Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Copy Cat News

'Times Square family photo shows accused bomber Faisal Shahzad posing near scene of terror attempt

Breaking News Government Tightens No-Fly Rules * Chain of Phone Numbers Led Investigators to Bomb Suspect (NYT) * Bomber tested his route night before he left SUV in Times Square * Search for Pakistan links continues in failed attack (Wash Post)
Officials Postpone Shahzad Arraignment, Again
Copycat News
Some Newspaper War
Both the NYT and WSJ seem along with the rest of the media are doing the same stories on the car bomber. Suspect Admits Times Square Bomb Plot (WSJ) * Suspect Is Said to Admit to Role in Plot (NYT)

How many News Organization have give us the breakdown of the 53 hunt. Today the NYT a day late does the same story Smoking Car to an Arrest in 53 Hours (NYT)

Leaving On A Jet Plane
Faisal got on plane after workers used an out-of-date list (NYP) * Lapses Allowed Suspect to Board Plane (NYT) * F.B.I. Lost Track of Shahzad Before Flight Attempt(NYT) *End homeland insecurity: Napolitano must stop pussyfooting around the enemy* Mayor Bloomberg questioned airport security measures that enabled Shahzad to board a plane at Kennedy even though he was on a “no-fly” list.
Target New York
Bloomberg says city needs homeland security funds (NYP) * Give us the money now: Washington must fund anti-terror protection for N.Y. (DN Ed) * Michael Bloomberg and Ray Kelly testify in Congress today * Bloomberg: NYC 'Symbol Of America' For Terrorists (WCBS TV)

Revenge for drone attacks on T'ban (NYP) * Beast turned his American dream into a nightmare (NYP) * A Renewed Debate Over Suspect Rights (NYT) * Defeat of Times Square car bomb was terrorist's failure, not our victory William Bratton

How Can You Buy the Wrong Fireworks

A Suspect's Trip to a Fireworks Superstore (NYT) * Bumbling Times Square terrorist bought wrong fireworks

Street Vender
Keep Our Eyes on the Street Open (Huff Post) * City Cracks Down on Street Vendor Days After Street Vendors Save City's Ass (Village Voice)

Violent Crime in NYC Down 39% Over Past Decade (WSJ)

Pay to Play Bruno
Bruno guilt years in making FBI fight with prosecutors amid lobbying by target; Thursday sentencing set

State Senate's Malcolm Smith Invents Perfect Mouth-Trap as Feds Eye Home Scam (Robbins, Village Voice

New York Economic Melt Down Budget Cuts Threaten Dozens of After-School Programs * City Garbage Plan Falls Short of Goals

State Furloughs
"The governor said the furlough measure would save the state about $30 million, marking the first time the administration has cut costs this fiscal year, as opposed to deferring them."
Dave vows furlough face-off ( NYP) * Paterson Offers Choice: Furloughs or Shutdown (NYT) * The state's furlough target date is May 17 * "Because the state’s Constitution severely limits the ability of the Legislature to amend budget bills, lawmakers will face a choice between approving furloughs and rejecting the emergency bill." * It’s likely the furloughs would face a court challenge * Gov. David Paterson said a five-day pay lag would make furloughs go away * Paterson laments how the democratic process has failed to address the state’s fiscal challenges.

Charter School Cap All Up to Silver
A 'Silver' whining (NYP) UFT's Mike Mulgrew's mouth (NYP ED) * Reformers' secret weapon: Class-act lobbyist (NYP) New charter schools: powerhouse lobbyist Patricia Lynch * Sense of Betrayal at Charter School (WSJ) * Some Assembly Democrats say they won't agree to raising the cap on charter schools without a ban on for-profit operations.
Charter Vs. PS
Smikle running against Perkins

Sampson Will Let Redistricting Bill Come To The Floor (But Will He Vote Yes?)

Do your job, you b#&*h!' slap at cop (NYP) * Ex-Hiram aide flashed fake placard at cop: prosecutors (DN)

While the real-estate market was collapsing, the husband of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand made a large number of bearish bets against housing stocks, an analysis of congressional disclosure reports shows. Gilly hubby's 'crash' cow

Law and Order Ex-Producer in Letterman Plot Is Off to Jail * Cops nearly gun down movie actors playing robbers (DN) * Newspaper Releases Secret Police RecordingsAtlantic Yards holdout claims Ratner doesn't own air rights

Jay Kriegel remembers his former boss, John Lindsay.

Fire Sale Newsweek
Facebook jeffjarvisI cannot imagine a successful model for Newsweek. We now live in Newsminute. General interest goes the way of the mass audience. RIP * Washington Post Company putting Newsweek up for sale - breaking HowardKurtz

Joseph Mercurio Enthusiasm in the 2010 elections is down for Republicans' their lead has shrunk from 19-points to 10. Registered voters are evenly divided, 45% to 45%, in their preferences for the Republican or Democratic candidate in their congressional districts. Gallup This will continue.

NY Business Says No Wall Street Regs
Business and Civic Leaders Send Letter to Congressional Delegation expressing opposition to some financial regulations proposed in Washington

Media and New Tech
Atlantic Media Readies For War Against Politico