Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Paterson Says His Successor Will Fail Gov Position: Lacks the Power to Fix State

PM Breaking News Holtzman Takes Leave of Absense to Enter AG Race * Paterson Tries To Break Budget Logjam, Threatens Furloughs *Paterson wants furloughs *State lawmakers want to borrow. David Paterson says no * NUTS The CSEA has a four-letter response to Paterson's suggestion *Defendant Pleads Guilty To Conspiring To Aid Al-Qaida * Goldman CEO Blankfein Uses Don't Ask, Don't Tell Defense (CBS News) * Legislature Paralyzed As State Slides Down Road to Fiscal Ruin (Henry Stern, NY Civic)

Paterson Says His Successor Will Fail
Gov Position Lacks the Power to Fix State

He also vented about the Times' "organized smear campaign" against him.

The WSJ has a story that has Paterson Sending A Message to His Successor: You Will Fail the governor position does not have the power to fix the state's dysfunctional budget process. Cast himself as a scapegoat. * The NYP editorial says Spitzer must pay for making Paterson his second in command. Spitzer's unpaid debt * The Daily News says Paterson has Cuomo's back vs. disgraced luv guv Spitzer (DN) * Gov. David Paterson said he doesn’t think AG Andrew Cuomo uses his office for political gain * Bickering over the budget continues as negotiations have stalled. (TU/AP) * David Paterson Vents To The Journal* Paterson Says He's A Scapegoat (Fox 5)
Client No. 9 Still Active
Eliot's latest hooker That's the only conclusion I can reach after studying lengthy portions of Peter Elkind's sloppy new pro-Spitzer book, "Rough Justice," dealing with the Troopergate scandal, with which -- as the journalist who broke the story -- I'm quite familiar. The errors, falsehoods and fundamental betrayal of journalistic ethics in the sections are so sweeping as to throw the whole book's account into doubt, and to raise serious questions about the intentions of the author.(Dicker NYP) * “I think being critical of Andrew Cuomo was a very big mistake,” said PR maven Howard Rubenstein of Spitzer’s slam on the AG. (Rubenstein also revealed he speaks to Spitzer “reasonably often”) * Gawker: 'How Ashley Dupre's 'Perfect Coochie' Destroyed Eliot Spitzer's Perfect Career.' * Memo to Eliot Spitzer: Get to Work for the Legal Aid Society

Congress Targets Goldman

Goldman Said to Have Been in Other Mortgage Deals * The Goldman Drama Dumb but decent meets smart and sleazy in the Washington drama over how to prevent another financial meltdown (Brooks NYT) * MORE Goldman Emails Released: Firm Traded Against Clients, Profited Off Their Losses, And Spread 'Poison Throughout System' * Sacking Goldman: Congress must regulate Wall Street, not ruin it (DN Ed) * Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein will testify before Congress today. (Politico) * Senator Kruger Admits to Closed Budget Process * D.C. Democrats' first bid to pass Wall Street reform legislation = Fail * Bankers Said ‘Anything’ to Get High Ratings - Bloomberg

New Yorkers are Dumb Don't Understand Who Butters Our Bread Most city residence do not understand that over 40% of the city's tax base come from Wall Street. City services will be cut to levels unthinking a few years back if Wall Street continues to fail or if Washington puts regulations on it. Yet New Yorkers think Wall Street is part of the city's problem. Only 24% think it is part of the economic solution to fix its budget. Marist: New Yorkers Peg Wall Street As The Problem

Pay to Play Video Lottery Lobbyists from 19 firms spent a total of $1.1 million trying to win the right Lobbyists bet big * Lobbyists are big winners so far in Aqueduct racino mess * Back In Queens, A Quiet Revolt Against Malcolm Smith Begins To Form * A court heard a lawsuit challenging the validity of pork in Albany. (TU) * Dean Skelos’ law firm now has a lobbying arm that earned $284,500 last year. (DN)

Pay to Play Hospitals Hospitals, unions dominate lobbies * Hospitals Probed Over Bid-Rigging Federal prosecutors are investigating allegations that bid rigging and fraud at Mount Sinai Medical Center and New York-Presbyterian Hospital * Hospitals and labor unions topped the list of big lobbying spenders.

Play to Play Espada Alequin uncovers Espada’s sushi secrets

Pay to Play Albany Chauffeurgate II State Inspector General Joseph Fisch just released a report that found Lee Kyriacou, the Spitzer-era former executive director of the New York State Office of Real Property Services misused state staff for his private business, including booking a family vacation to California, driving his daughter to school and conducting a real estate search for his wife.

State Admits Closing St. Vincents Will Cause Health Care Emergency The state gave a $9.4 million grant to Lenox Hill Hospital to help it cope with an influx of displaced patients from St. Vincents * Lenox Hill to Run Clinic at St. Vincent's Hospital * Limited Emergency Care Coming To St. Vincent's (WABC TV)

Election 2010 Maloney supporter confronts mayor * Sen. Bill Perkins potential primary challenger, Basil Smikle, is a charter school backer. (Rodney Capel isn’t running) * Bob Kappstatter doesn’t think Bronx Democratic Chairman Carl Heastie will back a challenger to Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr., in spite of his mounting legal woes * The Wascally Wabbit Pedro Espada stews as trouble brews * Holtzman And O’Donnell Expected In Niagara Falls * Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy appears poised to be endorsed by the Queens GOP.

