Prize

Daily News Vs. NYT: Terror Editorials

The Daily News says losing track of the bombing suspect, not using all the most modern technology like GPS and up to date no fly list. And the fact that the 911 trial has not been moved out of New York has a common thread is clear. We're zigging and zagging and taking survival for granted, while the enemy is coming straight at us, full speed ahead. Our own worst enemy: Fighting terror war with one hand tied behind our back(DN Ed)

The NYT Ignores the missteps in the capture of the car bomber and uses their editorial to defend civilian triads. Senators McCain and Lieberman say military trials will show strength. Abandoning democratic institutions in the face of terrorism is an act of surrender. It will not make this country safer. It will make it more vulnerable. The NYT does not mention like the Daily News that the 911 trials should be moved from the city. Fear Itself A familiar group of politicians is cynically trying to use the Times Square bomb plot as an excuse to weaken the rule of law. It would not make us safer (NYT Ed)

Anyone for A City Council Member Item Slush Fund Investigation?

Corruption Non Starter

If we have to depend on the City's DA to end political corruption that wait will be very long in parts of the city. The corruption comes from the same elected officials and political machines who get the DA elected. If Troopergate was not the clearest sign that we need independent prosecutors to end corruption how about the fact that the Queens and Bronx DA have never had a corruption trial. All the pols put into jail in there boroughs have be done so by the feds. Not one DA has send a council member to jail for using member items to help themselves and family member. The Feds have. Taking out the political trash: Thanks to DA Cy Vance, N.Y. could get a real public corruption law * Federal Judge to Sentence Joseph Bruno in Fraud Case

Taliban Terror in Times Square
Evidence Mounts for Taliban Role in Car Bomb Plot (NYT) * Infiltrating Jihadis' World (WSJ) * Shahzad's Pakistani Taliban Meeting? (Fox 5) * U.S. to seek Pakistan's aid in N.Y. bomb probe (Washington Post)

The Wicked Broadway Bomber

Money Woes, Long Silences and Islamic Zeal (NYT) * Video: Visit to Faisal Shahzad's Village (NYT) * Bombing Suspect Had No Known Ties to Local Muslim Community, Leaders Say (WSJ) * Shahzad went from suburban family man to terror wannabe(DN) * A look inside confessed Times Square car bomber Faisal Shahzad's nondescript Bridgeport home *Visit to a Pennsylvania Fireworks Store (NYT) * Official: NY car bomb suspect did a dry run (AP)

The Thanking Parade Continues
Times Square Case Brings Moment of Glory for Automotive Detective (WSJ) * Mounted cops honored (DN)

Rudy Giuliani said the Times Square bombing brings back memories of the 9/11 attacks * The mayor asked members of Congress to close the so-called “terror gap.”

Business is booming for hero handbag vendor who alerted cops to Faisal Shahzad's car bomb

Government Tightens No-Fly Rules

Last Night Scare: Bridge Closed Abandoned truck on Triboro Bridge turns out to pose no terror threat (NYP) *Bomb Fears Close Bridge Temporarily (NYT) * Truck Triggers Scare on RFK Bridge (WSJ) * Near Ground Zero, a Mosque Moves In and Meets the Neighbors *Plan for mosque near WTC site moves ahead *13-Story Mosque Planned Near World Trade Center Site (WINS) * NYPD shuts down RFK bridge over abandoned U-Haul (DN) * Stop cavity searches, Osama Bin Laden aide sobs

What the feds owe N.Y.: Schumer says the state needs more counterterrorism funding from Washington (Op Ed DN)

School Cuts
Some 6,700 city teachers gone
5,000 other employees and close 75 senior centers

Teachers Hit Hard By Mayor's Budget
Bloomberg Looks To Cut Teacher Jobs With Proposed Budget (WCBS TV)

