Monday, December 21, 2009

Needed Health Care Expansion, Not the Needed Public Option Reforms

Needed Health Care Expansion
Not the Needed Public Option Reforms

Believe me that health care expansion saves lives and for that reason alone needs to pass, it does no reform the health care system or control costs. The NYT Paul Krugman right on the point today when he wrote "the need for 60 votes to cut off Senate debate and end a filibuster — a requirement that appears nowhere in the Constitution, but is simply a self-imposed rule — turned what should have been a straightforward piece of legislating into a nail-biter. And it gave a handful of wavering senators extraordinary power to shape the bill. . . Doing nothing to reform the senate is not an option — not unless you want the nation to sit motionless, with an effectively paralyzed government, waiting for financial, environmental and fiscal crises to strike." Filibuster Shouldn't Stop Needed Reform. What we have now is a Wink and Nod to continue a corruption of a system of lobbyist, extortion and pay to play Nelson, Lieberman emerge as shame of Senate *** Health Insurance Company Stock Prices Up*** Health Insurance Companies Stock Rising By Double Digit * Seeing Public Subsidy (Not Public Option) Investors Flock to Health Insurers

The New Congressional Checks and Balances The checks are to elected officials from insurance companies to improve the balances of congressional members campaign accounts. Health Insurance Industry Contributions to Politicians *** Bill Moyers Journal . Money, Politics and Health | PBS ***Health care stocks rise after Dems drop public option

"It's almost immoral what they are doing," Pelosi said to reporters, referring to insurance companies. "Of course they've been immoral all along in how they have treated the people that they insure," she said, adding, "They are the villains. They have been part of the problem in a major way. They are doing everything in their power to stop a public option from happening." Nancy Pelosi, July 30, 2009

Health Care = Saul Alinsky + Chicago Politics Obama goal with health care was to make sure the 30,000,000 without health care were covered. Community organizer Obama was a student of Alinsky's who main goal was to improving the living conditions of poor. Like ACORN Alinsky became very successful in the 50's making a lot of enemies. Chicago machine politics is known from making the deal regardless who your screw. No public Option, medicare buy in and a tax on union's Cadillac tax of their members health care plans has made a lot of people very unhappy. The Obama team is doing a great job keep their friends (liberals and union leaders) who were screwed quiet during the senate debate. Stabenow hoping 'Cadillac tax' will be relaxed during conference * Democratic Promise - Saul Alinsky

Pay to Play Pension Boss McCall As usually it what the NYP does not say in there story about the pension manager firm Ariel Capital Management that is most important. McCall firm skips city biz Ariel an investment company tied to Carl McCall -- and fired by the city last year -- says it won't bid for city pension business while he's the chief adviser to incoming city Comptroller John Liu. McCall's job with Comptroller Liu is that of transition chief that will expire once the comptrollers office is fully staffed. Does that mean the company which was dismissed over disappointing returns and involved in pay to play with the outgoing Thompson ($30,000 to the campaigns contibution) will return once McCall is finish with the transition. After all a lot of people in Liu office will owe their jobs to him. And McCall has done business with more than one company who do New York pension fund business and was no stranger to pay to play when he was comptroller Accountants and law firms Gave to Carl McCall After Getting State Contract *** Carl McCall is also under investigation by the the AG in the pension scandal is to be named to head John Liu transition team * McCall's linked to pension fund mess *** Ex-Comptroller Carl McCall Is Part of New York Pension Inquiry McCall firm Convent Capital was subpoenaed in May, because he accepted a money manager fee and was unlicensed by the SEC. McCall received $48,221 for assisting Steinberg Asset Management in 2005 which received 25 million in pension funds from State Comptroller Hevesi. After he turned over the papers McCall said in a statement, that this is the only deal in which he participated involving the fund he once controlled. What about Ariel Capital Management? McCall is the former State Comptroller(1993 to 2002). McCall also admitted that he talk to Mr. Loglisci, who is currently indicted for his role in the pension scandal. Ariel Capital Management was a big contributor to indicted former Chicago Governor Blagojevich Pension fund firms big donors to gov :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES * The Wolf at Thompson's Door * Everyone is Covering Up the Pension Scandal for Their Own Reasons UPDATE CalPERS probing investment advisor's ties to middleman Documents show Alfred J.R. Villalobos was helping private equity firms win deals with the California pension fund while also working for a firm hired by CalPERS to give it investment advice. Villalobos firm Arvco CapitalAfter Introduction From Ferrer, Firm Earned $100,000 From State Pension Fund

Grade Left Blank Bloomberg the media master ducks a question on CNN yesterday that would get him into the middle of the dust up surrounding the president giving himself a good B pluss Mike won't make 'grade' on prez *** Tan Tax Costs

Top Tens AP's Top Stories Of 2009: Economy, Obama & More *** Losers abound in NY politics this year (DickerNYP) *** Turmoil and Term Limits: Top Stories of 2009 (Gotham Gazette) *** PHOTOS: Remembering the notable names we lost this decade *** Worst Decade in 50 Years (Time Magazine) *** Top Stocks of the Decade: What the Winners Tell Us

