Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Two New York's Goldman vs The Rest of Us

Breaking News: Attorney general charges State Senator Pedro Espada and his son with fraudulent and abusive labor practices * Neil Barofsky, TARP Watchdog: Criminal Charges Could Be Coming For New York Fed In AIG Scandal (Huff Post) * Cuomo vs. Espada, Take II * New York Legislature May Call for Boycott of Arizona (NY Magazine) * Fred Dicker Goes Unhinged Over Scandal No One Remembers (Barrett Voice) * Shelly on Furloughs: We Don’t Want To Be Like California * City Pushes Major Shift for Special Education * Reuters: "In greater Harlem, non-whites and blacks now account for about 40 percent each, with the black population dipping, and other groups like Hispanics growing."

The Two New York's
Goldman vs The Rest of Us

Over the past two years, we've watched unemployment skyrocket, real estate plummet, and consumer confidence evaporate. We also watch Goldman make billions betting against home ownership

The stock market has returned, but unemployment still hovers around double digits. New York's budgets keep shrinking, empty store fronts dot the landscape every neighborhood in the city. New York has become America's Mortgage Fraud Capital? Yet the gang from Goldman did not admit to doing anything wrong.

Paterson Raises the Prospect of Furloughs while the gang at Goldman told the congress that they their millions in tax payer bonuses. While New York has seen it homeless population triple WALL STREET HAS ENTERED A NEW GILDED AGE as 100,000 state workers face a day off without pay, unions say no way

St. Vincint's Hospital closed because it owed 700 million. Goldman's Blankfein said he saw nothing wrong with his company making 2.5 billion in tax payer money from the AIG bailout
Doctors Raise Questions About St. Vincent’s Plan

G0ldman Knows How to Run a Gambling Operation

Wall Street Casino Goldman executives called their practice of selling mortgage-based products while placing bets against them “risk management.” (NYT Ed) While New York loses it money with its own gambling operation OTB Rescinds Shutdown Order, Delays Layoffs -

Goldman Theater Curses fly from furious pols * Two-timing top trader's 'Fabulous' defiance * Democrats Use Goldman to Push Bank Overhaul * Wall Street Casino Goldman executives called their practice of selling mortgage-based products while placing bets against them “risk management.” Most people call it stacking the deck (NYT Ed) * Olive Oil and Snake Oil Goldman’s wise guys heard lectures on ethics and casino metaphors on Capitol Hill, but the firm’s stock price rose on Wall Street Tuesday * Goldman Bruised, Defiant in Senate * 'Fabulous Fab' Goldman Sachs exec Fabrice Tourre, Wall Street sext king, is a nervous weenie (DN) * New Yorkers whose dream of homeownership went bad thanks to Goldman Sachs (DN) * Fools on the Hill: Senate Goldman hearing all sound and fury, signifying nothing * GOP blocks financial reform for second straight day

Play to Play Albany Health Care and Education
Health care and school aid together make up more than half of state spending. Five of the Top 10 lobbying and campaign-donating entities in 2009 were, broadly speaking, part of the health-care cartel. Who pays the piper . . .(NYP Ed)

Will Hevesi have to take a new mug shot when Cuomo drops the last shoe on the pensiongate investigation?

Pay to Play Hevesi Albany Gang Staff-misuse honcho hails Hevesi A state agency head was confronted with using public employees for his personal errands, as Alan Hevesi did, the official said he didn't believe the convicted ex-comptroller had done anything wrong, the state inspector general revealed yesterday.Ex-Official Is Criticized for Misusing State Workers

Pay to Play Espada Pedro Espada's Enablers The people who brought you Albany's greatest scoundrel (Robbins, Village Voice)

Pay to Play Arroyo Richard Izquierdo is still collecting his $84,000 salary as chief of staff to Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo, his grandmother, despite his guilty plea last month to swindling $115,000 from the SBCC Management Corp., a firm in the South Bronx that received federal grants to assist low-income tenants. $lush crook still gets pay

Senator Parker Headed to the Ukraine? After watching the video of the Ukraine parliament throw haymakers, pull hair and put each other into bone-breaking chokeholds, it is clear that Parker's anger management problems would be a political plus there. Pol's new tantrum Kevin Parker * State Sen. Parker erupts again with raced-based rant * Raging bull: State Sen. Kevin Parker embarrasses himself and Albany -- again(DN ED) * Political pow!er Ukraine P'ment brawl * Albany’s a mess, but at least it’s not the Ukraine * Skelos: Discipline Parker For ‘White Supremacist’ Comments * Espada Sounds Off On ‘Political Assassination’ * Pols -- And A Prospective Pol -- Ponder Parker Paroxysm

