Thursday, January 28, 2010

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed’s trial should be held elsewhere . . . In Hell

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed’s trial should be held elsewhere . . .
In Hell

Blooomberg: try 9/11 mastermind somewhere else *Move the terror trials, says business group ** Not in our city (NYP Ed) *** Sept. 11 terror trials could cost city $1 billion: Bloomberg *** Bloomberg Balks at 9/11 Trial, Dealing Blow to White House *** Malaysia arrests 10 linked to Christmas plane bomb plot *** Bloomberg was "[r]esponding to growing pressure" about the trail *** Paterson: I Was Right On KSM Trial

Zazi's uncle cops terror plea *Uncle Who Vouched for Terror Suspect Arrested** Survey Finds Growing Fear of Cyberattacks *** TSA worker busted SLEEPING at LGA

WATCH: Conservative Supreme Court Justice Alito Says 'That's Not True' During Speech

A study in sabotage: Teachers union torpedoed state's shot at $700M (DN Ed)

Wall Street Victims Spin They rob the government, gave themselves fat bonuses and not they want us to be proud of them? New Embattled Minority: Wall Street Brokers

Pay to Play Development Firm Guiding Construction Stole Millions, Officials Say

Election 2010 Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand mocks Democratic rival Harold Ford on Twitter *** Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb said there are “good Republicans” other than Levy that the party can turn to. (PolHudson) *** Geoff Earle says Kirsten Gillibrand's record does make her look like a parakeet of Chuck Schumer *** 'Is Mr. Ford Saying He Would Not Be Voting With President Obama?'

Our Mayor Competing with the Hill and Roll Call? Report: Bloomberg working on DC project *** Journal’s New York Edition Faces a Delay

24/7 'Is Mr. Ford Saying He Would Not Be Voting With President Obama?' * Sharpton on Quinn Bouncing Barron * Sharpton Not Particularly Clear on How He Feels About Cuomo *** Sharpton: Dumping Barron Will Haunt Quinn ***Sharpton Reserves The Right To Change His Mind

New York Economic Melt Down Bloomberg to ax 934 city workers *** Trade Center Site Developer Set Back *Silverstein denied $3.5B Port Authority payoff for Ground Zero delays** Panel Warns of Delay for Hudson Train Tunnel *** Spitzer: 'It's The Stupidity That Brings People Down' *** NY mayor: Close 4 fire companies to save cash

Inside City Hall New cab rule bans hack yak *** Tears and rage over school ax * Schools’ Supporters Fear They Weren’t Heard** Arbitrators rule against Silverstein at Ground Zero *** NYPD taps first Hispanic to senior post *** Moving rent-hike exemption program dizzies seniors *** New York will receive $151 million from the federal government for high speed rail upgrades between Niagara Falls and New York City. (AP/Buffalo News) *** Sharpton: Dumping Barron Will Haunt Quinn *** Mayor Asks Educators To Take Smaller Raises In Budget Address *** Comptroller John Liu and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio have more security than their predecessors *** Bloomberg/NYC Gave $131 Million to Bruce Ratner

Gov of La Mancha Albany Gov. Paterson may take charter school issue into his own hands *** Not fit for an animal: New juvenile prison scandal erupts as gov frets over horses (DN Ed) *** Paterson: The legislature just whines *** David Paterson wants New York to hire more tax auditors. (TU) *** SUNY leaders like David Paterson’s proposals to give them more flexibility, but wish he wasn’t cutting their funding. (GNS)

