Sunday, January 3, 2010

True News Sunday Update

Breaking News U.S. tightens international air security (Politico) *** New Security Rules for International Travelers Coming From Countries of Interest

Sunday Morning Shows
'This Week' Transcript: John Brennan, Reps. Hoekstra, Harman, Sens. Collins, Lieberman * The August Attempt on Saudi Prince Mohammed - and the Link to Flight 253 * 'This Week' Transcript: John Brennan, Reps. Hoekstra, Harman, Sens. Collins, Lieberman * Meet the Press: Brennan: ‘System did not work’ on Christmas *** Exclusive! Michael Chertoff and Michael Hayden * Meet the Press Sunday's Roundtable: Brokaw, Brooks, Dionne and Goodwin * Obama Adviser: No Smoking Gun in Bomb Plot * 1959: The Year That Changed Everything (Sunday Morning) * Stein: Welcome to Nightmare America Says Bankers' Willingness to Reward Themselves After the People They Pauperized Bailed Them Out Is Shameful *** U.S. Leading Assaults on al Qaeda in Yemen * TSA Nominee Faces New Problems * TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads * John Brennan On "Fox News"... Lieberman On "This Week"... Chertoff on "Meet The Press" * If it is Sunday it is Schumer Releases Plan to Boost Airport Security *Airport Security Overseas Falls Short, Schumer Says* Bernanke Calls for Regulation to Fight Future Bubbles

Bloomberg Swearing In
In January of 2009 Obama gave a great inauguration speech that it turns out has little to do with the situations he has faced and the decisions he has to make in his first year. Bloomberg speech today, The press ate up Bloomberg's promise, spins and photo ops like a cat with a new bowl of milk. Bloomberg III: Listening, Reforming Immigration, Deputy Swapping and spin of a humbleness servants will face similar realities. Because of the hard hit Wall Street, the real estate market has taken and the ongoing circus New York City will have to learn to live with less, a lot less *** Bloomberg Plans a Muted Inauguration *** Mr. Bloomberg’s Third Term Michael R. Bloomberg is a smart leader with sound priorities, but the next four years will test his political skills as mayor of a city with serious problems *** Sober Note to Start Bloomberg's Third Term *The Family Bible Is a Guest for the Oath, but Not a Participant** Clyde Haberman channels Bloomberg. "Most of all, I want to thank the people who really made this day possible. I’m talking about the City Council." ***Three-peat Mike vows to beat jinx *** Liu, de Blasio have Bloomy in their sights *** Mayor Bloomberg sworn in for third term at City Hall *Bloomberg Sworn into the Third Term ** Political tweets of the week (CNN) *** Watch the Video of John Brennan on CNN

NYT Inaugurations Blinders NYT did not write a word about the ongoing New York pension scandal, the WFP federal investigation and almost nothing about the economic crisis of the city budget. Instead they wrote soft ball stories about the new comptroller and Public Advocate. There was no analysis in any of the NYT stories only the spin put out by the three citywide offfice holders. A New Comptroller, Cheered by Asian-Americans Declaring a New Era * Public Advocate Takes a Challenging Tone, and Thoughts of 2013 Are Near ***Three-peat Mike vows to beat jinx NYP Understands the Economic Realities of the Next 4 Years The mayor's top task is plain as day: to preserve the city's quality of life and vital services despite a daunting state and city fiscal squeeze -- without the additional economic damage another round of municipal tax hikes, or another borrowing binge, would bring. (The mayor) though his relatively brief address was heavy on platitudes and quite light on the prodigious challenges lying ahead. Mike's real challenges (NYP Ed) *** Tired mayor lacks heart for another long city haul (Peyser NYP) Daily News Follows NYT with no substance cheerleader spin for the Mayor Make it work, Mike: Mayor Bloomberg has set the right agenda for his third term


Happy New Year

Huge, Wet Crowd Rings In New Year In Times Square
*** Revelers make some noise in Times Square for New Year's Eve 2010 celebration * Celebrations in Times Square Despite Troubled Times *** Times Square Party in Photos

NYT Stops Begging Albany Again . . .
More to Learn

Must learn their editorials are useless . . . Must join the NYP and DN in their attack war on Albany

