Friday, January 22, 2010

The City's Forgotten Unemployed 10.6% Highest Level in 17 Years

The City's Forgotten Unemployed

10.6% Highest Level in 17 Years

Not one pol speaks up for the jobless.
Not one reporter asks a pol what they going to do to help the homeles as they cover the pols monkeying around.

Where is the mayor, governor or any pol for that matter trying to find solutions or help for the city's rising unemployment rate? City’s Jobless Rate Rises to 10.6%, Exceeding Nation’sThe mayor is bailing out developers N.Y.C. Tries Saving Housing Imperiled by Investors trying to protect Wall StreetBloomberg Hammers Obama, Congress Over Bank Plan and blaming Layoffs on the governor Mike: Budget means layoffs The governor calls the mayor a baby Paterson tells Bloomberg: Quit whining over budget woes and responded "Just remember these are the times we're in." Gov. David Paterson is concerned about his job, but not others "I am running for governor, and someone is going to have to beat me." The same for his wife First Lady Michelle Paige Paterson said her husband's enemies are using "ridiculous" and "untrue" scandals to try to damage his reputation and force him out of the race. The first lady also thinks others are trying to fire her husband Michelle Paterson said there's "definitely" an orchestrated effort to damage her husband.

Ford is warning some people could get fired. He wants to fire Gillibrand, "Anybody who believes that they are safe this morning as an incumbent is probably kidding themselves," said Harold Ford Jr. The PA is attacking the mayor on the homeless Sound and fury: De Blasio slams mayor on homeless but charges have no foundation * The mayor may be phoning in his third term from the Caribbean No miracles followed Bloomberg's ninth State of the State speech, notes Clyde Haberman * Quinn fired a councilman from his job and the DN agrees Council Speaker Christine Quinn "did the right thing" by stripping Barron of his post. Video of Barron protesting the lost of his job * At least our Senator puts out a press release on jobs. Sen. Chuck Schumer said Brown’s election teaches Democrats to focus on jobs. (Elmira Star-Gazette) Geithner whose policies have caused million to lose their jobs might lose his job also Geithner on the Outs? * The Daily News is writing about how it is collecting food for the poor Broadway hopefuls arrive at 'Hair' open casting call with food for Daily News-City Harvest drive As Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz's plans his annual Valentine's party his beloved Brooklyn has seen the biggest jump in its unemployment rate compared to last year of any borough in the city

The Future of Politics
Willie Horton political ad 1988 Video * The Court’s Blow to Democracy Congress must act quickly to limit the damage of the Supreme Court’s decision to lift the ban on corporate spending on political campaigns and elections *** Lobbyists Get Potent Weapon in Campaign Finance Ruling The Supreme Court decision will increase the power of lobbyists and interest groups at the expense of candidates and political parties *** McCain, Snowe Criticize Ruling.. Obama, Congress Vow Forceful Response.. Follow the Debate LIVE On Twitter *** Supreme Court rolls back campaign spending limits *** Free Speech Wins in Court Ruling - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary *** The Myth of Campaign Finance Reform - Bradley Smith, National Affairs *** Sen. Eric Schneiderman said the case was “a radical case of judicial activism.” (HuffPo) *** Donors Plan Boost in Campaign Spending Wall Street Journal *** Analysis: Will corporate ads buy 2010 voters? AP

Shore Takes The Peter Principle Didn't the democratic strategists cause the Boston Tea Party. We are better off with taking a boat ride with the captain of the Titanic. Top Dem Strategists Urge Pullback on HC Reform * Dems Unclear on Strategy More experts fail Geithner, Summers Eclipsed As White House Changes Posture The WSJ NYC metro secton Saul to W.S.J.: Sources How many New Yorkers Want this Trial Here? Governors I. Terror Trial? Unlikely but Under Study

Pay to Play Albany
Cuomo subpoenas Espada's son *** Jerry Goldfeder looks at the constitutionality of expelling Monserrate. (NY Law Journal)

Gov of La Mancha Scandal-mongers trying to make gov quit, says wife *** Thin plan for lean times: Paterson makes some hard choices but ducks big problems *** Paterson's budget will 'run the entire state into the ground,' Bloomberg says *** Brown's win demonstrated the public isn't ready for health care reform, Paterson said *** Paterson's proposal to let grocery stores sell wine includes some perks for the liquor-store lobby*** Senate Republicans are not on board to override a threatened veto of the ethics bill. (TU) *** Ethics Reform Bill: Enough or Not Enough? *** The Observer-Dispatch wants Paterson's budget preserved, and tells lawmakers "Add absolutely nothing to this budget without cutting an equal amount." *** Paterson raised a lot of money in Kiryas Joel ***A WNY (Not So) Welcoming Committee For Silver »

