Sunday, December 27, 2009

True News Updated All Weekend, Percy Sutton Harlem Trailblazer Dies

Hon Percy Sutton
Longest serving Manhattan borough president * First seriously regarded black candidate for mayor * Civil Rights Leader * Malcolm X Lawyer Harlem 'trailblazer', former World War II Tuskegee Airmen Percy Sutton dies * Percy Sutton, Eminent Black Politician, Dies at 89 * Legendary power broker Sutton dead at 89 * Malcolm X Attorney Percy Sutton Dead at 89 * Percy Sutton, Attorney For Malcolm X, Dies At 89 *** Civil Rights attorney Sutton dies (Wash Post) *** Loved Ones Mourn Death Of Percy E. Sutton (WCBS)

Harlem's Gang of 4 Sutton was a member of the Harlem Gang of 4 was an African-American political coalition from Harlem whose members became a major force in New York politics- Mayor David Dinkins, Congressman Charles Rangel, State Secretary of State Basil Paterson Gang of Four (Harlem) * Harlem Gang of Four Documentary Video

Sunday's Top Stories Elite U.S. Force Expanding Hunt in Afghanistan *** States With Expanded Health Coverage Fight Bill *** Congress neglecting the real 9/11 heros *** Paterson takes swipe at Cuomo's stance on Wall Street *Paterson, Teachers' Unions Face-off** SUNY wastes $29 billion, blames Paterson: report *** Buckle your seat belt for 2010: From Albany to Washington, expect tough and tight political campaign *** Morgy's final swipe at Mike *** City fumes as clubs smoke on *** 'Looted' for $563M Taxpayers coughing up record high settlements in big lawsuits ***NYPD presses cop-steroid ban ***CARD-ing profit$ As a result of the "Great Recession" credit card users are down... ***Kosher hosp cop canned *** Teen Stabbing Suspect Feared For Her Life, Parents Say *** Reports: Four Killed in Iran *** U.S. Troop Deaths Double in 2009 ***Israel promises tough response to attacks Washington Post *** China's premier says banks should curb lending BusinessWeek ***Frigid tradition of Coney Island Polar Bear Club takes breath away ***Ailing Dick Clark still rockin' in New Year ***Bloomberg's 2nd Term Ending ***9/11 Hero Dies of Cancer on Christmas Day *** Why Obama Stays Silent *** A Warning Obama Should Heed - David Broder, Washington Post *** Wall Street Bailout: The Great Sideshow of 2009 - Robert Reich, LA Times *** The World Still Doesn't Love Us - Frida Ghitis, Miami Herald *** What a Dismal Decade - Conrad Black, National Post *** A Decade of Lost Illusions - John Diaz, San Francisco Chronicle *** A Decade of Lost Illusions - John Diaz, San Francisco Chronicle *** NYC's New Year's Eve Ball Gets New Crystal *** Artist out to draw everyone in NYC *** City streamlines blood testing for DWI suspects *** Clyburn: Public Option Not Needed for Vote *** WATCH: House Dems May Give Up Public Option In Health Care Negotiations *** Schwarzenegger May Appeal to Obama as $21 Billion Deficit Defies Solution...

Airplane Terror Attack Another incident on plane in Detroit *** A ‘Nonserious’ Incident on Same Flight to Detroit (NYT)*** Authorities knew of Qaeda-linked bomber *** Flying the fiendish skies (NYP Ed) *** Officials Point to Suspect’s Claim of Qaeda Ties in Yemen(NYT) ***Passengers’ Quick Action Thwarted Attack ***New Restrictions Quickly Added for Air Passengers *** MSNBC Videos: Overview | Suspect | Security *** WATCH: Schuringa Describes Subduing Terrorist Suspect, Burning His Hands *** WATCH Passenger On Terror Attack Flight: Suspect's Legs 'Looked Melted Away' By Fire *** Flight 253 terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab led life of luxury in London before attempted attack*** Get smarter on terror: Detroit near-miss exposes big holes in security shield (DN Ed) ***Blunders demand answers PETER KING *** US plane attacker passed Nigeria security checks Reuters *** Increased Security Leads To Airport Delays ***NYers Furious Over Airline Security Lapse *** Family: Girl Stabbing Self Defense Against Group *** Fear and Heroism Aboard Flight 253 - Peter Slevin, Washington Post *** From Privilege to Radicalization - Solomon, et. al., Wall Street Journal *** Missed Warning Signs on Terror Attack - Gerald Posner, The Daily Beast *** No Let Up in Terrorist Threat - Sunday Telegraph *** Suspect's family voiced concern (Wash Post) *** Al-Qaeda in Yemen threatened US 4 days before terror attempt *** Flight 253: Blunders Demand Answers - Rep. Peter King, New York Post