Campaign 2010 Gov taps O trasher to dig dirt on Andy *** GOP Senate Hopeful Gives Obama An 'F'

Gov of La Mancha Albany
Losers abound in NY politics this year (DickerNYP) *** Spending through the roof Albany to get $48.7M skylights amid cri$is *** Pardon him, governor: Brooklyn victim of political persecution should be exonerated John O'Hara (NYDN Ed) *** Dem party's new guru calls gov's lack of popularity a 'major cause of concern' *** The TU pans the Senate's recent reform efforts as "faux" *** Albany Deadlock Could Derail Belmont Stakes
*** Read the 2010 State Budget E-Budget *** The Mohawk Valley Chamber of Commerce approved a resolution calling for Sen. Hiram Monserrate's resignation ***PM Giuliani to announce he will not run for U.S. Senate (NYDN) New York's Economic and Competency Melt Down EMT duo on break let pregnant mom die *Mom rips EMTs accused of refusing to help daughter** Diners lose a Midtown hidden gem *** NYC's Gold-Plated Worker Perks *** Belmont at Stake: Budget mess threatens Triple Crown race *** Schools shortchange special needs kids, sending them home early *** Many municipalities boost their pension and pay for uniformed workers despite the recession. (TU) *** Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson pens an op-ed on bipartisanship and committee chairs, but doesn’t get too specific. (TU) *** The expiring Empire Zone program is causing uncertainty for many businesses *** Paterson: NY Being 'Punished' By Health Care Reform Bill *** Citizens Budget Commission President Carol Kellermann says the city can't remain competitive if it keeps up its current pension system *** Youth To Protest MTA Ending Free Student MetroCards *** Anticipating Atlantic Yards Eviction, Freddy's Bar Wraps Itself in Chains *** DiNapoli: NY Schools Could Face $2B Shortfall *** Glass ends year half full in office market After a scary start, 2009 ends with a semblance of calm, although reduced rents and higher vacancies force more landlords to hand their building keys back to lenders *** PM Gov: Health care bill could cost NY more than $1B *** Tishman’s $5.4 Billion Boomerang Gives Speyer Lesson (Update1) *** The Government Elite Are Shielded from Economic Reality (Gabe Pressman) *** Report: Half A Million Brooklyn Residents On Food Stamps *** Best and Worst in NYC Transit in 2009

Pay to Play
Bruno trial jurors say state disclosure laws are a joke. (TU) *** Joseph Bruno corruption case revives debate of full-time vs. part-time legislators *** Court ruling could let Bruno & Seminerio off the hook*** Lobbyist, Monitor Thyself

Law and Order Gun-stasher mystery in Upper W. Side triple slay *** WATCH: D.C. Cop pulls gun on crowd at snowball fight *Boozed-up mom is first NYer charged under Leandra's Law** Bernard Geotz talks to Cindy Adams on the 25th anniversary of his shooting *** PM Brooke Astor’s Son Is Sentenced to Prison *** Astor's Son To Serve One To Three Years In Prison *** Judge orders NYPD to reveal racial data on all people shot at by cops from 1997 to 2006 ***NY Feds Tickled Pink About Eddie Boyle's Brooklyn CaseMore City News Shoppers flee fire at Macy's *** Fire forces 5,000 holiday shoppers to flee Macy's *** Fire Ravages Three Businesses in the Bronx *** PM Brooklyn's biggest building getting popular flea market
White House Mixed Bag for Obama on Climate Change Deal Amid the Recession *** A President Who Loves Deadlines *** Obama’s Foreign Engagement Scorecard *** ObamaCare: A Parody of Leadership - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek *** Change Nobody Believes In - Wall Street Journal *** David Axelrod & Howard Dean Debate Health Care - Meet the Press *** White House Silence Keeps Saga of Salahi Breach Alive - Wash. Post *** AMA endorses Senate healthcare bill *** The Big Question: Will healthcare provide a political boost? *** Dean faults White House for death of the public insurance option *** Obama to honor government efficiency idea *** Obama gets an 'A' for effort from Schwarzenegger *** Mixed Bag for Obama on Climate Change Deal - John Harwood, NY Times *** Obama Naming Hispanics To Top Posts At Record Pace *** Obama Defends Himself Against Black Critics