Campaign 2010 Ford: I continue to learn about New York *Harold Ford is on a listening tour. (AP) *Ford will have lunch today with Brooklyn Democratic leader Vito Lopez* Queens GOP leader Vince Tabone is running for the Assembly against Democratic incumbent Ann Margaret Carrozza *** Steve Levy and Ed Mangano spoke to the Long Island Association. (Newsday) *** Bruce Blakeman tries sounding like Scott Brown *** Paterson Campaign Staffer Gets Out *** Ford for Senate? Former Congressman May Have Spilled Beans on Senate Bid Inside City Hall Judge Orders New York to Correct Bias in Fire Department * FDNY Ordered To Scrap Hiring Exam*Heat turned up on FDNY to pay for bias ** Judge Says City Failed to Disclose Change in Rule on Police Video Recording *** Volunteers needed to tally homeless in Bronx *** Charles not in charge: Councilman Barron flunks Higher Ed Committee *** NYPD Suspends Cops Over Alleged Bronx Beating *** Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard and Bloomberg bet pizza and shrimp cocktail on Sunday's Jets-Colts game *** The city could save up to 188 lives a year by forcing building owners to use cleaner heating fuel *** Protestors won the right to demonstrate against school closings on Bloomberg's street, but not his stoop *** Assemblyman Joe Morelle was picketed for his support of mayoral school control. (Democrat & Chronicle) *** City Council committee assignments shows Christine Quinn and Vito Lopez are feuding less, and the Bronx is gaining clout *** The city government Tweets *** Dan Garodnick tweets about getting the chairmanship of the Technology Committee*** Sen. Schumer: NYC To Get Security Funding *** Barron Blasts Quinn
Law and Order Man found dead in apt with neck slashed *** Prosecutors: Mom repeatedly abused kids, pets *** 2 Officers Suspended for Hitting Suspect *** Vivid Testimony in Trial of Three Officers Accused in Subway Station Assault *** Man Is Stabbed to Death in His 46th St. Apartment *** NYPD hunting for gay lover in Hell's Kitchen murder *** Video of bust shows cops pounding handcuffed man *** Police Investigate Hell's Kitchen Stabbing *** Career mugger guilty in slay of 81-year-old man *** XXX-rated trial Behind the lap-dance looniness

More City News Hudson miracle plane being auctioned off *** Cute canopy curtains ugly scaffolding

Oy vey! Flight diverted after confusion over prayer *** A Flight Is Diverted by a Prayer Seen as Ominous *** India Issues Alert Over Possible Al Qaeda Hijacking *** 'Lady Al Qaeda' lawyers angry over extra trial security checks

Haiti NYPD to help train Haitian police *** Aid Groups Focus on Haiti’s Homeless *** NY1 In Haiti: Floating Hospital Nears Capacity *** Haiti to Relocate 400,000 *** Haiti relocating homeless, port repairs needed *** Telethon to raise money for Haiti earthquake victims to air on all major networks tonight

White House With Populist Stance, Obama Takes On Banks *** Gates Says Taliban Must Take Legitimate Afghan Role *** White House Pairs Relief Effort With Media Campaign *** Detainees Will Still Be Held, but Not Tried, Official Says *** Obama’s Move to Limit ‘Reckless Risks’ Has Skeptics *** Treasury Weighs Fixes to a Program to Fend Off Foreclosures *** Gonzalez: Obama's economic leaders married to Wall St. *** President Obama is hosting a slumber party *** Traders floored*** Stay the Course: Reagan's Example for Obama - Lou Cannon, Politics Daily *** Obama Can't Abandon Health Bill Now - William Galston, New Republic *** Obama & The Fight for Health Care - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *** Obama's Move to Limit 'Reckless Risks' Has Skepti - Chan & Dash, NYT *** Obama's Excellent New Banking Proposal - Jim Manzi, National Review *** The Incredible Deflation of Barack Obama - Mort Zuckerman, US News *** The President Gets Serious About Moral Hazard - Wall Street Journal *** Massachusetts Race Not Remotely a Verdict on Obama - New York Times *** President Obama's Decline - Chicago Tribune *** Gates Sees 'Trust Deficit' in Pakistan *** Mort Zuckerman: The Incredible Deflation of Barack Obama ***China Says U.S. Criticism of Its Internet Policy Harms TiesCongress Brown: I'm open to health care reform *** Pelosi: We lack votes to pass health care bill *** A New Search for Consensus on Health Care Bill *** Do the Right Thing America desperately needs health care reform; it would be a betrayal of trust if the Democrats simply folded (Krugman NYT) *** Brown Storms the Hill *** Conference of Mayors Stresses Need for New Round of Stimulus Money *** Senators Want to Bar E.P.A. Greenhouse Gas Limits *** New G.O.P. Senator ‘Having Fun’ on Capitol Hill *** Dems, in shock over GOP win, vow health reform comeback *** Shocked Democrats vow health care reform rebound *** Majority Favors Suspending Work on Health Care - Jeffrey Jones, Gallup *** Senate 2010: More Shocks on the Way? - Larry Sabato, Center for Politics *** Senator-elect Scott Brown went to Washington, and was "overwhelmed" by the disruption in his daily routine *** Senator-elect Scott Brown said he would find “common ground” with Obama. (WP) *** Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer voted against an amendment to end the TARP program that would have required money already paid back to go towards retiring the debt *** Unrestricted internet access is now a foreign policy issue, said Hillary Clinton *** Mort Zuckerman wants foreigners who earn advanced degrees to stay. He also warns: "[I]t could take as many as five years or even more to recover all of the eight-plus million jobs lost since March 2007." *** Paring back health-care bill not so easy AP *** Scott Brown carries the weight of great GOP expectations to D.C. (Wash Post)

