Monday, February 8, 2010

True News Monday Update

Nevermind MTA & Bloomberg On December 3, 2009MTA Boss Says No Fare Hike In 2010 -- Daily Inte Bloomberg before the election on BLOOMBERG: FREE CROSSTOWN BUS SERVICE FOR ALL - & Bloomberg after the election Bloomberg: Expect Bigger Fare Hikes, More Service Cuts - Gothamist *** You'll pay for their raise Fare raise to pay for MTA higher salaries (NYP Ed) * Bloated MTA spends more but gets less * Salaries and staff at the MTA's capital construction division have ballooned over the past five years. Nevermind Paterson Sharpton? Paterson also risks losing the support of another key black leader: the Rev. Al Sharpton. Sharpton's aides are urging him to distance himself from the governor. They're worried sticking with Paterson will damage Sharpton's standing with both Cuomo and the White House, which has made clear its preference is that Paterson not run this fall."He hasn't made any decision yet. He's still with the governor for now, but I can tell you, there's a lot of pressure on him not to be," said a source close to Sharpton.NYT Goo Goo Continues it drum beat to clean up Albany. But why are the good government groups not pushing to organize the public. The WFP organized on the internet to fight term limits extension. They were very effective in their opposition to the Bloomberg money, incumbency and non profit machine. Has anyone seen the Citizen Union organize anything but a press conference for it leader for life Dick Dadey? The Privilege to Serve Legislators should be required to disclose the names of their legal clients. That way New York’s voters can be sure that all officials are putting the state’s interests first (NYT Ed) Is it the Goo Goos role to push Albany to get a better ethics bill or run interference against strong rules which the NYT supports? NYPIRG to Paterson: Roll up your sleeves on ethics (And the resignation rumor mill marches on) * Paterson Offers Up Compromise On Ethics Bill (NY1) *** NewsFurious Democrats blast Gov. Paterson on ethics reform bill

'Paranoid' gov going ballistic Over AEG lashing out at staffers (Dicker NYP)

Breaking News New York Magazine Reports Paterson Reportedly to Resign Monday Following Times Story

After weeks of escalating buzz about a New York Times piece that would reveal a “bombshell” scandal about New York Governor David Paterson, Business Insider is reporting that the story will likely come out tomorrow and will be followed by the governor’s resignation (!!). Though the nature of the revelation is still a mystery, reports are that this story is “much worse” than Paterson’s publicly acknowledged affair with a state employee.

SOURCE: The NYT's Big David Paterson Bombshell Will Break Monday, Governor's Resignation To Follow
Business News

UPDATE: The governor's office has wasyed no time in denying the above report
*** New York Gov. Paterson Meets With Lawmakers Over Future (Fox News) *** Gov. David Paterson Spokeswoman Denies NYT Has a Resignation-Worthy Bombshell (Gawker)

"Daniel Patrick Moynihan's famous description of New Yorkers casually accepting the rise of crime -- and thereby getting more of it -- now applies to everything happening in Albany." Wake up, New York! (Goodwin DN)

Times of the sign: Pols' names are all that's new at long-delayed rail station (DN Ed)

Don't Ask, Don't Tell NYS Pols
New York State has 62 members of the State Senate and the Assembly has 150 members and not one has spoken out against the AEG Aqueduct Racetrack deal. Forgetabout the 51 members of the City Council doing anything but spending money on themselves. Two U.S. Senators and 13 Congressional members. It took CB1 chair Julie Menin to start the ball rolling against the terror trial in downtown Manhattan, the pols joined in after when the public outrage exploded against the trial. It clear that nobody wants to go after powerful pols like Flake. Which makes today's Daily News editorial very interesting. The DN says only AG Cuomo and State Comptroller DiNapoli can stop the AEG deal *** Monday NY slots pick runs rinky-dink Nevada casino
*** Rev. defends Aqueduct racino deal *Paterson botched chance to clean up Aqueduct bidding process

Roy Cohn II Lawyer Cohn became famous during Senator Joseph McCarthy's investigations, but he was know by insider as someone who can double deal against his clients. Powerhouse political consultant Bill Lynch abruptly resigned as the lobbyist for a group that lost out on the lucrative contract for video slots at Aqueduct -- after members of the outfit led by real-estate mogul Stephen Green fumed that Lynch was double-dealing by cozying up to the winning bidder. 'Cheating' at races Aqueduct-bid loser axes gov pal as traitor *** Bloomy: Cut us in on action *** Lobbying Industry Booms in Recession - USA Today *** The TU thinks Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos is right on AEG and the need for public disclosure of all the racino bids.

