Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why Are We Electing These Bums? Nothing on Creating Jobs or Attracting Business to the City

Why Are We Electing These Bums?
The New New York Political Dodgers

Nothing on Creating Jobs or Attracting Business to the City

The media is full of talk about Ford views on abortion, Gillibrand views on gay rights, Paterson running against Albany's corruption and dysfunctionalism and Cuomo doing his job as AG but who is minding the store to come up with ways for the 10.6% (really closer to 18%) unemployed New Yorkers get work? Who is making sure business don't move out of NYC or close? The NYT editorial today is
“don’t ask, don’t tell” while the Gotham Gazette reports State Budget Deficit Grows by $750 Million

A baseball team in Brooklyn was called the dodgers was named after the people of that borough who ran or drove in front of trolley cars so they would not have to wait until they passed. Today New York pols are dodgers of jobs and creating business. They taking points are full of phrases like transparency, going green or adorable housing mean nothing when they are given in a speech. Because we no long judge pols on their record of accomplishment only their talk. For now on True News will call all of our pols The New New York Political Issues Dodgers.

Goldman bearish on NYC Goldman Sachs proved Monday that it is pessimistic about the city's rebound prospects, according to Crain's columnist Greg David. "The Bloomberg Administration isn't the only one pessimistic about the prospects for a strong rebound in the city's economy. So is Goldman Sachs. That's the only possible conclusion from the news that broke yesterday that Goldman had pulled out of its partnership to develop the Hudson Yards on the West Side into a residential and commercial neighborhood to rival any in the city. Its partner Related is putting a brave face on the loss of the deepest pockets around and downplaying its decision to delay signing a contract to take over the site from the M.T.A., for two months. Only time will tell if they really plan to go ahead."

Pols Sell the Geritol

The New New York Political Dodgers have a very important partner or enabler in their ability to dodge real issues the media who treat campaigns like horse races talking about polls a year before the election, allowing well funded non profit issues groups to dominate campaign coverage and cover machine politicians like Vito Lopez which can't even win a council campaign in his own district meet with a senate candidate in a scripted TV show, that resembles the old fixed TV games shows scandals of the 50's than a news program.

NYP Schumer Basher
The NYP who is pushing Ford for senate is continuing it attack on Gillibrand number one supporter Schumer Chuck's $$ wagon rolls in Senate Yesterday Jumping off Chuck wagon Popularity falls to 10-year low *** Sens. Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin, who both have their eyes on Harry Reid's leadership post, are doling out big contributions to their colleagues.

Goo Goos Go Down As the NYT and other dailies attacked the weak ethic bill veto by the governer yesterday has anyone examined by the Citizen Union and other good government groups supported the weak bill. 'Weak' ethics fix is nixed *** Paterson Vetoes Ethics Bill, Saying It Isn’t Real Reform *** Paterson vetoes ethics bill he calls 'deeply flawed' ***Veto: Ethics rot remains *** "We have an historic opportunity to reform Albany, and if we fail to seize it, history will not forgive us - and neither will the people who sent us here to lead," Paterson wrote in his veto message for the legislative ethics bill *** Full veto message *** Paterson vetoes Legislature’s ethics bill, goo-goos unhappy *** Senate Republicans say they won't support an override *** Just one good government group, Common Cause/NY, hailed Paterson for doing the right thing *** Gov. Paterson vetoed a bill to restructure ethics policing, saying it didn’t go far enough. Most good-government groups are angry, and leaders of the Senate are promising an override of the veto. (TU/DN/NYT) *** Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos called Paterson's selection of Aqueduct Entertainment Group "the largest faith-based initiative I've ever seen." *** Paterson: "I realize that if I sign this bill into law, the leaders of the Legislature will celebrate their achievement and the Legislature will not address the broken ethics system again this year." *** Governor Vetoes Ethics Legislation *** Paterson's Ethics Veto Cheering Section *** Bar Association Backs Greater Transparency in Albany

Inspector Clouseau Bloomberg said yesterday that he had no idea that $750,000 of the $1.2 million he donated to the state Independence Party last year for poll-watching would end up at a hastily formed company whose principals hid behind a corporate veil. Mike's elex-$$ poll dance *** Jim Dwyer wonders if Maura Keaney was being truthful when she told the Times she didn't remember much about soliciting campaign contributions for her former boss.

