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No Fault Politics: Pols Telflon Promises, Result Public Left Without Jobs

No Fault Politics
Pols Teflon Promises, Result Public Left Without Jobs
Jobs Jobs Jobs is no more than a slogan that the pols use to make it look like they are doing something. In a year when most of the council incumbent were reelected promising smaller class sizes, affordable housing and other spending programs when they knew the city would have to cut services. Even the Mayor promised free crosstown buses. We live in a culture where all the pols have to do is promise to create jobs and they get reelected. But the promise of jobs is far different than the realities and the citizens of New York are becoming the victims of the pols rhetoric and the city's double digit unemployment rate.

Old London Bakery is closing its plant along Eastchester Road in Morris Park and moving to North Carolina, which means a loss of some 200 jobs. Many of the workers who have been employed by the bakery for over 40 years made up to $18 an hour and had free medical coverage from their union. Last year Stella D'Oro closed up shop. Its operations moved to Ohio and resulted in the loss of 150 jobs. For many years, manufacturers have been leaving the area -- ones that once employed thousands including Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Junior. "I worked at Farberware. We made utensils and pots and pans. We lost 800 jobs to Mexico and those were jobs that were not replaced," Diaz Junior said. Wonder Bread used to be made in the Bronx, Haagen Diaz started in the Bronx. Bronx Bakery Heading South

Diaz is the same guy than led the fight that Block Plans for Armory Mall plans for the Kingsbridge Armory which would have created 2500 jobs in the Bronx. No Job Beats Low Job in City Council's View The question that should be asked to Diaz and every elected official in New York is why are some of the jobs leaving the Bronx. Instead Diaz and the council member put out press releases about making the Kingsbridge Armory a "green" manufacturing hub. Why would a businessman open a company in New York, when even successful companies like Haagen Diaz are moving out. Add to that China is making itself a center of green manufacturing that the president the other day have to add tax incentives to make sure the that the U.S. is not cut completely out of the green market. Obama's Green Jobs Fantasy - Vincent Carroll, Denver Post

The media covered the Stella D'Oro strike over and over but has never written a story why successful business leave the Bronx. Why jobs leave the city is not on the rader of Albany or the City Council either. Might it be that business owners have a feeling that city and state government will tax any profits they make in the future?

Yesterday's True News Senate Broken Field Runners McCall Won't Pick Sides In Governor's Race 11:18 AM (Daily Politics) *** McCall To Ford: Bring It On 12:20PM (Daily Politics) * Paterson’s Ford flip Today's NYT Now Paterson Supports a Ford Senate Bid "Paterson says there is no reason why Harold E. Ford Jr. should not run for a Senate seat, two days after suggesting that he find another state to mount a campaign."

"I have been to all five boroughs, if you count a helicopter ride
(with Ray Kelly) that landed on Staten Island." - Harold Ford

The Senate Spin Campaign
Ford is a tenacious campaigner and know and knows hot to land a blow
Ford To Schumer And Gillibrand: Protect NY On Health Care His 2006 campaign Harold Ford Ad (Video)* Confronts his opponent Bob Corker (video) * Harold Ford Jr. Zings Corker in Debate ***Barrett: How Will the Ballot Police Protect Kirsten Gillibrand from the Harold Ford Invasion? (Village Voice)