True News the Dog that Wags the Tail On Thursday True News reported NYT Ignores Albany's Latest Corruption with the horses Saturday's NYT Editorial Looks Sleazy to UsA lottery deal at Aqueduct raceway seems designed primarily to bolster Governor Paterson’s political fortunes — and enrich at least one friend *** Politics a factor in Aqueduct racino pick: Gov's lawyer *** Gotham Gazette

From the NYT Ed: "This contract seems designed primarily to bolster Governor Paterson’s political fortunes. One of the investors in Aqueduct Entertainment Group is the Rev. Floyd Flake, who is among New York’s most influential and politically savvy black pastors. Only a week before the announcement, Mr. Flake had been saying nice things about Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who is likely to be Mr. Paterson’s main competition in this year’s gubernatorial race. Then, three days after awarding the contract, Governor Paterson invited the pastor in for a chat about whom Mr. Flake plans to back for governor. . . . The Aqueduct deal begs to be investigated. Mr. Cuomo; the Commission on Public Integrity; the state’s inspector general, Joseph Fisch; the comptroller, Thomas DiNapoli — at least one of them should be on the case." * Aides: Once it cut with characters, AEG was in the mix Albany Times Union *Paterson Defends Flake, AEG* EDITORIAL: Aqueduct deal is a new low Newsday *** Officials worry Belmont Stakes in jeopardy Newsday * The process for selecting an operator for Aqueduct's racino was created by former Gov. Eliot Spitzer and ex-Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, who hated each other. Paterson never bothered changing it

Monday's Politics Benjamin: Gov. Paterson's Harlem base is crumbling *** Push to Force Monserrate Expulsion Vote in the Senate ***The day of judgment nears for Monserrate (TU) *** A group of Senate Democrats plan to force the issue of Sen. Hiram Monserrate's expulsion even if Conference Leader John Sampson opposes it *** Bertha Lewis has departed her post as state co-chair of the Working Families Party *** Sen. Chuck Schumer's angry Wall Street donors are "a lot of what's fueling the Ford thing," according to an anonymous - but well-connected - political consultant *** Is Democracy Killing Democracy? - Kurt Andersen, New York Magazine*** Bertha Lewis Departs From WFP, Perjury Charges Possible In Staten Island Case
Sunday: NYP Continues to Go After Smith and Meeks
Soaked by pols' Katrina charity Group's 30G in 'relief' vanished down the drain * Slots big a tax deadbeat Darryl Greene, the Queens developer whose company is part of the winning Aqueduct racetrack "racino" bid, is not just a convicted felon, he's a tax deadbeat * Hefty $1M take for Flake *** Wake up, New York! Your government is collapsing *** New York's phantom taxes City squeezes residents another way — by hitting us with nearly $900 million in fines ***Daily News Also Racino at Aqueduct could generate $6B, experts say (DN) *** Two-armed bandits: Daily News demands sunlight on shady Aqueduct deal *** "(Eliot) Spitzer promised everything in Albany would change on Day 1 and we all understood what he meant. So far, (Andrew) Cuomo seems to want Day 1 to be discovery day," writes Wayne Barrett Monday 'Probe' into missing NY Katrina aid

Sunday Top Stories Kruger's cash magic (NYP Ed) Kruger claims funds in the budget that according to the NYP does not exist. Including 31 million to pay for the rents of HIV/AIDS suffers. What the NYP missed on that one is Kruger is using to state budget to make up with gay groups who picketed his home because he voted against the marriage rights bill *Frank Rich: Smoke The Bigots Out Of The Closet** Media Hit On Mike Come After the Campaign Mike's money mystery Bloomberg thinks there’s nothing strange about the $1.2 million he sent to the state Independence Party just days before last November’s election — most of which was pumped straight into a shady corporate front *** Independence Party big promises change after 'secret deal' with Mike **Ex-NYPD cop didn't fudge crime stats - he 'delayed' them * Retired Officers Raise Questions on Crime Data *** Mayor's empty promise: City buys only handful of foreclosed home *It's still unclear where much of the $750,000 Bloomberg gave to the Independence Party, which, in turn, gave the cash to John Haggerty, actually went ** Report: St. Vincent's Hospital Needs Second Bailout To Stay Open *** TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads *** Dominic Carter Released Early