Facebook Joseph Mercurio "Clearly, the anger management counseling that Parker underwent after his 2005 arrest for punching a traffic agent didn't take." Daily News

NYT Mob Blinders

Today's NYT Editorial about the New York City’s Inspection Scandal made no mention of the main reason for corruption in the building department, the mob. Indictment Accuses Mob of Infiltrating NYC Building Department * THE MAFIA'S BITE OF THE BIG APPLE Byzantine building codes and * Buildings graft shocker - * MAFIA DOMINATES BUILDING TRADE IN N.Y., STUDY FINDS The NYT has got to be kidding when it asks the Bloomberg administration to revisit its oversight procedures after a building inspector got away with filing hundreds of false reports for years. (NYT Ed)

Greece Gift to New York Borrowing?
Greece lied its way into the Euro and has for the last few years attempted to hide the huge mountain of debt and borrowing it's now buckling under. LG Dick Ravitch, who finds himself at odds with Paterson over borrowing, said state leaders are “not even close to an agreement” on the budget. EJ McMahon calls the governor “the Jekyll and Hyde of fiscal responsibility” and says the late state budget presents him his best chance at a positive legacy. *Don't hold your breath on seeing a state budget deal before New York runs out of cash in June, warns Lt. Governor Ravitch. Election 2010 Two losers making lucky Andy a winner * Jose Serrano and Nydia Velazquez threaten to pull support for Carolyn Maloney's 9/11 bill if it bars illegal immigrants from health care access.

Teacher Absences Plague City SchoolsOne-fifth of New York City teachers missed work for more than two weeks last school year, with absenteeism most acute in some of the poorest districts * Highest Teacher Absences in Poor NYC Districts *Charter kids star True story of lottery hits Tribeca fest * Charter fan mulls run vs. Perkins

The Manhattan DA was not the only one with hidden funds Agency Owes Millions to City, an Audit Finds Economic Development Corporation

45% call taxi TVs a turnoff WSJ says its not

Boots Not Made for Walking
NYC Transit just spent $10,000-plus on a bunch of high-tech work boots (plus vests, safety glasses, and flashlights) for IT workers who "typically spend their days messing around computer servers, not walking the tracks," Critics: Mountain of MTA boots a waste * The MTA Bought a Whole Lot of Boots, and They Are Ugly
City's Payout Lags in Stimulus Funding

Law and Order Barman had key: cops bartender at a swank Chelsea hotel allegedly tried to rape a patron after getting his hands on a key card to her room * Millionaires' welfare 'con' * Here to Aid His Family, Left to Die on the Street *Malcolm X Killer Is Freed on Parole * Police Seek Cadillac in String of ATM Heists * Discovery of Garza's body spurs grief - and murder probe * 5 Torahs stolen from Brooklyn synagogue

Terrorism Qaeda gear goon guilty * Ex-Brooklyn College Student Admits Conspiring to Help Al Qaeda * Defendant Pleads Guilty To Conspiring To Aid Al-Qaida

Casino Proposed For Nassau Coliseum

Voters have lost that incumbent-lovin' feeling, a new Washington Post/ABC News poll shows.

Wal-Mart Ties New York Again
A Wal-Mart Battle Grows In Brooklyn * Mayor Bloomberg Gives NYC Walmart 2 Thumbs Up

Mort Zuckerman hits Barack Obama for opposing settlements in Israel.

Mayor Villaraigosa: Save Our City NOW! Los Angeles is insolvent

Mets in First
Media and New Tech NOT FUNNY: 71% Of Americans Disagree With Comedy Central's Censorship, Poll Finds * Twenty-seven people accepted buyouts at The Buffalo News * Former First Lady Laura Bush opens up about an old car crash in her new book. * Conan Breaking Silence On '60 Minutes' * Murdoch's Sun To Publish 3-D Edition * Grumpy Old Men: Redstone Slams Murdoch(Wolff, Newswer) * WaPo may have a diversity problems, says The Prospect * Creditors Win Bid, Publisher Loses Philly Papers * Comcast Profit Up 12%