Harold Ford's gilded New York *** You vote in Illinois, sir What is it that gives President Obama the notion that he's entitled to a vote on who represents New York in the US Senate? (NYP Ed) *** Cuomo: Ford has right to fight Kirsten (NYP) (Ford worked for Cuomo at HUD) *** Senate Hopeful in New State Airs Evolving Views *** Ford camp calls Gillibrand a White House puppet *** Harold Ford won't take dip in Merrill Lynch bonus pool *** Ford avoiding Dem party establishment, will take cues from voters, not 'party bosses' ***Harold Ford team to Obama: White House push against Kirsten Gillibrand race blocks 'free election' *** BlogTalk: Floating a Ford Candidacy in N.Y. *** Harold Ford Jr., in a wide-ranging interview with the Times, distanced himself from positions he took as a congressman and said “if I am elected senator from New York, Harry Reid will not instruct me how to vote.” (NYT) *** Several female legislators declared support for Gillibrand. (TU) * Harold Ford "Harry Reid will not instruct me how to vote." Airplane passengers cheer him on. Hotline says Ford's biggest challenge isn't carpetbagging or flip-flopping, but money *** Ford's Wall Street work may be an issue, according to *** And James Carville said he wants Gillibrand to get elected *** "A party that calls itself Democratic should show more respect for the democratic process," writes Bill Hammond ** Sharpton: Ford 'bullying' could cause backlash *** Dissecting Harold Ford’s New York Times interview *** Harold Ford's hit -- and several misses Washington Post *** Further Evidence That Harold Ford Jr. Is Trying Out as a Staff Writer for The Onion

Seeking the Titanic Captain's Advice Why would the New York Observer care what political consultant Hank Sheinkopf thought about voter targeting in the Ford Gillibrand race when Sheinkopf's targeting efforts last year wound up in a last finish for David Weprin 11%? Why does the press keep quoting the same 10 people over and over? NY1 has the same consultants on week after week. Sheinkopf: Ford, Paterson Looking for a Different Voter

MTA Adds with Pencil and eraser At first the MTA said they would save 70 millions by cutting out the school bus passes on December 13, 2009 today after Paterson and others have said that the state will make sure the students get their fee bus passes the MTA says It will take $214M to save free student MetroCards: MTA They know there getting the programs funded so they inflate the price. The MTA must thing they are defense contractors. *Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s doomsday cuts may not be as drastic [2nd Avenue Sagas *MTA retools 'Doomsday' budget plan (wabc)* MTA's 175G hire will handle card shuffle oversee the switch from MetroCards to swipeless smart cards * It's Not an M.T.A. App, but It's Close

"This proposal does nothing to address the underlying issues that
have caused the people of New York to lose faith and trust in their
government," Paterson spokeman
Gov of La Mancha Albany Dice-y bust for the Gov's son, 15 Carried someone else's debit card *** Gov's combo $olution consolidated of 6 state agencies *One of the other youth’s father cited racism and hostility toward the governor in the action, saying “the governor has a lot of political enemies, and they are trying to use that against him.” (NYP) ** Paterson urges lawmakers to pass education bills *** Paterson on race, his disability *** David Paterson proposed merging several executive agencies to save money. (TU) *** Fred Dicker called the $15 million Paterson's consolidation plan mean "meager" savings *** Paterson Offers New Details on Son's Brush With Police *** Paterson Urges Action on 'Race to the Top' (Gotham Gazette) *** Paterson Jabs Back at *** Ironic: "A bill that's supposed to bring greater disclosure and openness to Albany should, at the very least, be subject to public hearings."

The AG court filing says that Soundview entered a contract with a for-profit
management company controlled by Mr. Espada, Soundview Management Enterprises L.L.C., allowing him “effectively to siphon off and otherwise divert
money from Soundview for Mr. Espada’s own personal and political benefit.”

Albany Hiram: You can't boot me *Monserrate report due tomorrow *Monserrate planning preOne of the other youth’s father cited racism and hostility toward the governor in the action, saying “the governor has a lot of political enemies, and they are trying to use that against him.” (NYP)emptive move in federal court to keep his Albany seat *Monserrate Prepares Preemptive Strike to Stay in Senate* Monserrate Will Face Sanction Votes *** NYS Senate Panel Recommends Punishment For Monserrate *A state Senate panel will recommend censuring or expelling Sen. Hiram Monserrate when it issues a report Thursday. (TU)*Monserrate’s attorney say the Senate has “no legal authority” to expel him. (NYT)*Monserrate's attorney pledged the senator would refuse to give up his seat - even if his fellow lawmakers vote to expel him *NYS Court of Appeals deliberating whether to grant raises to judges* An order for the court: State's judiciary must not direct Legislature to give it a raise (DN Ed) *** Ravitch: Charter schools need to focus on the neediest *** Comptroller Tom DiNapoli said dozens of bridges in the state are unsafe. (TU) *** The TU says New York's rush to beat the "Race to the Top" deadline is the "latest example of the consequences of state government's habitual procrastination." *** NYRA Hands Over Financial Records To State Comptroller