Testy Conflict With Goldman Helped Push A.I.G. to Edge *** Toyota Has Pattern of Slow Response on Safety Issues *** The Truth About the DeficitThough the governement will soon need to address the deficit, the last thing it should do is slash spending at a time of high unemployment and fragile growth (NYT Ed) *** Iran's leader orders higher enrichment of uranium *** Palin Assails Obama at Tea Party Meeting *** Ex-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin rips President Obama on budget, war on terror at Tea Party Convention

Taxpayers foot the $2.1 billion 7 train project bill, while the city sets aside money in reserve

Steve Cuozzo calls for a return to the old Times Square

Obama Hasn't Ruled Out NYC Trial For 9/11 Planner

New York's Governor Sex Clinic Needed? Rumor Mill in Overdrive says the NYT is about to expose Paterson (Paterson Rumors: Wife Swapping and Drugs? *** "Bombshell" to Explode Governor Paterson? *** Paterson Sex Scandal In The Works? Media Abuzz About Possible 'Bombshell' Story *** Eliot Spitzer Denies Socks Rumors, Offers Advice for Tiger Woods DNAinfo *** Poor state finances may be putting pervs on long leash

New York's Bread and Butter Standing up for Wall Street (NYP) Chuck Schumer, Kirsten "Tweety Bird" Gillibrand and House members like Jerry Nadler have been meekly standing mute as President Obama demonizes Wall Street. Mayor urges city workers: Demand higher pay for Wall Street *** Some NYers' unemployment benefits set to expire

Candidate Bites Media
Ford tackles media on his blog After a week of less-than-favorable headlines, Harold Ford Jr. is starting to hit back --taking to his blog to refute bad news stories. Under the headline "setting the record straight."

Mayor Knocked Off the Ballot If Bloomberg would have keep a voter registration in one of his outer town homes, the Board of Elections would not let him run for office. Bloomberg tech commish shuts down Florida voting status Are Crime Sat's Cooked? Retired Officials Question Integrity of Crime Reports

Was Carter Being Blackmailed? Ex-NY1 anchor Carter beat wife 13 years ago: Report

New York's Tea Party Make it go away! Residents protest terror trial in NYC *** Holder: Rudy is playing politics on 9/11 terror trial move

Increase in Concern Over New Voting Machines (ReformNY)

The Courts Keep the Machine in Business and add cost to doing business in New York Conn. Newspapers Fighting Plan for Online Notices From True NewsLegal Ads Help Keep the Political Machines in Power

WFP Executive Director Dan Cantor laid out the party's agenda, but didn't mention it is the subject of investigation by the US attorney's office.

Pay to Play Albany Dems deny Monserrate vote has been nixed *Cartoonist’s Take on Ethics Reform(Matt Davies)*City Bar Supports Lawyer/Legislator Disclosure (Capitol Confidential)* Crook pol: I'm off to die in jail * The Privilege to ServeLegislators should be required to disclose the names of their legal clients. That way New York’s voters can be sure that all officials are putting the state’s interests first (NYT Ed) *** Assemblyman Tony Seminario calls his six-year prison term “a death sentence.” (TU)

Pay to Play Developers
Stop Using Water Board to Bypass Contract Bidding (Water Watch NYC) *** The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle sees ex-Assemblyman Tony Seminerio's sentencing as "the single biggest positive development" last week that was related to Albany

Government Works for Insiders Not the Public Out of Cash, St. Vincent’s Is Set to Close*** The bidding process makes New York look like a laughingstock to most people in the gaming industry," said Bennett Liebman, executive director of Albany Law School's Government Law Center, and a former board appointee to the New York Racing Association. 'Cheating' at races Aqueduct-bid loser axes gov pal as traitor *** Countdown to disaster: Albany keeps ducking hard budget choices

Gov of La Mancha Albany Governor Paterson Announces Compromise Albany Reform Legislation *** Gov. Paterson, facing possible veto, plans on introducing compromised ethics reform bill *** Two new polls on the soda tax demonstrate once again that language is a strange and pliable thing. (TU)

Election 2010 As Gillibrand Gathers Endorsements, Ford Calls It ‘Underhanded’ *** Senator Spitzer? GOOD Harold Ford Jr. has a history of cussin’ at columnists. (Memphis Commercial Appeal; link fixed) *** In the recent Ford-Paterson dinner meeting, who invited whom? (NYPost)

