Tuesday, January 26, 2010

24/7 365 Campaign Spin Becomes Government

24/7 365 Campaign Spin
Becomes Government

We have entered an era when spin to influence the voters is designed to hid reality and create a false reality. The reality is bad things still happen it just hidden, pols have become no fault. People are still unemployed, stores close and class sizes grow but it just happens without media coverage which are full of pols positive spin.

None of these spins improve government services. None of these spin give an unemployed worker a job or provide health care for the uninsured. The only thing the hot air does improve is the poll numbers of incumbent pols. So we have increasing creative spin high paid young brats completely disconcerted from the realities of the world and a press owned by corporation and developers, facing Hugh cutback that does little more than rewrite the spin masters press releases. What we get is a talking heads government like the people on cable shouting at each other and responsible for nothing. Campaigns that make promises like free crosstown buses or smaller class sizes that budget realities known last summer during the campaign to the pols and the press to be impossible. Or Obama changing his message and policies on a dime to saving the middle class after the biggest bank giveaway in history. Obama's Ill Advised Populist Turn - Los Angeles Times. Back to the President Bloomberg spin Mayor Bloomberg Not Planning Presidential Run, Despite Great Start to Third Term * Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver took a shot at Mayor Bloomberg for hiring Howard Wolfson. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Ford ripped President Obama's proposed tax on banks -- arguing that the White House bill would do "harm to New York's financial industry." Gillibrand's response? Ford favors "the wealthy and the powerful big corporations." The NYP editorial says Earth to Gillibrand: Those "powerful big corporations" provide tens of thousands of New Yorkers with jobs. And billions in tax revenue to local government. The job is senator from New York * Mayor: Proposed NY budget would mean big layoffs , Ex-Hillary aide Wolfson staying on Bloomberg's City Hall staff Spin Master Join the Bloomberg Team The mayor who ran his entire campaign saying his expertise in budgeting would protect the city of financial harm. Now see a city unemployment rate 10.6% higher than the state and nation unemployment rate. By hiring Harold Wolfson to spin for his administration we can expect to see more spin like yesterday were the mayor charged that Paterson budget would result in thousands of city workers being fired. This means dance of words by has nothing to do with policy or the impact on the public but it is important to the spin masters and the pols.

"'He was using his nice self. He let us know what he objected to, but he was very, very careful,'" said Assemblyman Denny Farrell of Mayor Bloomberg's polite objections to the governor's budget proposal." Bloomberg Uses His 'Nice Self' in Albany

What the media does not make the pols answer for: 10.6%: What's behind New York City's horrific unemployment rate

Inside City Hall Mike: Gov budget is city nightmare *** Large High Schools in the City Are Taking Hard Falls *** Ruling Could Mean Lower Rents for 300,000 Tenants *** State court blocks city bid to tax online cigarette sales *** The Real Estate Board of New York contributed heavily to the Independence Party. (PNY) *** City Panel To Vote On School Closures *** Mayor Honors NYPD/FDNY Team That Returned From Haiti *** Rubber Rooms: NYC Teachers Paid To Do Nothing WCBS

