Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vote Today, Tomorrow Begin the Work to Change the Election System

Breaking New:NJ: Christie +1.0% | VA: McDonnell +13.4% | NY-23 Polls * Madoff’s Accountant Pleads Guilty in Scheme ***ABC News: Kerik close to plea deal *** So far, in many neighborhoods across the city, turnout seems to be light — but fairly steady 5:30 *** Moderate Turnout Is Seen in New York 7:00

Vote Today, Tomorrow Begin the Work to Change the Election System

The local election system has become the tool of the candidates not the voters it was designed to serve. This years has shown that money, insider connections and mastery of the election process are more important than issues and presenting to the voters an accurate explanation on how you will govern. Perhaps the biggest failure of this years election cycle which True News has written about extensively is the candidates and the media have not leveled with the public what New York's economic melt down will mean to cuts in services to them in the next four years and the rise in taxes and fees they will be forced to pay to keep essential services functioning. You can't say this years election was about nothing. It just what was promised will disappear as quickly as campaign flyers in your mail box. Even the slush fund like pay offs to groups, unions and developers this year will be short lived when budget realities shut them down. New York City need smart leadership. Our broken election system has given us dozens of elected officials who think they are leaders but are in reality clueless about how to rebuild the city. Those who made easy money in ponzi scheme on Wall Street and development of luxury building are not leader either just lucky bastards who play the system and broke it by recklessly corrupting a system that every American depended on. In other words today's New York leaders want to find a way to bring the city back to before economic melt down of 2008 so they can go back to their reckless ways of taking what they want. What New York needs and which they had in the generations that made the city into greatest in the world is builders. We need to set up a election system that attracts builders like Larry Page and Sergey Brin who sat in a basement and invented something that change the world, the Google search engine. NYC Board of Elections - Poll Site Locator

NYT is Screwed
Here comes Rupert Murdoch Wall Street Journal to Hire About a Dozen Reporters to Cover Local News in New York

Road to City Hall
More Bloomberg Calls, But Live . . .
New York Mayoral Race Focuses on Economy at End (NYT) *** Before They Vote, New Yorkers Have Their Say *** Mayoral Campaigns Look Skyward, and Everywhere Else, for the Keys to Victory *** N.Y.C. Election 2009: Voices From the Boroughs: Port Richmond, Staten Island *** Voices From the Boroughs: Flushing, Queens *** Voices From the Boroughs: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn *** A Scripted Bloomberg Goes Off Script Momentarily *** Election Day Voters in City Council District 34 should re-elect Councilwoman Diana Reyna to reward her for standing up to a Democratic Party boss *** Endorsements Your vote counts (NYP) *** City Council hopeful uses fake parking tickets to tout his candidacy*** Daly: Election may not be exciting, but voting defines us *** Get out & vote - for Mike: New Yorkers must go the polls and choose Bloomberg*** Love for Liu at Thompson's pep rally in Chinatown *** Veep in town to help Dems - but not Thompson *** Bloomberg's EPIC (non) FAIL To Promote Himself On Google ***For Bloomberg and Thompson, Weather May Hold Key to Race - NYTimes.com *** How Will Bloomberg Remain Relevant? *** David Chen takes note of Bloomberg’s courting of ethnic press *** Thompson whacks Bloomberg on black radio *** Phony Flyer? Raical ***The Bronx will be the only consolation prize Thompson takes home,” writes Swing State *** Here is Bloomberg’s Independence Party literature *** Bloomberg v. Thompson: The Mayoral Contest That Wasn't *** Joyce Purnick takes Bloomberg to task for his campaign spending and says: "You didn't have to do it." ***Little Buzz for Thompson? Call It Larry Doby Syndrome *** City Hall profiles some of the more active Council races *** Cuomo said he'll "engage in elections and politics" next year*** Candidates Start Day by Exercising (Their Right to Vote) ***Front Page Stickers Campaign stickers on newspaper ***No Rest for the Trackers *** For Judges Standing By, a Quiet Election Day *** The Podestas are hosting a fundraiser for AG Andrew Cuomo *** The WSJ does a side-by-side comparison of Thompson and Bloomberg campaign ads.