Law and Order Hazing horror at Rutgers sorority *** New rap in tot-slay plot *** Qns. Catholic-TV priest in kid-porn probe *** $1M gem-robbery slay on Madison Ave. *** 10 years in jail for star's son *** Worker killed in Madison Avenue jewelry store robbery *** 1-man crime wave on the Fulton Mall *** Neighbor Charged With Stalking and Killing Woman *** Third Trial in a Teenager’s Killing Takes a Toll on Both Sides *** 4th Officer Partly Backs Each Side in Trial of 3 Over Arrest in Subway *** Robber Kills Jewelry Store Worker on Upper East Side *** Another 'Horndog High' sex charge: Teacher Lisa Guttilla arrested for feeling up 14-year-old girl *** Mom of two mowed down by trucker watching porn: cops *** Wife now faces kill-by-phone rap *** Investigators uncover 'credible evidence' of sexual assault at Bronx Children's Psychiatric Center *** Queens priest is target of feds' kid-porn probe
White House Full transcript: Text of President Obama's 2010 State of the Union address; with video *Obama stresses 'jobs' (29 times) and economy in State of the Union *Highlights from President Obama's State of the Union address * Geithner AIG grilling has bipartisan fervor *Geithner defends Fed actions on AIG bailout * Drawing Fire, Geithner Backs Rescue of A.I.G.* Obama's goal: get the agenda moving *** Prez's power lunch Obama is now making nice to big businesses in private *** Calls Jobs, Not Health Care, His ‘Number 1 Focus’ *In the Republican response, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell said the federal government is trying to do too much. (AP) ** The Second Year President Obama used his State of the Union address to show the country what he has learned and how he intends to govern in the next three (NYT Ed) *** United We RantSeldom has a presidential address been delivered when so many Americans are so angry for so many different reasons (Collins NYT) *** MSNBC's Matthews: 'I Forgot He Was Black' *** Joe Wilson Responds to Obama, This Time on Facebook *** Obama to Party: Don’t ‘Run for the Hills’ *** Trying to Prove He’s the Same Old Obama *** Struggling, and Seeking Hope in President’s Words *** Economic Challenge Is Also a Balancing Act *** Soros Endorses Obama’s Plan on Banks *** Afghan Tribe Vows to Fight Taliban in Return for U.S. Aid *** Unapologetic President Obama speaks with swagger in sharp State of the Union address *** Prez must walk the walk: Obama has to lead with deeds in order to create jobs *** No Sign of Reset After Massachusetts Message - Clive Crook, The Atlantic *** Ready to Do Battle - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post *** A Dull, Cheap, Successful Speech - Jonathan Chait, The New Republic *** Hope 2.0: Obama Relaunches His Brand - John Dickerson, Slate ***
Obama's Policies Not Aligned with Public - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal *** Finally, Some Spine - Joan Walsh, Salon *** President Obama Gropes for a Strategy - John Harris, Politico *** The All of the Above President - Philip Klein, The American Spectator *** Did Obama's Speech Save Health Care Reform? - Jonathan Cohn, TNR *** Obama Can't Resist Taking Swipe at Court - Linda Greenhouse, NY Times *** Could Nancy Pelosi Lose Control of the House? - Jay Cost, RealClearPolitics *** The President Didn't Say Enough - Washington Post *** Obama Defined Problems, But Was Short on Solutions - USA Today *** Lobbyists Get Invitation To Private Obama Administration BriefingCongress After Arrest, Provocateur’s Tactics Questioned *** Bernanke Sails Through Senate, With Support of Schumer and Gillibrand
Political Parties Internet Voting, Still in BetaAmericans abroad should have a fair opportunity to vote, but allowing online voting in its current state could open elections up to vote theft and other mischief (NYT Ed) *** G.O.P. Chief Opposes Ideology Tests for Candidates *** Dems Fall as Fast as Nixon Republicans in '74 - Michael Barone, Examiner *** Jon Stewart Warns Dems: Republicans Are 'F**king With You!'

Wall Street and the Economy He won't sing Kurland won't aid Galleon probe *New guilty plea entered in insider-trading case** BlackRock net soars to $256M *** S.E.C. Adds Climate Risk to Disclosure List *** A Day Before Vote on Bernanke, Fed Leaves Rates Alone *** Ford Reports Profit for the Year of $2.7 Billion *** Swiss Back Away From Deal to Give Names of Rich UBS Clients to U.S.

International Afghan Tribe to Fight Taliban in Return for Aid *** Female Bankers in India Earn Chances to Rule *** Added Issue in Recalling Holocaust in Italy *** N. Korea says it has detained American man for entering *** Ruiz: U.S.-Cuba tensions take a quake break

National Proposition 8 Trial Pauses, but Not for Ruling

Media and New Tech AT&T to get more juice from Apple *** Random House sits out iPad launch *** A Reminder of Precedents in Subsidizing Newspapers *** iPad Blurs Line Between Devices *** IPad? That's So 2002, Fujitsu Says *** As Devices Pull More Data, Patience May Be Required ***AT&T’s Earnings Rise 26%, Driven by Wireless *** Bankruptcy Judge Approves Bonus Payments for Tribune Executives *** Journal’s New York Edition Faces a Delay *** PHOTOS: Apple's brand-new iPad *** Review: Hard to see where iPad fits in *** Is Jay Leno Permanently Damaged By 'Tonight Show' Battle? *** Study: Government Subsidies For Media Shrinking *** Comcast CEO Frustrated By NBC's Late Night Drama, Supports Zucker *** Oprah Tells Leno: Letterman Sex Joke Was 'Beneath You'

Page 6 Elton John to join Lady Gaga on stage *** John Edwards and Wife Have Separated, Friends Say *** Nikki: Harvey Weinstein Wants Miramax Name Back