Thursday, April 1, 2010

Albany's Biggest Crime: Public Expects Incompetence, Corruption and Stupidity

Breaking News Judge Acquitted in Campaign Finance Trial Nora S. Anderson, a judge in Surrogate’s Court in Manhattan, was acquitted Thursday on all counts in her trial on charges of campaign finance fraud *** Gov. Paterson: Last Rites for St. Vincent's Hospital *** Man confesses to playing part in Manhattan subway

Albany's Biggest Crime
Public Expects Incompetence, Corruption and Stupidity

The papers have been attacking 24/7 for the past year, but nothing has changed. Is the election system that guarantees incumbents at fault? Are the millions that the pols pure into their district in member items buy them reelection? After all most feel that while Albany is dysfunctional their members are the few good ones. Maybe the public are the real jerks and get the government they deserve?

Is anyone surprised that Albany miss the budget deadline?
Albany's April fools: Missed budget deadline is the least of their sorry failures * April's Fools: Lawmakers Miss Budget Deadline * Albany Misses Its Deadline on the Budget * Rancor Marks Comments Leading to Late NY Budget (WINS) * Public employee unions are warring with Gov. David Paterson * This was not the best time to go on vacation, the TU informs legislators * Paterson pushes for wage freeze *** April Fools' Day Still No Budget, It's No Surprise (Henry Stern, NY Civic *** Facing Deficit, NY Proposes Increased Park Fees

Facebook Joseph Mercurio The Assembly, with nothing to hide, gave up its paperwork long ago, but then they understand the law. Senate Loses First Round in Subpoena Fight - City Room Blog -

Is anyone surprised that the City eyes own 'Race to the Top' bid for ed funds after Albany screwed up 700 million in race to the top federal funds? NY Education Department wastes hundreds of thousands on unnecessary furniture expenses

And the continuing corruption? Gov aide grilled by commission about free Yankees tix *Johnson's attorney wouldn't say if his client took the fifth during his under-oath testimony * A state Supreme Court justice refused to quash the IG's AEG-related subpoenas of Senate Democratic leaders. * The Aqueduct probe continues.

MTA Incompetence If the MTA had working cameras this guy would have been caught the next day. Cops hunt villain in subway stab *** After 3 Days, Police Give Description of Subway Killer * Cops closing in on suspect in double murder on subway train *** Daly: All we needed were $89 cams to find subway killer * Rev. Jesse Jackson joins rally for federal transit dollars * NYPD launches show of force after Moscow attacks * NYC Straphangers Doubt 'Heightened Security' Claim (WCBS) * John O'Hara blames DA's for the uptick in crime.

MTA is a Fake The pols created the MTA to take the heat off themselves. Everyone attacks them from the pols who underfund the agency and want MTA to fully fund student transit passes to the WFP who is using them as a punching bag WFP starts online petition to round up support for posters making fun of MTA. What nobody proposes is to eliminate the MTA and let the pols run the agency. Not going to happen, because that would mean they would have to take the heat of the poorly funded and run agency.

No Wonder Why NY Teachers Unions Hate Testing New York tops the country in per-pupil education spending -- some $16,000 in 2007, according to Census data. What taxpayers get for that cash: among other things, eighth-graders who ranked 30th in the nation in reading and math last year, according to federal tests. NY schools need a diet * Thousands of teachers will be eligible for a temporary early retirement incentive if the Assembly follows the Senate's lead. * Cash-Poor Cities Take On Unions

Top Bloomberg Aide Will Lead His Charity Board A philanthropy expert questioned Mayor Bloomberg's selection of First Deputy Mayor Patricia Harris to run his family foundation, saying: "It shows poor judgment on the mayor’s part. You have hundreds and hundreds of potential appointees; why pick her?” * Michael Bloomberg didn't seek a new ruling from the Conflict of Interest Board when he changed Patti Harris' tittle at his charitable foundation. * "It does not appear the foundation has established any guidelines on how to keep [Harris'] roles separate." *** Is Bloomberg Gearing Up for 2012? By GABE PRESSMAN *** Bloomberg Foundation Looks a Lot Like Bloomy for Prez Committee

Uproar over 'cozy' relationship between Klein, charter boss *** Foes of charter school CEO Eva Moskowitz offer much ado about nothing

NY Shake Down Economic Melt Down NYC Inspector Accused of Shakedown A city Department of Transportation inspector faces charges of trying to shakedown employees of two businesses in order to look the other way about alleged sidewalk violations. (Fox 5) * Oh Rats! City to Cut Nearly 60 Pest Control Workers * Construction industry asks Gov. for help *** Mount Sinai ends bid for St. Vincent's

Election 2010 Wilson: I'll Overhaul 'Backwater' Comptroller's Office * DiNapoli's Tracker *Cox and Long Lay Down Arms, Briefly, to Unite Behind Wilson * D'Amato a factor in Gillibrand race? - Glenn Thrush - *** Pumped-up Steve Levy Fires Downtown Volleys *** D'Amato a factor in Gillibrand race? UPDATE - Glenn Thrush -

N.Y. Repeat Felon Law Is Found Unconstitutional * It could lead to a lot of legal challenges.

Judging a Judge Suspended NYC judge's trial goes to jury

Community boards are protesting Bloomberg's proposed budget cuts.

Dems, GOP gear up for Board of Elections director faceoff
Carpenters union big Brian Hayes named in bar scam

What has become of the House of Solow? Empire Built by Developer Shows Signs of Distress *** Dreier's pal sentenced * Marc Dreier, a Lawyer With a Lavish Lifestyle Accused of Stealing ... * 'Houdini' Dreier, an Aggressive Litigator, Faces Fraud Charges ...

Rangel likens conservative foes of health care to racists * Judas McMahon? A labor leader likened Rep. Mike McMahon to Judas during a City Hall rally held this morning * 'Judas from Staten Island'

New city rules rain on parades, and free speech By Norman Siegel

Eco-activists bash Obama's oil offshore drilling plan

Wall Street Hedge Fund Managers’ Pay Roared Back Last Year *** Restaurants and Institutions magazine reports top-grossing restaurants went from $1.52B to $1.37B

Palin's 'Real American Stories' to premiere on April Fools' Day

1963 Letter Shows Former Pope Knew Of Abuse

iPad CBS, ABC Plan Free iPad Shows *** Laptop Killer? The iPad Comes Close *** NYT: Non-Techies Will Love It... WSJ: Bye Bye Mouse... USA Today: It's A WINNER

NYT Sells Part Of Red Sox Stake * Experts Weigh In: How To Fix CNN? Bring Back 'Crossfire'? * Newsweek BOOTED Out Of Fancy New Offices ** Yahoo! News Adds Gawker Reporter to Ranks *Amazon sparks fresh battle in e-book war