Thursday, February 4, 2010

NYT Ignores Albany's Latest Corruption with the horses

Seminerio Gets Six Years *** Former Assemblyman Sentenced to Six Years

NYT Ignores Albany's Latest Corruption with the Horses

Maybe someone needs to deliver a horse head to NYT publisher bed tonight to get his paper to write any editorial about the Aqueduct racetrack organized crime deal. Both the Daily News and NYT wrote editorials blasting the Albany Fix. Maybe the NYT is apealing to its readers when it writes its editorials? Today's is about how Albany should support a bill to legalize supermarket wine because it would provide consumers more choice and the state much-needed revenue. Some Wine With That? Both the NYP and DN whose readers drink more bear than wine are blasting the Aqueduct deal. Bad smell at Aqueduct: State's racetrack deal stinks worse than the stables (DN Ed) *** Silver warns gov over slots deal *** The fetid Aqueduct deal (NYP Ed) *** Two-faced Dave If not for the ethical issues radiating from the Aqueduct deal, Gov. Paterson might actually deserve some genuine applause for vetoing the Legislature's bogus ethics-reform initiative. Alas, the governor ends up looking more than a little two-faced (NYP Ed) *** Silver contradicts Paterson's claims he played no favorites in picking AEG to run slots at Aqueduct Also Not Being Covered by NY Media Politicians convened to discuss a Constitutional Convention in New Paltz. (Mid-Hudson) *** Sheldon Silver said David Paterson "called me to personally and strongly recommend" Floyd Flake's group for the Aqueduct. *** Silver's letter makes the wood *** Richard Brodsky criticized Bloomberg's extension of the No. 7 train *** Bloomberg said the extension will spur economic development.

The People Know The City and MTA is Taking Us On Our Last Ride
In the comments of a NYP Article which spins Bloomberg heads underground for 7 train extension visit there is more truth what is really going on. It is advance that the spin of the pols and newspapers are beginning to crack. Why have the pols and media ignored the linking of spending a billion on a new tunnel while the MTA lacks funds to run trains and buses, let alone maintain them? The public has. Comment 1 from YankeeBaseBall1) This mayor who bought his way to a 3rd term will make Ny broke in a year or 2 he has a master plan out there..... keep an eye on him. Comment 2 from EJ) The MTA just announce a fresh $40mil deficit? Where is the money for this tunnel expected to come from? Comment 3 from ImpeachBloomy) $2.1 billion subway extension — funded by city taxpayer money" ... WTF???? $2.1 BILLION while the City TANKS??? Is this some joke? Comment 4 from Remmy) Taxpayer funded for a spate of development...housing for the rich none of us will ever live in, let alone the sandhogs who dug in the ground for 7 years. With the incompetent MTA now saying they are $400 million more in the hole, leading to service cuts, fare increases. Why did we elect money bags as mayor again? $400M deficit has MTA budget off rails *** MTA Financial Situation Grows Bleaker
No Health Care Bill But Drug Companies Still Racking in the $$$ Pfizer 4Q revenue rises sharply

New York City Economic Melt Down Report: Long Island's hungry up 20 percent *** DiNapoli, Paterson: Budget gap may hit $1 billion this month *** Deadbeat developers cited *** Yale, With $150 Million Deficit, Plans Staff and Research Cuts *** St. Vincent’s Gets Loans for a Four-Week Reprieve *** For Agent as Famous as His Clients, a New Base of Operation *** Lazard bonuses so big, they turned 4Q into a loss *** Hudson rail yards start date postponed *** St. Vincent's fate in hands of new task force *** Workers rally against SoHo retailers *** Whiz misses Regents because she's homeless; Educrats say 'tough' *** City's first Catholic school to shut its doors *** A big reason is a cut back in cash bonus payments by Wall Street banks. (NYT) *** The state will give St. Vincent’s hospital a four-week lifeline. (NYT) *** E.J. McMahon says income taxes are higher than ever. (NYP) *** New York's high speed rail project "needs to be fleshed out." it got some federal money, but much less than California and Florida *** Elected officials and transit advocates are rallying against proposed MTA service cuts this morning *** A higher-than-anticipated fare hike might be in the offing *** Hospital Chain Withdraws St. Vincent's Offer
Inside City Hall
City Seeks to Close 15 Day Care Centers in Budget Cut *** Appeals court rules NYC can limit billboards *** Lynch: Cutting cops puts New York City at great risk *** City's new tech guru Carole Wallace Post shrugs off Florida voting hiccup*The city's new technology commissioner has worked for the city since 2001, but voted in Florida in 2004.** Mayor Bloomberg sports new hearing aid in public *** Jonah Seiger, founder and managing partner of Connections Media, estimated social media resulted in 85,000 votes for Bloomberg last fall (more than his final margin of victory) *** Councilwoman Gale Brewer plans to stream hearings of the Government Operations Committee on-line *** Simcha Felder says it's "a possibility" that he'll run for comptroller if and when his new boss, John Liu, runs for mayor in 2013

