Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Odd Media Couple: NYP & NYT Team Up to Take on Democratic Insiders

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Harold Ford Jr. is serious about challenging Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand for the Democratic nomination, against wishes of party leaders... Developing... 'If I am elected senator from New York, Harry Reid will not instruct me how to vote'...

An insider says 'There has been no decision' about a run...
Senate Hopeful in New State Airs Evolving Views

The Odd Media Couple

NYP & NYT Team Up to Take on Democratic Insiders

Not only has the giant NYT made a move against the establishment but it has partner up with the NYP. Politics in New York sure makes strange bed fellows Especially when there owners are involved in a nationwide competition to gain readership as local newspapers go out of business (Murdoch's Wall Street Journal vs. NYT). Today the NYT came out against the democratic party insiders who have been trying to prevent a race against Gillibrand. This is a major earth quake which will shift the plates of New York and Obama politics not seen since Robert Kennedy and his family invaded New York politics in 1964.The NYP has turned over it entire newspaper to the Ford campaign. Today's NYT is symbolic of the first battle of the civil war at Fort Sumter. Team Ford is team Bloomberg that why Ford in his NYP article drop another U.S. senator who the top mayor advisors used to work for. "In the spirit of the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who once held this Senate seat, I hope we all will welcome a debate about who's best to work for New York,"- Harold Ford.
NYT Editorial A Real Election, Please Democratic Party insiders should stop trying to scare off potential challengers to Kirsten Gillibrand, the junior senator from New York, and allow voters real choices. "Muscling out campaign competition is undemocratic. Yet Democratic Party insiders in Washington have spent the last year trying to scare off potential challengers to Kirsten Gillibrand, the junior senator from New York. The last thing voters of New York State need is a coronation instead of a choice."
Where is the Daily News when it rivals scream that the state's democracy is at stake. It editorial is on salt Pounding salt: Mayor Bloomberg aims to shake up nation's sodium habit *** The DN also wimps out on its news pages Gillibrand's possible foe also flip-flops * White House backs Sen. Gillibrand after Ford floats idea of running for her seat. What does it take in this town for a publisher to fight a page 6 gossip item?

NYP Pressocratic Club The Post continues to be the spokesperson for the Ford campaign. This time they gave the candidate a platform to speak on what he says is to bring democracy to New York elections. An interesting position for the Post to be in for sure. Ford: I'm gearing up for Senate race By HAROLD FORD JR. " New Yorkers deserve a free election. New Yorkers expect a politics where politicians do what's right based on independent judgment, free of political bosses trying to dictate. And New Yorkers want an honest and serious debate about how to grow our economy, create new jobs downstate and upstate and keep New York state and our country safe. Obama elects to stick with Gillibrand * Many New Yorkers are clueless about who Harold Ford, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand are (DN) *** Ford has not reached out to political leaders in Buffalo. (Buffalo News) * Rep. Peter King, R-Long Island, won’t run for U.S. Senate. (Newsday) * Business Insider considers Ford to now have declared * At the same time, Ford's spokesman is still saying he's a month or two off from making a decision *** Of 21 people asked, only three identified Ford and Gillibrand *** The spokesman for Ford says he "absolutely supports a woman's right to choose." *** A New York Post reader: "Maybe Harold Ford Jr. feels that the NY Democratic powerbrokers can't throw a black governor off the 2010 ticket and also deprive a black senatorial candidate a shot at the US Senate." * Paterson's budget won't include a cigarette tax increase * Gillibrand Puts Her Time In With Sampson * A Tennessee blogger thinks Ford has left his home state behind for good, and believes his bid for a New York Senate seat "seems crazy...but just might work." *** Women Legislators Rally To Gillibrand's Side *** Ford May Seek Seat Held by Sen. Gillibrand of NYNew York Times ***Cuomo, McCall OK with Ford Senate run ***1:35PM Harold Ford team to Obama: White House push against Kirsten Gillibrand race blocks 'free election' *** A Potentially Awkward Moment for Gillibrand and Ford *** Maybe We Should Support Harold Ford Jr.'s Race Against Kirsten Gillibrand For the Good of Democracy? *** Can Harold Ford win? (Wash Post) *** New Yorkers need a choice

