Friday, April 30, 2010

Is the Newspaper War A Dud? NYT WSJ New York Section Lack Passion and Substance

Reformers Frustrated By Legislative Inaction But They Keep Trying (Henry Stern, NY Civic) * Here’s That Photo You Were Expecting of a Bird Covered in Oil (NY Magazine)

Is the Newspaper War A Dud?
NYT WSJ New York Section Lack Passion and Substance

After A Week the Newspaper War Seem to Be Out of Steam
Reading today NYT and WSJ you would never know that the papers were in the head to head competition that the parties and dozens of stories about the coming newspaper war declared. Both papers New York sections are weak, breaking no new ground and boring. Read more like the free give away and local papers than papers trying to impress their readers with their abilities. * Newspaper Wars The Journal Appears to be Inching Away from Subtlety

The NYT Metro Section today breaks little or no news and has way to many color pieces. The only piece about politics printed today has been on the papers web site since Thursday morning. Adviser to Cuomo Is Also Top Lobbyist. The papers editorial called for voters to find a replacement to anger damaged State Senator Kevin Parker. A Toxic Anger Parker’s outbursts are inappropriate. New York’s Democrats should address the problem, and voters should start recruiting a replacement. The story about the cop being convicted about the lying not the shove has also been all over the news media since Thursday afternoon Ex-Officer Convicted of Lying About Confrontation With Cyclist. There are background stories on Last Call Looms at Freddy’s, in the Path of Atlantic Yards, Leslie Buck, Designer of Iconic Coffee Cup, Dies at 87 and Professor Is a Rock Star — in Pakistan

The WSJ Greater New York Section also has a Cuomo piece today, this on says
Cuomo Sits On Student Cash The $13 million he collected to be used to inform students about financial-aid options remains unspent. Also like the NYT WSJ has a story about the outcome of the bike cop trial Officer Is Cleared In Cyclist's Shoving. Press release type stories you would read in local papers Taxi Shares Expanding to Airports * Tour Buses Face Ban on Loudspeakers * Emmitt Smith Plans Harlem Hotel and David Koch Pours Millions Into Met to fix the fountains.

St. Vincent's Hospital Closed
Both the NYT and WSJ failed to report that today is the official closing of St. Vincent's Hospital. Only the Daily News has an article 3,500 lose their jobs as St. Vincent's Hospital closes doors * St. Vincent's Hospital Closes Friday (WCBS TV) * St. Vincent's closes for good (NYP) * St. Vincent's Hospital Closes its Doors After 160 Years

Bloomberg lobbies for HIV/AIDS rent-relief veto - because it is too costly

Sued Bronx jurist George Villegas denies gambling and loanshark ties

Inside City Hall
City Council considers silencing tour buses * Mayor Bloomberg has a new deputy mayor, former Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith * Goldsmith will be the lone Republican at City Hall – just like the man he’s replacing, Ed Skyler, whose last day on the job is today.

Quinn Vs de Blasio Member Items
Quinn Makes Web Site for Direct Funding Requests, de Blasio Makes Web Site for Indirect Ones * Quinn on de Blasio's Web Site

Facebook azipaybarah Christine quinn just said she won't give info to bill de blasio's web site. #2013

Albany's horses' asses: Fiddling with equine dentistry while fiscal house burns
Less Guns More Shootings

Bloomberg takes credit for the 19 percent drop in crime guns in five states where he sued dealers. While there are less guns on the city's streets those that have them are shooting more. Shootings are up 14.8 percent so far this year, to 373 from 325 for the same period last year Fewer guns on NYC street

Albany's Easy Money
Wall Street bankers let NY delay budget woes: Lt. governor Wall Street's eagerness to earn fees by helping New York state borrow even more money is worsening the state's fiscal time-bomb, Lieutenant Governor Richard Ravitch said on Thursday. In contrast, the decision by three bankers to stop underwriting New York City's debt in its mid-1970s fiscal crisis forced politicians, business leaders and public employee unions to accept painful solutions, he said. "Strangely enough, the financial community is willing to lend the state all kinds of money -- they have 20-odd schemes they are suggesting to Albany and the legislature about how the state can borrow money," Ravitch said at an Association for a Better New York breakfast.

Bloomberg Says NY Congressional Delegation
Takes A Dive to Protect Wall Street

Michael Bloomberg: "[W]e've got to keep Washington from destroying the main industry that supports this city." And, "What I see, unfortunately, is not enough help in Washington from the New York delegation."

Goldman Criminal Investigation
Investigating possibility of Goldman Sachs securities fraud(NYP) * U.S. Said to Open Criminal Inquiry Into Goldman (NYT) * Feds launch criminal investigation of Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs * Unions March On Wall Street * Geithner to testify before meltdown probe * Larry Summers and Mayor Bloomberg disagreed briefly in Washington.

Buffett Set to Fire at Will on Goldman Buffett says he expects to "give extensive and complete replies" to Goldman-related questions. * Bob Rubin Frenched Derivatives Trader As the Economy Burned

Law and Order 'Push-cop' Pogan found guilty of lying to prosecutors * Man who escaped being shot at barber shop tells tale (NYP) * Ex-Officer Convicted of Lying About Confrontation With Cyclist (NYT) * Wife admits role in 1990 murder of husband (DN)
* Man sentenced to 14 years for beating of grandmother

Terrorism Quinn on de Blasio's Web Site

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is raising campaign cash off Wall Street even as she seeks to regulate it. * Gilly & Dodd to feed at fat cats' $$ trough

Mayor Bloomberg's office is urging Gov. Paterson to veto a bill that would offer more rent relief to 11,000 city residents who have HIV/AIDS, arguing that it's too costly.

Nassau County is predicting the largest budget gap in its history -- $286 million -- in the coming year, says County Exec Ed Mangano.
Gramercy park siege: Manhattan's only private oasis is site of battle to make it open to the public

Anchors Curse Words Spin Fox 5 gets more press coverage when on of its anchors mouth off then when it breaks a story. Fox anchor drops dirty word on live TV during bizarre milk debate * Ernie Anastos: "Keep fucking that chicken" * Sue Simmons Curses "What the F**k" and Apology * David Letterman mocks Sue Simmons * sue simmons falls of chair

Jay Leno will emcee the White House Correspondents Association dinner. (Politico)

Jeff Zucker: I May Run For Public Office