A Scrubbed Toe in the RaceHarold Ford Jr., the transplant with the Tennessee driver’s license who was raised in Washington, D.C., professes that he loves, loves, loves, loves New York (Dowd NYT) *** College paper column reveals young Harold Ford's views
*** Madam Kristin Davis for NY governor! *** Harold Ford's NRA Speech VanishesGilly hits Harold $$ * Did Harold Ford Get Taxpayer-Funded Bonus?** Gillibrand Focuses On Ford's Possible Bank Bonus *** New York Senator Challenged by Comedian, Former Addict *** Queens Assembly Candidate Sends Mailings With Swastikas

Law and Order Forget Police Data; New Yorkers Rely on Own Eyes *** Former Commander Recalls Pressure to Alter Reports

Brooklyn fire killer: I deserve my hell *** Slay-kid shock Mom made wild abuse claim in Wyo. *** Cops: Nerd stole emergency radios with great frequency *** Retired Correction Officer Wounds 2 in Queens Shooting *** Retired CO arrested after shooting 2 men at bowling alley *** Brooklyn Mother Charged With Leaving Children In Burning Apartment *** Police Search For Manhattan Teen's Killer
*** Saturday *** NY1's Dominic Carter busted for domestic abuse in 1997: report *** Woman, tot slay horror **Gigi Jordan feeds son, 8, fatal dose of pills, leaves strange 2-page note in botched murder-suicide * Boy, 8, allegedly murdered by his mother at swanky Peninsula: cops *Mother Held in Death of Boy, 8, at Luxury Hotel** FDNY commish to review tape of B'klyn bar brawl *** Arts Patron Is Sentenced to 9 Years for Fraud *** Defendant Not in the Station Has Low Profile at Police Trial *** Ex-NYPD Commissioner Safir Won't Face Hit-And-Run Charges *** Brooklyn Man With BB Gun Shot By Police *** Harlem teen killed over party diss

More City News
A Park Avenue battle 380 a month apartment *** 2 Bronx Communities Are Accused of Preventing Blacks From Buying Homes *** At Top City Schools, Lack of Diversity Persists *** New Area Code Coming to a Borough Near You!

Terrorism Team O's civil-liberties woes (NYP Ed) *** Schumer: Plan To Dock Harbor Patrols 'Makes No Sense' (NY1) *** Protected By Justice System, Would-be Bomber Still Talks - Boston Globe
Brennan Warns GOP: Stop Using Christmas Day Plot As A 'Political Football *** Schumer: Bam, don't take away anti-terror Coast Guard unit *** Schumer: Plan To Dock Harbor Patrols 'Makes No Sense' *** 'Britain Breeds Muslim Terrorists' *** Schumer slams plan to pull Coast Guard team from NYC

'Iran to Increase Uranium Enrichment *** Postcard From Yemen Sana is not Kabul, and Yemen is not Afghanistan — not yet. Yeminis have the resources to save themselves, but they need to be mobilized by better governance. (Friedman NYT) *** Terrorism and the Pocketbook *** Holder's Premature Mirandization - Deb Saunders, San Francisco Chronicle
*** Saturday *** Missed Signals at Fort Hood - Washington Post *** Militant video shows abducted American *** Militant Video Shows Kidnapped American In Iraq

White House Obama to hold televised summit on healthcare BBC News *** Spiro T. Obama - John Stossel, FOX News *** Al-Qaeda wounded, dangerous *** Secretary of State Clinton for VP in 2012? Cindy Adams goes there *** America is Not Ungovernable - Jay Cost, RealClearPolitics *** Obama: The Scold in Chief - Carol Lee, Politico *** Obama Coddles Wall Street - Jack Kelly, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

*** Saturday *** Gates Disputes Iran Nuclear Deal *** How Obama Got Keynes Wrong - Shawn Tully, Fortune *** White House is Politicizing Intelligence - Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard *** Robert Gates: The Survivor - Elizabeth Rubin, Time *** Dems chafe as W.H. wavers on health *** Obama, GOP sparring over job creation proposals *** Obama Continues Bush Approach to Religious Charities - Wall Street Journal *** Obama Rallies the Party Faithful *** Gates Denies Nuclear Deal With Iran Is Near ***Obama: I’m not giving up on health reform *** Obama Tries to Rally Dems, Defends Health Bill - Peter Nicholas, LAT *** Advice for the President - Evan Thomas, Newsweek *** How Obama Got Keynes Wrong - Shawn Tully, Fortune