Senate Broken Field Runners McCall Won't Pick Sides In Governor's Race 11:18 AM (Daily Politics) *** McCall To Ford: Bring It On 12:20PM (Daily Politics) * Paterson’s Ford flip

Breaking News State Senate panel is recommending the expulsion or censure for Senator Hiram Monserrate

King Liuy's rules No casual Fridays! Johnny Liu's name game The NYP calls him sweatshop John which it said after him mother outed him. It tells the new comptroller to stop worrying about workers standing when he comes into the room and start breaking a sweat and drop the ego trip. What the NYP did not report about was the lack of transparency and the ongoing corruption investigation of the New York Pensions. True News has reported about the corruption in the city's comptroller office. State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli thinks there is no pension fund investigation or convictions and accused Paterson of trying to "water down" his control over the pension system. * Is Liu trying to get the civil service employees which he cannot fire to leave? "Mr. Comptroller" Nixes Casual Fridays, Extends Work Days * Bill Thompson's schedule remains private
Albany Understands the Buck? In fear of losing 700 millions in federal funds the state legislature makes changes. You know how wacky things have gotten in Albany when the NYP writes and editorial about the street gang up their getting something right. Doing well by boosting schools

Is the MTA Downsizing It Staff Over Service Cuts? Oh happy days the MTA is finding staff and corrupt contracts to cut rather than service to it riders. Now if they can find a way to make their platform fixes to last more than 9 months we be in business. MTA spares Bronx, Brooklyn local buses *** Subway board-er, beware! Shaky platform planks are still a hazard *** M.T.A. Cutbacks Spawn Protest in Bay Ridge * MTA To Spare Three Bus Routes

Real Estate Spin is
Delusional The office space New York needs New York needs new office space attacks the other newspapers for informing the public about the melt down crisis in commercial real estate * Real Estate Professionals Prepare Clients for Commercial Property Collapse * Manhattan Leasing Activity Dropped 15% in 2009

Gov of La Mancha Albany Braking NewsGovernor's teen son busted for possession of stolen credit card *Gov. Paterson's son questioned by police(WNBC)** Gov's budget plan raises spending by $2B *** Paterson Joins the Political Chorus Urging Ford Not to Challenge Gillibrand *** Paterson’s Ford flip *** He said that any fees or excise taxes will be dedicated to specific areas. (GNS) *** The Expectation Game: Paterson-Cuomo Edition *** Gov. David Paterson, who insisted there would be no new taxes in the 2010-2011 budget, now says tax increases might be necessary after all *** Paterson, who is in Buffalo today, insists he'll have sufficient campaign cash to compete in the governor's race * Former Gov. George Pataki has had a change of heart on ultimate fighting, which was banned while he was in office (Wonder who the fighters hired as lobbyist?) *** Paterson raised campaign cash in Kiryas Joel *** A tax hike in sheep's clothing? *** Pedro Espada: "We cannot establish blame games." Also, Paterson's speech was "short on strategy." *** Silver, Sampson snub Gov. Paterson

Albany Breaking News
NYS Senate Panel Recommends Punishment For Monserrate *** Mike Cherkasky, the chair of the Commission on Public Integrity, is doing business with the Yankees. (DN) *** People are already jockeying to replace Michael Gianaris, D-Queens, in the Assembly. (City Hall)

Election 2010 John Faso, the former Republican gubernatorial candidate, writes that Sen. Chuck Schumer “has abandoned the interests of his state.” (NYP) *** Attorney General Fund-raising Race Heats Up *** Dinallo throws hat in attorney general ring

