Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Competitive Elections Bring Change

Bloomberg Wants Terror Trial Moved

Competitive Elections Bring Change
The Pols Must Fear the Public

All one has to do is listen to the President State of the Union speech tonight to see how important competitive elections are to the needs of the public. The election of Senator Brown has done a 180 on Washington. Last month they sat there bribe each other, paying off the drug and insurance companies to pass a weak health care overhaul. Today they are saving the middle class and searching for ways to put America back to work. If New York had competitive elections and the mob in Albany had a real chance to be defeated when they ran for reelection the dyfunctionism of New York's government and the high taxes fees and all out war to push out the city's middle case would be over in a NY minute. As New Yorkers get hit hard in the wallet, pols spin on irrelevant issues or duck comment on the causes of the city's failing economy and job market.

Issue Groups Enablers of a Broken System

Issues such as gay rights, abortion, developers and UFT (teacher rights) keep the dyfunctionalism in place because it allows the pols to pick off a few issues and get their supporters on their side regardless of what they otherwise do in office. The issues groups creative the New York's broken political system by developing political pacs to help those who support their issue with contributions and campaign workers. Issue groups are not concerned about fixing the NY's economy, all they want is to get government funds for there issue and let the pols find other programs and services to cut to balance he budget. With wall to wall lobbyist in Albany, Washington and City Hall there can be no consensus about putting people back to work in the current political system, without public outrage, like Brown's election in Mass. With New York's one party voting patterns and willingness to reelect incumbents there is doubt that there we ever be a Brown type election * Gov. David Paterson doesn’t think incumbent legislators will be voted out. (Democrat & Chronicle). The governor is pushing back against the buzz that he will drag down the entire Democratic ticket if he runs * Has Scott Brown One-Upped Obama? - Maureen Dowd, New York Times * Paterson took aim at the Legislature and public employee unions on Tuesday, saying they are standing in the way of fiscal responsibility in the state.

No Comment NY's Pols
Report: MTA's transit security plan in disarray

New York Economic Melt Down Stuy Town & Middle Class Renters Battling for Survival NBC New York - Gabe Pressman *** Testifying before a joint legislative budget committee, the mayor warned that a loss of $656 million in state revenue-sharing funds would mean layoffs for cops, firefighters and correction officers, plus senior-citizen-center and soup-kitchen closures. A further $500 million cut in education aid would force the city to ax fully 8,500 teachers *** MTA on a collision course New transit CEO. New labor chief. No money. Sparks fly *M.T.A. Short on Security System Cash** Olympic athletes on thin ice Downturn leaves teams struggling for sponsorships *** St. Vincent's on the brink of bankruptcy * Offer to Take Over Ailing Hospital Stirs Outcry** Real estate leaders say more foreclosures coming in 2010 *** 1,500 Workers in L.I. Diocese Will Receive Buyout Offers *** In the Bronx, Waiting for Jobs That Never Came

The French President Unemployment Cover Up NYT says Sarkozy spins to inciting anti-Muslim prejudices as a way to deflect public anger over high unemployment The Taliban Would Applaud

Mayor Spins National Again
By hiring Wolfson who has a close relationship with every national political reporter in the nation, it is no surprise thatBloomberg is again being spin in the press as running for president. Mike: 'No plans' for prez run * Amid Budget Worries, Mayor Finds Jobs for Campaign Staff*** Even as he warns of massive layoffs, Mayor Bloomberg has found the cash to give 15 of his campaign staffers jobs in the administration. A number are making six figures * Bloomberg is "reveling" in the 2012 talk * Bloomberg spent $1.5 million on local mediaBloomberg Spending on Local Media: A Lot

To Young to Understand Watergate?
The conservative activist who used hidden cameras to sting ACORN was charged with trying to bug a senator’s office. (WP) * ACORN enemy busted in caper *** 4 Arrested in Phone Tampering at Landrieu Office

Top Stories Geithner Denies AIG Wrongdoing *** U.S. Aided Yemen Strikes *** Fox Most Trusted Name in News *** Apple, Publishers in Last-Minute Talks*** Top Dems at war - with each other (pOLITICO)*** Obama will reset his agenda (Wash Post) Washington Post Track 25 campaign promises of Obama *** Gallup Economic Weekly: Self-Reported Spending Declines *** Steve Jobs Can’t Save Us

