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Senator Who Fought for New York's Funding

Senator Daniel Moynihan
"New York Does Not Get Its Fair Share of the Federal Budget" (1976)

Senator Who Fought for New York's Funding In 1976, former Sen. Moynihan created something called the “Fisc Report,” which researched how much each state contributed to the federal budget verses how much it got back. This report, published until Sen. Moynihan retired, found that New Yorkers don’t get nearly as much back from the government as they put in. He worked to reduce that imbalance, both through Medicaid funding on the Finance Committee and public works on the Environment and Public Works Committee. Daniel Patrick Moynihan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jelly-brand dummies up Ducks NYP Interview . . . Both Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Paterson say ObamaCare will be a financial nightmare for the Empire State. disproportionate burdens on New York state and New York City."Burdens, says Paterson, that could cost the state $1.1 billion to $1.25 billion a year in Medicaid funding... a press aide spoke forSen. Kirsten Gillibrand: "The Senate health-care bill is good for New York [because it would] provide health insurance to 2.7 million residents who do not currently have it." . . . and that's a crying shame, because this isn't about passing out a little pork. It's about an inequitable Medicaid funding formula, thanks to which New York has gotten the short stick for decades. Under the Senate bill, other states will see their Medicaid reimbursements rise to an average of 65 percent -- while New York's would remain flat at just 50 percent, the lowest in the nation (NYP Ed) * Gilly's 2nd opinion Defends health bill against gov and Bloomberg (NYP) * Dave and Mike: Med plan would be bitter pill for NY * Schumer mum on health bill that could hurt NY * The Senate health care bill would hurt community care clinics in New York City *** Taken for a huge ride: State's Medicaid mistakes are costing the taxpayers multimillions *** Schumer goes hunting, bags Nelson*** Skelos: Sue the Health Care Bill *** Schumer Says Every State Got Special Treatment in Health Bill (Bloomberg News)
Almost Kingsbridge Armory Last Mall in New York? With the coming commercial crash it could be a very long time before the new mall can be financed and built in New York. Commercial Real Estate Industry Poised For Collapse Due To Lack Of Liquidity * Welcome To The Most Depressing Commercial Real Estate Disaster In America *'No jobs': A promise he'll keep Kingsbridge Armory (NYP) *** Protestors storm Queens Center Mall over living wage *** Julissa Ferreras and Danny Dromm extend the Kingsbridge Armory fight to Queens Center Mall *** The Bronx May be Up But Its Wages Are the Lowest * On the Jobless Front in NYC: Now You Can See How Poorly Your Own Neighborhood is Doing

Judicial Fix Crooked Brooklyn judge Gerald Garson leaves halfway house; served 6 months less than minimum sentenct *** Outrage over early release of judge who fixed cases Garson took advantage of a state law, which allows non-violent offenders a one-sixth reduction in time off their minimum sentences if they complete mandatory substance abuse counseling and other educational programs, said a department of parole spokeswoman.
Top Tens's most popular articles, 1-10 *** The Year T0hat Wasn't: What Didn’t Happen in 2009 *** The 2000’s in review: All in the family *** The Top Stories of 2010 (Gotham Gazette) *** The 12 Biggest Political Surprises Of The Decade (Huff Post) *** Top 10 NYS Stories of the Decade! (Times Union) *** Top Stories of 2009 (Our Town) *** 2009 In Review: Crime Is Down But NYPD Still Faces Challenges (NY1) *** 2009 In Review: New Health Chief, Same Attack On Smoking, Obesity (NY1) *** 10 Things to Know About Real Estate in 2010

2010 Election New York G.O.P. Lacks Big Name for 2010 Slate *** Giuliani Says Farewell, for Now, to Politics *** Giuliani leaves political stage, citing Rio Olympics as reason *** Giuliani Endorses Lazio For Governor *** Newsday imagines who'll fill the power vacuum for Republicans.

Inside City Hall EMT duo may face jail time *** New FDNY boss goes high-tech *** SAT help for all ***Judge slams city's preppy-sport boo$t *Gonzalez: Randalls Island ballfield deal nixed again** New Randalls Island Deal With Private Schools Is Rejected *** Scoppetta looks back fondly on FDNY career *** Mother: Paramedics Were 'Inhuman' Not To Help Dying Pregnant Daughter *** Joel Klein and Michael Bloomberg "steamrolled" Randi Weingarten, says The American Spectator *** Detectives union President Michael Palladino slams the Council for its "impaired judgment" in approving the Sean Bell street renaming *** Prediction: Obama And Bloomberg Will Transform Technology In 2010 *** Devotion to Family and Duty Drives New Fire Commissioner *** Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications Commissioner Paul Cosgrave will “retire”

