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The News At Night Begins the Internet News Revolution

The News At Night Begins the Internet News Revolution

In the days before the Internet and cable many New Yorkers did not receive most of their in the morning like they do today, but by evening additions of the Daily News, Post, the Mirror, Journal American, Harold Tribune and World Telegram and PM. The Christmas Terror plot has brought out into the open what has quietly been happening on the Internet for the few year, the news has moved online. Newspapers Covered Terror Plot Without Home Delivery Edition

Much of the news in the morning papers is available on the Internet from many sources not only the night before but in many cases days before it is printed in the daily papers. A second important trend on what New Yorkers read as news is the increasingly copy cat nature of the media. While much of what appears on morning local TV news has always been taken from the newspapers, it is clear that the permanent shelf life of stories online is become the main source for daily journalist, who are increasingly feeling that if people are reading a story on the Internet they must cover that story in their paper. Independent bloggers have also increasingly been complaining that old journalism or mainstream journalist have rips off their stories without giving them credit. A third trend is the cutbacks in the news media caused by the recession and loss readers to the Internet has meant that less news is being covered by the mainstream media, especially on weekend. Shrinking Newspaper Coverage Means Less Real TV News, More Sexy Reporters The final and most important trend is that during this transition period from Newspapers to online journalism, the most important job of a free press, that of being a watchdog of the pols and government has failed. The failure is not only because of the move to online, it has a lot to do with the loss of mom pop owners of the newspapers and the fact that in the past copy boys become reporters after they learned journalism with the attitude of their owners that pols and rich were the bad guys. Today newsroom are filled reporter from very expensive Ivy League journalism school and the owners of papers are big businessman who make their money by tapping onto the government's tit, mostly thought real estate. So over the last 3 decades it gone from and adversary relationship with government and pols to a partnership.

Tom Robbins wrote an excellent column last year about the results of the change in journalism The unexamined world of Mike Bloomberg. Robins could have also said the same thing about the unexamined slush fund at the City Council or the corruption in the city's pension funds or how Albany has become an organized crime enterprise. The sad thing is now that Albany has really become a clown show and newspaper really want to make change there, their editorials and corruption stories no longer carry the power in the days they were the only kid on the block. The pols know about the lost readership of the papers and ignore the editorial boards call for reform. Can Apple's Tablet Save the News?

The 2010 Ethic Bill Fight in Albany Should Be Interesting This will only intensify Sampson's backroom chessmatch/fight with Malcolm Smith who last summer battled with Speaker Silver pressure to disclose his controversial -- and long-secret -- law-firm incomeMALCOLM DISHES 'PAY' DIRT ON SHE * Sampson playing a law-firm Shel game Sampson has borrowed a page from the powerful Assembly speaker and become the second big-time Democrat to join a law firm with ties to the state's powerful trial-lawyers lobby. Because of Bruno conviction Albany will come up with some kind of ethic bill this year. Bet on a legal exemption for disclose when the final bill comes out * Ethics, after Mr. Bruno (TU) * Joe Bruno’s ‘ethics’ pal * Sen. Tom Libous pens an op-ed calling for reform of legislators’ ability to keep outside employment * The TU would like to know what happened to the ethics reform push that was supposed to follow ex-Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno's conviction ***Senate Leader Sampson Joins a Tort Law Firm, Just Like Speaker Silver (Stern NY Civic)

Round 1 Both of these two guys are running for mayor and none of them are telling the truth about what they are going to do with their office. The media and blogs are having a field day with the new press offices playing ping pong and the press. Criticized as Too Sedate, Public Advocate’s Office Intends to Get Louder *Bill de Blasio will teach residents how to protest on the City Hall steps** John Liu said his speech was nothing new and that "I was not throwing down any gauntlet." **Bloomberg, Restrained when asked about Bill de Blasio's plan to use his office as a hub for community organizing aimed at criticizing the mayor *A New Ball Game at City Hall Gabe Pressman * De Blasio's Terms Of Engagement

