Friday, May 7, 2010

The Budget Mess Turns Into A Mud Fight

The Budget Mess Turns Into A Mud Fight

Bloomberg's "Starve the City" Team

The NYT Blame Albany for being a month late with the budget. So does the Daily News The kids be damned: Albany lords of misrule costing the city 6,414 teachers (DN)

Paterson's "Selective Accounting" Team

The New Governor Terminator
"The mayor's budget uses the state as a scapegoat to shirk responsibility for their [sic] own budget choices," said state Budget Director Robert Megna, who works for the man who singlehandedly turned New York government into a semi-regular "Saturday Night Live" comedy skit. The irresponsibility race (NYP Ed) * Bloomberg and budget woes: In New York City 'it's all about more' - until nothing is left * The Buffalo News urges Paterson to stick to his guns on furloughs or risk losing all credibility on the budget.

The Cuts

New York Economic Melt Down Transit Cuts Announced; Among Them, Announcers * Group Fears Lower Rents Will Expire, Cutting Gains * New MTA Cuts on Tap as Clerks Get Reprieve (WSJ) * Cash Could Ease Blow From Hospital Layoffs (WSJ) * New York consumers are less confident than people elsewhere in the nation, a new Siena poll finds * The iconic “I Love NY” campaign is falling victim to budget woes * More MTA cuts are in the offing * Get ready for dirtier subways and more scratchitti * MTA announces more cuts; fare hike next?

Breaking News
Unemployment Up From 9.7 to 9.9%

U.S. Adds 290K Jobs, But Unemployment Hits 9.9% Job Creation Reaches Highest Level in 4 Years; Rate Jumps as More People Look for Work

New York Tea Party Needed Against the Council
Cut the City Council Salaries 25% and No lulus
In 2007 the council raised their salaries 25% now would be a good time for its members busy closing fire house which they promised they would not do during their reelection campaigns. Forgetabout the campaign lit promising smaller class sizes. Council member to make admends for the lies should cut their budget, the highest in the nation, now. Getting Paid: Debating the Council's Outside Income and Salaries The council will never cut their pay so True New will encourage newspaper and blogs must start a people movement to cut their pay and lulus. A New York Tea Party

Broken Subway Cameras
Council Not Doing Its Job Wants To Raise Our Taxes

John Liu Was Chairman of the NY Council Transportation Committee for the last 10 Year. What Happen to Him?

What was the City Council doing for the last 10 years to make sure the subway cameras installed worked? Nothing. Now they want to raise our taxes to fix all the subway broken cameras.
Transit security lax: pols The City Council yesterday ripped the MTA as soft on security and said the agency must get cameras and passenger intercoms up and running immediately....

Inside Baseball vs. Investigative Reporting We have a state going broke, 10% unemployment and being hunted by terrorist all the NYT give us is inside baseball reporting on the governors race. How about asking the candidate what they will do, what are there real plans to get us out of this mess. Feelings of Donor’s Remorse Emerge After Politician Switches Parties\

How Bruno See Politics
“You committed a crime. The jury told you that. You can’t accept it. You have blinders on. You simply can’t see it,” Judge Gary Sharpe told ex-Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno before sentencing him to two years in prison on federal corruption charges. * 2 years for Bruno * Former Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno was sentenced to two years in prison, after an unrepentant appearance in federal court Friday. (TU/DN/NYT) * Indeed, Bruno’s not the only lawmaker to tangle with the law. (TU) * Fraudster Bruno gets 2 yrs.Judge rips lack of remorse(NYP)

Pay to Play Bruno Stay Out of Jail For Now
Bruno’s fate now rests in the hands of the US Supreme Court justices.
* Former state senator Joseph Bruno sentenced to 2 years in prison (NYP) * Joe Bruno meets justice (NYP Ed) * Bruno Gets 2-Year Prison Term, but Stays Free (NYT) * Swagger and a Speech Before an Ex-Lawmaker’s Sentencing (NYT) * Bruno Avoids Jail, for Now (NYT) * Bruno Sentenced to Two Years for Fraud * Hammond: Joe Bruno is still blind to his crimes * Pass Joe's Law: Bruno's federal crimes must be state offenses, too * The Poughkeepsie Journal thinks Sharpe should have gone harder on Bruno.

