Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Contractor Goes to Jail: Question to the NYT: What did McLaughlin Fix?

Breaking News: Path of deficit package unclear Short-term fate of gay marriage bill hangs in the balance TU * No DRP or gay marriage tonight (Senate)

Goes to Jail

Question to the NYT:
What did McLaughlin Fix?

We know that that street and traffic light contractor Santo Petrocelli Sr is going to jail for three months for bribery and conspiracy, but the NYT never made clear in their story today by COLIN MOYNIHAN what the conspiracy was or why Petrocelli paid McLaughlin. All the NYT said was "Mr. McLaughlin used his union office and political connections to benefit Mr. Petrocelli." Non of the Media reports explained what Mclaughlin do to get Petrocelli company contracts from the city. Is the conspiracy still in place that got more work for Petrocelli still going on? Who Knows? Should city employees city government who helped McLaughlin get Petrocelli work be tired? Who Knows? On March 2, 2006 the FBI raided McLaughlin office F.B.I., in Bid-Rigging Inquiry, Raids Offices of Labor Leader Maybe this explains why those who get traffic and street light city contracts since the days of Tammany Hall have run into trouble with the law from time to time Petrocelli gets 3 months for bribing McLaughlin , Contractor Draws a 3-Month Term for Bribery

Judicial Slush Fund The chief judge's sweet racket State lawmakers, too frightened to hike their own pay, refuse to pony up for judges, either. So chief Judge Lippman last month doubled, by diktat, state judges' annual expense allowances, from $5,000 to $10,000 -- an unauthorized de facto pay hike. Most judges just take the expense allowance, declare it as income and spend it as they see fit. Others use the accounts as slush funds to expense iPods, "meditation retreats," air purifiers and other nonessentials (NYP Ed) Thompson for Gov NYP Editorial says they like to see him run. Gillibrand is especially ripe for a challenge: She's flip-flopped on nearly every issue of substance since Gov. Paterson (who also inherited his post -- see a trend?) elevated the one-term upstate congresswoman in January Challenging Schumer's Cipher

Council Wimps, What Mob? The council ignores the real reason for the death of two firefighter at the Deutsche Bank by passing meaningless laws that will not solve the problem. In the last several months we have been told of organized crime involvement in both the contractors taking down the Deutsche Bank and the NYC Building Department which is responsible for regulation them. What is the council answer to this problem passing a bill that prevents building crews from performing demolitions at the same time as asbestos abatement. In New York is your a legislator it OK to ignore reality, because the public reelects you no matter how you behave. In the city and Albany Not I, Said the New York Senate As New York State’s money supply runs down, its senators need to start taking real actions instead of hiding from reality New York's debt level of $64.8 billion is higher than ever The Capital of the Mob World Former Prosecutor Appointed to Investigate Corruption in Crane Operators’ Union

One More Class? The Rev Al Sharpton offers training on cross-cultural understanding for cops poised to graduate and start policing gathered at Harlem's Apollo Theater Looks Like he needs to to another class Sharpton's ex-wife, daughter spewed curse words at cops after traffic stop * Al Sharpton Teaching Rookie Cops About Diversity - Gothamist*** Rev. Al Sharpton: Swearing Isn't A Crime

Journalism Dumming Down Jack Anderson was the muckraking outsider never gave a damn about entree. He was the thorn for decades in his column "The Washington Merry-Go-Round," which was at it hight read by 40 million Americans. Anderson understood it was his role to be the outsider. He did not see it as appreciate to attend White House dinners or Georgetown parties Jack Anderson: An Appreciation Among those attend the WH dinner party last week besides gate-crashing challenge Tareq and Michaele Salahiwas was NBC "Brian Williams, CBS Katie Couric ABC Robbin Robberts. Where Journalism Headed Animated Account Of Incident Involving Golfer Sheds New Light On Situation

Gov of La Mancha Albany
Politics for dummies Mike slams Albany on cash crisis *** Eminent domain in Albany *** In Budget Impasse, Governor Warns of Withholding Municipal Aid *** Not I, Said the New York Senate As New York State’s money supply runs down, its senators need to start taking real actions instead of hiding from reality *** Deficit deal, or no deal? Talks at critical stage as leaders agree on cutting $2.9B, but governor claims the cuts don't go far enough(TU) *** Assembly Majority Leader Ron Canestrari terms the agreement a three-way deal. (DN) *** A school advocate calls Paterson’s aid reduction plan “a dangerous game.” (NYT) *** Michael Bloomberg stands up for Paterson in the deficit battle. (NYPost) *** The governor and the Budget Division suggest the state is approaching the point California reached just before it hurtled off the cliff. (NY Public Radio) *** Tom Suozzi lost by 377 votes
*** Gov. David Paterson says he's confident he has the legal authority to withhold expected payments from schools and local governments, but only if that power is exercised across the board and not based on “ideology," In other words, districts in low-income neighborhoods and the wealthier suburbs would be treated exactly the same. No more "hold harmless" ***PM Paterson: Don't Call it a Deal *** Paterson: Using Same-Sex Marriage in Deficit Bargaining a 'Grotesque Twist of Justice' *** Paterson Gives In, Does Not Agree * The Un-Deal He'll take it, but he won't own it *** Tom Suozzi concedes in Nassau County executive race "** Who Put the Senators in Charge?