Political Blinders
The NYT story on new voting machines leaves out the politics of the highly political Board of Elections in the selection process City Finally Poised to Give Up Lever Voting Machines. Today's Daily News Editorial Your vote, their choice: A cabal of hacks is picking New York's new voting machines and Errol Lewis column in Sunday's Daily News focused on the lobbyist who are bidding for the contract. How political lobbyists are rocking the vote in New York City Each voting machine vender hoping to sell their machines to the city has spent lavishly on lobbyists. Dominion has paid $64,000 this year to Stanley Schlein, an ex-chairman of the Civil Service Commission with a client list that includes top Bronx Democrats. ES&S has spent $193,000 on a bevy of lobbyists including Hank Sheinkopf, Norman Levy and powerhouse firm Davidoff, Malito & Hutcher * The Public Integrity Commission fined Sheinkopf Ltd., which is charged with failing to file a Client Semi-Annual report disclosing compensation associated with lobbying services provided by lobbyist Norman Levy True News looks at the BOE Lobbyist/Hacks Hank Sheinkopf and Stanley SchleinThe Russian Nets Are Coming No wonder Daniel Goldstein a major leader of the anti Atlantic Yard Nets movement has started to think about finding a new place to live Holdout Hopes Dim as NYC Arena Project Moves Ahead the Russian mob is moving in Nets owner hosting pal Putin *Daniel Goldstein, Atlantic Yards Critic, Watches Neighborhood Destruction** Cosmo-nuts vs. the asteroid: The Russians are planning a space mission to save Earth

Gov of La Mancha Albany
Dave's trooper train even though the department is down an estimated 300 officers over the past three years, Paterson's state trooper contingent has doubled in the last year to more than 200 (NYP Ed) * even though the department is down an estimated 300 officers over the past three years *Paterson says the troop decrease in the State Police won’t affect safety. (AP)** Too sleazy for the Senate? tate Sen. Hiram Monserrate has accomplished the impossible: The Queens Democrat has managed to disgust a goodly number of his Albany confederates, uh, colleagues -- so much so that they seem to want him gone *** Racing to the finish: No more subsidies or bailouts for New York's thoroughbred tracks(NYDN Ed) *** "Membership in the Senate is a privilege, not a right," the Post also writes. "If this report gives more volume to the bi-partisan chorus calling for Monserrate's expulsion, good." *** The state ended the year in the red, by some estimates. But Paterson said it ended with some cash reserves because of cash transfers into the general fund. say there was some cash on hand. (NYT/ NYP/ GNS/ Newsday$/ AP) *** Some say that comparatively, New York hasn’t handled its budget all that badly. Most states are having a tough time of it. (GNS/ AP) *** On his lessons learned, Paterson says: “It took me a minute to collect myself, recognize the situation I was in and go back to basics: Tell the truth, tell them what they need to know, not what they want to know, and fight for your point of view.” *** Gutting charters Unions try stealth measures *** The Post calls for an overhaul of the State Police because it "appears incapable of policing itself." *** Fiscal austerity is likely to be the main theme of Paterson's State of the State speech Wednesday *** The Idaho-based company contracted to blow up the Champlain Bridge had issues with New York bureaucracy *** The Constitutional Convention and Its Multi-Dimensional Benefits *** Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. has a State Police parking placard and makes use of it *** David Paterson goes populist.
Election 2010 O 'campaigns' vs. Dave - even with Rudy out Suffolk County Executive Weighing Primary Challenge to Paterson *** Benjamin: Rangel says Cuomo won't dare run against Dave *"People have almost forgotten he ran against Carl McCall," Representative Charlie Rangel said of Andrew Cuomo. "[Cuomo's] done a great job as the attorney general, and he's mended fences. ... I just don't see how he could possibly run against Paterson."** Cuomo Ready to Turn Up the Heat on Paterson (NY Magazine) *Attorney General Andrew Cuomo reportedly strategizes to counter the racial “moral choice” argument, with Senate President Pro Tempore Malcolm Smith as the point man. (NYMag)** The GOP has targeted New York to reclaim lost Congressional seats. (GNS) *** Long Island Democrat Considers Run For Governor *** Committee Chaos *** Pete King, Senate, Maybe, Etc. *** Barrett: Harlem's Gang of Four Handicaps the Governor's Race on NY1 *** King weighs Senate run again
Inside City Hall
311 hit by flurry of 'cold' calls *** Din and bear it Revealed: Noisiest spots in the city *** Adieu to a DA legend Secretary's Ida Van Lindt farewell after 5-decade career *** From Around the Globe, Serving New York of the 250 cops graduating the New York Police Academy last week, 65 were foreign-born, representing 23 countries *** In USA Today, a photo of Bloomberg is used for a story about muted inaugurations nationwide *** Bloomberg: Take III (Gotham Gazette *** Ray Kelly dines with Jennifer Lopez *** NYC Increases Efforts To Get Homeless Out Of Cold (WCBS) *** Choosing the Finance Chair *** City Sues Verizon Over Making Ugly Building Too Tall *** UFT rips charter schools on lack of inclusion of high-needs students, based on new union report

