Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The 2nd Boston Tea Party, Mass to Washington Drop Dead

The 2nd Boston Tea Party
Massachusetts to Washington
Drop Dead

Voters Send Washington a Ringing Message - Brian Mooney, Boston Globe * Massachusetts Voters Tea Off on Obama - Michael Goodwin, New York Post * A revolution begins - Boston Herald *** Message from Massachusetts (Wash Post) *** Democratic blame game in full force in Massachusetts Senate special election *** The Out Party Gains Just By Not Being In When Times are Bad (Henry Stern, NY Civic)

GOPer scores Senate win in revolt of D.C. * Mass. rebellion * Sexy hunk Scott Brown hits a big jump shot * In Massachusetts Upset, Independents Voice Unease *** G.O.P. Senate Victory Stuns Democrats *** Kirchick: Why Coakley lost Kennedy's seat is no mystery *** Republican Brown stuns Coakley in election for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat *** Bio for Senate election winner Scott Brown *** 1946: The last time a Republican won what would become the 'Kennedy' Senate seat *** Learning the Wrong Lessons From Massachusetts - Joan Walsh, Salon *** National Security Played Big Role in Brown Win - Andrew McCarthy, NRO *** Brown's Incoherent, Appalling Economic Ideas - Daniel Gross, Slate *** Brown: Mass. victory sends 'very powerful message'
Pay to Play Board of Election Schumer votes for scrutiny Schumer is making trouble for the merger of the country's two biggest voting-machine companies.

Pay to Play Washington K Street Thrived In 2009: The Proof Is In The Numbers

Ex-anchor's sex-suit role

Gov of La Mancha Albany
Desperate Dave's $lash-&-burn plan *** Paterson Seeks Huge Cuts and $1 Billion in Taxes and Fees *** A Leaner Budget for Lean Times Gov. David Paterson’s budget for New York makes sense, and it is a necessarily austere response to the state’s (NYT Ed) *** Gov's plan would extend film tax credit *** Gov. Paterson budgets for all-out push vs. tax dodgers *** Paterson Outlines Budget Cuts, New Taxes * David Paterson unveiled a $134 billion budget that bridges a $7.8 billion deficit. It cuts funding to schools and health care, tuition assistance, state agencies and payments to municipalities. It would include new surcharges on sugared drinks and soda, as Jim Odato sniffed out Monday. And Paterson delivered it with a sobering message: “New York is facing an inevitable fiscal reckoning.” (TU/DN/GNS/D&C) *** Many legislators skipped Paterson’s speech, and those who attended didn’t applaud much. (NYT) *** The governor urged legislators to choose “responsibility over popularity.” (Buffalo News) *** The budget would hire 330 new tax auditors. (DN) *** Funding for Metrocards for New York schoolchildren – something Paterson promised to include – is only partially there. (DN) *** A State of Dysfunction *** The Times warns Paterson not to "cave" this time on the soda tax and thinks the legalization of mixed martial arts should be debated outside the budget * The city stands to lose big in the education and local government aid departments; Mayor Bloomberg called the cuts "neither proportional nor fair."*** The Egg, where Paterson delivered his budget speech, may lose state funding. Canestrari is "concerned" bout health care cuts *** David Paterson is seeking the largest school aid cuts in decades *** Paterson's budget declared "dead' Lawmakers, entities hit by spending cuts opposed *** Appelbaum Wants Paterson Out, Urges Cuomo to Run for Gov *** Paterson Campaign Manager: 'Frontrunners Can Falter'