Inside City Hall Toxic-tower law passes *** Pick for Environment Post Raises Some Eyebrows *** Council Votes to Phase Out Roll-Down Security Gates *** FDNY, buildings bring awareness to tragic side of illegal conversion *** Thompson fines for illegal signs? faces $531,975 in potential fines for illegal posting of campaign signs, new Sanitation Dept *** Crackpot schoolsCity lets ACORN, other radicals run wild *** Bloomberg names a political operative with “scant” environmental experience to head up NYC’s green initiatives. (NYC) *** The promotion of Cas Holloway "seemed to reinforce the growing influence of Mr. Skyler." Also, this: "The mayor’s aides seemed especially sensitive to questions about Mr. Holloway’s lack of environmental experience, and on Monday afternoon they asked several people to call The New York Times and praise Mr. Holloway’s record, the people said." (Azi Politicker) *** The departure from Washington of the man Bloomberg hired to run the Department of Probation draws one parting shot from a police union official there. "D.C. is now safer, and New York is a little less safe." (Azi Politicker) *** Williamsburg to Lose 14 Blocks of Bike Lanes *** Councilman Charles Barron interrupts event with shouting match ***Thompson Speaks Out About Bloomberg's 'Inaccurate' Campaign (WNBC) *** Thompson's Campaign Bill: $9,003,711 *** Video: Councilman Barron gets into shouting match

Pay to Play Politics All In The Family Part 2 Money Into The Working Families Organization Buys Influence Over Ballot Lines For The Working Families Party *** An ally of Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings will get the contract to redevelop the Harriman campus *** The Broadway Triangle, Now Playing *** Former Acorn and Schools Employee Accused of Fraud

New York Economic Melt Down Plans for Hunters Point green site have some seeing red *** A King of Real Estate, Fallen on Harder Times *** NYC Fire Department to Cut Staffing at 49 Companies (WINS) *** Union Says FDNY Cuts Putting Lives in Danger
Pay to Play DOB's Chief Plan Examiner for Queens nabbed for bribetaking *** The firm chosen to develop the Harriman Campus has friends in high places. (TU)

More City News Eight decades after she had to leave school, great-grandma, 100, receives high school diploma *** November enters record books as seventh warmest on recordInspector Clouseau A Whistle-Blower Say His Concerns About Safety Were Met With Scorn

Law and Order 'Commuter' cops MTA police rail as NYPD patrols 'burb trains *** Shootings shoot up *** Scofflaws, beware *** 'No choirboy,' so no 'Rocky' relief: judge *** The Officer Is Real; The Badge May Be an Impostor *** Report Highlights Special Risk of Undercover Police Work *** 3,500 NY sex-pervs get kicked off MySpace, Facebook *** Bouncers at Jay-Z's club may face charges in beating *** Judge rips NYPD on false arrests as brothers sue for $10M *** Suspect In Seattle Officer Killings Is Fatally Shot By Police *** Mistrial in 'Junior' Gotti's fourth racketeering trial
White House Bam clues in his surgin' generals *** 34,000 New Troops and New Focus *** Obama Issues Order for More Troops in Afghanistan *** Cole Attack Trial Will Test Tribunal System *** Roosevelt Understood the Power of a Public Option *** A Tragic Mistake Sending additional troops to Afghanistan was a decision that never was much in doubt. It was also the easier option (Herbert NYT) *** For the Holidays, White House Uses Barneys Decorator *** Couple Asked Defense Aide for Dinner Invitation *** Treasury Pushes Mortgage Firms for Loan Relief *** Fight Looms on How to Pay for War Plan (WSJ) *** Obama Weighs Home-Improvement Incentives *** Tareq and Michaela Salahi say they did not crash Obama's first White House state dinner *** War strategists united behind Obama Afghan plan *** Real jailbirds of D.C.: Fame-besotted White House party crashers belong behind bars (NYDN Ed)*** Daly: Honor & duty written on brave faces at West Point *** Dick Cheney says the president projects an image of “weakness” as he hammers out a new Afghanistan policy — and says Obama is “far more radical than I expected.” (Politico) *** White House Mocks Politico In Email Forward *** Salahis Deny Crashing White House Dinner On "Today" *** Obama Takes on Ambitious December Agenda - Susan Page, USA Today *** Obama Must Inspire Belief in the Afghan War - David Paul Kuhn, RCP *** What Obama Needs to Say at West Point - Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard *** Premature Gloom About Obama's Presidency - Robert Shrum, The Week *** Media Follows White House Script - Richard Benedetto, Politico *** Obama's Interventionist Economy - Burton Folsom, The American Spectator *** Some New York Congressional representatives are skeptical about Barack Obama's Afghanistan plans
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Health Care
The History of American Health Care Reform - Jill Lepore, The New Yorker