Question of the Day
CROWLEY(CNN): Secretary Napolitano, let me ask you. It seems to me when Richard Reid got on the plane and tried to light his shoe with explosives, we all began to take off our shoes. When some British terrorists began to put substances together, that’s when we got the 3.4. Now we have this man, so an hour before your flight lands, everybody has to have everything off their lap and they can’t use a blanket and they can’t put a pillow there. It feels as though we’re always a little bit behind the curve, we’ve always correcting the last problem. Is there an attempt to kind of look forward and say, OK, what else is missing here when we look at this picture that we -- the little loopholes, if you will, that we can close here?"

Sunday's Talk Shows Review meetthepress Video: Napolitano: U.S. to review no-fly protocols *** Nostalgia: Power of the "Good Old Days" *** Napolitano: System Like 'Clockwork ' After Attack, Not So Sure About Before *This Sunday:Napolitano, Gibbs (Neet the Press** Krugman: 'Reasonably High Chance' the Economy Will Contract (This Week)*** This Weeks Predictions *** Napolitano: "The system worked" (Politico)*** Obama Orders Review of Airport Screening (face the Nation) *** Did U.S. Men in Pakistan Target Nuke Site? (CBS) *** Ex-CIA Operative Warns of Terror Attack Also Tells 60 Minutes U.S. Needs Partners On The Ground In Pakistan To Take Out Taliban And Al Qaeda *** Panel examines politics of health care Bloomberg, Gingrich, Patrick, Mitchell *** TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads (Huff Post) *** Lieberman: The U.S. Must Pre-Emptively Act In Yemen *** Bloomberg On Health Care: You Have To Question The Government We Have *** Rep. Peter King: "The System Did Not Work" *** CQ Transcript: WH Press Secretary Gibbs, Reps. King and Clyburn on CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’ *** CQ Transcript: DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen on ‘FOX News Sunday’ *** CQ Transcript: Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano on CNN’s ‘State of the Union’

What About the People? The Daily News' Errol Lewis wrote his article today on what we already know - the 2010 elections are about control of the State Senate and the House and it effects on redistricting. What is not in the column and what is going to be the deciding factor in all the races and who gets control of the different bodies of government is the economy and how the public if given a chance will express their outrage of their elective leadership. Correction the article state that the State Senate redraws council line. The mayor and council speaker and minority leaders appoint a committee that works for the next year to make sure every incumbent get the district they want. Also not written about in the column. Between now and the council redistricting the NYT, other papers and good government groups will do many editorials and press conferences to take the redistricting out of the incumbent pols hands, to no effect. Buckle your seat belt for 2010: From Albany to Washington, expect tough and tight political campaign

Saturday's Top Stories For First Time, Minority Vote Was a Majority * Unclean bill of health for NY Paterson upset over the costs of the new health bill to New York * Jet fliers tackle bomber * Terror Attempt Seen as Man Tries to Ignite Device on Jet * Met Police search London flat in US plane attack probe BBC News * Passengers help foil attack on Detroit-bound plane * Bomb Suspect May Be Prominent Banker's Son * Jasper Schuringa subdued alleged terrorist on Detroit-bound plane * Alleged Nigeria terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutall tries to explode Northwest Airlines 253 to Detroit * Girl who killed thug still in hiding as mom comes to her defense * Vatican Security Under Review After Pope Attack * Benedict forgives Susanna Maiolo one day after she knocked him down during Christmas Eve Mass * Christmas Cheer, At Last - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post * The Year of Living Recklessly - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post