Facebook Joseph Mercurio Andrew Cuomo: favorable 71%, unfavorable 15%. David Paterson: favorable 34%, unfavorable 54%. Democratic primary for Governor has Cuomo leading Paterson by 44-points, 63% to 19%. Daily Kos/Research 2000 New York Poll. Can you say toast.
Ford Vs. Gilly
'Parakeet' flips the bird *** An Underdog Who Isn’t Daunted by a New Try for the Senate *** Gillibrand Lashes Out at Remarks From Ford *** Gillibrand knocks Ford's 'parakeet' volley as 'gutter' tactic *** Harold Ford teaching class at NYU's Wagner School of Public Service *** Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand fired back at Harold Ford (TU) saying her insult of him wasn’t something she’d accept from her six-year-old son. She also called the Times, Post, News, Gannett News Service and the Associated Press * White House political director Patrick Gaspard stressed to top party officials and fund-raisers at a closed-door meeting Tuesday that the administration is backing Gillibrand *** "It's getting personal," writes David Saltonstall, who said Kirsten Gillibrand is in "all-out-attack mode." *** Gillibrand recalled how Ford "took the bar exam and failed, and so then he waltzed into his father's congressional seat." *** Crain's says Gillibrand isn't being attacked the way Ford has been. Also, apparently the SCOTUS ruling on campaign spending could negate her fund-raising advantage.

Election 2010 Pro-Wall Street Democrat Takes On a House Veteran *** Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver defended Andrew Cuomo’s decision to stay silent about the budget. (AP) *** Former Councilman Anthony Como is still waiting on a NYCHA job he was promised last year. Plan B is a challenge to Sen. Joe Addabbo *** Como Inches Toward Addabbo Senate Challenge

Gov of La Mancha Albany Paterson’s proposed budget will likely result in closed state parks, and advocates are concerned. (TU) *** Legislative leaders want Paterson to restore cuts to higher education aid. (AP) *** Sen. Dean Skelos wants to see a resolution expelling Sen. Hiram Monserrate on the floor. (Journal News) *** Sen. Craig Johnson has concerns about the state’s ability to collect cigarette taxes from tribal reservations. (GNS) *** New York’s tribes owe the state $55 million in fingerprinting fees. (TU) *** Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver called the governor's proposal to cut TAP "a mistake" * Senate Democratic Leader John Sampson still hasn't made up his mind about Sen. Hiram Monserrate * Sampson opposes Paterson's proposed taxes on sugary beverages and cigarettes *** Paterson Wants NYC Carriage Horses Treated Better

Inside City Hall
Rage as 19 schools get the axe * Panel Gets Earful Ahead Of School Closure Vote* City Panel Approves Closing of 19 Schools*Ed. Dept. panel votes to shut down 19 failing schools * Bloomberg honors NY rescuers *** City to yank permits of clubs that ignore smoking ban *** City shells out another $31 million for Atlantic Yards *** Queens BP Helen Marshall issued a plea to Bloomberg not to weaken her office *** Juan Gonzalez thinks the "tide is turning" on Bloomberg's school reforms * "Queens manages to retain power in City Council committees." *** 2009 Traffic Deaths Were the Lowest in a Century
Law and Order
Viceo 'bags' suspect in Stein slay *** Video harms cop-sodomy claim ***Nose doc in coke bust *** Terrifying arms bust *** Nose doc in coke bust *** 2 murder raps vs. Yale tech *** Hostile Grilling and Angry Witness Mark Officers’ Trial in Abuse Case *** Judge Bars Youth Prisons From Routine Shackling *** Woman busted with 54 lbs. of coke stuffed in suitcase*** Almost 1,200 firearms surrendered in Bronx *** Judge: Kids Are Illegally Shackled In Juvenile Detention *** Woman Fatally Stabbed in Queens *** NYPD's Bronx Gun Buyback Sets Record *** Queens Pastor Sentenced for Scamming Immigrants *** Feds Bust Brooklyn Bloods *** Person In Police Custody In Connection With Queens Stabbing

Terrorism Come clean, Mr. Holder *** Unanimous! Move 9/11 trial *** Khalid's NY trial: Stop the insanity! *** 'Terror Mom' lawyers: Keep her off the stand *** MTA security is in$ecure *** Bipartisan Group of Senators Bands Together on Terrorism Trials *** Letting the enemy win: Reports call U.S. unprepared to defend against nuke, bio attacks (NYDN Ed) *** Spin and spin: Lady Al Qaeda trial shows terror cases belong in military courts (NYDN Ed) *** Anywhere but Downtown! Real Estate Board of New York *** Uncle Who Vouched for Terror Suspect Arrested