Law and Order DWI bust ends 'crime spree' *** 'Center' of the tension 3rd player’s 60G card win triggered NBA gun standoff ***'Kid-slay' psycho's kill threat *Family of slain boy says give accused killer death penalty ** City pop$ papa Paid to much child support *** Judge abuses his 'park bench' perk Astor jurist ducks tix with NYPD placard *** U.S. Intensifies Screening for Travelers From 14 Nations *** Threats Led to Embassy Closings in Yemen, Officials Say *** Union’s Money Fueled Lavish Lifestyle, Prosecutors Say *** Parolee Held in Boy’s Killing Was Mentally Ill, Mother Says ***Gov. Paterson, Rev. Al Sharpton launch crackdowns on bodegas that sell spiked 'nutcracker' punch * An administrator for the sandhog's union embezzled millions of dollars from its employee benefits funds to pay for her daughter's equestrian career, prosecutors say *** Crime Map 2009: Robberies *** Newark mayor touts multi-year crime reduction *** New Manhattan Prosecutor, Cy Vance Jr., Pledges 'Humility' (WCBS)

White House Four Afghan War Veterans Look Back, and Ahead *** Decline Is Relative To stop the fall, the Obama-era tilt toward government intervention needs to be balanced by a new growth-oriented agenda (DOUTHAT NYT) *** Some Backing for Napolitano in Wake of Remarks *** Inside Obama’s War on Terrorism (NYT Magazine) *** Cheney's snipes at Obama over terror a new low -- even for him *Obama terror advisor goes after Dick Cheney** NATO reports first U.S. fatalities in Afghanistan in 2010*** Secret Service probes Obama effigy found hanging from building *** Hinckley: Food Network's healthy competition with First Lady airs at bad time *** The Constitutional Crisis & the Security Crisis - Andrew McCarthy, NRO *** War on Terror Has Been About Scaring People - Gary Younge, Guardian *** Is Obama at War With a 'Network of Violence?' - William Tate, Am Thinker *** Cheney's Right: We Aren't at War w/Terrorism - Peter Beinart, Daily Beast *** Obama Team Fumbling Key Messages - Drew Westen, CNN *** Why Shouldn't We Waterboard Abdulmutallab? - James Kirchick, NYDN *** Obama is Moving America Right - Washington Examiner *** Time to Put the Brakes on Big Business Bailouts - Kansas City Star *** President Barack Obama is back from vacation in Hawaii, though he pretty much worked through the entire trip. (WP) *** Some Democrats want to stop repatriation of Guantanamo Bay prisoners to Yemen. (AP) *** The U.S. and China are locked in trade disputes over exports of tires, chickens, steel, nylon, autos, paper and salt. (WP) *** Obama's Carter Syndrome - Walter Russell Mead, Foreign Policy *** UPDATE: A 3rd uninvited guest got into White House dinner... Developing... *** Obama's Can't-Do Style - Robert Lieber, Los Angeles Times *** Engaging Iran: Obama Holds Firm - Robert Dreyfuss, The Nation *** Government Officials Insult Us With Spin - Bob Schieffer, CBS News *** Panetta mourns fallen officersCongress Alabama Democrat Casts His Lot With G.O.P. *** In Health Bill for Everyone, Provisions for a Few *** More Health Care Votes Ahead in Congress - Los Angeles Times *** Some interests, such as construction unions, received special provisions in the Senate’s health care bill. (NYT) *** Dems Will Bypass Conference Committee To Get Health Care Passed *** Leahy to hold hearing on bomb plot