Fighting Over the Crumbs Team Paterson is irked that the city pushed language into the Senate health care bill that forces the state to give it more cash, and is now trying to get that wording taken out. Paterson who is running on the no BS protector of a balanced budget is attacking the mayor in the press. The Mayor mindful of the danger of attacking the first afro american governor and the changing voting patterns in the city For First Time, Minority Vote Was a Majority moved quick to put out the Paterson hit. "The city and the state are always going to disagree on some things," given their differing responsibilities, Bloomberg said. Mayor downplays rift with gov. over health care funding

Broke MTA making money any way it can? A Brooklyn waiter returning home in an empty subway car at 2:30 in the morning was hit for the second time with a $50 fine by cops who said they were told to write tickets. Nighttime riders in big sit fit 'Space hogs' $lapped on empty subways. Maybe the mayor can loan the foot rests on his private airplane to this tax payer hard worker so he does hit for a third ticket. The NYP attacks Quinn who want to make up the budget shortfall by tapping into the MTA capital budget. It defends the city's billion dollar extension of the number 7 line by saying cuts in building new stops will do the same kind of damage as maintenance cuts during the 70's lead to poor service. If the MTA melt down continues you can bet the number 7 train and 2nd Avenue extension (mostly know for killing businesses along 2nd ave) will be on the chopping block or subject to cuts in funding which will delay there completion. Don't Mug the Subways (NYP Ed)

Christmas Day Top Stories AP sources: Al-Qaida link in failed plane attack * Suspected terrorist sets off explosives on Detroit-bound plane* Plane incident called an act of terrorism Los Angeles Times * Pope gets decked * Mayor Bloomberg downplays rift with Gov. Paterson over federal funding for NY in health care bill * B'klyn-death EMTs cower behind 'protocol' * Pols fear $1B loss for NY as plan clears Senate * Schumer, Gillibrand applaud health bill while Bloomberg, Paterson feel N.Y.'s pain * Health Care Changes Wouldn’t Have Big Effect for Many * Governor’s Friends Shun ‘David,’ Preferring Image More Like Goliath * Fewer Leave the State, Pushing Up Population but is probably not enough to prevent the loss of at least one House seat * Judge Ends Federal Oversight of City’s Waste System

"I suffer no illusions that this will be an easy process. It will be hard. But I also know that nearly a century after Teddy Roosevelt first called for reform, the cost of our health care has weighed down our economy and the conscience of our nation long enough. So let there be no doubt: health care reform cannot wait, it must not wait, and it will not wait another year." – President Barack Obama, February 24, 2009

Senate OKs health care measure, reaching milestone *** Senate passes health care reform bill: 60-39 vote gives President Obama early Christmas gift (DN) *** Senate Passes Health Care Bill in Party-Line Vote (NYT)

Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus
Popa Says: "If You See It In the New York Sun, It's So"

By Francis P. Church, first published in
The New York Sun in 1897'

Dear Editor— I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus. Papa says, “If you see it in The Sun, it’s so.” Please tell me the truth, is there a Santa Claus? Virginia O’Hanlon

Virginia, your little friends are wrong. They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age. They do not believe except they see. They think that nothing can be which is not comprehensible by their little minds. All minds, Virginia, whether they be men’s or children’s, are little. In this great universe of ours, man is a mere insect, an ant, in his intellect as compared with the boundless world about him, as measured by the intelligence capable of grasping the whole of truth and knowledge.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus! It would be as dreary as if there were no Virginias. There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and sight. The eternal light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished.

Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in fairies. You might get your papa to hire men to watch in all the chimneys on Christmas eve to catch Santa Claus, but even if you did not see Santa Claus coming down, what would that prove? Nobody sees Santa Claus, but that is no sign that there is no Santa Claus. The most real things in the world are those that neither children nor men can see. Did you ever see fairies dancing on the lawn? Of course not, but that’s no proof that they are not there. Nobody can conceive or imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unseeable in the world.

You tear apart the baby’s rattle and see what makes the noise inside, but there is a veil covering the unseen world which not the strongest man, nor even the united strength of all the strongest men that ever lived could tear apart. Only faith, poetry, love, romance, can push aside that curtain and view and picture the supernal beauty and glory beyond. Is it all real? Ah, Virginia, in all this world there is nothing else real and abiding.