As pointed out in a True New article on 11/24/09The Audacity of Bruno's Corruption: Editorial Board Outrage Over the Years Leads Nowhere all the editorials over the years reasoning with Albany to fix itself has resulted on the dysfunctionalism and corruption growing worse. Today the NYT is calling on all New Yorkers to vote out all the lawmakers at state government and start over is not the first time they have called on the voters to throw the bums out. In 1994 and 2004 they printed almost the same editorial, with failed results. Failed State If the NYT wants to change Albany they must join the NYP and the Daily News and investigate the hell out the elected officials who run the place. There is some must corruption today uncovering it is as easy as shoot fish in a barrow. They must understand legislators who the paper thinks has reform befits has already gone along with the corruption and is to weak to fight the bad guy. For a paper that represents the real estate interests in this city you must understand that the clown show in Albany is driving business and the middle class out. Eat your spinach Popeye and join the war for survival of New York. * Joe Bruno’s ‘ethics’ pal (NYP Ed) *** Espada is a lot smarter and way ahead of the NYT in the public relations game Sen. Espada to help tenants

In 1994 the NYT Editorial Stated "The New York State Legislature's poor record this year on budgetary and social issues leaves no doubt that Albany could use some shaking up. But who will do the shaking? The paucity of quality challengers taking on incumbents in next Tuesday's primary voting for safely Democratic Senate and Assembly seats is a disappointment. Some of the least worthy incumbents face no challenge." (NYT)

In 2004 the NYT Editorial Stated "Something drastic is required to break this destructive cycle. If there is a primary race in your district, vote against the incumbent. Vote for an opponent, any opponent." Casting a Meaningful Vote

"The Times has always believed that it is important to judge each candidate for public office as an individual. We have never liked the idea of supporting frivolous contenders to "send a message." Voters generally feel the same way, and look for the most qualified candidate, even if they are faced with deeply flawed options. This year, however, the few primary races for New York's abysmal State Legislature are a special case, and we have a different kind of recommendation. Our state government has totally broken down. The Legislature holds the national record for late budgets, and often appears incapable of passing even the simplest bills. The Assembly speaker, Senate majority leader and governor control all the power, and individual lawmakers are responsible for little more than showing up. Then every election season they go home to face what is, at most, token primary opposition. Since so many of the districts are gerrymandered to be safe for one party or the other, election results are usually preordained. (NYT September 12, 2004) *** Coup, fiscal crisis top Albany's year of turmoil

*** Ethics, shmethics: Supposed Albany watchdog is raising money for felon Joe Bruno (DNEd)
Staying Alive The NYT avoided bankruptcy in party by laying off workers but mostly by reorganizing the mortgages and getting loans on the new headquarters they just built. One of the biggest mortgages on the building is kept by GMAC. A bankruptcy of GMAC could have put the NYT out of business. Steve Ratner who is the former Auto Czar and is in the center of the Hank Morris pension fund scandal is also a close friend to the owner of the NYT and a key figure in keeping them in business. The NYT headquarters was financed in part by GMAC Commercial Mortgage Corporation after the company could not get its hands on 9/11 Liberty Bonds. With this kind of friends is their any doubt that GMAC Gets $3.8 Billion More in Aid from the feds. Rattner: Toxic Conflict of Interest; Is the NYT at Risk?

The Democracy is Already Gone It really not about which corrupt lobbyist wins the contract with the party machine controlled Board of Elections. The number of New Yorkers who have given up on its government can be clearly seen by the decline in voters. Less people voted in this past election than in any election since 1917 when the city had 3,000,000 less voters. The vote is so small that the new comptroller John Liu who really won his election in the democratic runoff won with less than 2% of the registered voters in the city casting their ballot for him. The Daily News story How political lobbyists are rocking the vote in New York City
Each voting machine vender hoping to sell their machines to the city has spent lavishly on lobbyists. Dominion has paid $64,000 this year to Stanley Schlein, an ex-chairman of the Civil Service Commission with a client list that includes top Bronx Democrats. ES&S has spent $193,000 on a bevy of lobbyists including Hank Sheinkopf, Norman Levy and powerhouse firm Davidoff, Malito & Hutcher * The Public Integrity Commission fined Sheinkopf Ltd., which is charged with failing to file a Client Semi-Annual report disclosing compensation associated with lobbying services provided by lobbyist Norman Levy More on Hank Sheinkopf and Stanley Schlein