DiNapoli Solution to the Pension Fund Corruption Comptroller Tom DiNapoli and Health Commissioner Richard Daines talk about what state policy can do to reduce the number of empty calories ingested by young people. (TU) *** Pension Play to Play Update Today's LA Times said Alfred Villalobos earned $53 million opening doors to CalPERS LA pension funds by spenting years helping Wall Street players gain access to the California Public Employees' Retirement System's vast wealth. What he did for his fees is now part of a CalPERS probe (LA Times) *** Freddy Ferrer, the Democratic nominee for mayor of New York City in 2005, worked as a consultant for Alvco in 2007. Seven months after Mr. Ferrer made the introduced Vilalobos to NY State Comptroller DiNapoli, Ferrer earned $100,000 in fees and a $10 million fee for Vilalobos firm Alvco *** Former Comptroller McCall’s Firm Is Subpoenaed in Pension Inquiry .Mr. McCall’s firm, Convent Capital, was included on a list of intermediaries, known as placement agents, that was released Wednesday by the office of the current state comptroller, Thomas P. DiNapoli. It names intermediaries used to broker deals between investment firms and the state pension fund during the troubled tenure of Alan G. Hevesi, Mr. DiNapoli’s predecessor. Mr. McCall’s firm is not registered. Other unregistered firms on the list include businesses affiliated with Peter J. Powers, a deputy mayor of New York under Rudolph W. Giuliani; Susan Torricelli, a prominent Democratic fund-raiser and ex-wife of former Senator Robert G. Torricelli of New Jersey; and Kevin McCabe, who served as chief of staff to Peter F. Vallone Sr. when he was the City Council speaker. True News What Will the Pensions Scandal Cost $$$ New York *** Calpers Rocked by 'Pay-to-Play'

National Elections 3 Contests on Election Day Could Signal Political Winds (NYT) *** Suburbs Are Seen as Key in New Jersey Race *** Biden Stumps in a Race Steeped in Ideology *** In Vote, Watch the Intensity Factor (WSJ) *** New Jersey governor race tightens *** I need 'best partner' Corzine, says Obama *** Voters in the 23rd CD get national visitors as they prepare to pick a replacement for Rep. John McHugh — you might have heard about it. (TU) *** John Boehner said he regretted his previous support of Scozzafava *** US Mainstream Looking More Like GOP Mainstream - Mary Cary, US News *** In Vote, Watch the Intensity Factor - Gerald Seib, Wall Street Journal *** A Big Test For Big Government - Howard Fineman, MSNBC

New York Economic Melt Down NY hemorrhaging health-care bucks: study *** Paterson butts out ttempts to collect cigarette taxes from state Indian reservations - Paterson doesn't think enforcing the tax law is worth the hassle (NYP) *** Runoff-election translators at a loss for words $200 a pop quarter of them reported seeing fewer than five people the entire day *** High Line design is a liability for taxpayers *** Paterson takes $3B swipe at budget *** Hospitals Cite Worry on Fees in Health Bill *** Urban Hospitals May Feel Squeeze in a Health Overhaul*** Union nixes $800G bond as school aides face the ax *** New York ranks just ahead of Louisiana at the bottom of the list of states that waste health care dollars — and yes, that means the worst. (NYPost) *** John Liu notes a subtle change in Michael Bloomberg’s campaign message: “You don’t hear the economic savior argument anymore, do you?” *** Latino lawmakers aren't happy that Paterson's call for a special session will cut into their annual Somos el Futuro conference in Puerto Rico

Pay to Play Albany, City Hall 'Crooked' Joe Bruno show kicks off *** Aqueduct bidders told to ante up even more money *** Gov., VIPs meet over Aqueduct proposals *** Two Views of Bruno Are Presented at His Trial *** Kerik Moved Out of Jail’s Mental Health Unit *** Former New York top cop Kerik offered deal for up to 36 months *** The trial of former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno begins with a fast start. (TU) *** City Engineer Who Faked Tests Avoids Prison *** Federal prosecutors allege Bruno's graft came to $3.2 million *** mccabe Agrees to Settle Cuomo Probe for $535000, Lawyer Says *** Eliot Spitzer will speak about ethics (government ethics, that is) at Harvard

Pay to Play Courts Nora, the Brooklyn dodger: Scheming Surrogate Anderson must not escape justice

Gov of La Mancha Ethics Panel Investigates Free Tickets for Paterson *** State watchdog probes gov over free Game 1 tix *** The governor wants to close a loophole that seems to favor criminals who commit violent crimes while on parole. (DN)

More City News Homecoming for USS New York *** NYC officials reviewing DWI test process *** U.S.S. New York Reaches Manhattan *** Panel Tries to Speed Warrant Process in Drunken-Driving Cases *** Walmart's new target: New York City *** Ray Kelly said an incident involving black and white police officers “should have been handled in the street,” not in an internal probe

White House
Video: In Iowa, Obama One Year After *** In Iowa, Second Thoughts on Obama (NYT) ***Obama Warns Karzai to Focus on Tackling Corruption *** Clinton Denies Easing Pressure on Israel *** 'The Audacity to Win' and '¡Obámanos!' Two new books look back at the Obama campaign *** A Glimpse of the Future? President Obama gave a stirring speech on the crucial issue of energy last week, but it lacked the excitement that should accompany an important national mission (Herbert NYT) *** Obama One Year Later: The Audacity of Winning vs. The Timidity of Governing (Huff Post) *** Obama gives tepid congrats to Karzai *** Cheney to FBI: 72 instances of can't recall *** Obama's Record You Can Believe In - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *** Obama's Call to Action on Energy - Bob Herbert, New York Times *** Will a Racial Divide Swallow Obama? - Melissa Harris-Lacewell, The Nation *** Afghanistan: Now What? - Los Angeles Times *** $230,000 Per Job - Detroit News *** Fuzzy Math So Far on Stimulus - Denver Post *** Obama Says We Must Reduce Debt *** Obama Administration Helps House Democrat Gut Post-Enron Reforms *** ABC's 'V' Takes Aim at ObamaMania - Glenn Garvin, Chicago Tribune