NYC Budget Melt Down Become Real Today Bloomberg Budget Would Cut Number of Teachers (NYT) * Bloomberg budget won't reduce number of police protecting NYers (NYP) * City Will Cut Teachers, Not Police (WSJ) * NYPD spared cuts after terrorist bust (NYP) * Mayor Bloomberg rules out cutting 900 NYPD slots (DN) * For the fifth week in a row, legislators worked a short week in Albany and went home without a budget deal. * Albany leaders said they'd go along with Gov. Paterson's request for state worker furloughs rather than bring the state to a standstill * Teachers Hit Hard By Mayor's Budget (WCBS TV) * CUNY Sets Up Wait List For Fall Freshman Applications

More NYC Economic Melt Down St. Vincent’s Closing Puts Midwives in Jeopardy * Rent Board, Booed as Usual, Recommends Increases * Demise of 'Enron' Mirrors Its Subject (WSJ) * Wrongful arrests, police brutality cost NYC $305M (DN) * MTA job cuts won't stop at 475, say bigs (DN) * Education Dept. wants $5M for recruiters, despite layoffs * Fashion, entertainment nonprofit Gen Art shuts down (Crains NY) * Midtown office market falls behind world rivals (Crains NY) * NY Pensions Lose On Goldman Investments * Judge Blocks Transit Layoffs and Orders Hearing

Bruno Goes to Jail: How Many Years?
Day of Sentencing Looms for Former New York Senate Leader * Republicans don't want to talk about Joe Bruno.

The image is too ugly:
State Senate Dems fiddle while New York burns(DN Ed)

Top state Senate leaders Malcolm Smith and John Sampson have agreed to testify and provide documents about the disasterous Aqueduct racino deal, the Daily News has learned. (no link)

He Probably Didn’t Mean To Senator Malcolm Smith may have told his fellow Democrats that a little gerrymandering is in order before 2012, but voters deserve a fair redistricting process. (NYT Ed)

The Daily News isn't keen on David Paterson's immigration panels.

The Union-Charter Fight Takes to the air waves (WSJ) * Politico to challenge charter foe Perkins

The Post calls Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand a hypocrite. Of Goldman & Gillibrand

Law and Order
Motive Goes to Heart of Hate Crime Trial as a Jury Begins to Deliberate * Suits Against Police Rise (WSJ) * Jury convicts brutal barber of murder (NYP) * Former Giants star nabbed for rape: police Lawrence Taylor

Murder Up Again
"The city has also seen a 20 percent spike in murders in the first four months of 2010 as compared to last year, according to NYPD statistics." * Peter Vallone has concerns about fudged crime stats.

Judges: Our pay's a crime

NYPD Caught On Tape "C*cking" Memo Books, Pushing For Quotas

Harold Ford Jr. doesn't want to be photographed with a drink in his hand because: "I'm a politician."

Los Suns
The Phoenix Suns wear "Los Suns" jerseys to protest Ariz.'s immigration law.
Hispanics unhappy with Dem shift

Media and New Tech
Leno Joke: Terror Suspect Supports 'Team CoCo' * Washington Post Co. Puts Newsweek Magazine Up for Sale * Washington Post Co. puts Newsweek on block * DirecTV, YES to air Yankees games in 3D * HERE THEY COME! Feds to Push for New Broadband 'Rules'... * Meacham: 'We've had it backwards' * Was CBS Corp.'s Les Moonves Overpaid? * Forbes Writer: iPad Means Newspapers Must Charge For Content * Cablevision Profit Soars Despite Decline At Newsday * Jon Meacham: Time For Newsweek To Embrace Internet, Consumers Must Pay For Quality (VIDEO) * Are Reporters Obligated to Protect Competitors' Anonymous Sources? (Gawker)

To Late for Ted Turner
How CNN, CBS News could benefit from a partnership

Facebook HowardKurtzNewsweek's most famous feature over 80 yrs: Conventional Wisdom Watch. CW gives magazine a down arrow right about now.

JeffjarvisNewsweek's Jon Meacham describes @jxpaton's Digital First, Print Last strat. Too bad Newsweek didn't do it.

Twitter KineticCarnivalSuspicious Fire at Coney Island Arcade Building via @AddToAny

Rove, GOP secretly plot vast network to reclaim power (Politico) * Five races reshaped by the oil spill