Congress Actions Costs American Jobs
Today's Washington Post reports Zero Net Job Creation Over Last Ten Years What the Post story does not talk about is that the job loss has occured since congress has Repealed Glass-Stiegel Act in 1999 the U.S. has lost jobs. The congressional repeal allowed commercial banks to become investment banks and we know what happens next * A Decade Without Glass-Steagall Topples the Global Financial System * Another congressional action a couple years before Glass-Steagall was best summed up by Ross Perot "NAFTA will cause a giant sucking sound as jobs go south and overseas

Little Noticed Comments in the Media TSA lauds self for 'very good year' day before terror attack * Morgenthau: 9/11 Trial In NYC 'A Huge Mistake' *** Ghoulish bid to slap tax on vanished WTC *** Don't Ignore This Wake Up Call From al-Qaeda - Times of London

City's Mob Two Step
The mob with full knowledge and acceptance regularly gets around city and state rules that prohibit them from benefiting from city funded developments in two ways. The mob takes advantage that many of the project funded by the city in whole or part are built by second parties. The city heavily subsidised the building of the new Mets stadium thought bond guarantees, while the ball team's owners built the CitiField and hired contractors Met 'mob' contracts Shady firms got $52M to build Citi Field. The second way the Mob builds city and state funded project is through development corporations like Lower Manhattan who do not do the background checks that the city and state are required to do. In Deutsche bank blaze, DA to charge mob-tied subcontractor John Galt Corp. with manslaughter

NY's Gambling on Gambling?
Can this state do anything right? After years of Speaker Silvers attempts to help out his friends in the Catskills along comes the feds gaving the Shinnecocks promission to role the dice, messing up the speaker new pay to play plan. With Vagas, Atlantic City and Foxwood having their worst year in 2009 in history it is hard to see how the NY can open gambling in both Catskills Looks to Become Gambling Mecca and Long Island with the Shinnecocks and don't forget the slot machines at Aqueduct (as soon as Albany can work out their pay to play deal there) and Saratoga . The NYT running protection for the Silver team as always writes this editorial today The Shinnecocks Instead of just focusing on casinos, the Shinnecock tribe could find other ways to leverage its valuable real estate.

*** Saturday Commish driver 'DWI' *** Feds, city tell judge: hiring quota in FDNY a bad idea *** Meter moron issues tickets on New Year's holiday *** Bloomberg, Gates top list of donors to Clinton foundation*** Fire Commissioner To Restore Staff To Engine Companies
Gov of La Mancha Albany' Circus A well-earned second chance Paterson did the right thing by pardoning Spec. Osvaldo Hernandez from a felony conviction that barred him from achieving the dream of becoming a cop (DN Ed) *** Assemblyman faces off with suspected Staten Island crook *** New York cashes out: Albany's zeros empty the state's main bank account *** Local Leaders Hold Radio Tribute For Percy Sutton
*** Saturday Gov grabs Aqueduct 'racino' rein *** Make the case against Hiram: Senate panel has plenty of reasons to expel Monserrate (DN Ed) *** Local Leaders Hold Radio Tribute For Percy Sutton
*** New Years Day Funeral Service for Sutton Means Travel for Governor *** Red-ink stained *** Albany's bill comes due *** Paterson Sets An Aqueduct Deadline *** Paterson promises to pick Aqueduct vendor soon
*** Thursday Another top Paterson official steps down *** Saddle up for NYRA hearings *** Expulsion possible for state Sen. Hiram Monserrate *"It's very likely there will be a recommendation that some sanction be imposed and among the options presented will be expulsion," a source said of a special Senate committee's plans for Sen. Hiram Monserrate **David Paterson went out for diet Coke-fueled staff party*** New laws--including a new pension tier--take effect tomorrow *** Auld lang signs of change in 2010 *** NYRA set to yield records for audit *** Gov: Airport Waits Are 'Terrorism' *** Paterson Puts Down Millionaire's Tax Rumor *** The new year will bring a fifth tier in the state pension system, a tax-amnesty program, and a 911 surcharge on Internet telephone providers - among other things *** The Paterson administration refuted claims that New Yorkers are less safe as the result of cuts to the State Police *** Sheldon Silver doesn't oppose the city taking over Governor's Island *** Paterson Claims Vindication on Budget Warnings