And the Corruption Goes On
Fred Dicker is not optimistic it will prompt better behavior. Maybe Albany learned a lesson (snicker) (NYP)

More Albany Investigations

The state IG has asked to speak with three senators – Eric Adams, Pedro Espada Jr. and Joe Addabbo – in addition to the Senate’s leaders in connection with his AEG probe * A probe into the Aqueduct racino deal is zooming in on state Senators John Sampson and Malcolm Smith.

Courts will hear a challenge to the system of court-appointed public defenders. (AP)

The Changing Face of Fireworks In Times Square

Surveillance video shows Times Square bomber buying fireworks (NYP) * Authorities Seek 'Money Courier' As Accessory To Times Square Car Bomb * Shahzad begged for $10-an-hour job back at jewelry store Officials suspect he got financial help from foreign sources (DN) * Car-bombing suspect Faisal Shahzad has waived his right to a lawyer and is blabbing away to authorities about his ties to terrorist groups. * Officials believe the Times Square bombing suspect was gradually radicalized. (WP) *Search For Shahzad Money Courier*Pakistan: Times Sq. bomb suspect didn't act alone (WP) * Public Gets First Glimpse Of Would-Be Bomber's Plan

As Agents Staked Out, Suspect Fled to Airport (NYT)

When a Suspect Likes to Talk, and Talk (NYT) * Krauthammer: The limits of Miranda rights

Terrorism Passenger surrenders after NH bus bomb scare * Alleged bomb plotters considered Qns. Jewish school * Emirates plane stopped on JFK taxiway was false alarm

High Anxiety
Post-Plot, Jitters Hit the City New York appears to be going through a severe case of the jitters. Since the botched bombing in Times Square, the number of suspicious package calls to the police have skyrocketed by nearly a third (WSJ) * Another JFK Flight on Runway Has No-Fly Scare * Police: No Explosives on NYC-Bound Greyhound Bus

John Catsimatidis bought 10 tables for the state GOP’s upcoming gala fundraiser, helping out the father of his soon-to-be son-in-law, Ed Cox.

Law and Order Sobbing serial sicko sentenced in van rape * Man Convicted of Killing Immigrant, but Not of Hate Crime * New York Officer Linked to a Violent Robbery Ring * Ex-Giant Taylor Charged With Rape * Police Officer Charged With Helping Robbery Crew Steal Drugs, Uniforms * Lawrence Taylor's 'bad girl' defense lawyer gets sacked

Market Violence
Wall Street 1000 Point Drop
Greece, errors push Dow down nearly 1,000 points before rebound * Policy Makers Seek to Calm Markets as Slide Continues * A Money Too Far Greece may not be the next Lehman Brothers, but its problems are deeper than Europe’s leaders are willing to acknowledge. (Krugman, NYT) * Biggest stock market drop ever may be due to typ * Wall Street Plunge: What Happened?

Can the Tiffany Network Be Rebuilt?
Media and New Tech REAL DEAL? Is Now The Time For The CBS/CNN Partnership? * Carlos Slim Eyes Newsweek, Doubles Share in Times * Playboy Plans Safe-for-Work Web Site, No Naked Ladies * CNN + CBS = Less than Zero (Wolff, Newser)

Gulf Oil
Oil Regulator Ceded Oversight to Drillers (WSJ) * Workers ease giant box into Gulf in bid to limit spill damage (DN)

Goldman, SEC Discuss Settlement (WSJ) * Big banks making a bundle on new school construction (DN) * Banks and wealthy investors have jumped on little-known tax breaks to finance new charter schools, Juan Gonzalez says.
UK locked in election standoff (DN) * Conservatives make sweeping gains across England BBC News * Tories Gain, but Britain Faces a Hung Parliament