Congress Health Bill Passes Key Test in the Senate With 60 Votes *** Deep in Health Bill, Very Specific Beneficiaries *** The 76 Million Food Victims Congress should move quickly to repair the nation’s food safety system, starting with a bill awaiting a vote on the Senate floor (NYT ED) *** A Dangerous DysfunctionThe difficulty of trying to pass health care reform shows how dysfunctional the Senate, and the United States government as a whole, has become (NYT ED) *** Senate Debate on Health Care Exacerbates Partisanship *** Hopes Dim, G.O.P. Still Vows to Fight Health Bill *** Dems clear health-care hurdle *** Dems Get 60 Votes, Move Healthcare Bill Along - Hook & Levey, LA Times *** Democrats Risk Another Jacksonian Moment - Jay Cost, RealClearPolitics *** Laying the Foundation for Govt Run HC - Philip Klein, American Spectator *** The Rise of Republican Nihilism - Jonathan Chait, The New Republic *** Senate Bill Falls Short of Real Health Reform - Rep. Raul Grijalva, Politico *** Senate votes along party lines as White House-backed health care reform bill passes huge test *** Liberal Dreams Collide with Public Opinion - Michael Barone, DC Examine *** Did Reid Make HC Harder Than it Had to Be? - Karen Tumulty, Time *** Health Reform Right Now Beats None at All - Chicago Sun-Times *** Colo. congresswoman, feminists lash out at health bill abortion restrictions *** Bye-Bye Botax, Hello Tan Tax! *** How Abortion Will Be Paid for in HCR - Brian Beutler, TPM *** U.S. Rep Anthony Weiner wants to see the GOP filibuster a stronger bill. (NYO) *** Lindsay Graham describes the path of health care reform as “seedy Chicago politics.” (Politico) *** A Texas congressman wants to see Charlie Rangel's tax returns *** GOP Senator Appears To Wish Robert Byrd Dead To Spoil Health Care Vote *** Taxpayers Paying $40,000 A Month For Lobbyist Dennis Hastert *** Familiar Faces Among Health Industry Lobbyists - LA Times *** Tax Exemption a Bright Spot for Insurers - Wall Street Journal *** Minority Farmers Seek Redress, Claim USDA Discrimination - Wash. Post *** Inside Washington: An Anti-Whistleblowing Culture - AP *** Fed Left Banks Exposed to Crisis - Wash. Post *** PM CNN Poll: 6 point jump in support for health care bill *** Senate: This Is About Life & Death ... and Pork - John Stossel, FOX News *** Volcker Is Right About Glass-Steagall - William Rees-Mogg, Times of London *** Cash for Cloture: Demcare bribe list, Pt. II
*** Krugman Clarifies Lieberman Comment At 'Management' Request *** Senate's Deal: Compromise or Corruption?(CBS News)

Political Parties Progressives: Don't Scream, Organize - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post *** Partisanship is All Republicans' Fault - Michael Tomasky, The Guardian

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The Worst Decade Ever for Stocks *** New Rules for Airline Delays *** GE CEO's Strategic Errors ***Employers Stock Up on Temps *** How the Fed Blew It *** HuffPost Investigative FundAt Top Subprime Mortgage Lender, Policies Were An Invitation To Fraud

Pay to Play Wall Street
Hedge fund guru Rajaratnam pleads not guilty

China’s Export of Labor Faces Growing Scorn *** Civilians Train in ‘Afghan City’ in the Midwest *** Huge Turnout at Cleric’s Funeral in Iran *** Police recover stolen Auschwitz sign; 5 detained *** Year in Review: Top Global Stories in 2009 - RealClearWorld *** Ahmadinejad nixes claims Iran working on nuke component *** Action speaks louder: The mad mullahs will never be talked out of seeking nukes (DN Ed) ***Cleric's Death, Torture Case Jolt Iran *** Afghan Parliament Considers Cabinet *** State to Cover Dubai World's Capital *** Ahmadinejad Denies Secret Nuke Plans *** Who is to blame for Eurostar chaos? BBC News *** Funeral for Iranian Cleric Turns Into a Vast Protest *** Argentina and Terrorism
*** PM Olmert Denies Corruption Charges in Court *** Open data provides access to Afghanistan’s election results
Environment Copenhagen, and Beyond An enormous amount of work lies ahead for all the signatories to what is now being called the Copenhagen Accord *** Climategate: What's the Trick & What Did it Hide? - Terence Corcoran, NP *** Scientist: Throgs Neck rehab dumped toxins into Little Bay
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Media and New Tech To Deal With Obsession, Some Defriend Facebook *** In a Distressed Year, Hollywood Smiles *** As Phones Do More, They Become Targets of Hacking *** PBS Finally Signs Up for Nielsen Ratings ***Citadel Broadcasting Files for Bankruptcy *** Calling on Leakers to Help Document Local Misdeeds *** The Trouble With Tailoring a Web Search *** Radio giant Citadel hits the bankruptcy button *** 'Avatar' is Big Blue at box office *** Barnes & Noble to Compensate for Late Nooks *** Verizon Wireless Defends Fee *** NBC Affiliates Souring On Leno: 'The Handwriting Is On The Wall' *** Made-For-Web Shows Getting Money, Talent *** Diane Sawyer Kicks Off "World News" Tenure With Ahmadinejad Interview *** Twitter Turns a Profit *** CBS Picks New Reality Show For Post-Super Bowl Slot *** Sam Zell Must Face Tribune Employees' Lawsuit Over Pension Plan Bloomberg *** Howard Stern Threatens To QUIT Sirius XM Radio *** Washington Times To Cease Sunday Publication