Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ravitch Gets Caught in the Albany Meat Grinder

Breaking News Obama to pick Kagan for SCOTUS (NBC)

Holder: Pakistani Taliban guided Faisal Shahzad in failed Times Square car bomb attack * Idling BMW sparks bomb scare outside Museum of Natural History

"The press corps laughed it up in Washington while a bomb nearly exploded in Times Square."
Frank Rich NYT

“DESPITE the major environmental disaster unfolding in the Gulf and the attempted terror attack on New York’s Times Square, President Obama spent his Saturday night laughing it up at the White House Correspondents Dinner,” griped Sean Hannity of Fox News last week. His complaint is not inaccurate. But it’s hardly the whole story. Also laughing it up at that dinner were many of the country’s television news potentates, including some of Hannity’s own colleagues. And unlike the president, they were caught napping on a night that could have been 9/11 redux.

One dinner attendee, Rachel Sklar, would later write on AOL News that, Michael Bloomberg aside, reports of the bomb “didn’t seem to interfere with anyone else’s evening.”
They Don’t Report. You Don’t Have to Decide (Rich NYT) * Vendors count blessings in Times Square after car-bombing attempt (DN) * US warns Pakistan over Times Square bomb attempt Times Online* Times Square Plot May Have Cost $7K (NYP * Holder: Terrorists behind Times Square bomb * Eric Holder: Miranda Rights Should Be Modified For Terrorism Suspects

Ferry Crash Again
Bloomberg Can See NY From From His Tropical Garden
Where's Bloomberg? First came the firefighters and the ambulances. Then came the Transportation Department honchos. Then came the politicians, all the way up to Gov. Paterson.Everyone rushed to Staten Island this morning to deal with the wreckage and the injuries from the latest ferry crash -- everyone, that is, except Mayor Bloomberg.* Blaming New York State's convenient but not the whole truth, as Mayor Michael Bloomberg well knows (DN) * ‘Hey, Governor!’ Paterson Rides the Ferry - City Room Blog -

Ravitch Gets Caught in the Albany Meat Grinder

New York’s No. 2, Stewing on the Sidelines

Joseph Bruno says state Senate better off with him * Next week's state budget extender bills -- now with added furloughs! * There Ought to Be a Bruno Law The case of Joseph Bruno, the former State Senate leader, is an example of why New York needs a tough reform law and more honest lawmakers. (NYT Ed)
Shelly-mandering: Speaker Silver and Dems resist redistricting reform

Albany pols get roasted Legislative Correspondents Association

Terrorism: 'Suspicion City'
Times Square Reopened After 'Suspicious Package' Report * Cooler Causes Times Square Scare * Abandoned Packages Raise Alarm in City * NYPD: It's 'Suspicion City' For Time Being (WCBSTV) * Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani says a policy of "political correctness" has led to missed signals in recent terror investigations.

TerrorTube: Internet video has become a nest of jihadi propaganda
* Pakistanis Questioned in Bomb Probe

Bombing Suspect’s Route to Citizenship Reveals Limitations

Customs officers busted car-bomb suspect at JFK

Bloomberg plans surveillance trip to London

Terrorism Lunch bag shuts down Times Square as jitters hit city * Agitated LI worker: 'I'll pull a Faisal on you' * Has the Big Apple Become the Big Eyeball? cameras everwhere * Qaeda guru set free at JFK in '02

Nutrisystem Drops Lawrence Taylor as Spokesman

Law and Order 'Peet'rified by break-in (NYP) * Bloody Urban Landscapes In Chicago, more than 150 children have been shot this school year, and there has been too little national outcry against the violence (NYT Ed) * Lawrence Taylor didn't know teen was underage (DN) * Long Island teens nabbed in plot to bomb school, kill students and faculty * Deliberations Carry Into Next Week In Brooklyn Bias Trial (NY1) SUNDAY UPDATE Dead baby found at hotel raises questions about mother * 3 People Shot, 2 Teens Dead in Shooting in the Bronx

Facebook Joseph Mercurio Holtzman winning the AG slot is a second wave feminist dream that will not come to anything; her campaign will just take votes away from another woman for a guy, and might be designed to do just that.

Election 2010 Is Carrion Suited to be Lt. Governor?(Next American City)

SNL Betty White
Critic's Notebook: Betty White goes not gently into that 'Saturday Night Live' *Betty White in the Mother of All ‘SNL’ Episodes
* Betty White + SNL = Ratings BonanzaMedia and New Tech White Pages May Go Way of Rotary-Dialed Phone * Bianna Golodryga (Orszag's Fiancee!) Named 'GMA' Weekend Co-Anchor * Discover magazine on the block * Reshuffling at Times' City Hall Bureau * SUNDAY Joe and Mika, Morning TV’s Odd Couple (NYT) * Rick Stengel's Time, A Newsweekly With 'Point of View' and Profit * Idol Is TV's Biggest Moneymaker

Willie Mays Plays Stick Ball
What happened to New York's storied street games?

Pension-suit payout Countrywide Financial Corp. and its auditor have agreed to pay $624 million to settle a class-action lawsuit accusing it of misleading investors about its lending policies, officials said yesterday. * NY pension funds settle with Countrywide for $624M

Five New York House members spent more than $200,000 each on communicating with constituents, with Rep. Dan Maffei topping the list at $308,641.

Goldman Sachs to create a standards committee

Germany Torn Over Role in Europe * Greek Debt Woes Ripple Outward, From Asia to U.S.

Unclear Result in Britain Puts Focus on Electoral Rules * British political parties must negotiate to resolve an election

Tea Party Ousts GOP Senator: Utah's Bob Bennett Is Out