Abuse of process: Sen. Shelby holds 70 nominees hostage to Alabama pork *** Dems Ask, Can Our Health Bill Be Saved? - Pear & Herszenhorn, NY Times *** Obama Will Meet With GOP Next Week On Health Care *** On Health Care: 'Finish the Kitchen' - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post *** Public-Sector Unions Bleed Taxpayers - Michael Barone, DC Examiner *** Dems Should Eliminate the Filibuster - Paul Krugman, New York Times
*** Saturday *** Kennedy has sharp words for Brown - The Boston Globe *** Senate impasse over fiscal rules *** U.S. Senate Held Hostage: GOP Senator Shelby Defends Filibuster Threats *** Senate Democrats press $80 billion economic package*** Dems Ask, Can Our Health Bill Be Saved? - Pear & Herszenhorn, NY Times ***Health care, piece by piece ***GOP senators rush to raise cash ***Financial reform talks halted ***Mapping the debt ceiling vote ***Brown plans McCain campaign trip *** Lobbying Imperils Overhaul of Student Loans - New York Times *** Lobbyists Help Smooth the Way for a Tax Break for Foreign Rum Maker

Political Parties Tea Party Organizers Eye the 2010 Elections *** Palin Assails Obama at Tea Party Meeting *** Tea Party Looks to Move From Fringe to Force *** Palin rips Obama on budget, war on terror at Tea Party Convention *** The Pitbull in Lipstick is Back! - Joan Walsh, Salon *** Why Are Liberals So Condescending? - Gerard Alexander, Washington Post *** Blame the Childish, Ignorant American Public - Jacob Weisberg, Slate *** Palin Considering 2012 Run, Defends Limbaugh's Use Of 'Retard' *** GOP Terror Attack Machine - Richard Clarke, New York Daily News *** Bad Dog Food for the Democrats - J.C. Watts, Las Vegas Review-Journal *** Tea Party Trouble Brewing for Dems - Joe Queenan, The Guardian *** Goldwater is Palin's Real Inspiration - Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Nation
*** Saturday *** Sarah Palin Is Vocal and Ready {hellip} but for What? *** Palin, Visible and Vocal, Is Positioned for Variety of Roles *** Why Are Liberals So Condescending? - Gerard Alexander, Washington Post *** WellPoint CEO: Wasted Opportunity for Real Reform - Joseph Rago, WSJ *** The Limits of Blaming Bush - Veronique de Rugy, The American *** A Tea Party with Palin & My 7th Grade Girlfriend - David Paul Kuhn, RCP *** Palin's risky bid to lead tea party (Politico) ***November chill seizes DNC meeting *** Tea Partiers to Form PAC *** Palin e-mails reveal a powerful ‘first dude’ - MSNBC *** GOP Senate Contender Kirk Is Favorite Of Pro-Israel PACs - TPM Muckraker *** GOP Recruits Newcomers to RunWSJ *** Low Turnout May Put Democrats At Risk For Midterms, Pollster Says

Wall Street Money order: Madoff's family must disclose spending publicly *** Greenspan: Unemployment will stay sky-high *** Ex-Merrill boss Thain to lead CIT *** Andrew Cuomo files Martin Act fraud charges against former Bank of America executives, claiming they obfuscated Merrill Lynch’s perilous state as BoA was about to buy it. (AP) *** Big Government's Big Shortfall - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek *** Deficit Distortion Makes for U.S. Fiscal Disaster - Albert Hunt, Bloomberg *** China's Ultimate Weapon: The Debt Bomb - Arthur Herman, New York Post *** Geithner: America's Debt Rating Not at Risk - The Hil *** Myths About Job Creation - James Manyika/Byron Auguste, Washington Post *** We're Handing Our Economy to China - Arthur Herman, New York Post
*** Saturday *** Owe, no! Debt ceiling soars as Dow sinks *** Goldman CEO 'settles' for a $9 million bonus *** Madoffs' gravy drain *** Macmillan books return to Amazon *** Goldman Chief’s Bonus Seen by Some as Show of Restraint *** Time Is Running OutRescuing the U.S. economy will require a commitment, and undoubtedly sacrifices, that need to start now (Herbert NYT) *** Money order: Madoff's family to disclose spending *** Toyota's Blind Spot - Matthew DeBord, New York Times *** More Evidence of a Jobless Recovery - The Economist *** Paulson offers view of GE's woes *** Anxieties mount with debt crisis *** Recall tarnishes Toyota's spotless image BBC News *** Unemployment Insurance Borrowing Now Greater Than During 1980s Recession *** Goldman Bows On CEO Pay *** Big drop in money flowing into new hedge funds *** Toyota preparing to announce Prius fix next week 36 mins ago