Inside City Hall Let them not eat salt *** US targets NY parking scofflaws *** Transit union rivals bury the hatchet *** MTA spares Bronx, Brooklyn local buses *** New Entrance Being Built for Commuter Rail Riders at Grand Central Terminal *** Cindy Adams weighs in on Bloomberg's latest culinary push *** Why are we funding a privately-owned skyscraper? From The Real Deal *** New York City Sues Nigeria for Millioins in Unpaid Taxes
New York Economic Melt Down
Airport system down during crash land *** NJ casino slump *** In New York City, a Chilly Library Has Its Rewards *** MTA Makeover: Will Your Route Be Spared? (WCBS) *** Commuters Fight to Save A.C. to Philly NJ Transit Train *** Midtown Lunch Blog Creator Moving to Los Angeles *** Bloomberg says state bill would boost city HIV/AIDS spending *** State Comptroller: 93 NY Bridges in Bad Shape

Law and Order 'Kidnap' morons busted *** 'Stripoff' joint took 21G: suit *** Facebook joke bombs *** Mob dad: I don't really fink my boy's a rat *** $1M heist on singer Usher *** Girl, 5, abandoned in stolen car *** Hoopla is all over for Jayson *** Williams Pleads Guilty in ’02 Driver Shooting *** Astor’s Son to Stay Free During Appeal *** Firefighters find body of Bronx stabbing victim Donald Holliday *** Reputed mob boss pigs out on junk food in prison *** Marshall can stay free pending appeal - thanks to $500,000 *** Panic near Brooklyn school as 2 gunmen shoot teen *** Brooklyn is safer, but residents still live in fear *** Abortion-Doctor Murder Trial in Turmoil

More City News NYC Cabbie Returns $21K To Italian Tourist *** Ridgewood Theatre Facade Gets Landmark Status
Terror Terror Suspect’s Lawyer Asks for Dismissal of Case *** Army ignored Fort Hood rampage suspect's red flags *** Profiling Can't Ensure Airline Security - Froma Harrop, Providence Journal *** "Notional" Security - Thomas Sowell, RealClearPolitics *** Top Terror Prosecutor Settles Into a Familiar Role *** Britain Moves to Ban Islamic Group
White House Bam won't risk Mass. Dem boost *** Labor angry over Obama-backed insurance tax *** Obama to Attend Funeral for Biden's Mother *** Obama Weighs Fee to Recoup Bank Bailout and Cut Deficit *** President Signals Flexibility on Health Plan Tax *** Clinton, Starting Trip, Acknowledges Possible Tensions With China *** Squeezing the good guys: U.S. needs to pressure Hamas terrorists, not Israe *** Labor Pains: Obama/Unions Still Apart on Cadillac Tax *** Picky Tricky Dick Files bare Nixon's fussy gripes & grudges *** Will Obama Defend the 'Cadillac Tax?' - Washington Post *** Barack Obama met chatted about health care with several labor leaders at the White House. (WP) *** The president is considering some new fee on banks. (WP) *** James Carville blames Patti Solis Doyle for the details in Game Change *** Barak tells Hezbollah: War with Israel not worth your while *** Allies Hang Clintons Out to Dry *** Obama's approval dips below 50% for first time in new poll *** Economic calendar governs new year *** Obama’s Gitmo Policy Puts Yemenis in Limbo - McClatchy *** Nixon Papers Deal in Political Spying - AP *** The Real Barack Obama - Jay Cost, RealClearPolitics *** Axelrod Scrambling for Excuses - Peter Wehner, Commentary *** Can Obama Stop the War on Science? - Paul Waldman, American Prospect *** ObamaCare and the 2010 Elections - David Gratzer, RealClearPolitics *** Obama to address House GOP (Politico) *** Stepped-Up Drone Strikes Test U.S.-Pakistan Ties *** PETA pulls ads featuring Michelle Obama
Congress In Mass. Senate Race, Candidates Sharpen Their Pitches *** Progress for U.S. Families, Businesses - Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Politico *** Dodd, Dorgan Retire From Broken Institution - Jonathan Alter, Newsweek *** 2010 Could Be an Unhappy Year for Dems - Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard *** If Ted Kennedy's Seat Isn't Safe... - Jay Newton-Small, Time *** Harry Reid and the Offense Game - Rich Lowry, National Review *** Talking About Race Not Same as Racist Talk - Mary Mitchell, Chicago ST *** A Truth, Crudely Put - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *** A Moral Arbiter for Our Age: Al Sharpton - Tucker Carlson, Daily Caller *** A Big Harry Mess - Las Vegas Review-Journal *** Reid may have thought his comments were off the record. (Politico) *** How to Grill the Banks *** Inside the Reid eruption *** McConnell declines to criticize Reid *** Bay State Senate Race a Surprising Dead Heat - Amy Walter, Natl Journal *** Unpopular Policies Lead to Midterm Losses - Thomas Del Beccaro, Big Gov't *** Will Democrats Fumble Health Reform? - Bob Shrum, The Week *** The Congressional Agenda for 2010 - Patricia Murphy, Politics Daily *** Massachusetts Senate Election: Coakley (D) 49%, Brown (R) 47% Rasmussen *** AP sources: Health tax on high-earners may be out *** Air wars heat up in Mass. race *** Health-reform headaches the Democrats don't need Washington Post *** DOJ nominee appears to have 60 votes\*** Kerry Rushes to Mass. Dem's Aid