Election 2010 Add Steve Levy, Suffolk Cty Exec, to poss '10 Gov candidates. Looks like he's sees path vs Cuomo, Paterson w/ conservative, suburban Dems *** Silver predicts a Cuomo gov run *** Is it time for Andrew Cuomo to descend from Olympus? *** Rep. Peter King appears to be reconsidering a challenge to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand *** Levy For Gov? New York Economic Melt Down City Students Urge MTA To Keep Free MetroCards *
Threadbare in East Village Wave of closing stores *The Big Apple’s Big Problem
'If New York City is a business, it isn't Wal-Mart,' Mayor Bloomberg once sneered. Maybe it should be. ** End of trail for stables *** Fee to Film in New York Municipal Buildings Riles Producers
*** Saturday Tolls set to rise on NY Thruway *** Living on Nothing but Food Stamps
MTA-axed areas will miss the bus *** In the Shadows, Day Laborers Left Homeless as Work Vanishes *** In Real Estate Industry, Remembering a Year Worth Forgetting *** A Last New Year’s Eve Toast for Tavern on the Green *** City Tourism Declines (Fox 5) *** Tolls Set To Rise on NY Thruway *** Get New Yorkers out of tax hell
*** New Years Day
From Airports to Broadway, Crowds Were Thinner in ’09 *** Thursday NY derails $28B in MTA's budget *** 'Red' alert! State is down to la$t few mil *** New York State Has First Deficit in General Fund *** Suit Claims Fraud by New York Debt Collectors *** Famed Central Park restaurant Tavern on the Green set to close *** Access-A-Ride to casino? You bet-cha, the feds said *** Mayor's crude intentions: Pushes landlords to use clean-burning oil Bloomberg's wants to stop big apartment and office buildings from belching smoke into city skies - landlords say that means higher rents *** "New York State is officially living paycheck to paycheck," said Comptroller Tom DiNapoli. "The state is starting the new year by scrambling to make payments and juggle money." *** The Seneca Nation of Indians has lost money for the first time on its three western New York casinos *** State parks are facing a budget crunch in 2010*** New York State Is Living Paycheck to Paycheck *** Economy Stems the Flow of Tourists to New York *** Snowy Start to Season Could Leave Budget Blown (WNBC)
Dumbing Down New York Ground Zero's indestructible edifice Deutsche Bank will be around to the 2011 New Year(NYP Ed) *** Not fit for man or beast: State can't let horses win more labor rights than farmworkers (NYDN Ed) *** And the losers are: Announcing the Daily News' prize Knuckleheads of 2009
Law and Order Psycho' stabs boy, 10, dead *** Boy, 9, Fatally Stabbed During Manhattan Visit *** Brooklyn livery driver charged in tragic New Year's fatality *** Daly: Boy, 9, stabbed over video game confounds *** Man shot in chest after pool hall fight *** Boy, 9, stabbed to death over video game *** Living in fear of NY's 'most wanted' *** Thanksgiving murder suspect busted by 'America's Most Wanted' tip *** MTA Debuts Bus Partitions To Protect Drivers*** Spitzer alums also run Vance's communications and general counsel's offices (NYP Ed) ***Vance goes a-courting on Day 1 *** Times Scare van charges *** U.S. Lawyers Knew About Legal Pitfalls in Blackwater Case *** 9 Year Old Stabbed to Death in Upper Manhattan *** First Homicide Of New Year Takes Place In Brooklyn *** Cop Group's Card Played Role in Times Square Scare*** Bumper cops in clash NYPD gals scuffle *** Thursday Video disputes stab teen's tale *Sharply Differing Accounts as Girl, 16, Is Arraigned in a Fatal Stabbing** Jail guard sex raps *** Qns. woman stabbed 40 times - and boyfriend flees country *** Witness claims patron knocked down moose head that injured woman *** The Post slams the NYPD for an "appalling" security breach: "Law-enforcement officials acknowledged the van had sat on Broadway between 41st and 42nd streets -- just a block from the NYPD's Times Square command post -- since around noon on Monday and had not moved." *** A class-action lawsuit has been filed against debt collectors for engaging in a practice known as "sewer service" *** All Blackwater Shooting Charges Dismissed By Judge *** New Years Eve Security Extra Security in Times Square for New Year’s Eve *** New Year's Eve On TV: What To Watch To Welcome 2010 *** Security tight as New York City is set to have a ball

