Monday, September 21, 2009

Local TV News Plays Us for Dummies: Ernie Anastos: "Keep f@#xing that chicken"

Local TV News Plays Us for Dummies: Ernie Anastos: "Keep fucking that chicken"

Are the Public the Chickens? . . . Local TV who puts out the worst news programs get millions from the New York City Budget, by way of CFB matching funds and more millions from Bloomberg Billionaire for the hundreds of campaign commericals they run. By running the ads and not giving any analysis on the issues, the local TV is the the leading cause of dysfunctional local government and spin campaigns that have no basis in reality. Candidates all over town promising small class sizes when the city ability to raise taxes has been cut by a third. More on how local TV news operates Shrinking Newspaper Coverage Means Less Real TV News More Sexy Reporters

Nobody Asked Me, But. . . In the old days the president was the leader of his party, today it is everyman for himself Bam cuts Gov on the bias (NYP) , Resisting Obama, Paterson Vows to Seek Office (NYT). In the old day alliances has consequences. Today Bruce Ratner can pay off ACORN for political support with money he gets in government grants and not held accountable for any of the charges against ACORN because he has political leaders and most of the media behind him ACORN can $core on Atl. Yards , The New York Post discovers (and downplays) ACORN's deal with Forest City Ratner (Atlantic Yards Report) *** It so easy to break the law if you work for the establishment Claire knew what she was doing (Queens Crap) Developer influenced City Council to vote for mayor’s Willets Pt. plan with city money *** The Daily News has it right NY leadership role is quickly sinking because of its pathetic political culture. "wasting disease that has shriveled New York politics so badly that "the futures of 18 million citizens are held hostage by the likes of Pedro Espada." Petty pols cut New York State down to size To bad the Daily News missed the opportunity to explain how pathetic leaders get elected during the Democratic Primary which ended last week. Speaking of Primaries by reading today's papers you would not know there is a run-off in 8 days for the comptroller and public advocate office. No coverage at all today Hiram to beat the rap, too*** More non leadership When in Doubt, Blame the Media

Dave's Sinking Ship DAVE'S DOWNFALL ALL BUMBLING, NO BIGOTRY (NYP) *** Dave's ejection is Andy's election (NYP) *** Dead man walking: President Obama's request turns Gov. Paterson into lame duck (NYDN) *** Hammond: Dave is just a political liability *** Dave crony collects 'money for nothing' Gov. Paterson's former economic-development czar, Avi Schick, stepped down from his post at the helm of the Empire State Development Corp. in January -- but, astonishingly, continued to quietly draw his $213,000 annual salary for eight more months ***

On the Road to City Hall GOP pushing Sen. Giuliani *** Polls: New Yorkers mixed on third Bloomberg term *** A new Marist poll shows Bloomberg leading Thompson, 50-39, but 47 percent of registered voters say they're tired of the mayor *** Green Will Not Attend S.I. Debate

Washington Mideast foes & O to meet here *** General Calls for More U.S. Troops to Avoid Afghan Failure *** Who Is Barack Obama? And why do people say such loopy, ugly things about him? The enduring rot in American politics (NY Magazine) *** Obama Rethinking War Strategy
ANALYSIS Inside the White House, the way forward in Afghanistan is no longer so clear (Washington Post) *** General Warns of 'Mission Failure' in Afghan War - (Bob Woodward, WP) *** New System Offers Real Missile Defense - Hillary Clinton, Financial Times *** Obamacare: Losing Everyone - Dick Morris & Eileen McGann, New York Post *** Obama: On The Air But Off His Game? - Howard Kurtz, Washington Post *** The Story Behind the ACORN Story - Andrew Breitbart, Washington Times *** Obama's Nontax Tax - Wall Street Journal *** Obama Needs to Rein in Patriot Act - Philadelphia Inquirer *** The ACORN Fallout - Chicago Tribune *** The Risks for Democrats Going It Alone on Health Care (Time) *** Michelle Shot Down Hillary as VP? (The Daily Beast) *** Obama Woos Olympia Snowe *** Election Woes a Boon for Taliban *** Obama Wants to Cut Nukes *** Should the uninsured get the same health coverage as Congress? (Federal Government, Healthcare) *** Pentagon notes The Washington Post's redactions in 66-page Afghanistan commander’s assessment leaked to Bob Woodward *** Check Out Obama Being Hilariously Cruel To The Newspapers (Wonkette)

Wall Street Corruption Congress Presses for Details From Bank of America on Talks *** Reform or Bust Putting limitations on how bankers are compensated is a populist idea, but it is also good politics and good economics (Krugman NYT) *** Amnesty Deadline Extended for Offshore Accounts *** Who Wins if Dollar Loses? *** Democrats Target Overdraft Fees
Move on Capitol Hill is latest sign that the balance of power is shifting from banks to borrowers (Washington Post) *** 2 charged in $80M Ponzi scheme (Crain NY)

Pay to Play Featured in Book About Under-the-Radar News Stories

Terror War Continues Queens bust in Qaeda probe *** Terror Suspect Had Bomb Guide, Authorities Say *** Feds unsure if arrests have foiled al-Qaeda terror plot (NYDN)

International Nations Ready Big Economic Changes *** Israel says still has military option on Iran... *** China's Predatory Trade - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek *** Policy Choices in Afghanistan - Times of London *** Why Karzai's Rival Abdullah Won't Compromise on Runoff (Time) *** Will Germany Back Obama's Iran-Sanctions Coalition? (Time) *** Are Holbrooke's Hands Tied? *** McChrystal: More Troops Now, Please

Media and New Tech Doubts Fade and Couric Is Energized *** Google Working to Revise Digital Books Settlement *** Newspapers Have Not Hit Bottom, Analysts Say (NYY) *** Letterman Takes Turn Toward the Political *** Exploring News by the Amish Online *** A Blogger Makes a Pitch for Supporting Print *** Obama open to newspaper bailout bill (The Hill) *** 'Mad Men,' '30 Rock' Repeat Emmy Wins *** Firms Back Plan to Change Pay *** Cowboys Try Big-Screen Play *** All the News That's Fit to Bury - Ralph Reiland, Pittsburgh Tribune-Newspaper journalism gets words of praise Print media's role vital, Obama says *** It’s a Cold War: Fox Against the President (Wolff Newser)

Blog Report And now they’re gone: station agents (Second Avenue Sagas) *** She’s Baaaaaak! Koslowitz Winz Demz Primary in CD 29 and Iz Talkin’ Boulevard of Death (Forest Hills Blog) *** Deutsche Bank Contractor Flagged for Asbestos Removal Upstate (Staten Island Advance) *** Quinn's Vulnerability (Gotham Gazette) *** Really Wylde? New NY Federal Reserve Bank Director Supported Major NYC Net Loss ($220 Million) Megadevelopment (Noticing New York) *** It's (Almost) Official: After Re-Count, Cabrera Up By 69, Heastie Says (Bronx New Network) *** Construction permit revoked at Abolitionist site (Duffield St. Underground) *** Through Thick and Thin ACORN Gives Political Cover to Ratner's Atlantic Yards (Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn) *** Reyna secures re-election with just over 200 votes (Boor Politics)

New York History William 'Boss' Tweed and the bitter days of Tammany Hall (The Bowery Boys)