Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Albany Corruption Makes Losers Winners

Albany Corruption Makes Losers Winners
AEG Wins With Weak Bid
Aque-slots firm was ranked as a bad bet *** VIDEO: Bankrupt OTB pitches gambling terminals to taverns * Growing Aqueduct Investigations Breaking News Judge: IG Subpoenas To Senate Dems Stand *Senate Loses First Round in Subpoena Fight** A Closer Look At Paterson's Allegedly Corrupt "Racino" Deal (Gothamist)

Paterson halts build projects & school aid *** Paterson Delays School Aid, Citing State’s Lack of Money *** State employee unions risk "massive" layoffs if they don't accept cuts, a Paterson administration official warned * Paterson is also suspending hundreds of new and current construction projects due to the ongoing fiscal crisis and budget stalemate *** NY's Legislature to miss state budget deadline again

MTA Spin Cameras After this weekends murders that were not caught on video because of broken cameras the highly paid MTA press office are busy pushing a story about 900 new subway cameras on the way. With a failure rate of 50% for the cameras already installed maybe the MTA would gain a little creditable if they said 450 new cameras on the way? 900 new subway surveillance cameras on the way * Lack of Video Slows Hunt for a Killer in the Subway * About half of New York subway security cameras don't work * Investigators in double subway murder hampered by lack of cameras * No video after subway stabbing highlights MTA issue * MTA Vows To Fix Subway Surveillance Cameras *** Insecurity Cams? About Half in the City Don't Work *** The Phantom Token Booth: MTA Cuts Station Agents * The MTA rejected the WFP's anti-service cuts ads that feature cheeky acronyms like WTF and OMFG to criticize Bloomberg

Judging a Judge
NYT which endorsed Anderson has stayed away from this story
Suspended NYC Judge's Trial Set To Go To Jury the criminal case against Nora Anderson.She's accused of hiding the source of $250,000 in gifts and loans to her successful 2008 campaign for a judgeship overseeing wills and trusts * Worries over rats as city cuts pest control jobs From True News Decembrer 11, 2008 Manhattan Surrogate Judge-Elect Nora Anderson Indicted

The Built-In Corruption at the NYC Board of Elections
The Gotham Gazette has this article, which explains that the New York city Board of Elections has been without an executive director since January, just as it is charged with using entirely new vote-counting equipment in this year’s elections. The story also explains how the Board has become a patronage plum for the Democratic and Republican Parties. As Big Change in Voting Approaches, Election Board Lacks a Leader (Gotham Gazette) Background on the BOE From True News Tammany Hall Board of Elections Control Goes On and On * Much More

This $550 exec seat cost kids millions How ed. bigs' luxe taste doomed fund bid * Dysfunctional state government dooms chances for Race to the Top education dollars in near future *** City to End Program Giving Cash to the Poor *** Paying NYers for good behavior yields mixed results

Blooomberg Makes The Rules Top Bloomberg Aide Now Juggles Two Jobs In a move without precedent in New York City government, Mayor Bloomberg has appointed a sitting deputy mayor in his administration to simultaneously run his charitable foundation*** Another Exit From Bloomberg’s Inner Circle Deputy Mayor Edward Skyler *** Bloomberg's speech writer may be get the job of executive director for the Charter Revision Commission *** Mayor Bloomberg Has Fallen Out of Love With Barack Obama

Pension Corruption The Post hits Dean Skelos for supporting a pension sweetener for teachers. Aque-slots firm was ranked as a bad bet The Nassau County Republican was perfectly positioned to stop another fiscal infamy -- and he's forever talking about his commitment to the taxpayers -- but this week Skelos just flat fell down on the job. The result: The Senate pushed through a bill its supporters claimed will save money, but will in fact cost the state tens of millions -- and damage an already tottering pension system. What's behind such a move?
Why, the teachers unions. True News offers more on the real pension scadal * The Hevesi Team is on the Pay to Play Varsity Division * Bloomberg Hits Thompson Pension Play to Play * How the NY Pension Fund Scandal Crosses State Lines

New York Economic Melt Down Real Estate’s Crash Recasts a Scorned Landlord as a Potential Savior *** Hamptons summer rentals go for cheap *** City Pays $98,000 to Critical Mass Cyclists ***Parks Officials Consider Cuts to Public Pools * Worries over rats as city cuts pest control jobs *City to cut pest control jobs by 70 percent * How to tax NY into a hole (NY Fiscal Watch)

Media Wars WSJ City Team Hits 20 *** Reporting Matchmaker: Setting Up Home Loan Modification Applicants With Local Journalists (Publica) *Journal’s New York Section to Feature Reporting on Crime, Society *** WSJ Launching Gossip Column *** Yahoo Ramping Up Original News Coverage *** Media Moves: Joe Pompeo Leaves the NY Observer for Business Insider

Facebook HowardKurtz Breaking: WSJ to hire congressional correspondent to cover the NY delegation for its New York section that launches in April.

NYC Wins Fight Over X-Rated Book and Video shops

Elections 2010 Levy vs. AG Andrew Cuomo would be 1982 all over again, says Dan Janison * Budget crunch may keep Assembly seat empty until fall *** Inside the Republican Civil War

Facebook Joseph Mercurio NYS 2010 Governor: 52% Cuomo, 29% Lazio; 51% Cuomo, 28% Paladino; 50% Cuomo, 26% Levy. Republican pollster Rasmussen. Read it and weep Rs.

Obama to Open Offshore Areas to Oil Drilling for First Time *** Obama to allow oil drilling off Virginia coast ** Drug Firm Investigated FDA Officials - Politico

With Profits at Stake, Companies Try to Alter Reputations Online (Wash Post)

Should There Be an Inquisition for the Pope? (Dowd NYT)