No Santa Claus! Thank God! he lives and lives forever. A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay 10 times 10,000 years from now, he will continue to make glad the heart of childhood. Track Santa Online With Google Earth * One Santa for Two Decades at the South Street Seaport -*** The Yule Log Tradition Returns, Digitally Remastere

Stuy Town Owners Bank Robber Stopped After losing a billion and half for the California and Florida pension funds and who knows how much for the secretive New York pension funds (no transpanacy and everything is chopping up through middlemen investors). Also using their political connections to gain $1.5 billion of Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac funds, which were supposed to be used to keep tenants in affordable housing. The owners who bought the complex at inflated costs $5.4 billion planned until the courts stop them to raise the rents and push affordable tenants out. Tishman Speyer and BlackRock the owners, applied for bailout funds. Who is suppressed that there is a hidden fund to bail out developers. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which received 58 applications for bailout bonds under its Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF), accepted all but three of the requests, including the StuyTown application. No $1.5B gift for StuyTown *Fannie, Freddie caps nixed

Times Uncomplete Grade C-
NYT Editorial Calls For Pension Reforms
"So far, Mr. DiNapoli and other legislative leaders appear to be resisting any move to dilute the comptroller's sole control over investing this enormous public treasure. It is time for them to recognize that New York's pension is too big and the slide into corruption is too easy for one person to keep it safe and invest it wisely," writes the Times. . .

What the NYT Editorial does not talk about is the NYC's pension funds. Yes there is a board that makes the final decisions in the city, but the mayor's attacks against Thompson during the campaign that the city comptroller got a quarter of his campaign funds from middle men who have business with his office Mayor Bloomberg rips Thompson for taking cash from pension middlemen The fact of Bloomberg charges against Thompson's Pay to Play with the pension funds make it clear that the section of the NYT Editorial that calls for public campaign financing is not going to be enough to fix the problem. There must be smart transparency so that corruption like Hank Morris and Liberal Party leader Ray Harding who had nothing to do with campaign finance would get caught. The NYT editorial also did not report that fact that many of the money managers who are being investigated for Pay to Play with the California pension fund also do business with the city's pension fund. The leader of the new city comptroller John Liu transition team Carl McCall has a business as a money manager. True News has written about this often, so it is our conclusion that the NYT and others media are intentionally ignoring the connections. Pay to Play Pension Boss McCall Elliott Broidy contributed $5,000 to Public Advocate Betsey Gotbaum campaign in 2005. Gotbaum step son works for a money Manager firm called Blue Wolf which recieved over 60 million in city pension funds Pension Fund Pay to Play Hevesi Gotbaum: True News Exclusive* The Wolf at Thompson's Door

More From the NYT Editorial The Temptations of $126 Billion
"Earlier this month, a California venture capitalist pleaded guilty to helping his company land a very rich deal with New York’s pension fund. In order to manage a $250 million portion of the $126 billion state pension, Elliott Broidy gave nearly $1 million in gifts to officials in the state comptroller’s office. . . Mr. Hevesi resigned three years ago after admitting to a felony. Since then, two of his top former associates are fighting criminal charges relating to the pension fund investments. Four others have pleaded guilty for security fraud, including one of the last political bosses in the state: Raymond Harding, who was a leader of the Liberal Party. And an investigation of New York’s pension scandal by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and the Securities and Exchange Commission is ongoing. New York’s pension fund desperately needs protection. It needs to be guarded by financial experts and watched carefully by the public. It is about more than the fundamental need for good government in Albany, although that’s enough for most people. If the pension loses ground, taxpayers must make up the difference. The Temptations of $126 Billion. "

Christmas Eve Senator Caroline Kennedy? The mayor's team supported Caroline Kennedy for senate. Is the mayor dreaming out loud what Senator Caroline who was wrote that important NYT Op Ed for Obama during the campaign would have gotten from the White House for New York? Mayor calls Gilly to rip health fix as bad for NY * A President Like My Father * Embattled Rep. Charles Rangel tells New York not to fear health care reform - he'll safeguard state * Schumer's schmoozing wins over Nelson to get health care vote * Sen. Chuck Schumer defended the so-called "Nebraska compromise" that won Sen. Ben Nelson's vote, saying: "Every state got something." *** Local Leaders Worried About Health Care Bill's Effect On State UPDATE Be our champion, Charlie: Rangel needs to fix the anti-New York parts of health bill (DN Ed)