Joseph Mercurio Younger voters’, 18 to 29, lean to Democratic candidates, 51% D to 39% R, while older voters, 65+, lean to Republican candidates, 41% D to 50% R. This is a turnout problem for the Democrats since younger voters are less enthusiastic about voting this year, very enthusiastic only 23% and not enthusiastic 47%, while older voters are very enthusiastic 41% and not enthusiastic only 29%. Gallup.

MTA Attacked On $$$ Payroll Tax for MTA Falls Off Track * Is the M.T.A. Down Another $72 Million? * For $27, terrorists could get into to every subway AND elevator in NYC

Where is the Mayor On 7? Subway Station Gets Fresh Push The 7 train extension is he baby paid with city funds. He must be in bad shape with the WH not to be part of the station lobbying effort. Top New York real-estate executives and the City Council speaker will make an 11th-hour push to persuade the White House to back federal funding for a second subway station as part of the extension of the No. 7 line in Manhattan.

City's Fake Asbestos Tests
Inspector Says He Faked Data in New York Building Tests A safety inspector licensed to make critical assessments of asbestos and lead risks in buildings and at construction sites across the city made a stunning admission in federal court: Despite filing hundreds of reports saying his tests had found no danger, he had not performed a single one of the tests. (NYT)

NY tops nation in mortgage fraud

Parker Pops Off * Another Day, Another Kevin Parker Freakout

Cabs taken off E-Z $t.
The "passenger bill of rights" placard in the backseat of every yellow cab will be revised to warn riders about hacks illegally using the cash lane at toll crossings to deceptively hike fares and tips
NYP Editorial says attempt to cripple the charter schools with special ed burdens Special-ed sneak attack * Outrage as school bigs boo$t bosses * In Shake-Up, Principals May Get More Say Over What Is Taught * Too much time has passed for state lawmakers to provide sufficient funds to school districts to avert the start of layoffs.

New York Did Not Need the Jobs from a Westside Jets Stadium and 2012 Olympics. Just asked the 701 person who waited on line for days trying to land and elevator job.WITH VIDEO: Landing job application worth waiting in the rain for some * 'Last' man snags lucky 700th shot at elevator gig 'Last' man snags lucky 700th shot at elevator gig
Lawsuit to Save Jobs at Willets Poing
Eager to Rebuild Willets Point, City Faces Legal Fight From Property Owners

Law and Order 'Ailing' sheriff bounced for 'jiggle' job *Grisly find is missing club girl * New twist in case of slain homeless hero * Fiend on the loose * Body of a Brooklyn Woman Who Vanished in 2008 Is Found * Deliberations To Start In YouTube Cyclist Trial * For sure, it's not your Godfather's mob pimping 15 years old girls * 32 indicted in NYC welfare fraud crackdown

New York Economic Melt Down NYC will soon start charging $300 for film permits that have heretofore been free * The deadline for the state's 700 school districts to submit their budgets quietly slipped by with no Albany spending plan in place.

Terrorism Jury to Be Anonymous in Trial of Ex-Student Accused of Aiding Al Qaeda * Terror trial begins Wednesday in Manhattan

ShopRite to open on Admiral's Row

Suddenly, Bloomberg is a big Schumer booster

benpoliticoEnjoying this NYC newspaper war, so far bad for corrupt building inspectors and hospital officials http://is.gd/bJLEO and http://is.gd/bJLFs

Princess of the City New York City power broker Amanda Burden is sometimes labeled a socialite. Try re-zoning czar, waste-management expert, or birdcall imitator instead. (Vanity Fair)

Media and New Tech WSJ Launches New York Section Video *WSJ Trounces USA Today For #1 Newspaper In US... See Top 25... *Cops raid Gizmodo editor's home over next-gen iPhone story * Bloomberg was one of the political luminaries on hand for the WSJ’s party celebrating its “Greater New York” debut * The New York Times.">WSJ launches NY edition as circulation gains * Robert Thomson and Les Hinton Introduce 'Greater New York' at the Plaza * Joe & Mika Going On Radio Hiatus To Revamp, Expand Show * Wall Street Journal Takes On The Gray Lady (NY1) * Weekend Journal to Be ‘Much Expanded in the Coming Months’ * Letterman Rips Leno: 'Complete Boob' (VIDEO) * Hedge Fund Keeps Selling NYT Co. Shares * Variety Web Traffic Drops 40% After Paywall Goes Up * At Greater New York Fete, Murdoch Tells Sulzberger to 'Get a Life' * News Business Lags at High Schools, Too A study finds that only about half of the public high schools in New York City have student newspapers or journalism * Village Voice Fails to Catch Newspaper War Fever * Ted Turner Trashes Former Time Warner Execs: 'Dumb' * NYT to Expand Regional Coverage as WSJ Attacks in New York

Pension Bomb Ticks Louder
California's public funds are assuming unlikely rates of return