Political Parties
Dems Know Make-or-Break Year Turns on Jobs - Al Hunt, Bloomberg *** How Democrats Can Avoid a Repeat of 1994 - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post *** Disappointment on Left May Hurt Dems in Nov - David Corn, Politics Daily *** A Winning GOP Agenda for 2010 - Michael Barone, Washington Examiner *** GOP Cash Woes Threaten House Bids - Politico *** Census Counts on Partnerships to Reach Groups - Washington Post *** Palin Told Friends to Use Personal Email *** GOP makes Obama foil in state races (Politico)

Wall Street and the Economy Lax Oversight Caused Crisis, Bernanke Says *** That 1937 FeelingThe odds are that good economic news will be a blip, not an indication that we’re on our way to sustained recovery (Krugman NYT) *** At Barbie’s Mansion, It’s Time for Yoga With Pro Wrestlers *** Following Venture Capital for Signs of Tech to Come *** Fed Chairman Bernanke: Don't blame us for housing crisis *** After lull, financial-crime prosecutions seen set to rise *** A Crack In The Swiss Vault (60 minutes) U.S. Is Said to Consider Easing Informant’s Term *** Prolonging the Recession - Becker, Davis, & Murphy, Wall Street Journal *** Mortgage Foreclosures Still Swamping Federal Aid Efforts - McClatchy *** Banks Return to Toxic Assets *** Lousy Economic Outlook for 2010s *** Goldman Sachs May Leave London To Escape New Taxes And Regulations *** Unlearnt Lessons of the Great Depression - Harold James, Financial Times *** In the Great Recession's Aftermath - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post *** Will Stocks' 'Lost Decade' Usher In Another Bull? - Adam Shell, USA Today *** Too Big To Fire? 92% Of Managers At Top Bailout Recipients Are Still In Same Jobs *** AP: 2009 bankruptcies total 1.4 million, up 32 pct

Iranian Filmmakers Keep Focus on the Turmoil *** Junta Confirms Elections in Myanmar *** Japan leader says he will press for more equal ties with U.S. *** Iran's Regime & Opposition Brace for Another Round - Robin Wright, Tim *** Tick Tock. Yemen's Coming Explosion - Gregory Johnsen, Foreign Policy *** The West Is Choked by Fear of Radical Islam - Henryk Broder, Der Spiegel *** Iran's Desperate Regime - San Francisco Chronicle

National Prisons and Budgets Releasing nonviolent offenders early can not only save money, but can also be very sound social policy (NYT Ed) *** The 2010 Census begins today. (NYT) *** California Leaders Seek Help From D.C. - Wyatt Buchanan, SF Chronicle ***
California Begs For Cash

Environment Where the Action Is on Climate Congress should fashion a national response to climate change after green initiatives made by states and cities (NYT Ed)
Media and New Tech Will Bloomberg Buy The FT? *** Dean Baker: Washington Post, R.I.P. *** Surf, Skin and Jersey. What’s Not to Love? *** Trying to Add Portability to Movie Files *** Next Up on Cable TV, Higher Bill for Consumers *** News Sites Dabble With a Web Tool for Nudging Local Officials *** Watching TV Together, Miles Apart *** In Allowing Ad Blockers, a Test for Google *** Nuance Communications Buys SpinVox, Which Converts Voice Mail to Text *** A Leaner, Meaner Hollywood *** Cablevision, Scripps locked in fee dispute (Wabc)*** NYMag: NYPost Editor Allan ''Said To Be Considering Retirement *** BBC Generates $12.3 BILLION For British Government: Report *** Top International News Sites *** Morgan Freeman Replaces Walter Cronkite On "CBS Evening News" Voiceover *** Marie Claire Cover Features Naked, Un-Airbrushed Model *** Apple To Ship Tablet Device In March, Source Says

Page 6 Alexa: Don't blame kind Christie *** 'This Is Spinal Tap': Where Are They Now? *** Book: Beatty Slept with 13K Women *** Tiger Woods shirtless and pumping iron in Vanity Fair

History Where America Stood, 1960