NYS Leaders Irresponsible
What is Next Bathroom Tax?
New York's self absorbed leaders are always seen congrualting themselves every time they come up with another way to put the finger in the dam to prevent the state from running our of money. It not about glue and bandages is about running the state which grows economy, a concept no even on the table and the people who have faith in their leaders ability. No wonder why the public is so unhappy. What they do not understand is the public and business who watches the clown show and reads the coming doom editorials are voing with their feet and moving out of the city Money moving Fleeing NYers richer than newcomers * City faces middle-class exodus - Crain's New York Business *** Economists Discover Source of New Yorkers' Misery (Gawker) * Could you count more than one or two Albany reporters who have uncovered any corruption beyond covering inditements and trials. The New York Observer blog says "They explain the doings of this crazy Capitol, and find as much 'fun' in the dysfunction as possible." Did the reporters in Rome have fun as it burned? I LOL every time I see the long line in the Emergency Rooms and think of Tony Seminario looting two million from a queens hospitalThe Reporters of the State Capitol * Queens Assemblyman Pleads Guilty in Corruption Case - City Room

Inside City Hall
Brave boss for the Bravest: New fire commish Sal Cassano is an old hand *** No Inaugural Bash this Time Around for Mayor Bloomberg *** Minority Voters The Majority In City Election *** Pol wants to seize Bloomberg's townhouse Petition by State Senator Bill Perkins: acquire the home of Mayor Michael Bloomberg to provide 500 units of affordable housing
Gov of La Mancha Albany Wait 'til Jan. on school aid: gov *** Paterson to Host Executive Mansion Open House on New Year's Day *** Paterson's Legal Rebuttal *** Paterson responds to education groups: I will not be intimidated *** David Paterson formally rebutted a law suit claiming he improperly stalled money due school districts *The pertinent court documents are here ** Paterson said it doesn't really matter, because the money will be there in January *** State budget chaos years in the making Political, economic and spending practices create a toxic brew*** Lt. Gov. Ravitch to think-tank critics: 'Say your piece or shut up' *** Paterson: Empire Zone program likely to see changes *** Paterson's Legal Rebuttal*** Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos wants New York to join other states in suing over the Nelson deal *** Future NY Teachers Avoid State's New Pension Plan (WINS) ***Paterson Stands Firm On Refusal To Release Education Funds *** Video Activists Protest Anti-LGBT NY Senator Monserrate's Christmas Party*** In Albany, Diogenes Searches For An Honest Man (Queens Tribune) *** Call Him Governor, Not David *** Paterson 'Deeply Troubled' By Senate Health Care Bill *** "David Paterson paid a surprise visit to the party; it was very nice," the Bronx Democrat said. "We gave him a standing ovation."

Election 2010 Rudy punts again (NYPEd) *** Giuliani's announcement opens doors for other Republicans *** Dan Janison is highly skeptical of a Rep. Pete King-for-Senate campaign *** It seems like the Republican focus will be the State Senate, which is odd for a party that used to be known as a top of the ticket party With Giuliani Out, New York G.O.P. Lacks a Name for 2010 - *** Staten Island’s Donovan ventures upstate: GOP’s AG candidate? (TU)
New York Economic Melt Down Parents to the re$cue at elite HS *** Nets Are So Terrible, Concessions Cost More Than Tix
Law and Order 500 shopping carts stolen from new Bronx Toys 'R' Us *** Jon plus 'hate' apt. trashing *** Jon Gosselin's UWS apartment ransacked *** Video: Bloody Fight On The 6 Train*** NYPD Outlines New DWI Protocol (NY1)
*** Christmas Day Woman fatally knifes thug in subway attack, then flees on F train *** Gotti invites members of hung jury for Christmas dinner *** Worker at Brooklyn doughnut factory finds corpse *** 13-year-old faces kidnap rap *** Two Arrested In Connection With Deadly Push-In Robbery *** Woman Kills Thug, Then Flees on SubwayWho Judges the Judges Effort Begun to End Voting for Judges