Fat City for Lobbyist Political Consultant Bill Lynch Lynch was being paid by SL Green $7500 a month, who lost the slot machine bid. Lynh was not part of Flake and AEG winining bid to build a slot-machine casino at the Aqueduct Racecourse in Queens. but he did arrange the first meet two days after the deal with the governor and Flake. It was not a hard lift for Lynch since Lynch is Paterson's political adviser *** Albany's Gambling Pay to Play Payoff Gov. David Paterson's advisor, Bill Lynch, was overheard giving the governor "sensitive advice" and disparaging AG Andrew Cuomo on speakerphone on a crowded train to Washington *** Paterson has delayed the formal launch of his campaign, which Fred Dicker attributes to his inability to round up prominent supporters. (NYP) *** The meeting was arranged by Harlem political consultant Bill Lynch, who apparently spoke to the governor, on speakerphone, on a train. (Page Six) *** Skelos wants to hold hearings about how the contract was awarded. (NYP)

(Correction SL Green made a deal with AEG Live to run a movies theater it owns. There is no connection betweenAEG andAEG live that we can find so Lynch is not part of the winning bid of Flakes group but the meeting arranged by Lynch and Flake just shows how tangled Lynch is in the power structure of this state)

Now Wonder the SEC Did Not Catch Madoff
They were watching porn on their computers SEC staff monitors stocks & bond-age * Madoff case is tossed *** Madoff trustee is rewriting rules and bilking us, victims say
MTA's Garbage Train
Does anyone have a clue how much waste is going on over at the MTA? Now that the state is out of money we will learn all about the corrupt contractors and inefficiency that cause student's bus passes to be canceled. MTA 'upgrades' bad contractors: report *** MTA is hit for rolling with bad contractors, new report reveals

Play to Play Albany Bettor wait a minute GOPer tries to halt gov's 'sweetheart' slots deal *** Paterson denies sweetheart deal in racino pick *** After Aqueduct Deal, Governor and Pastor Talk Politics *** Financial investor Giridhar Sekhar indicted on charges he tried to blackmail aide to Thomas DiNapoli *** Sen. Bill Perkins was the target of a massive pro-charter school demonstration at the Capitol.

Albany 'Charter' bus trip *** Hiram fate next week *** Babb: Albany attacks charter schools, yet again *** Schools Chancellor Joel Klein got scolded by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Carl Kruger

Gov of La Mancha Albany 'No support' Dave puts off official campaign kickoff *** Spitzer On Colbert

Election 2010
Senate Race in New York Is a Tug of War Over Donors *** Pro-choice' not right word for Ford, activist says *** 'Pro-choice' not right word for Ford: activist *** Get rid of sex predators, Cuomo asks kid Web sites *** Tom Robbins thinks Cuomo's "hide-in-plain-sight" approach has worked "remarkably well", but wonders if the AG's office is really a good training ground for governors *** The Auburn Citizen thinks Cuomo and Ford need to run "real campaigns" *** Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said “there’s no doubt in my mind” that Andrew Cuomo will run for governor. (On Board) *** Andrew Cuomo's Maintenance Man *** Cuomo Leads Paterson In Poll Of New York Democrats *** Cuomo Leads Paterson In Poll Of New York Democrats

Inside City Hall Klein bid to ease 'ax' rule *** Broadway Traffic Redo Yields Mixed Results, Mayor Says *** Mayor Presents Feds With City's Homeland Security Needs *** Marty's $64M potato chip gets rotten reviews (Queens Crap)

New York Economic Melt Down NY education chief slams budget cuts *** Discounts at Manhattan home auction hit 85% *** The Decline of St. Vincent’s Hospital *** Riverton Houses in Harlem to Be Sold in Foreclosure *** M.T.A. Fails to Honestly Rate Contractors’ Work, Report Says *** Service cut to 7 subway line slashes business in L.I.C. *** Colangelo: Bloomberg's gloom and doom budget plan hits city workers *** A NYSUT official said Paterson’s budget will result in job cuts. (GNS)

Law and Order
Stein slay alibi a hard cell *** Gabby Gotti's trial boycott ***Cop sodomy likely: doc ***Super perv stripped of apt. keys *** Model's tears over cop 'grope' *** Model's tears over cop 'grope' *** Prof among 24 tax 'crooks' *** Injuries of Man Claiming Police Abuse Are Detailed *** Victims’ Roommate Charged With Setting Fire That Killed 5 Guatemalans *** 'Fight club' teacher told student to punch unruly classmate, says kid *** Auto insurance fraud on rise in New York *** Seeing for ourselves: Judge did right letting cameras show cops' sodomy trial
More City News At a Neglected Movie Palace, Cobwebs Are Given Notice *** Story time with Sharpton at Brooklyn Children's Museum