Gov of La Mancha Albany
"Whatever happens to me, I think I'm bringing a brand of governance to this state," David Paterson told the (Pulitzer-prize winning) editorial board of the Glens Falls Post-Star during a visit to his office *** Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb is pushing for a constitutional convention *** Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos wrote in the Times Union that the Democrats' absolute power has corrupted them *** Sampson Sidles On DSCC attack on Paterson *** Gov. David Paterson thinks lawmakers in the minority should be more "independent," which, to him, sometimes means taking on your own party *** The Times blames Albany for much of New Yorkers' unhappiness *** Forget the five-minute fake: Foolish parking-ticket grace period is an invitation to chaos *** N.Y. pols must all come clean -- even the lawyers *** Liu Courts the Press in Many Languages *** PM Paterson vows to fight school-aid suit *** Cuomo assesses ’09*** Rules For Ravitch *** Governor files response to lawsuit on school funding delays
New York Economic Melt Down Hipsters set up trailer park in Bushwick *** Sick state of Medicaid fraud *** Unhealthy market KOs health products bldg *** Little cheer this season for charity fundraising *** A Quiet End for Boys Choir of Harlem *** Audit Says State Wasted $92 Million on Medicaid *** When Just About Any Work Will Do, Including Shoveling Snow *** Consumer Affairs Dept. Finds Bait-And-Switch Ads Among Local Used Car Dealers *** 2010 Will Be Year of Bankrupt Governments - Ralph Peters, New York Post *** We (Fill in the Blank) New York A study that ranked New York as the unhappiest state doesn’t measure what keeps us here *** Taxpayers finance $196,000 ride Audit shows taxi cab bill among abuses of health care system for indigent *** Taken for a huge ride: State's Medicaid mistakes are costing the taxpayers multimillions

Law and Order Mom-slay kids 'kidnapped' *** Diplomatic burglary bust *** JFK fish 'rap' Endangered-species 'smuggler' *** Police called to handle unruly Delta crowd at JFK *** Cops find baby allegedly taken by her 13-yr.-old aunt *** EMTs lack remorse for ignoring dying woman: co-workers *** Quick-thinking gas station clerk foils robbery *** Police Investigate Death Of Brooklyn Girl Found In Snow *** Modern Day Moonshiners Set Up Shop In Williamsburg *** 'Balloon Boy' Dad Gets 90 Days in Jail, 4 Years Probation *** NYU official stole $409K from school: prosecutors ***PM Judge Halts Broadway Triangle Plan *** Study: Non-Whites More Likely to Be Arrested for Weed Than Whites

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Pay to Play Congress Michele Bachmann's Family Farm Got $250,000 In Federal Subsidies

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Palin Bans Four Bloggers from Book Event

Health Care
Weighing Medical Costs of End-of-Life Care

Wall Street S&P 500 investors set to lose money for the decade *** AIG Execs Have Repaid Just $19 Million Of $165 Million They Promised To Return *** Ford Reaches Deal to Sell Volvo to Chinese Automaker *** Thousands May Incorrectly Be Using Stimulus Tax Breaks *** Winter Storms Interrupted, but Didn’t Dissuade, Late Shoppers *** Economy Growing, But Less Than Expected *** Moneyman made billions with banks while others bailed
*** Americans Without WorkWashington must make generating new jobs for adults, as well as inner-city teenagers, the undisputed priority for 2010 (NYT Ed) *** Citi Remains D.C's Biggest Challenge - Holman Jenkins, Wall Street Journal *** Businesses Brace for Health Care ***AIG executives haven't kept their bonus promises to AG Andrew Cuomo ***Third-Quarter Growth Weaker Than First Thought - *** November New Home Sales Sink 11%, Lowest Level Since April *** Housing market still faces rocky recovery (MSNBC)

Pay to Play Wall Street
Little cheer this season for charity fundraising *** Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff moved out of cell for treatment *** Bernie Madoff moved out of cell for medical treatment

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International Brazil boost for NJ dad ***A'jad thumbs nose at nuke deadline *** Plane Overshoots Runway in Jamaica *** Trial of Prominent Chinese Dissident Begins *** Clashes With Police Reported in Iran *** Russian, rich and ready to buy *** Millions of Christians Still Face Persecution - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe *** As Ahmadinejad Bullies the West, Unrest Grows in Iran - Washington Pos *** Clashes at Montazeri ceremony, Iran opposition says BBC News *** 'Hamas received Israeli offer, will respond in coming days' *** Taliban Blow Up Girls' School In Pakistan *** Bin Laden's Closest Family Found Hiding in Iran *** Gordon Brown to testify before Iraq inquiry *** Auschwitz 'foreign' intrigue *** Prominent Chinese Dissident Is Tried *** Report Says Afghan Anti-Drug Effort Lacks Strategy *** Trial in China Signals New Limits on Dissent

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