More City News World Trade Center is tall order for Subway *** No exodus from New York City after 9/11, report shows *** Union Brings Rat to Cemetery *** Price is R(x)ight Dept of Health wants to create Drug Discount Program *** Residents at city shelter forced to give up their pets *** AMC Empire 25 is busiest theater in nation *** Hardhat 'lucky to be alive' after falling 8 stories *** City cabs to be topped off with modern art ***His Specialty? Making Old New York Talk in Dutch
Terrorism New York
Deciding Terror Trial’s Venue Is a Complex Case *** Hero 9/11 first responder Jim Ryan dies at 48 *** New York fliers rage at security lapse after alleged terrorist tries to blow up Flight 253 *** Can Khalid Shaikh Mohammed Get A Fair Trial In NYC?
*** Christmas Day NY Court: Consider Harsher Sentence in Terror Case *** Is Ft. Hood Cleric Dead? *** Home of imam linked to Ft. Hood gunman bombed: report *** The Where of a Coming Terror Trial Is a Case in Itself
White House
Taking Work Home (Even When Home Means Hawaii) *** O’s unwise silence Tens of thousands of anti-regime protesters took to the streets *** The Obama Way - Ross Douthat, New York Times *** Retracing the footsteps of young Obama *** Bloomberg Editor: Obama Economic Team Needs To Get Its Act Together *** Bomb plot complicates Gitmo plan *** Obama's Ambitions Outpace His Effectiveness - Doyle McManus, LA Times *** Why the President Went Golfing Yesterday - Marc Ambinder, The Atlantic *** All of the Sudden Obama is Shy? - Jim Geraghty, National Review *** Obama's Biggest Trouble is Afghanistan - Michael Crowley, The Observer
*** Saturday The Obama WayPresident Obama baffles observers because he’s an ideologue and a pragmatist all at once, and he prefers cutting deals to walking away from the negotiating table (DOUTHAT NYT) *** Debate Shows Obama Plays by Washington’s Rules *** Commander to Rescind a Provision on Pregnancy *** White House: President Obama Monitoring Failed Terror Attempt From Hawaii FOXNews *** Distinct views of Afghan strategy (Wash Post) *** The Obama Way - Ross Douthat, New York Times *** What Drives Obama's Agenda? - Victor Davis Hanson, Pajamas Media *** World Leaders Saying No to Obama - Shmuel Rosner, Slate *** ObamaCare: Doctors, Patients Will Lose - Scott Gottlieb, Wall Street Journal *** Obama's Climate Challenge
*** Christmas Day
The Obamas Begin Vacation in Hawaii *Obama arrives in Hawaii for vacation in state where he was born ** WATCH: Obamas Send Christmas Greetings To Troops In Special Joint Weekly Address *** Taliban releases video believed to be of captured soldier *** US military drops ban on soldiers getting pregnant CNN *** Dean’s Health Care Spat With Obama Shows Party Divisions