Pay to Play Albany
Cuomo Has 'Extensive Evidence' Of Illegal Actions By Espada * Espada probed for using state money for personal use* Cuomo Seeks Response From Espada* Cuomo Says Espada Broke Laws With Non-Profit* State lawmakers face stricter ethics rules *** Opposing Reform

Election 2010 Would-be attorneys general are posting campaign filings. (Post-Standard) *** Citing a lack of Latino representation, Assemblyman Felix Ortiz says he’s mulling a statewide run. (City Hall)
Inside City Hall Landmark Commission declared the dangerously decaying, 116-year-old West Park Presbyterian Church a city landmark The NYP is not Happy *A blessed landmark ** Soliciting birthday wishes for "Mr. Comptroller" (AMNY) *** Picketing a fight with Mike A group opposed to Mayor Bloomberg's plan for more charter schools filed suit yesterday for permission to protest in front of his Upper East Side townhouse next week *** 70 schools to get new playgrounds *** Technology chief received millions devising controversial new timekeeping system *** Education Department's lunches are packed with sodium *** Ed Dept. subtracts funds for added kids *** Head of New York City rent board resigns *** Public Advocate de Blasio plans town hall meetings *** Concrete tester sues DOB over license *** Barrett: Bill DeBlasio, Public Advocate or Teachers Union Patsy? (UPDATED)

Pay to Play City Hall
'Trying' time for WFP *** Gunning for the Working Families Party Landlords, lawyers fire at will

New York Economic Melt Down Refunds available for B'way-bound Spider-Man The delay in bringing Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark to Broadway has prompted its producers to offer refunds to some theatergoers *** Manhattan leasing activity dropped 15% in 2009 *** Rent hike kills Greek's Collegiate Food Shop *** Owners of office buildings not doing so well
* incensed about Con Edison’s proposed rate increases? [Room Eight] *** Say NO to Con Ed's Electric Rate Hike!!

Govt. Says 'Fuhgeddaboutit' to 5th 'Junior' Gotti Trial

Law and Order
Kinap plea: I’m just a dog food salesman! *** 'Sex-fiend' cop trial
*** Daughters of slain rocker Realtor to take stand in trial *** DA: NYC Drug Ring Flaunted Gang Ties on MySpac

More City News
Report Reveals Role of Immigrants in City

Terrorism Miranda for jihadists? *** A Year of Terror Plots, Through a 2nd Prism *** Top Terror Prosecutor Settles Into a Familiar Role *** Prosecutors: MIT-Trained Scientist Shot At FBI, Has Al-Qaida Ties *** Fort Hood Inquiry Urges Focus on Servicemembers Who May Pose Risk - WaPo