Terrorism Terror attack due: CIA *** Christmas Day Plot Suspect Still Talking Agents Flew To Nigeria In Days After Attack And Persuaded Family Members To Secure Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's Cooperation *** Intel Chief: Al-Qaida Likely to Attempt Attack in Next 6 Months*** Major attack planned in next 3 to 6 months, says intel bigs *** One for the good guys: Sharpshooting drones pick off Pakistan Taliban chief
White House A $2 trillion tax hike (NYP Ed) *** Bam's budget bash Hits GOP 'flip-flop' over debt *** Obama Acts to Engage G.O.P., Testing Party’s Intentions *** Equality in the Military President Obama must not let defenders of “don’t ask, don’t tell” keep this unjust law that discriminates against gay soldiers on the books (NYT Ed) *** Obama Struggles To Connect With Middle Class *** Nevada lawmakers to Obama: Stop picking on Las Vegas! *** Rahm Meets With Special Olympics on 'Retarded' Remark *** Red Ink: Obama's Spending is Irresponsible - Robert Robb, Arizona Republic *** Geithner Fights Budget Hawks - Braithwaite & Fifield, Financial Times *** The Gitmo Rebellion - Nick Baumann, Mother Jones *** Obama Puts Country Above Politics - Leonard Pitts, Miami Herald *** Obama Pushes Health Bill, Vows to 'Punch It Through' - Peter Baker, NYT *** Obama's Ideology Problem - Jonah Goldberg, Los Angeles Times *** Big Bang Gives Way to Busted Budget - David Rogers, Politico *** We're Making Tough Choices - Peter Orszag, USA Today *** Obama's Budget Like Bush-Era Spending on Steroids - OC Register *** What Obama's Budget Means For Your Taxes - Brian Wingfield, Forbes *** The Budget's a Sham: We Need To Get Serious - Jeffrey Garten, Daily Beast *** Everyone wants to question Barack Obama. (Politico) *** Obama Reaches Out to GOP *** Obama Urges Dems to Finish Health Bill - Steve Benen, Washington Mthly *** Understanding President Obama's Partisanship - Jay Cost, HorseRaceBlog *** Is Obama Failing? - David Boaz vs. Elaine Kamarck, The Economist

Congress Reid: Don't mess with Vegas *** Candidates Set in Race for Obama’s Old Senate Seat *** GOP snipes at Bam over plan to help small businesses with repaid Wall Street bailout money *** End 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy for gays in the military, top brass tell Senate *** Big Government's Cronies - John Stossel, RealClearPolitics *** Rep. Ryan on Government & Health Care - Ezra Klein, Washington Post *** Repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Now - Miami Herald *** Rangel: Compromise health Bill in Works ***D.C. is Wimping Out on Wall St. Reform - Charles Gasparino, Daily Beast *** Can the GOP Win Control of Congress? - Liz Sidoti, Associated Press

Political Party
Palin calls for Obama to fire Rahm over 'f----ing retarded' comment

Wall Street and the Economy
SEC staff monitors stocks & bond-age *** Ford is king of the road *** BofA's average bonus: $400G *$100 Million Bonus Plan at A.I.G. Draws Fire*Near-Record Bonuses at BofA* AIG staff agree to le$$ *** Goldman to defer Brits' $ *** No Help in Sight, More Homeowners Walk Away *** When Economics Meets PoliticsThe world needs 2010 to be a quiet year, but that will require our global problems to be defused with win-win compromises rather than win-lose confrontations (Friedman NYT) *** The Story Behind the Economic Crisis - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek *** We Need to Break Up the Big Banks - Jonathan Macey, Politico *** Our Debt Time Bomb Is Ready To Go Ka-Boom - Paul Farrell, MarketWatch *** U.S. Ramps Up Scrutiny of Toyota *** U.S. Private-Sector Jobs Decline ***Prius May Be Another Blow to Toyota’s Reputation

Environment The Royalty Boondoggle Congress should pass a bill ending offshore drilling incentives that now benefit oil companies at taxpayers’ expense (NYT Ed) *** Manipulating the Climate Numbers - David Warren, Ottawa Citizen
International After Massacre, Guinea Sees Hope of Lifted Chains *** Chaos Eases in Effort to Help Feed Haiti’s Hungry *** Iran blasts mouse, turtles & worms into space
National MAUREEN DOWDDefending the Long Gay Line How many pragmatists does it take to change a law that asks soldiers who live by a code of honor to lie about who they are? *** Rising Revolt in Pennsylvania - Abby Wisse Schachter, New York Post *** Illinois Senate: Corruption is the Hangover - John Kass, Chicago Tribune

Media and New Tech
Digital dividend News Corp. posts $254M net on $8.7B revenue *** News Corp. swings to profit in latest quarter *** Jon Stewart To Go On 'O'Reilly Factor' Tomorrow Night *** Reality is not so funny for Stephen Colbert *** Katie Couric's Uncertain Future *** Textbook Firms Ink E-Deals For iPad *** Pushing to Bring TV to the Internet *** Italy to Extend TV Rules to Web *** 'Today' Show Crew Heading To Vancouver For Olympics *** NBC May Lose Olympics As Fox, ESPN Bid For Games *** Conde Nast Sets Up Fraud Hotline For Employees To Report Abuse
Page 6
Love gov Sanford 'vowed' to cheat ***Sanford's Strange Wedding Vows ***Report: Jacko Doc to Be Charged ***Hit Elizabeth during heated divorce fight: report