Monday, April 26, 2010

New York's Last Newspaper War: Old Media Fights Last Battle Before the Internet Gains Total Control of News

New York's Last Newspaper War

Old Media Fights Last Battle Before the Internet Gains Total Control of News

US Newspaper Circulations Fell 8.7 Percent in Last Six Months * Drilling Down - Internet Eclipses Magazines in Ad Revenue in 2009 The Journal increased circulation by 0.5% (Only paper to show an increse), while the New York Times fell by 8.5%.

Murdoch knows how to use all his news resources to help each other, today's NYP Times may lose NY ad turf to Wall Street Journal * WABC TV is already using the WSJ to do their news. Are rats taking over the Upper East Side? (WABC TV) * Rats Mob the Upper East Side (WSJ) True News on TV News Shrinking Newspaper Coverage Means Less Real TV News More Sexy Reporters On the Newspaper War * Manhattan showdown will be a bare-knuckle fight (TF Times) * Wall Street Journal revs up New York Times rivalry The Associated Press * RPT-EXTRA! Wall Street Journal heads into NY hyperdrive Reuters * Murdoch's Wall Street Journal takes on New York Times Sydney Morning Herald* Murdoch aims for the New York Times' jugular American Thinker (blog) * Wall Street Journal Revs Up New York Times Rivalry * Times Greets WSJ Metro With Mean Memo * Times Ad: You Don't Become The Times Video * WSJ Trounces USA Today For #1 Newspaper In US... See Top 25.. * Print War Between NYT and WSJ Is Really About Digital Wired News * Wall Street Journal chief gets personal in battle with New York Times Robert Thomson criticises NYT's 'journalistic elite' for producing 'social activist journalism' as WSJ launches metro sectio

"Some Folks Just Have A Different Learning Curve"
Sulzberger Memo to His Staff On WSJ New York Section

The Newspaper War Begins

Gracie Mansion South
The first day of head to head competition of covering New York already seems to have broken new ground as far as coverage of the mayor is concerned. The NYT has an article about the secret walled off his life in Bermuda from voters, arguing it is none of their business. New York’s Mayor, but Bermuda Shares Custody * The WSJ in their new New York section called Great New York has a story about the mayor Sending Wolfson to D.C., Mayor Shoots for Peace After a testy meeting last week over Wall Street regulations. The WSJ also has a story on how Food Companies Agree to Bloomberg's Push to Cut Sodium. NY Magazine says Bloomberg’s Bermudan Life Explored by Times * More photos of Bloomberg’s Bermuda home.

The WSJ says Albany Weighs Emergency Borrowing, the NYT repeats a story that has been for a few daysProsecutors Seek an 8-Year Term for Bruno

The NYT has good story about how the bad economy has changed the subway Stop by Stop, Subway’s Decline and Growth in 2009, the WSJ has a story perfecting one's MetroCard swiping technique Riders, Mind the Swipe


The WSJ has an eduction piece about Brooklyn School Tapped for Math Program whichwill use online learning to teach and measure student performance. The NYT has a piece about a Brooklyn School That Scores High Despite Poverty

On crime WSJ says Slayings Stir Fears in Harlem, the NYT does a follow up the man who died as 25 people walked by him. Questions Surround a Delay in Help for a Dying Man

Breaking News
The NYT breaks a story about St. Vincent’s Putting Building on Market and the WSJ says PA Police Let Terrorist Slip Through failing to search would-be subway bomber Najibullah Zazi's car after a tip to do so, last September as he drove up to the George Washington Bridge.

The WSJ also has a story about Rats Invade the Upper East Side * a subsection about crime, sports, culture, real estate and New York news from the WSJ blog. It is clear the the NYT has increased its coverage about the city with additional stories today about From New York Harbor’s Depths, Muck to Restore Islands in Jamaica Bay* New Yorkers Earn More, Early On, a Study Shows * Mets May Have Musical Edge on Yankees

The Editorial Boards Want Change
The original three are pushing reform hard today.

The NYP says Cuomo should not accept the WFP ballot line because he says the organization is less a political party than a clearinghouse through which New York's public-employee unions buy and sell public officials. Andrew & the WFP (NYP Ed)

What Are They Doing? New York’s $9.2 billion deficit presents increasingly urgent problems, but Albany’s politicians are mostly sitting on their hands. (NYT Ed)

“Borrowing solves nothing,” Gov. David Paterson declares in a bluntly-worded NYT OpEd, essentially panning the plan proposed by his appointed LG, Richard Ravitch * The budget is delayed, in part, by Senate Democrats holding out for some type of property tax circuit breaker. (TU)

The DN Bill duns Christine: Quinn must give de Blasio data on Council member items (DN Ed)

Hundreds Camp Out In Queens To Apply For Job

Hundreds of people camped out for three days in Queens, braving chilly, rainy weather, all in the hopes of being one of 750 lucky enough to be given an application for a job as an elevator technician. * Desperate Job-Seekers Camp Out In Queens * Hundreds wait in line for job applications in Queens

NY Has Royalty Also, We Elect Them Once and They Become A Member

Want A Guaranteed Job for Life? Get elected to the NYS Legislature
Koch ties to force an independent redistricting commission on Albany to return democracy to state government. The Berlin Wall may have come down, but not in Albany. The only way to assure better government is to force competitive elections in districts where the electoral defeat of an incumbent looms as a real possibility. * Take the pledge - or else: Candidates must sign on against gerrymandering (NYDN Ed)
The dysfunctional State Senate. In 2008, a year of political upheaval across the nation, only 4 of 62 incumbents lost re-election, two in the primary and two more in the general election. Three others retired. So 55 of the 62 incumbents returned. In fact, so safe were their districts that 46 of the 62 received more than 60 percent of the vote.
Spitzer Comeback Anger Management
Dems blast ex-gov's bid for 'payback' * Silver tells chatty Spitzer to just shut up already! * Spitzer: Cuomo May Be Swayed By Special Interests (NY1) * Here are some excerpts from Peter Elkind’s new book “Rough Justice,” which chronicles the career of Eliot Spitzer. (TU) * Eliot Spitzer asks of Andrew Cuomo: "[W]ill he have the stomach to pick political fights or to pick fights that will have negative political consequences?" * Eliot Spitzer Stars in New Documentary, Bashes Andrew Cuomo on Busy Weekend * Defending Mr. Spitzer, Sort Of

Reform Albany Silver vs. Koch, The Extended Version

Pay to Play Albany If you can't do the crime don't do the time Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos thinks eight years behind bars is “harsh” for a person like ex-Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, who is 81.

Wake for homeless hero

Despite efforts to quiet noise problem, New York is still the City That Never Sleeps

Walmart eying Brooklyn shopping center for first New York City location * Walmart targets NY sites on QT

Pay to Play Rangel
This cannot help him in his primary Rep. Charlie Rangel dipped into campaign funds to pay back the expenses for the corporate-sponsored Caribbean junkets that got him in trouble with the House Ethics Committee.

Israel Sen. Chuck Schumer says he and the Obama White House disagree on "tactics" when it comes to Israeli expansion into East Jerusalem.
Berating the Raters The Goldman Sachs e-mail messages we should be focusing on are the ones from employees at the rating agencies, which reveal huge conflicts of interest (Krugman, NYT)

Media and New Tech Facebook Has a Bullseye on Its Back Google and Apple will try to kill it, Microsoft to buy it