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Wall Street and the Economy Dubai talks with investors, calms marts *** Cramer reverses his stance on stock-trade levy *** Feds warn lenders on Mo Mod *** 'Cyber Monday' sales eye $900M *** Forget Cyber Monday, now it's Cyber Week *** FDIC smacks Shaya Boymelgreen's bank *** In Wake of Dubai, Trying to Predict the Next Blowup *** Lens Blog: Dubai’s Improbable Tale *** In Job Hunt, College Degree Can’t Close Racial Gap *** Dubai World Says Debt Negotiations Only Cover Real Estate Arm *** Report Cites Big Shortfall in Reserves at A.I.G. *** Fed Begins Testing a Strategy to Exit a Securities Program *** Hotel Chains Try New Ways to Earn Loyalty *** Job Cuts Loom as Stimulus Fades (WSJ) *** Corporate America to workers: We're not hiring, you'll just have to work harder *** Holiday traffic jumps 23M but shoppers pinch pennies *** 10 Countries Whose Debt Bills Could Lead To Crisi *** CBO: Three-Quarters Of Stimulus Still Unspent *** As Housing Falls, So Falls the Economy - Irwin Kellner, MarketWatch *** Markets Won't Like Friday's Jobs Number - John Crudele, New York Post *** "What a long, strange, wasteful trip this has been," the WSJ writes in relation to the now-ended legal battle between AIG and its ex-CEO, Hank Greenberg, which was put into motion by Eliot Spitzer *** Goldman Sachs Staff Buying Guns 'To Defend Themselves Against Public Uprising'*** Goldman Sachs Vanity Fair Profile: Bank Can 'Practically Mint Money' And 'Never Loses' *** Unemployment: Going Beyond Short-Term Fixes - Michael Lind, Salon *** Henderson Resigns as Chief at G.M.Pay to Play Wall Street Judge to Question SEC on Inside-Trader Settlement *** Climategate: Follow the Money (WSJ) *** Bernie victim loses grab for $10M

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International Israel-Hamas talks stall *** A Vote for Intolerance Banning minarets does not address any of the problems with Muslim immigrants, but it is certain to alienate and anger them*** N. Korea Revalues Currency to Curb Free Trade *** Japan’s Central Bank Takes Steps to Lift Economy *** Honduran Election Gains Backing *** Iran May Prosecute British Sailors *** So long, sucker: Good riddance to UN's gullible nuclear watchdog and Iran's No. 1 patsy *** Karzai's Fall - Jean MacKenzie, The New Republic *** Iran is Playing a Dangerous Game - Financial Times *** Honduras' Way Out - Investor's Business Daily *** EU to Call for Divided Jerusalem Israel outraged, Livni says move 'not helpful and wrong'

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*** With Tumult at the Top, Washington Times Faces Uncertainty*** Amazon says Kindle had record sales in November *** ANOTHER Ex-NY Post Employee Sues The Paper, Charges Racism *** Media Diversity Activists: This Deal Must Be Stopped *** Google, Facebook, Twitter Go RED For World AIDS Day (PHOTOS) *** Lou Dobbs, CNBC Held Talks About Potential Role: NYT *** MediaArianna To Rupert Murdoch: Stop Whining! *** WATCH: Jon Stewart Takes On White House Party Crashers *** Murdoch: Media must get readers to pay for online *** Old Newsmen Never Die…And the White House Party Crashers Weren’t Working Alone (Wolff Newser) *** Bloomberg LP seals BusinessWeek deal *** In a Low-Key Hand-Off, ABC’s Charles Gibson to Depart on Dec. 18 *** Greg David to leave Crain after 34 years*** MURDOCH: NEWS BUSINESS BASED ON ADVERTISING IS DEAD... *** Gannett Job Cuts Hit USA Today, Magazine