Congress and Political Parties Health Bill Worse Than a Terrorist, N.C. Lawmaker Says *** Senate Pressing Insurers on the Amount of Premiums They Spend on Care *** Limbaugh, Palin urge right wing to step up efforts to purge moderates from Republican Party *** The Democrats’ continued majority rests on job growth. (NPR) *** Congressional Democrats say the health care reform package would reduce premiums and other payments for low- and middle-income families. (NYT) *** Forcing Drastic Change on an Unwilling Public - Fred Barnes, WSJ *** Republicans Mired in Anger and Vituperation - Bob Shrum, The Week *** The 'Costs' of Medical Care - Thomas Sowell, RealClearPolitics *** Are Black Lawmakers Being Set Up? *** Lieberman Won't Filibuster After All *** Exclusive: House Republicans' Health Bill (NPR) *** Merkel Addresses U.S. Congress *** No Need to Hesitate on Health-Care Bill - Jesse Jackson, Chicago Sun-Times *** What to Watch in NY-23 - Timothy Meyer, RealClearPolitics

Wall Street and the Economy Fed reads riot act to US bank chiefs *** Barclays is working on a bonus template *** Retail faces uncertainty as CIT enters bankruptcy *** A Free Credit Score Followed by a Monthly Bill *** Justices Scrutinize Adviser Pay *** Goldman Eyes Tax Credits Fannie Mae Doesn’t Need *** U.S. to Allow G.M. to Use Federal Loans to Invest in Delphi *** British break up parts of big bailed-out banks (Wall Street) *** The Fed's Bridge To Wall Street The Federal Reserve pumped $1 trillion into the financial system during harried efforts to rescue the economy *** Pensions for Executives Soar ***UBS Swings to Loss on Charges Bankruptcy Filings Jump 7% *** CIT's Bankruptcy Lesson (WSJ) *** The SEC helped Madoff get away with it *** RBS Surpasses Citigroup as World's Costliest Banking Bailout *** How the Economic Crisis Changed Us - Berland & Schoen, Parade Magazine *** We Can't Spend Our Way Out of Trouble - Charles Lane, Washington Post *** There is a Ford in America's Future - USA Today *** Why the Middle Class Are Fleeing for the Hills - Joel Kotkin, Forbes *** Why Middle Class Tax Hikes Are Coming - Josh Barro, RealClearMarkets *** Ads Stoke a Battle Over ‘Free’ Credit Scores - NYTimes.com *** Warren Buffett to Buy a Railroad

Pay to Play Wall Street Bear lawyers ask for hedge case dismissal *** Dreier accomplice pleads guilty to fraud *** States Are Pondering Fraud Suits Against Banks

International Karzai Is Vague on Confronting Corruption in Afghanistan *** Iran’s Politics Stand in the Way of a Nuclear Deal *** Karzai remains wild card for U.S. (Wash Post) *** Taliban claim victory in wake of cancelled Afghan runoff *** Is Australia Dumping Refugees in Indonesia? *** Brits Reject 'Too Big to Fail'

National Many, Lacking Paid Sick Days, Aid a Pandemic *** Gore’s Dual Role in Spotlight: Advocate and Investor *** Philadelphia Transit Halted by Strike *** FL-8: A Lesson in How Not to Win Re-Election - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call *** 33 percent of LA employers in poll will lay off workers in 2010 ***PM AP: La. Justice Quits After Interracial Wed Flap

World Series Phils send 'em back to Bronx Yanks rally but can't dig out of A.J. hole *** Phillies Send Series Back to the Bronx *** New York Yankees come up short in World Series Game 5, but deliver message to Philadelphia Phillies
Media and New Tech
Dolan gives the times holy hell Hits 'anti-church' op-ed *** Apple on eve of iTV Jobs eyes offering subscription shows on iTunes *** Time online boss resigns *** Jay Leno says he'd return to Tonight if asked *** Updating Microsoft Office on Cheap ***Blu-ray Makers Embrace Web Video ***Washington Post Employees Now Just Beating Each Other Up At Work *** Watch out iTunes! Spotify taking market by storm *** Muhammad: The Biopic*** Auletta: Google Considered Buying NYT *** Cablevision Profit More Than Triples *** Wall Street Journal to Hire About a Dozen Reporters to Cover Local News in New York *** Si Newhouse's 'Falling' Fortune