More City News In the Shadows of a Commuter Hub
*** Saturday 1,000 Polar Bears brave icy waters on Coney Island beach for record-breaking annual swim*** New Years Day Suicides Soar Among New York Koreans *** Brooklyn historians now believe famed wall in Gowanus was not part of original Dodger stadium *** StuyTown's open again *** Vox Pop cafe reopens on New Year's Eve after help from community *** Winter Swimmers Swear It's The Fountain Of Youth

Terrorism Yemen’s Chaos Aids the Evolution of a Qaeda Cell *** U.S. officials investigating how Abdulmutallab boarded Flight 253 as more missed red flags surface *** Profiling Muslims is a Recipe for Insecurity - Ed Husain, The Guardian *** We Lack the Will to Fight Terror - Nolan Finley, Detroit News *** New Year's Eve With Janet Napolitano - Maureen Dowd, New York Times *** Don't Ignore This Wake Up Call From al-Qaeda - Times of London *** New Terror Threat (CBS) *** Saturday Official: Danish police stop attack on cartoonist *** What to Expect as T.S.A. *** Newark Liberty Airport to be first in area to get full-body scanners *** Yemen’s Chaos Aids Evolution of Qaeda Cell*** Cartoonist Calls Attack ‘Really Close’
*** New Years Day Tightens Airport SecuritySuicide bombing at CIA camp likely a revenge attack *CIA bombing raises question about safety protocols*Afghan suicide bomber invited on base, sources tell AP* Clues in plane sight: U.S. intel failed abysmally to connect underwear-bomb-case dots (DN Ed) *** Cleric's ties to jet suspect eyed (Wash Post) *** Bombing Devastates CIA Hub(WSJ) *** Brown: U.K. Didn't Radicalize Nigerian *** U.S. Probes Cleric's Tie to Bomb Plot (WSJ) *** Feds Focus on Internet Imams