White House NY gave Bam our love - but he despises us (Goodwin NYP) *** Obama to Propose Bank Tax to Recoup Bailout Losses *** Administration Says Stimulus Has Worked *** White House: 'Stunning' Two Million Jobs Saved Or Created By Stimulus Package *** President Obama's political arm under fire *** Why Obama Must Take on Wall Street - Robert Reich, Financial Times *** Administration Says Stimulus Has Worked - Jackie Calmes, NY Times *** Happy Anniversary, Mr. President - Mark Mellman, The Hill *** Obama's Post-American Foreign Policy - John Bolton, Commentary *** Hillary Clinton in Asia, "smiled and slowly shook her head" when asked about the book, Game Change ***White House, Dems, Planning Massive Re-Sell Of Health Care After It Passes *** Obama Acknowledges He's Behind On 'Changing How Washington Works'
Congress Probe of AIG rescue House takes on Fed *** For Bankers, Saying ‘Sorry’ Has Its Perils *** Tax Them Both Washington should impose two taxes to recoup the $120 billion spent to bail out the financial system: a tax on the large banks and a tax on huge bonuses (NYT Ed) *** Massachusetts Ad Wars in Senate Race *** Labor Campaigns Against Tax on Health Plans *** Talks to Begin on Creating a Bipartisan Budget Panel *** Wall St. Pay Is a Focus of Many in Washington *** Lobbyists Hosting Martha Coakley's Fundraiser, Showing Who's For Health Care 'Reform' *** Massachusetts Senate: The Winner Will Be No Adams, Webster, or Kennedy** Republicans are pushing hard for an upset win in the Massachusetts Senate race. (WP) *** Congress Fights Healthcare Fatigue - Levey & Hook, Los Angeles Times *** Don't Be Afraid of Health Care Legislation - Steven Findlay, USA Today *** Impose New Bank Fees to Protect Taxpayers - Seattle Times *** Jerry Nadler said a tax on health care benefits "is unacceptable" and "would affect a lot of middle-income people." (Rangel said the tax is "a problem.") *** The WSJ wants Ed Towns to ask Tim Geithner the right questions *** Bankers Face Tough Questions at Hearing on Financial Crisis *** Moynihan Letters to Be Published *** Senate Panel Moves to Muzzle Consumer Watchdog - Reuters *** Health Insurers Funded Chamber of Commerce Attack Ads - National Journal *** Democrats hold intense day-long negotiations *** Why Are We Letting Wall St. Off So Easy? - Joseph Stiglitz, Mother Jones *** Senator: Let's Try Drones in Yemen

Pay to Play Congress Ackerman urged writeoff as pal lost $700G in Madoff's scam *** Come cleaner, Gary: Too many unanswered questions about Ackerman's 100G score (NYDN Ed) *** Sentencing May End DOJ Earmark Probe - Roll Call ($)
Wall Street and the Economy Bankers’ Regrets Might Be Wrapped in Nuance *** New York Fed to be subpoenaed for AIG bailout docs *** Chinese Maker Hopes to Offer Electric Car for U.S. by Year-End *** Government Bailouts Feed Wall Street Bonuses - Jonathan Macey, WSJ *** The Case for Economic Rights - Michael Lind, Salon *** Obama's Elite Education of Little Use - Noemie Emery, DC Examiner *** Businesses Criticize Cast of Financial Crisis Panel - Wall Steet Journal ($) *** Economists Challenge Bernanke on Rates’ Role in Bust - Wall Steet Journal ($)

Pay to Play Wall Street
Raj loses bail hearing as feds up fraud figure *** Goldman E-Mail Message Lays Bare Trading Conflicts *** Witness Is Revealed in Galleon Case *** Behind the Goldman Sachs-AIG Scandal - James Keller, RealClearMarkets

Beverly Hills Shuts Door on Non-District Students *** Compassion in New Jersey The legalization of medical marijuana in New Jersey is a welcome show of compassion for the chronically ill and should become a model for other states (NYT Ed) *** Race Assumes Central Role in New Orleans Vote *** Chicago Housing Nonprofit Exec Earned $685,000 in ‘08 - Chicago Tribune *** Former Detainees Accuse LA Juvenile Camp of Education Breakdown - LAT

Environment We Need Much More Debate on Global Warming - Detroit News *** DA: Buildings Dumped Raw Sewage into Brooklyn Creek
Haiti Haiti Chief Says Thousands May Be Dead *** Haitian NYers' fear and anxiety as some get tragic news, others just can't get through *** Haitian Refugees to Gitmo?