Political Party The Party of NopeThe Republican Party aims to rise from the Congressional minority by brandishing a political agenda of just saying no *** Politics in the Age of Distrust The Democrats now have four bad options to try to restore the nation’s faith in Washington (Brooks NYT) *** How Democrats Missed the Memo - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post *** The New Political Rumbling - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal *** As Massachusetts Goes, So Could Go Nation - Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe

Wall Street
Warren Buffett’s Lost Kraft Vote *** Strong Year for Goldman, as It Trims Bonus Pool *** Venture Capital Was Tight for Tech Start-Ups in ’09 *** Google’s Sales Rose 17% in the Quarter, Fastest Pace in a Year *** Feds lose $1.5B on Citigroup stake *** Rage and record earnings at Goldman *** The Real Fear That Haunts Wall Street - Charlie Gasparino, Daily Beast *** How The Big Banks Rigged the Market - Philip Stephens, Financial Times *** Here's Hoping for a Stronger Sheriff for Wall Street - Gary Weiss, Portfolio *** How The Street's Biggest Trade Went Awry - David Weidner, MarketWatch *** Four Headwinds That Stocks Keep Ignoring - Elizabeth Trotta, SmartMoney *** Can Dems Reconfirm Bernanke? *** Banks Find Loophole in New Regs *** GE Profit Drops 19% on Finance-Arm, NBC Weakness

Pay to Play Wall Street Indictments Against 7 in Galleon Insider Case

China Rebuffs Clinton on Internet Warning *** Sunnis and Iraq’s Election The Obama administration needs to press Iraqis to allow the fullest list of candidates to participate in the parliamentary elections *** Nigeria's Holy War *** 'Shadow' Drones for Pakistan

Media and New Tech Leno planning Oprah appearance *** O’Brien Departs, Along With Hosts’ Civility *** On Tuesday's Election, a Big Night for Fox News *** Liberal talk-radio station Air America files for bankruptcy, will go off the air - *** Fingers Still Pointing, NBC and O’Brien Reach a Deal *** Where’s Johnny? Good Manners Take Hiatus *** Food Network and HGTV Back Aboard Cablevision *** Air America Shutting Down *** Fox News Ratings Explode On Scott Brown Victory Night *** Oprah Tell-All Bio By Kitty Kelley Coming In April *** National Enquirer Submitting John Edwards Coverage For Pulitzer *** Google goes for the gold *** Cablevision, Scripps settle *** Teamsters urge 'no' vote on Newsday labor pact *** The Late Night War ***Leno Goes to Washington The White House Correspondents Association *** Conan O'Brien Rolls Toward Exit With Pee-wee Herman, Robin Williams *** NBC Universal Profit DOWN 30% *** Conan Blows $4.8M on Parting Sketch Buys Kentucky Derby winner and sticks NBC with the bill *** Reporters Try to Live on Twitter, Facebook Alone *** Nightline Bests The Tonight Show For 30th Consecutive Week In Total Viewers" href="" rel="bookmark">Nightline Bests The Tonight Show For 30th Consecutive Week In Total Viewers

Page 6 Jets owner opens up about his daughter's death **Ridley: Illegitimate daughter of Edwards doesn't deserve to have jerk for a father * John Edwards directed aide to get child's 'dirty diaper' for DNA test] *Edwards Admits He Fathered Girl With Mistress**Mischa Barton sued over $7,000-a-month rent *** Cast Rosie as Mrs. Edwards! *** Harsh cure will require X-rated tell-all to Elin *** John Edwards' string of lies in sex scandal 'makes Tiger Woods look like an amateur,' expert says *** Fans Celebrate Jets With Times Square Rally *** Sully's Plane For Sale *** Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, charges Playgirl model Levi Johnston, is a deadbeat baby-daddy *** Tech giant Charles Phillips featured with woman in Times Square billboard - and it's not his wife *** How the Stars Are Helping Haiti