White House U.S., UK close Yemen embassies over Al Quaeda threat *Obama adviser says Cheney is wrong in criticism Washington Post** Save these SEALS: Navy commandos rate honors, not courts-martial, for terror arrest (NYDN Ed) *** Obama Ties Bomb Plot to al-Qaeda - Kornblut & DeYoung, Washington Post *** Obama's Vulnerable on Terror and He Knows It - Toby Harnden, Telegraph *** Dick Cheney's War vs. Exploding Undies - Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune *** Blowing Up Obama's Naive Approach to Terror - Jack Kelly, Pittsburgh PG *** Why Time Passed Obama By - Rex Murphy, Globe & Mail *** Can We Avoid Russia's Fate in Afghanistan? - Mark Franchetti, The Times *** Why Time Passed Obama By - Rex Murphy, Globe & Mail *** Soft on Terror? Not This President - Washington Post *** US, UK close Yemen embassies over al-Qaida threats *** Obama Turns Screws on Iran *** Taliban Cripples CIA Operation *** US 'believes Iran working on design of nuclear weapon' *** The Guardian *Female Marines Reach Out to Afghan Women** Obama adviser: No smoking gun in airline bomb plot
*** Saturday U.S. Sees an Opportunity to Press Iran on Nuclear Fuel *** Newsweek: White House Advisor Briefed In October On Underwear Bomb Technique *** U.S. Closes Embassy in Yemen Over Qaeda Threats *** New Year’s ResolutionsJanet Napolitano, the homeland security chief, answers questions about the Christmas terrorist plot and how to keep the nation safe (Dowd NYT) *** Avoiding a Japanese DecadePresident Obama’s economic advisers should learn from Japan’s lost decade of economic stagnation — half measures don’t work (NYT Ed) *** For Shanghai Fair, a Famous Fund-Raiser Delivers Hillary Clinton *** Clintons Release 2009 Donor List for Ex-President’s Charitable Foundation *** Saturday O got pre-Xmas terror warning *Obama Blames Al Qaeda For Flight 253 Christmas Attack*Obama Ties Failed Plane Attack to Al Qaeda* Bubba's bounty Bill Clinton yesterday released a list of all donors who have given to his private foundation since his wife was made secretary of state *** Terrorism Adviser Gets an Ethics Waiver *** Terror Attempt May Hinder Plans to Close Guantánamo *** About those nukes: It's time for tough action on Iran's nuclear weapons program (DN Ed) *** Why Obama May Regret Health Care Push - Howard Fineman, Newsweek *** Response to Terror Plot is Low Point for WH - Smith & Lee, Politico *** Hollow Words on Terrorism - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post *** Fighting Yemen's Terror Factory - Matthew Yglesias, The Daily Beast *** The Elusive Presidency of Barack Obama - Walter Shapiro, Politics Daily *** The Real War - Pat Buchanan, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review *** Look Ahead with Stoicism & Optimism - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal *** Returning Gitmo's Detainees to Yemen Defies Common Sense - WSJ *** Obama Right to Treat Bomber as Criminal, Not Combatant - Wash Post *** White House's Mortgage Mess *** Killings Rock Afghan Strategy
*** New Years Day WATCH: Obama's New Year's Eve Wishes * Obama Aide Gets Waiver to Investigate Airline Plot *** Terror Attempt May Hinder Plans to Close Guantánamo *** C.I.A. Takes On Expanded Role on Front Lines *** Firings possible over fumbled case of underwear bomber *** TSA nominee misled Congress about actions *** CIA base supported airstrikes *** A dead stop: 4,300 Americans have died in Iraq - but zero in Dec.
*** Thursday **Obama furious over botch in security *** Protecting US Requires More Than Luck - Reps. Miller & Hoekstra, Det News *** Dick Cheney's Lies About Obama - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *** Obama's Cold-Blooded Foreign Policy - Fouad Ajami, Wall Street Journal *** Do the Mullahs Care Today is Obama's Deadline? - Ralph Peters, NY Post *** Afghan Suicide Bomber Kills C.I.A. Operatives *8 CIA Officers Killed In Afghan Suicide Attack** Cheney Attacks; White House Hits Back *** It's the people, stupid (NYP Ed) *** Transfer of Yemenis at Gitmo placed on hold *** Realistic Idealism Needed for New Decade - Timothy Garton Ash, Guardian *** Returning Gitmo's Detainees to Yemen Defies Common Sense - WSJ *** Obama Right to Treat Bomber as Criminal, Not Combatant - Wash Post *** Where is the Govt's Exit Strategy From the Economy? - Los Angeles Times *** Dems to End Superdelegates

Let's Keep the Death Tax Dead - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe *** Will latest jobs bill really produce jobs? *** Health-Care Foes' Last Resort: Sue
*** Saturday All those Wall Street scandals yielded little reform *** U.S. Loan Effort Is Seen as Adding to Housing Woes *** Bills to Curb Distracted Driving Gain Momentum *** What's Next for Healthcare Reform? - Lindsay Beyerstein, The Nation *** Wall St. Gets $4 Trillion Gift from Barney Frank - David Reilly, Bloomberg *** Where is the Govt's Exit Strategy From the Economy? - Los Angeles Times *** Democrats Jump Into Bed With Big Banks - Washington Times *** 2010 Elections Grow More Difficult For Democrats *** Time May Be Ripe for Party-Switching, but Risks Are Clear *** Foes of health care reform look to courts to halt legislation
*** New Years Day Senator DeMint’s PrioritiesOne security shortcoming could be easily fixed if Senator Jim DeMint would allow the Senate to confirm a new chief for the Transportation Security Administration (NYT Ed) *** Senator Ben Nelson Defends Health Care Vote in New TV Ad *** Bonus Planned for Digital Medical Records *** Freddie and Fannie cap lift draws anger *** Why does Joe Lieberman so consistently get deep under Democrats' skin? *** This 'System' Is Going to Bring You Health Care - Emmett Tyrrell, TAS *** Not So Radical Reform for Wall Street - Vekshin & Kopecki, BusinessWeek *** Can the GOP Win Kennedy's Senate Seat? - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics *** New Year's Resolutions for Washington - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal *** Democrats Jump Into Bed With Big Banks - Washington Times *** House and Senate candidates raised a combined $1.42 billion in the 2008 election cycle, according to a new FEC analysis.