Campaign 2010 Ford's NY test drive *** Ford Takes Off Work to Assess Race *** Ford leaving Wall St. job to focus on Senate bid *** N.Y. Dems on edge as Ford, Gilly snipe *** Steve Levy is meeting with Republican leaders. (Newsday) *** Azi looked at Andrew Cuomo’s donors. (PNY) *** Harold Ford Jr. has taken a 30-day leave of absence from Merrill Lynch to travel the state and assess his potential challenge to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand *** Gillibrand's real problem might be her "non-regional American young female’s accent," or, as Reid Pillifant puts it: "She sounds more like the cheerleader than the class president." *** Tennessee Democratic Chairman Chip Forrester insisted Ford's House record was "pro-labor, pro-choice, pro-environment and pro-civil rights." *** The Republicans' wooing of Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy isn't sitting well with the GOP leader of Levy's hometown, Islip *** Thanks to Massachusetts, Harold Ford Jr. will run in New York, says Daily Intel *** And here's footage of Gillibrand's speech at Sharpton's M.L.K. event in Harlem earlier this week *** News Corp Donates to Cuomo 2010 *** Bloomberg to Albany: Don't kill the golden goose

Bloomberg Highlights Strategy

of Savings for City

Inside City Hall Mike shuffles the top brass *Bloomberg will deliver his ninth State of the City address in Astoria today **Top Deputies Trading Places at City Hall *** Mayor Bloomberg falls short on 2009 goals, ready to try again *** Bloomby's job switcheroo as city honchos rotate positions *** Source: Haiti Crisis To Be Included In State Of The City Address *** DN City Hall Bureau Chief Adam Lisberg spot checks the mayor's track record on past promises *** The Daily News wants an end to lulus in the City Council, and notes Inez Dickens, Jessica Lapin and Vincent Gentile opposed it, and then took them anyway *** Suit Charges Abuses by School Safety Officers *** Bloomberg Highlights Strategy of Savings for City *** City Signals Intent to Send Fewer Teenagers to Jail *** There wasn't much education news in Mayor Bloomberg's State of the City address.

Pay to Play City Council
Promises, promises: It's time for City Council members to stand up against lulus
New York Economic Melt Down Where the MTA must slash (NYP Ed) ***Gov: End 'reckless' MTA suits *** Leave No Sin Untaxed *** Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman defended the court system's request for a 7.4 percent spending increase that Paterson said ignores the "reality" of the state's financial troubles *** The city would lose $403 million in school aid and $328 million in general aid under Paterson's budget

Law and Order 'DWI cop' victim was drunk herself: autopsy *** Curses! Trial set for Rev. Al ex and daughter *** Glacial Pace in Jury Selection for a Capital Murder Trial *** A Robber in the Village Who Looks Improbably Familiar *** Lesson on Limits of Eminent Domain at Columbia *** The Sharptons head to trial

More City News Gonzalez: PAVE-ing way over B'klyn school *** NY1 Exclusive: City Names Coney Island Amusement Operator *** City Near Deal for New Coney Island Operator

Haiti U.S. Troops Patrol Haiti, Filling a Void *** More Bed-Stuy volunteers Haiti-bound *** NY1 In Haiti: Rescue Crews Work To Dig Survivor Out Of The Rubble *** An aftershock hit still-reeling Haiti. (WP)

Terrorism Ex-Convicts From U.S. Said to Join Yemen Radicals *** Gates, in India, Warns of Interlocking Terror Networks *** Outburst From Defendant in Afghan Shooting Trial *** Queens Man Is Accused in Plot to Kill U.S. Soldiers *** Cops will have double layer of security for kSM's 9/11 trial *** New Report On Yemen Warns Of 'Blond-Haired, Blue-Eyed' Terrorists
*** Yemeni troops target al-Qaida after pressure from US The Guardian