New York Economic Melt Down Code red looms for St. Vinny's Sale could doom legendary Village hosp *** Elderly, disabled take MTA hit *** Bus cuts to strand SI, Queens riders ***Vultures circling Ross, LeFrak, Stonehenge eye StuyTown carcass ***NYC Off-Track Betting threatens shutdown *** With competitors vacating, retailers eyeing real estate ***Helmsley Carlton House hits auction block *** Tishman, BlackRock hand over Stuy Town keys *** Cash-strapped OTB is once again racing toward closure *** Report: St. Vincent's Hospital Could Close In Proposed Takeover ***Report: St. Vincent's Hospital To Close Fox 5 ***New York's 9/11 Terror Trial Costs ***In the Bronx, Waiting for Jobs That Never Came ***MTA Security Overhaul "May Never be Completed" *** Bronx Neighborhoods Have Highest Hunger Rate In Nation
Law and Order 'Bulletproof' CEO in $10M 'scam' trial *** 'Victim' gives graphic testimony of 'cop sodomy' *** 'My mom is dead! help me!' *** Ex-LI pol guilty of tax evasio *** 'Tasered' Jet fan flags cop *** Law bites 'sex' coach *** Man Testifies on Police Acts in Subway *** Trial Begins for Woman Accused of Killing Linda Stein *** Son of NYPD school safety officer slain while walking dog *** Molloy: Daughter recalls horror of finding Linda Stein's body *** Mob wiseguy in cop hit strikes deal with feds *** Brooklyn man fails to return $5M in bank goof, gets probation *** Tush comes to shove: Subway seat hog tickets rocket *** Alleged Police Assault Victim Takes Stand For Second Day *** Suspect Pleads Not Guilty In Yale Student Killing *** Triple homicide rocks East Flatbush *** 911 tape played in Stein murder trial

Terrorism New sites eyed for 9/11 trials *** Mass killer Chemical Ali is executed *** In Digital Combat, U.S. Finds No Easy Deterrent *** Team O Lets Terrorist Go Mum - Rich Lowry, New York Post *** US gets 'F' on bioterror response CNN *** NYC critic suggests more 9/11 trial locations

White House O plan$ a deep freeze 3-yr. spending hold ***Bloomberg warns of 19,000 layoffs if state cuts aid *** Obama to Dems: I won't let 1994 repeat happen *** Obama Seeks Freeze on Many Domestic Programs *** U.S. Envoy’s Cables Show Concerns on Afghan War Plans *** Obama’s Credibility GapPresident Obama is in danger of being perceived as someone whose skillful rhetoric cannot always be trusted, and Americans want to know what he stands for (Herbert NYT) *** Obama Says He'd Rather Be a 'Really Good One-Term President' *** Biden’s Son Will Not Run for Father’s Senate Seat ***Obama’s Measures for Middle Class *** Rahm Emanuel Seen As Prime Obstacle By Progressives *** WATCH Obama: 'I'd Rather Be A Really Good One-Term President Than A Mediocre Two-Term' *** What Obama Reads *** Obama to unveil plan to help working families feel more secure *** Obama vows to reverse economic 'assault' against middle class *** History shows Bam's State of the Union address won't make much of a difference *** Fighting Words, Winning Actions - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *** Obama and the Copenhagen Syndrome - Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal *** Clinton's Shadow Hangs Over Obama's Address - William McGurn, WSJ *** Too Early for Obama to Give Up - Mary Dejevsky, The Independent *** Still Needed: A Sheriff of Finance - Andrew Ross Sorkin, New York Times *** No Bed Wetting: Plouffe's Call to Arms - Wall Street Journal *** Coburn's Idea to Cut Runaway Spending - Wall Street Journal *** Two Cheers For Obama's Bank Reform Plan - Roger Bootle, Daily Telegraph *** Obama's Bank Reforms Don't Add Up - Peter Wallison, Wall Street Journal *** Poll: Obama's job approval drops with Fla. voters MiamiHerald.com *** State of the union needs more than rhetoric The Guardian *** Liberals Cool on Obama's Freeze *** Rahm Shouldering the Blame *** Obama's One-Term Pledge? *** Obama to Meet with House Republicans *** Jarrett: 'Business is really not a partisan issue' *** State of the Union What President Obama can learn from past speeches *** Obama: It's Not a Failure to Communicate - Ruben Navarrette, PJM *** State of the Union: What Obama Needs to Do - Michael Tomasky, Guardian *** Obama, Dems Must Abandon Gentry Liberalism - Joel Kotkin, Forbes *** White House Spin is Painful to Watch - Andrew Cline, American Spectator *** MTA Announces Improvements to E-Mail Alert System for Commuters