“All of the hospitals are packed with people. It is a catastrophe.” - President René Préval of Haiti

Haitians Confront Devastation of Quake *** Damage Widespread as Buildings Tumble; High Toll Expected *** Anxious Haitians in U.S. Search for Information *** PHOTOS, VIDEO: First Images Of Haiti Earthquake *** Haiti earthquake: Port-au-Prince rocked by 7.0 quake; buildings collapse, hundreds feared dead *** Bodies piled on streets after powerful Haiti quake *** Video from CBS shows buildings collapsing

Iran nuke big slain by bomb *** U.N. Blames Taliban for Afghan Toll *** Is China the Next Enron?Two notes of caution for anyone who is thinking about betting on China’s boom going bust (Friedman NYT) *** German Economy Shrank More Than Expected in 2009 *** To Curb Loans, China Tells Banks to Increase Reserves *** U.S. Companies Race on Iraqi Oil Bonanza *** A New Approach to China - David Drummond, Google

This was a scorched earth move, aimed at buying Google some
good will in the rest of the world; Chinese customers and staff
were essentially just thrown under the bus. - Sarah Lacy

Media and New Tech
China syndrome Google *** Google, Citing Attack, Threatens to Exit China *** Hey Google, Anybody Home? Tonight Show O’Brien Rejects NBC Shift: He’s Set to Say Good Night * WATCH: Conan Plays 'Deal Or No Deal' To Decide Future*Conan O'Brien's contract didn't specify air time - report * The Biggest LoserHow does the president of NBC keep rising while the fortunes of the network keep falling? (Dowd NYT) *NBC Drama Boosts Late-Night Ratings*Jay Leno May Walk Out of NBC, Too | *Dave Gloats: NBC Debacle Costing 'Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars'* WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Goes After Leno For Bumping Conan*Jay Leno may walk out on NBC, too: report **No Deal or No Deal: Did NBC Ever Want Conan to Stay? (Time Magazine) * Conan Won't Do It: Outclasses NBC With Statement Rejecting 12:05 Sara Palin Who else but Fox News would have Sarah Palin? - The Globe and Mail * WATCH: Palin Makes Fox News Debut*As Mascot & Martyr, Palin Debuts on FOX News - Michael Scherer, Time * Sarah Palin Makes Dabut on Fox News Video *Sarah Palin takes mantle of Bam basher on Fox News debut *WATCH: Letterman MOCKS Leno, Weighs In On NBC's 'Tonight Show' Debacle* Conan KOs 'Tonight'mare ****** Disney production chief is latest casualty *** Report paints bleak picture of magazine ad pages *** Condé Nast's 'Mad Dog' moves on ***Nintendo Wii to Add Netflix Service for Streaming Video ***Anderson Cooper First Big Anchor On The Ground In Haiti *** 'IDOL' steady in ratings, stops recent drops Dominic Carter Out NY1 Cuts Ties with Former Anchor Dominic Carter *** NY1 Cuts Ties With Convicted Anchor Carter (WCBS) *** Pioneering New York Sportscaster Art Rust Jr. Dies *** Facebook Partners With McAfee For Security InformationWeek *** In Leno vs. O’Brien, Fans Show Allegiance Online

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Kvelling Over a Matriarch of the Yiddish Theater *** Miep Gies The example of selflessness and courage set by the last surviving member of Anne Frank’s protectors is so powerful that it continues to inspire (NYT ed) *** Life goes on for Miracle on the Hudson passengers *** A righteous woman: Miep Gies protected Anne Frank and preserved her precious diary (DN Ed) *** Simon & Garfunkel Together for Jazz Fest New Orleans will be pair's only US appearance this year

Blogging Report Enjoy eating on the subway? Be warned: Bloggers are watching you. [Gothamist] * You will soon be able to live in a shipping container building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. [Curbed] * Photos: Maspeth Federal Savings Bank at Grand Avenue and 69th Street is showing visions of Flushing Avenue, Queens, from 80 years ago, in its windows. The exhibit, called “A Walk Down Flushing Avenue in 1929,” is the first from the Newtown Historical Society. [Forgotten NY] * This Sunday is electronic waste recycling day in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. [Pardon Me For Asking]