White House
O knows it's the stupid economy ***Spending freeze to have lukewarm effect *** In Speech, Obama to Admit Missteps in First Year *** President Plans Own Panel on Nation’s Debt *** U.S. Wrestling With Olive Branch for Taliban *** Opposite of BoldThe problem with the Obama administration’s economic initiatives is that even if they work as planned, Americans desperately need much more (NYT Ed) *** Geithner Says AIG Bailout Saved Economy, Not Individual Banks *** Biden Holds Out Little Hope for Jobs Rate to Ease Quickly *** Promises, promises: Obama revives jobs tax credit *** Bolton: Bam, wake up and smell the war*** Analysis: Obama should tell it like it is during State of the Union address ***Obama's Embrace of Clintonian Democracy *** Joe Biden said the unemployment rate will fall slowly. (NYT) *** Obama to Admit Missteps But Stick with Agenda - Jeff Zeleny, NY Times *** Obama Shouldn't Move Back to Center - Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian *** The Speech of His Life. Again. - Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic *** Advice to Barack Obama - Matt Welch & Nick Gillespie, Reason *** WH Not Easing Concerns of Nervous Dems - Amy Walter, National Journal *** The Proposed Freeze Is Peanuts - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek *** Obama Must Regain Public Trust to Move His Agenda - Miami Herald *** How Does Obama See State of the Union? - Orange County Register *** Obama to push Hill on foreign cash*** Geithner Defends A.I.G. Rescue as Essential *** Poll shows Scott Brown could top Obama in prez run -
Congress Dem leaders in uphill push for health overhaul *** Senate rejects Obama-backed deficit task force *** Bringing Sexy Back President Obama’s Oneness has been one-upped. Everyone in Washington now wants to touch the hem of President-elect Scott Brown (Dowd NYT) *** Biden Holds Out Little Hope for Jobs Rate to Ease Quickly *** Democrats Put Lower Priority on Health Bill *** Specter Feels Squeeze From New Friends and Old *** Lawmakers Hunt for Ways to Rekindle Hiring *** House Progressives Push Reid To Put Public Option Back On Table *** Advocates of Climate Bill Scale Down Their Goals *** Vote on Bernanke Confirmation Is Scheduled for Thursday *** There are tensions between Obama’s administration and Democratic leaders in Congress. (Politico) *** Senator-elect Scott Brown won’t attend the speech. (AP) *** The re-appointment of Ben Bernanke will be considered Thursday. (Politico) *** Anger All Around for Democratic Leaders - Thrush & Bresnahan, Politico *** Charlie Rangel on health care: "We are not passing the Senate bill, period.” *** Dem impasse on health bill continues (Politico) *** Senate politics stall deficit efforts

Political Parties Will Dems Give Up on Health Care? - Stephanie Condon, CBS News *** The Angry Left & Politics of Intellectual Contempt - James Taranto, WSJ *** Dems Must Find Voice on Health Care - James Morone, Los Angeles Times *** A GOP Road Map for America's Future - Rep. Paul Ryan, Wall Street Journal
Wall Street Toyota Halts Sales of 8 Models in U.S. for Pedal Flaw *** Adults Only, PleaseAre we home alone? If our elites do not behave with a greater sense of the common good, we could find our economy doing a double dip with a back flip (Friedman NYT) *** Ailing Banks Favor Salaries Over Shareholders *** Two at Fed Had Doubts Over Payout by A.I.G. *** I.R.S. Moves to Uncover Dubious Use of Shelters *** Federal deficit projected at whopping $1,350,000,000,000 *** The It Guy: Whatever Apple's Steve Jobs is selling, America is buying *** Heather MacDonald argues "Work, even at minimum wage, remains the best route out of poverty."

National Former Justice O’Connor Sees Ill in Election Finance Ruling Complicates her efforts to do away with judicial elections *** Could California Really Default? - Steven Malanga, RealClearMarkets

International Haiti’s Children Adrift in World of Chaos *** As China Rises, Conflict With West Rises Too *** N. Korea, S. Korea exchange fire near border *** The military is conducting black ops in Yemen. (WP) *** Hugo Chavez's Presidential Strikeout - Washington Post *** The United Nations: A Worldwide Disgrace - Chicago Tribune

Environment Toyota Halts Sales of 8 Models in U.S. for Pedal Flaw *** Iceland Leads Environmental Index as U.S. Falls

Media and New Tech Dolan's paper cuts Newsday to face Teamsters in contract talks *** ONLY 35 PEOPLE SIGN UP TO PAY FOR NEWSDAY.COM *** Apple tablet - already nicknamed 'iPhone on steroids' - likely to stir up video game biz *** How Avatar toppled Titanic BBC News *** Martha Stewart Moves to Hallmark *** Conan, NBC Back in Business *** Apple Tablet Rollout Has Publishers Scrambling War with Kindle to transform business *** McClatchy Turns Profit On Cost-Cutting *** Apple Reveals the iPad Tablet

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