White House Dr. O's bill flatlining *** A Year Later, Voters Send a Different Message *** Obama Pressing for Protections Against Lenders ***Obama to Create Panel to Study Deficit *** PHOTOS: White House FINALLY Launches iPhone App *** Obama's health care bill in jeopardy after GOP's Brown tops Democrat Coakley for Kennedy Senate seat *** One Year Later, Dems' Dream Deferred - David Paul Kuhn, RealClearPolitics *** No Obama Obits, Please - Joe Conason, New York Observer *** What Does Obama Do Now? - Jay Cost, RealClearPolitics *** Obama Needs to Fight Back - Dan Kennedy, The Guardian *** Brown's Win a Blessing in Disguise for Obama - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe *** Forces of Change Now Target Obama - Smith, Martin, & Harris, Politico *** Obama's Done Everything Wrong - Mort Zuckerman, The Daily Beast *** Tim Geithner's Lifelong Love of Bailouts - Mark Calabria, New York Post *** Win Doesn't Negate Obama's Resounding HC Mandate - Boston Globe *** Hope Met Reality in Obama's First Year - San Francisco Chronicle *** Obama: 'People Are Angry'

Congress Democratic Defeat Imperils Health Care Overhaul *** Interviews Begin for Ex-Aides to Ensign *** Dems Should Still Pass Health Reform - Hacker & Hopkins, Washington Post *** The Democrats' Deadly Delay - Harold Meyerson, Washington Post *** Win Sends Shock Waves Through Blue-State Races - Kyle Trygstad, RCP *** The future of health care legislation is now unclear. (Politico) *** White House gate crashers invoke Fifth Amendment...

Political Party Independents, Democratic Base Still Aligned In Anger *** Anxious Dems have to go to Plan B for health care battle *** Dems Eye Bold Plan to Salvage Health Care *** Blame the Left for Massachusetts - Lanny Davis, Wall Street Journal *** Learning the Wrong Lessons From Massachusetts - Joan Walsh, Salon
Wall Street and the Economy Goldman delays its bonus announcement *** Probe AIG role, Ben says *** Borders falls on sales *** Pandit Is Running Out of Time to Clean Up Citigroup *** F.H.A. to Raise Standards for Mortgage Insurance *** Citigroup's slumping stock muzzles activist *** WATCH: Warren Buffett Blasts Obama's Plan To Tax Banks

National NJ Chris-tening New gov vows: 'Change has arrived' *** Taking Office, Christie Sees State’s Last Hope for Turnaround *** The Trials of Gavin NewsomWhy is Gavin Newsom, the mayor of San Francisco who authorized same-sex unions in 2004, leaving politics just when he feels he’s getting better at it? (Dowd NYT) *** Budget Ballot Initiatives Debated in Colorado

International Google: No cell China *** Is China an Enron? (Part 2)If China forces out Google and suppresses the nation’s flow of knowledge, then it will be time to short the Chinese Communist Party (NYT Ed) *** Evidence Found for Chinese Attack on Google *** Google Hopes to Retain Business Unit in China *** Google Delays Release of Cellphones in China

City Agrees to Conduct a Study on the Risks of PCBs in Schools

The Times to Charge for Frequent Access to Its Web Site

Media and New Tech
Judge tosses Dave foe's 'Tiger' defense *Judge Upholds an Indictment in Letterman Extortion Case** Google News users stop there Forty-four percent of visitors to Google News don't click through to the original links *** Sirius adds 257K subs *** If Your Kids Are Awake, They’re Probably Online *** You Saw What in ‘Avatar’? Pass Those Glasses! *** Policing IndecencyThe Federal Communications Commission’s highly subjective standard on indecency in rulings against Fox violates the First Amendment(NYT Ed) *** Fearing Hackers Who Leave No Trace *** Microsoft Puts a Time Limit on Bing Data *** Time's InStyle snaps up *** Conan's NBC Deal Held Up Over Staff, Crew Severance Payments *** Zucker: I've Received 'Death Threats'... Conan-Leno Decision Was 'A Mistake'
*** NBC: Conan's severance play pure 'PR ploy' *** New York Times to charge for articles online *** Letterman Rips Leno, Blames Him For Mess *** New 'Spider-Man 4' director has experience ... with romantic comedies *** 2006 FLASHBACK: Howard Stern Warned Conan That Leno Would Never Leave

Page 6 A rough go for Jet fan *** Last man standing Paula Abdul is gone and Simon Cowell is out after this season