Political Parties Democrats Revisit Presidential Race Rules *** Back to GOP Basics - Brendan Miniter, Wall Street Journal *** GOP Seizes on Security as Issue*** The resurrection of Howard Dean (Politico) *** $$ Issues Jeopardize GOP House Seats

Wall Street Banks To Bombard Customers With New Fees In 2010 *** What the Past Can’t Tell Investors *** Citi’s Creator, Alone With His Regrets *** A Data Explosion Remakes Retailing *** Later Payments Are Jamming the Economy’s Gears *** With estate tax dead, now is time for rich to kick the bucket *** A Religious Response to the Financial Crisis - Jim Wallis, Washington Pos *** Avoiding a Japanese Decade - New York Times *** California's scary sneak preview - *** Fed's Bernanke on housing bust (Wash Post) *** A Crack In The Swiss Vault (60 Minutes)
*** Saturday Hedge-fund fight imperils Olympic ski venue *** Citi a top S&P loser for 2009 *** The Dangers of Economic Pessimism - Daniel Gross, Slate *** Deficits and Their Consequences - Diana Furchtgott-Roth, RealClearMarkets *** Chinese Mercantilism a Growing Problem - Paul Krugman, New York Times
*** New Years Day Chinese New Year Chinese mercantilism is a growing problem, and the victims of that mercantilism have little to lose from a trade confrontation (Krugman NYT) *** Dow Ends 2009 Up Nearly 19% *** U.S. Loan Effort Is Seen as Adding to Housing Woes\
*** Thursday
Heart-Stopping Fall, Breathtaking Rally *** Sparking a Savings Revolution There’s evidence that one of the most effective tools to fight global poverty may be savings accounts (Kristof NYT) *** Some Small Businesses That Grew in 2009 * And 7 Businesses That Did Not Survive *** Investors seal in 2009 windfall as trade crawls *** U.S. in Fiscal Peril With $12.1 Trillion Debt - Richard Wolf, USA Today *** Faith in Free-Market Capitalism Is Being Rewarded - Larry Kudlow, NRO *** Like Grandma Said, "Time To Watch Your Tush!" - Doug Kass, TheStreet *** 2009: A Year of Hits Among Investing Misses - Chuck Jaffe, MarketWatch *** 20M+ collect unemployment checks in 2009 *** Wisconsin Farmers Pin Hope on Rich Chinese International Mexico Captures Brother of Slain Cartel Boss *** Burj Dubai, now the world's tallest building at ov...*** Attack mars Karachi's resilience
*** New Years Day Mousavi 'ready to die' for reform (BBC) *** Mousavi: Iran in 'Serious Crisis' *** Police Foil Attack Against Danish Mohammed Cartoonist *** Police: Suicide bombing kills 75 in NW Pakistan *** Dubai to open world's tallest building
*** Thursday 4 Dead in Shopping Mall Shooting in Finland *** In Cuba, Hopeful Tenor Toward Obama Is Ebbing *** Change Iran at the Top - Roger Cohen, New York Times ***Russia vs. Asteroid *** China's 'Exhausted' Pandas