Congress The Next Step on Health Reform It will take great political will to fuse the Senate’s health care reform bill with the more expansive reform approved by the House and enact a final version (NYT Ed) *** Washington Dems Gorge on Absolute Power - Nolan Finley, Detroit News *** U.S. Victory on Healthcare Reform - Sahil Kapur, The Guardian *** Senate Takes Historic Health Care Vote - San Francisco Chronicle *** Kirk, Giannoulias ahead in Illinois *** Which Special Interest Groups Won -- And Lost -- On The Senate's Bill? *** Dem Senator Introducing Filibuster Reform In January ***DCCC Chair 'Very Confident' There Will Be No More Defections *** Dems to W.H.: Drop cap-and-trade ***Vegas Publisher to Reid: Where's Nevada's gift? *** House backers of public insurance option may yield *** Doughtnut hole in Medicare eyed (Wash Post)
*** Saturday Catholic Group Supports Senate on Abortion Aid *** Righting a Wrong, Much Too LateCongress finally repealed a ban on federal financing for needle exchange programs, but lawmakers need to show more courage fighting for sound medical judgment (NYT Ed) *** Reapportionment Roundup *** U.S. Victory on Healthcare Reform - Sahil Kapur, The Guardian *** Nancy Pelosi Cares About Getting the Job Done - Eleanor Clift, Newsweek *** Democrats and Politics as Usual - Ruth Marcus, Washington Post *** Health Vote Moves Us Toward Tipping Point - Jay Ambrose, OC Register *** Sensible Financial Reform - Nicole Gelinas, Los Angeles Times *** We Need Senate Reform - Ezra Klein, Washington Post *** Senate Takes Historic Health Care Vote - San Francisco Chronicle *** The Senate Postmortem - Wall Street Journal *** Democrats' Health Care Debacle - Chicago Tribune *** Health Bill Represents Giant Step Forward - Miami Herald
*** Christmas Day Health Care: Now's the Hard Part *** For Reid, a Hard Climb to the Pinnacle *** Tidings of ComfortImperfect as it is, the health care reform bill, which will likely become a law, will make America a better country (Krugman NYT) *** As Health Bill Advances, Few Changes Seen for Millions * A Morning of Democratic Glee and Republican Glumness *** Health care reform bill that passed Senate is a monstrosity - and a giant step for America *** Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Oh, and Health Care Too! *** Toughest stretch may lie ahead (Wash Post) *** Health care bill loophole benefits insurance companies | Capitol Hill Blue
*** Thursday A New Life Nursing Their Damaged Warriors Congress needs to stop dallying and pass a law that would provide a small stipend to a spouse or parent caring for a beloved war veteran (NYT Ed) *** In Senate Vote on Health Care Overhaul, New Partisan Vitriol *** Despite Fragile Health, Byrd Is Present for Votes *** Report Uncovers No Voting Fraud by Acorn *** Senators Settle a Wall St. Impasse *** Those back-room Senate health bill deals could be a real gift*** The Greatest Achievement of Our Time - Jonathan Chait, The New Republi *** sing Legerdemain on an Unpopular Bill - Michael Barone, DC Examiner *** What Would Real Health Care Reform Look Like? - Ronald Bailey, Reason *** Establishing Universal Care is a Good Start - Gene Lyons, Salon *** Arrogance, Corruption and Stupidity - Sen. Tom Coburn, RealClearPolitics *** Nancy Pelosi Cares About Getting the Job Done - Eleanor Clift, Newsweek *** Dems Need to Move Back Toward Center - William Daley, Washington Post *** Democrats' Health Care Debacle - Chicago Tribune *** Health Bill Represents Giant Step Forward - Miami Herald *** Senate Rushes Health Bill Without Careful Vetting - Detroit News *** Senate and House in search of health-care compromise Washington Post *** Congress raises debt ceiling to $12.4 trillion *** Kerry Wants to Visit Tehran ***Dem Rep Rebuffs GOP Overture *** Sunrise vote opens next health phase *** Neb. gov. to Nelson: Keep the money *** Harry Reid votes NO on health care! *** The Senate Majority Leader’s Oh-No Vote *** Byrd Votes: 'This Is For My Friend Ted Kennedy. Aye!'*** In Congress, searching for a deal (Wash Post)

Wall Street and the Economy Sorry, Shoppers, but Why Can’t Amazon Collect More Tax? *** Layoffs in the William Morris-Endeavor Merger ***
*** Saturday End of 'broker votes' promises reform *** At Tiny Rates, Saving Money Costs Investors *** Recession? Teenagers Get It, and Are Cutting Back *** Toyota to Launch New Hybrid
*** Christmas Day
Top 10 Wall Street Winners ***U.S. promises unlimited aid to mortgage giants Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac *** Goldman Sachs CEO Named 'Person Of The Year' By Financial Times
*** Thursday
Chilly Climate for Oil Refiners *** Loan Program May Stir Nuclear Industry *** Recession Slows Population Rise Across Sun Belt *** Feinberg Approves Pay for 3 Officials *** Consumer Spending Rises, but Home Sales Drop *** Buffett's back Warren Buffett is in talks to buy GMAC's Residential Capital *** Berkshire tosses buckets of Moody's shares *** Homes slid in November *** Goldman factor haunts Bernanke's testimony *** Buffett's company continues cutting Moody's stake *** Wal-Mart will continue holiday deals even after Christmas *** Jobless claims take a sharp and unexpected drop; 16th straight week of improvement is seen as an encouraging economic ... *** AIG Chief Battles U.S. Over Pay - Wall Steet Journal ($) *** Fannie, Freddie Execs Get Big Payday - Wall Steet Journal ($) *** Mortgage chiefs could get $6M