Pay to Play Congress Ackerman confirms he introduced Israeli officials to defense contractor *** 20+ Lawmakers Hit Copenhagen on US Dime *** Lobbyists Helped Sen. Murkowski Write EPA Bill - Washington Post *** Taking a Stick to GOP's 'Transparency' Crusade - Jonathan Cohn, TNR *** Tea partiers shell out big bucks for Sarah Palin
Wall Street and the Economy How nation's true jobless rate is closer to 22% *** Bankers sweat it out *** AOL laying off up to 1,200 employees *** What the Financial Crisis Commission Should Ask *** Low Profile for Chrysler After a Year of Change *** Cadbury Again Rejects Kraft’s Takeover Bid *** Job Gone: Types Of Employment 'Permanently Erased' By Bust *** Will The Harvard Shadow Elite Bankrupt The University And The Country? *** AOL will cut 1,200 workers and close European offices *** GM likely to reopen some factories to keep up with demand *** Daly: Goldman bankers, donate food so we can admire you, not hate you *** There's No Stimulus Here - William McGurn, Wall Street Journal *** A Business Plan for Jobs - Thomas Donohue, RealClearPolitics *** When Greed Is Not Good - Alan Blinder, Wall Street Journal *** Wall St. Revels as US Slide Continues - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph ***Nation's Most Profitable Bank? It's the Federal Reserve *** Job Openings At Record Low: 50 Percent Fewer Than 2007 *** Federal Reserve Earned $45 Billion in 2009 - Washington Post *** Fresh Round of Wall Street Bonuses Rekindles Scrutiny - Washington Post *** U.S. Trade Deficit Jumps 9.7% to $36.4B *** China Cuts Banks' Ability to Lend *** U.S. Subpoenas 15 Mortgage Firms *** Delta Raises Baggage Fees

Pay to Play Wall Street
BofA facing new charges *** 'High' drama in trader case *** Bank Is in Talks to Settle State Claims Over Merrill *** SEC Order Helps Maintain AIG Bailout Mystery - Reuters ***Towns subpoenas AIG documents ***Hedge fund king Cohen's ex drops lawsuit against him
National NJ 'joint' vote to legalize medical pot *** New Jersey Lawmakers Pass Medical Marijuana Bill *** States Lower Test Standards for a High School Diploma ***A Serious ProposalThe American Federation of Teachers should follow its president’s recommendation to accept a form of teacher evaluation that takes student achievement into account (Herbert NYT) *** Judicial Security Judges and prosecutors regularly deal with disappointed parties in civil lawsuits and hardened criminals. The government needs to do a better job of protecting them (NYT Ed) *** Personal Focus as Same-Sex-Marriage Trial Opens in California *** Ex-Gang Members Take Bang Out Of L.A. Crime