Congress Biden son nixes Senate run *** Pentagon Asks Senate Panel to Wait on 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' *** Decision Looms on Advancing Health Care Bill *** Bernanke Is Gaining Supporters *** First the Ted Kennedy seat; now the Joe Biden seat? Beau says he's not running *** Congress Fiddles While the Deficit Burns - Dana Milbank, Washington Post *** Stern Lashes Out At Senate Dems, Calls Some Legislative 'Terrorists' *** What Brown did right online *** CBO: Federal Deficit Projected at $1.35T *** Hoyer predicts 'political pain' because of the economy *** Senate Rejects Proposed Budget Deficit Commission *** Paulson To Testify With Geithner On AIG Payments *** Congress Went to Denmark, You Got the Bill - Sharyl Attkisson, CBS News

Political Parties Don’t Give Up NowDemocrats should take another look at what really happened in Massachusetts and then summon the nerve to enact comprehensive health care reform (NYT Ed) *** The Populist AddictionPopulists of both parties can’t seem to grasp that a politics based on punishing the elites won’t produce any of the things required for progress and growth (Brooks NYT) *** Tea Party Disputes Take Toll on Convention *** Fresh Off a Massachusetts Victory, G.O.P. Aims at Illinois *** After Massachusetts, the DSCC is adopting a blitzkrieg strategy. (Politico)After Massachusetts, the DSCC is adopting a blitzkrieg strategy. (Politico) *** Brown Effect: Moderates Aligning with GOP - Fred Barnes, Weekly Standar *** Bayh's Prognosis: Democrats Must Move to the Middle - Gerald Seib, WSJ *** Dem plan: Split GOP, tea party *** Damage Control for Democrats - Paul Waldman, American Prospect *** Liberals Tune Out Massachusetts Message - Michael Graham, Boston Herald

Wall Street and the Economy Feds OK Live Nation/Ticketmaster with strings *** Goldman bonuses grow on Obama stock rout ***NY Fed wanted lid on AIG bailout *** An Investigator Presses to Uncover Bailout Abuse *** To Attract Shoppers, G.M. to Pay Debt to U.S. *** Apple rockets to most profitable quarter ever *** Ben Bernanke secured more votes for his re-confirmation. (WP) *** Forget the Deficit, People Need Jobs - Jesse Jackson, Chicago Sun-Times *** Economists Compete to Make Sense of Finance - Rana Foroohar, Newsweek *** Common-Sense Economics and a 3rd Party? - Bill Frezza, RealClearMarkets *** New Probe into AIG

Pay to Play Wall Street Judge Allows S.E.C. to Add to Galleon Case Charges

International Blast Hits Central Baghdad as Attacks Accelerate *** Nations Call For Haitian Government To Lead Rebuilding *** Japan’s High Debt Prompts Credit Rating Warning *** Dead to rights: Trials and execution of Chemical Ali show how far Iraq has come (DN Ed) *** Haiti's homeless plead for tents after earthquake *** U.S. to Host Haiti Conference *** U.S. Forces Take On Major Role at Ethnic Border in Iraq

National Justice John Paul Stevens Voices Frustration With Recent Decisions of Supreme Court - Seri *** Rubio Up; Crist, Obama Down in Fla. *** SC politician's welfare comments called `immoral' *** Send California inmates to Mexico, says Schwarzenegger

Environment Wind Power Grows 39% for the Year *** Those for and against drilling in the Marcellus Shale rallied at the Capitol. (GNS) *** WAMC and the TU hosted a debate on the issue. (TU)

Media and New Tech Computers lead Apple earnings *** Clear Channel interested in signing Howard Stern *** New technology may hasten death of paper business cards *** What Apple Needs to Do to Make Its Tablet a Success PC Magazine *** Fox News Unseats USA For #1 Spot In Basic Cable *** Woman Faints On 'Price Is Right' Over Showcase Showdown *** Guardian Editor Comes Out Against Paywall *** DN owner Mort Zuckerman had lunch with the president *** CBS Gives Big Push For Nancy Grace's New Court Show
Page 6 Woman's tear in Picasso slashes value by $65M *** Hey, just ask my mistress! Tiger