Election 2010 Gillibrand corners Bam on responders - and is rewarded*Gillibrand Urges President To Support 9/11 Health Bill** Poll: Cuomo has higher approval ratings from African-Americans than Paterson *** The Reinvention of Andrew Cuomo A Prince of Darkness turns White Knight
Law and Order Raps loom in brutal B'klyn bar beat *** Muslim chaplain 'smuggled' box-cutter blades into jail *** DEA: Buffalo football coach sold coke at practice ***Principal-curse mom now suing school over son's 'pantsing' *** LI driver caught using dummy in carpool lane *** Court Told of Possible Origin of DNA on a Police Baton *** Officials Bar Shackling of Juvenile Offenders *** Laura Timoney fumes after son Patrick, 9, is busted for bringing 2-inch-long toy gun to PS 52*** Daly: Stubborn fashion exec fends off ATM mugger

Gov of La Mancha Albany
Gov: NY budget deficit could reach $8.2B *** Judge Says State Must Pay Farmer’s Legal Fees *** Bar Association Backs Greater Transparency in Albany
*** Some Wine With That?Albany should support a bill to legalize supermarket wine because it would provide consumers more choice and the state much-needed revenue (NYT Ed) *** Paterson says budget deficit is growing *** Spitzer laughs off Colbert's mocking of sex scandal (video) *** A veto override on the ethics bill doesn’t look likely. (AP) *** Republicans and Democrats bickered as the governor called for bi-partisanship. (TU/GNS) *** Paterson’s poll standing slipped. (GNS) *** Paterson is still slipping in the polls *** The city Bar Association supports requiring lawmaker-attorneys to disclose their clients.

More City News
1 World Trade Center hits 20th floor *** Plenty of Nuts for Sale, but the Roasters Are Vanishing *** New Theater: Lincoln Center Raises the Roof *** New York voters support legalizing marijuana for medical use (71-25), term limits for statewide elected officials (77-18) and freezing state workers' pay (75-20), but oppose the fat tax (57-40), a new Q poll finds
Scientist tried to kill Americans in Afghanistan: jury *** Pakistani Scientist Found Guilty of Shootings *** Chaplain Is Found With Blades at City Jail *** Experts: Yemen Qaeda may send American jihadis into U.S.*** Terror experts: Al Qaeda in Yemen may send American jihadis into U.S. *** Bloomberg presses Napolitano to step up city's anti-terror funding *** Terrorism Derangement Syndrome - Dahlia Lithwick, Slate *** Iran Unclenched Its Fist to Slap Us in Face - William Tobey, Boston Globe *** Bibi, Not Obama, Has a Plan for Iran - Michael Goodwin, New York Post *** Iran Targeted as Lessons of Iraq Ignored - Seumas Milne, The Guardian *** Jury Convicts Scientist Of Attempted Murder Of Soldiers *** Mayor Bloomberg says the federal government should start helping the city defend against nuclear terrorism.

White House
Military Officials Say Afghan Fight Is Coming *** The Defense BudgetThe latest Pentagon budget, like President Obama’s last one, makes some tough choices — but not enough (N YT Ed) *** Rahm scrambles to put out Palin's 'f---ing retarded' fire *** Colin reverses opposition to gays serving openly in military *** President Obama Offers Pep Talk to Democrats - Jeff Zeleny, NY Times *** Obama Chooses Campaigning Over Leading - Nolan Finley, Detroit News *** Obama Must Fight for What He Promised - Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe *** Obama vs. Holder - Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard *** Biden Taps Into Hidden Issue of 2010 - E.J. Dionne, The New Republic *** Obama's Contribution to the 'Deficit of Trust' - Jacob Sullum, Reason *** Obama's Budget Like Bush-Era Spending on Steroids - OC Register

Scott Brown demands to seated - after asking not be *** Fiscal Stimulus is Buying Trouble - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune *** DC Must Step In to Save Worthy Voucher Program - Washington Post *** Harry Reid is trying to spend his way out of trouble. (Politico)
Political Parties Illinois Senate Race Worries Democrats Anew *** Democrats Nay-Saying Obama's Budget - Hook & Parsons, Los Angeles Times *** Dems Push Back on Obama's Terrorism Policies - A.B. Stoddard, The Hill *** Party Haunted by Revived Stereotypes - David Paul Kuhn, RealClearPolitics *** Obama Calls Out GOP, But Nobody's Home - Joe Klein, Time *** Potential Republican presidential candidates are spending. (Politico)

Wall Street
Toyota Says Prius Brakes Had Design Problems *** Toyota Posts Profit in Quarter Before Recalls *** China Shows Little Patience for U.S. Currency Pressure *** Rivals Await Blankfein’s Bonus at Goldman Sachs *** Pay czar: AIG bonuses are 'outrageous' but legal *** AmTrust , NY Community Bank play tug of war *** The Damage to Toyota May Be Lasting - The Economist *** The Debt Threat - Philadelphia Inquirer

International Tighten the vise on Iran: It's past time to block Tehran's road to nuclear arms (DNED)

Media and New Tech
Watch the Oscars in style at Lincoln Center *** Olbermann's sinking ship *** Comcast Randy's NBC hit list *** Bezos aims to keep in 'Touch' New improved Kindle ***AOL dials up results *** Kaplan sees Parade pass by ***Films lift TW profit to $627M ***Films lift TW profit to $627M ***Stewart keeps it friendly with O'Reilly on 'Factor' *** Stewart battles O'Reilly on the 'Factor' *** Jon Stewart Tells Bill O'Reilly: You're The 'Voice Of Sanity' At Fox News (VIDEO) *** Brown Staffers Say Their Campaign Was 'Powered By Google'