International Breaking News Haiti Quake 7.0 quake hits Haiti; tsunami watch issued ** As China Rises, Fears Grow on Whether Boom Can Endure *7.0 quake hits Haiti; could be 'catastrophe,' official says CNN International** S. Korea and U.S. Dismiss Peace Talks *** Iraqi security forces lock down parts of Baghdad *** Skewed China birth rate to leave 24 mln men single *** Mexico opens 2010 with one of its deadliest days *** The Tel Aviv ClusterIsrael’s success in the field of technology is the fruition of the Zionist dream, but it’s likely that the country’s economic leap will widen the gap between it and its neighbors (Brooks NYT) *** It Isn’t Working for Anyone Else China needs to change the economic strategies that weaken other countries’ economies before it ignites a trade war that is bound to escalate around the world (NYT Ed) *** Iran blames U.S., Israeli agents for murder of nuclear scientist *** Blast Kills Iranian Nuclear Scientist *** Anne Frank diary guardian Miep Gies dies aged 100 BBC News *** Cops nab infamous Mexican drug lord wanted in hundreds of murders *** Israeli Robots Remake Battlefield... ***Bomb plot against ministries in Baghdad thwarted *** Iraq Says Raid Uncovered a Plot to Bomb Ministries *** Google Says Attack From China Was Aimed at Dissidents *** Opposition to Tehran / A multitude of threatsHa'aretz

Environment State, Medical Facilities Reach Agreement To Protect Water Supply *** Feds Will fund Brooklyn Park Contamination Cleanup

Media and New Tech Breaking News "Conan to NBC: Drop Dead!" O’Brien Says He Won’t Do ‘Tonight Show’ After Leno * GOOGLE hints at quitting China over cyber attack on e-mail accounts...*O'Brien won't do 'Tonight Show' after Leno** Conde rainmaker Richard Beckman eyes exit *** Google searches the wires for AP solution *** Super Bowl's ads sacked by economy *** Walters says NBC News tried to hire her last year *** Cowell Says He Will Leave ‘Idol’ *** Fox Woos O’Brien, but Pact Is a Hurdle *** WATCH: Conan Blasts 'Abusive' Relationship, Says Porn Is Classier *** WATCH: Leno Announces Cancellation, Slams NBC Prime Time As 'Complete Disaster' *** Simon Cowell, who is leaving 'American Idol' after season, intends to work with Paula Abdul again *** Jay, Conan crack jokes about NBC mess on air *** Sarah Palin: Fox News commentator. (WP) *** WATCH: Mark McGwire Story Hits Home For Brian Williams *** NY Post's Page Six Scoffs At New York Times (Huff Post) *** Fox Pursues Conan Despite NBC Deal *** Watching TV Kills You *** Simon Cowell Teases About Paula Abdul 'X Factor' Rumors *** Sarah Palin: Fox News move widely discussed in US media BBC News *** To Repeat: Roger Ailes Is Done (Wolff Newswer) *** Dan Rather's Appeal Against CBS Rejected *** Palin's Fox debut: Politician or pundit? *** The Beaver Changes Names: History Magazine Struggled With Double Entendre *** Jay and Conan Make Late-Night Jabs *** Google Docs Adds Cloud Storage For Any File PC Magazine *** Queens Teacher Fired For Punching Reality TV Sta *** New Tech Ditches the Remote Control

Page 6 TV tart Tila no Jet pet *** The How-To of an Admission in the Steroid Era ***At a Mighty 104, Gone While Still Going Strong **A Year After a Splashdown, Returning to the Hudson ***VIDEO: Brooklyn rapper creates 'anthem' to Tiger ***Editorial: McGwire strikes out (DN) *** McGwire's Confession Falls Short - Ken Rosenthal, Fox Sports *** Avatar Sex Scene Script Posted Online ***Maguire Out of Spider-Man 4 * Carnival Says No to 'Cougar Cruise'*Roman Polanski Sues French Media *** Man Charged $21,000 For 90 Minutes At Strip Club *** 2010 New York City Firefighters Calendar