Wall Street Pay to Play Madoff in jail hosp *Madoff son of a gun** Bernie Madoff had dizziness, high blood pressure: prisons *** Response to Goldman Sachs (Huff Post) ***No Madoff Money for Real Estate Lawyer in Divorce Case *** NYer Can't Recover Madoff Millions from Ex-Wife
*** Thursday
Madoff moved to prison medical center *** Banks Bundled Bad Debt, Bet Against It and Won *** Madoff mystery illness *Madoff treated for facial fractures, broken ribs*Madoff hospitalized after assault: report* Cuomo vow on AIG bonuses falling short *** Picard's math puts Madoff victims first *** Goldman Sachs, Others Sold Bad Debt To Clients While Betting Against It

National Stadium Boom Deepens Municipal Woes *** Helicopters Are Casualty in Cutbacks by the Police *** Former Knicks center Dudley running for governor of Oregon *** How to Shatter the 'Highest, Hardest' Glass Ceiling - Anne Kornblut, WP
*** Thursday At Fort Hood, Reaching Out to Soldiers at Risk *** Recession Slows Population Rise Across Sun Belt *** Schwarzenegger Presses U.S. for More Aid for Needy California *** Recession Slows Population Rise Across Sun Belt *** Decade of Disappointments Comes to End - Thomas Schaller, Baltimore Sun *** A Toast to Our Heroes - David Ignatius, Washington Post *** Let's Count Our Many American Blessings - Andrea Tantaros, NY Dly News *** Blessings Abundant in Tough Times - John Kass, Chicago Tribune *** Sacramento, Washington Pile Up the Debt - San Diego Union-Tribune *** Census shows Texas population figures up Houston Chronicle *** South To Get More Political Power *** OSHA Cites Disney World for Multiple Safety Violations - Orlando Sentinel *** Some Tex. Charities Spend Bulk of Donations on Telemarketing - Morning News

International Witnesses Report Fierce Clashes at Tehran Protest *** Their own worst enemies: Hamas-ruled Gaza suffers while West Bank thrives *** Iranian Protesters Defy Ban, Clash With Police - Nazila Fathi, NY Times *** The Militarization of Iran - Raja Kamal and Karim Pakravan, Boston Globe *** Global Freedom Had Few Blooms in '09 - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune *** Iranian opposition leader's nephew killed in clash *** Reassessing North Korea (Wash Post)
*** Saturday Chinese economy to top Japan *** Rough Road Rebuilding Aceh After Tsunami *** Clashes With Police Reported in Iran *** President Karzai’s Inauspicious Start With last week’s cabinet choices, President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan squandered a chance to shake up his government after eight years of corruption (NYT Ed) *** 230,000 victims of 2004 tsunami honored in ceremonies *** Start the revolution: Power to the people as public takes on Iranian dictators (DN Ed) *** Asia Remembers Deadly 2004 Tsunami *** India Governor, 86, Resigns After 3-Woman Sex Tape *** China unveils 'world's fastest train link' *** Iraqi and Iranian forces stand off over oil well
*** Thursday For American Workers in China, a Culture Clash *** Brazilian family delivers boy to NJ dad *** After 5-yr.-fight, NJ dad finally reunited with son in Brazil *** Venezuela Warns on Toyota Plant *** Pope Knocked Down by Woman at Mass ***Sweden's bizarre tradition of watching Donald Duck (Kalle Anka) cartoons on Christmas Eve

Environment Air Quality Guidelines Face Unexpected Critics *** City Officials Say Drilling in Watershed Has Risks *** Man-Made Global Warming is a Farce - Alexander Cockburn, The Nation *** Mayor Bloomberg Introduces MillionTreesNYC in Copenhagen to the U.N. > NYRP > NYRP Today *** Earth-Friendly Elements, Mined Destructively *** New gas wells leave more chemicals in ground

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