National ]Real Estate in Cape Coral, Fla., Is Far From a Recovery *** It's Payback Time for California - Peter Schrag, San Francisco Chronicle *** The Californiazation of America - David Ignatius, Washington Post *** Pastor Rick Warren Gets $2.4 Million in Donations After Urgent Plea - Sphere News *** Poll of Detroit residents finds grim conditions but optimistic outlooks - ** State Budget Pictures Bleak as Lawmakers Head Back ABC News
*** Saturday Newcomer Stirs Up Connecticut Senate Race*** Fighting Over the Squandered Decade - E.J. Dionne, The New Republic *** Charlie Crist is Off His Game. Way Off - Michael Putney, Miami Herald *** Sea Lions Leave San Francisco *** Montana Makes Assisted Suicide Legal *** Maine to Consider Putting Warnings on Cellphones *** Public-Transit Riders Face Rough Times

Environment E.P.A., Concerned Over Gas Drilling, Questions New York State’s Plans *** The EPA, too, wants to put the brakes on Marcellus Shale drilling *** Studies Find Heavy Heating Oil Has Severe Effect on Air Quality *** Hands Off the Watershed (NYT Ed)

Top Tens Ten for the Next Ten It is time for a Top 10 list that looks into the future, highlighting the ideas with the potential to change the world (Bono NYT) *** That Was the Year That WasIt is good to bid farewell to 2009. And imagine how Preident Obama must feel. Every problem was a long, grueling slog *** The days the Earth stood still: The decade's biggest news stories *** The 2009 Streetsie Awards, Part 2 *** Top Stories of 2009 (CBS) *** Top Sports Stories of 2009 *** Good-bye, 2009 - New York Post *** The STUPIDEST NEWS STORIES of 2009 *** 2009 In Review: Entertainment Weekly's Top 10 Films Of The Year *** 10 Things That Totally Sucked About The Media In 2009 *** 10 Things That Did Not Suck About The Media In 2009 *** TSA lauds self for 'very good year' day before terror attack *** Top Stories in Manhattan in 2009 *** 2009 In Review: $102 Million Earns Bloomberg Narrow Mayoral Victory***10 movies to look forward to in 2010; 'Alice in Wonderland,' "Sex & the City 2',' 'Iron Man 2,' more ***Celebrity Quiz: Dead or Alive in 2009? - Inside Movies *** 2009 In Review: NY1's Top 10 Movies Of The Year *** The Year in Photos (Fox News)

Media and New Tech NY1 wife abuser Carter now beats himself up *** Why Twitter Will Endure (Carr NYT) *** Millions of Viewers Ditched 'Leno'*** Reality Rules Media in 09 ***'Avatar' No. 1 again at box office *** What Are Jay Leno's Former Viewers Watching Instead of Leno? - Inside TV ***Fall of the house of Percy Sutton One last favor for Harlem’s godfather — but will it be enough to save his empire?
*** New Years Day Agreement Keeps Fox On Time Warner Cable – For Now *** Scripps Networks Pulls Channels *** Time Warner and Fox Reach Deal for Cable Distribution
*** Thursday
Media mogul builds a Broadway empire Private equity firm led by entertainment industry veteran Tom McGrath buys for $45 million *** YouTube’s Quest to Suggest More *** News Corp. Says Deal on Fox Signal Is Unlikely *** Battle lines deepen in Fox, Time Warner Cable feud *** Nokia engages Apple in intellectual property rights feud *** Apple to Sell 10000 Tablet PCs in 2010, Says Ex-Google Exec *** Major Cuts at Washington Times *** Disney completes $4.24 billion purchase of MarvelPage 6 Abramovich's $5M NYE Party ***Report: Artie Lange hospitalized in NJ *** Tiger's wife celebrates New Year's in France *** Charlie Sheen Loses Kids *** Sexy tell-all jumps into Beatty’s bed *** Joel breaks silence on suicide attempt
*** Saturday
Limbaugh Is Out of the Hospital *** New Years Day Rush Limbaugh is in 'good, stable condition' in hospital after chest pains*** Thursday Media Decoder: Rush Limbaugh Is Hospitalized ***"Two And A Half Men" Ratings HOLD Despite Sheen Arrest **AT&T Ends Tiger Woods Sponsorship Wall Street Journal ***'Thriller' Enters Library of Congress ***Charlie Sheen's Wife Wants Him Back