National No way to run airlines: FAA has done nothing about roots of Buffalo crash(DN Ed) *** Dem. lieutenant governor candidate exits Ill. race *** Do Colleges Redline Asian-Americans? - Kara Miller, Boston Globe

Landrieu Takes Mayoral Seat in New Orleans *** Hawaii Senate Says Cutting Back on Paper Has Saved $1.2 Million
*** Saturday *** Vaccination Vindication - Los Angeles Times *** Illinois Democrats Pressure Nominee *** E.J. McMahon: Pat Moynihan's Tax Lessons for the States *** FDA mulls major increase in food serving sizes *** Shuttle set for Sunday launch amid space plan shift

International Costa Rica elects 1st woman president in landslide *** Iran Plans to Deploy Missile Defense
Russia rejects sanctions on Iran's economy *** Is Greece’s Debt Trashing the Euro?*** The World Capital of KillingCongo has become the world capital of rape, torture and mutilation in ways that sear the survivors of a war that appears to have claimed more lives than the Holocaust (Kristof NYT) *** Gordon Brown Cries in TV Interview
*** Saturday***
Chavez Exposed as Malevolent Marxist - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review *** Iran's Dubious Peace Claim *** U.S. Baptists Return to Haiti Jail *** US, Germany say Iran not ready for nuclear deal Reuters *** Haiti earthquake sheds light on its orphanages - Miami Herald *** Northern Ireland Parties Reach a Deal *** Governing in Haiti's Disaster Zone *** China to levy duties on US chicken; Rising trade and currency tensions...

Environment The Great Global Warming Collapse - Margaret Wente, Globe and Mail *** Unexpectedly, Public Comments Favor Drilling - Wall Street Journal *** Advocates Discuss Ways To Protect Community Gardens From Redevelopment *** The state’s brownfields tax credit plan paid 90 cents for building for every dime of cleanup cost; the rules were reformed in 2008. (TU) *** Pioneering E-Waste Bill Remains Stuck in Legal Limbo

Media and New Tech Dave & Jay reunite, with Oprah, for most buzzed-about Super Bowl ad *** How Leno, Letterman Linked Up
WATCH: Wanda Sykes Takes On CBS's Refusal To Run Gay Super Bowl Ad *** Scandal: Online Journalist Pastes Portions of Someone Else’s Story Into Own *** WATCH: Tim Tebow's Controversial Super Bowl Ad *** After 7 weeks in first and $630M, 'Avatar' falls to 'Dear John' *** Super Bowl Ad Watch: Blogging the Commercials
*** Saturday ***
WATCH: Olbermann Defends 'Countdown' Ratings, Claims Right Wing Smear Campaign *** Candy Crowley: Would I Have Gotten 'State Of The Union' If I Didn't Lose Weight? *** Subway finder wins BigApps competition *** Senator Franken Rips Into Comcast CEO *** Ad Follies of the Super Bowl CBS’s decision to accept an evangelical group’s anti-abortion commercial makes little sense after its rejection of a gay dating service ad (NYT Ed) ***Dick Cavett Oh, What a Lovely Mess! NBC’s recent adventures in talk-show-host management remind the writer of his own adventures in prime time *** U.S. Wary of Google Book Pact *** Conan Who? NBC Disappears "The Tonight Show" From The Web *** Census bureau advertising during Super Bowl

Page 6 Cabbage Patch mogul snares Madoff apt. *** 'Precious' tones *** Marilyn pix are poetry and 'pose' *** Judge says ex-John Edwards aide in contempt over Rielle tape *** Pandas Get Celebrity Welcome in China *** Movie Flashback: The Seven Year Itch (Gothamist) *** Andrew Young: FBI Has A Copy Of Edwards Sex Tape ***Tiger Ready to Return to Golf? ***Jacko Doc to Plead Not Guilty