Monday, November 2, 2009

The New York, Navy ship built with WTC steel, arrives in New York City

Breaking News: Election 2009: NJ: Christie +1.2% | VA: McDonnell +13.8% | NY-23 Polls *** Bloomberg Leads Thompson By 12 Points, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds

The New York, Navy ship built with WTC steel, arrives in New York City

The Coalition from Hell The WFP, the Catholic Church attempt to block being held accountable for past sexual abuse by its members and the boss of the Brooklyn machine who is looking for a pay day from the large construction site Broadway Triangle. It is unreal that nobody outside the 34 Council District is speaking out about this coalition. Dog eat dog anyone can do anything in New York politics Recorded Calls to Voters From Brooklyn Bishop Praise a Democratic Leader *** Hell Coalition: Dump Quinn This attempt to dump Vann has more to do with a coalition attempt to dump Speaker Quinn than it does with dean of black politics in Brooklyn *** WFP made the deal with Lopez in the 34th council district in part to build a coalition to dump Quinn. Both Lopez and WFP are working closely with Bill Lynch to elected Inez Dickerson as the new speaker Once a Young Turk, Now Challenged by One 100 Million Useless? With all his millions Bloomberg has not move his numbers that much over 50%. Thompson failed to make a case beyond the mayor's term limits coup for New Yorkers to vote for himBig-bucks Bloomberg has to win big against Thompson Daily News's Middle Class Schizophrenia It is no wonder the Daily News has lost 14% of its circulation in the last 6 months. Some days the editorials shout they are for keeping keeping the middle class in the city and others they attack the NY Court of Appeals for siding with the middle class tenants against being push out of building they have been living in for decades just so corporate owners can make a profit from the high pre Wall Street melt down prices they purchased they building for. The News Should be hitting Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac for giving the owners of Stuy town 1.5 billion or hit the owners for using their political power to waste middle class pension funds. Which is more important keeping the world of speculators who buy middle class building going or keeping 540,000 reads? A court out of control: Jurists impose their screwy judgment on city's rent rules *** Albany's Dark Side what is Albany's Bright side? Bruno corruption trial may put spotlight on Albany's dark side Always Look on the Bright Side of Life Even with people losing their jobs in its newsroom the NYT see it role to always spin positive when it comes to stories about NYC economy Soft Real Estate Market Is a Key Ingredient at Brooklyn Brewery , Finding an Upside in a Downturn *** What's Good for GM is Good for the USA How come Ford who has not gotten a penny in federal money is doing ok and GMAC needs a third bailout? GMAC Asks for More US Aid New York TimesU.S. Turns Screws on GMAC , Bring Back Glass-Steagall Act - Seattle Times Cheap Gets Cheaper This is not a good sign of economic recovery Wal-Mart announces second round of toy price cuts NY's Dysfunctional Political Parties and the 23rd The 11 upstate GOP chairman who when into a room to pick a candidate for congress Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava. is another example who a weak party structure runs this state NY-23 Highlights Our Weak Political Parties - Jay Cost, RealClearPolitics Revolt in New York (WSJ)

Road to City Hall Bill goes radio silent vs. slur Keeps mum during caller's anti-Semitic slap at Mike; Thompson subsequently said that he hadn't heard the caller's comments (NYP) *** The Post's Endorsements *** Candidate Bloomy cashes in $8M vouchers *** For Mayoral Candidates, One Final Push to Rally Voters *** Pollsters Report Latest Figures as Election Day Approaches *** Political Memo: With Some Coaching, Bloomberg Learns to Bite His Tongue *** New York's Bloomberg Poised to Win *** Hiram's gal pal Karla Giraldo in Queens church plea *** Dems, not Dave, get GOPer to cross lines *** Mayor watches Yankees on USS New York *** The Other Races (Gotham Gazette, Nov 02, 2009) *** Anti-Semitism charges hurled in Queens City Council race ***In Final Days, Weak Support From State Democrats Or Working Families For Thompson *** Mac Donald: Bill's frisky business *** Hope for Thompson -- but not a lot of hope *** Sunday on the trail -- what you missed *** Markowitz to Bloomberg: My wife says I'm better *** Tom White: Patron saint of narrow victories? *** For Bloomberg, Independence means another option for Dems and other R-haters *** Voters will vote on two constitutional proposals on Tuesday – a land swap deal and a proposal to allow prisoners to volunteer *** Bloomberg spoke at an Independence Party rally with Jackie Salit and Fred Newman *** Bloomberg and Fulani! *** Despite Bloomberg's lead, New Yorkers have misgivings *** Bloomberg, with the troops *** The mayor is spending $35,000 an hour on his re-election bid *** Pass/Fail Mike Bloomberg’s biggest third-term challenge might be asserting real control over the teachers union *** It's the Barbaro and Chen on the mayor's race *** Attorneys hired by Bloomberg rejected Thompson's "level the playing field" argument to the CFB *** To follow he race in the 23rd congressional district go to *** Readers Deal With Robocalls in Sundry Ways *** Thompson: Obama who? We have what we need *** The Buck of the Irish (online betting company) Is With Bloomberg *** In Bloomberg's Robocall to Latinos, a Nod to Sotomayor *** Bloomberg's Day Before *** Candidate's Religion Is Point of Contention in Queens Race *** Newpaper publisher exposes Bloomberg campaign tactic *** A Spanish-language robocall for Mayor Bloomberg mentions President Obama and US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor ***Barrett: On Eve of Election, Thompson Is Sued Over How He Obtained His Harlem Home

New York's Economic Melt Down Nathan’s Jacks Up Prices To $3+ *** Mad as hail at taxi tax *** Paterson secretly solic ited five free tickets to last week's World Series opener, in apparent violation of the state ethics law, even while publicly claiming it was the Yankees who had "invited" him to the game, The Post has learned *** Subway flooding on the N line in Brooklyn from Interactive Journalism *** With Payroll Tax, Feeling the Effects of an M.T.A. Bailout Plan *** Soft Real Estate Market Is a Key Ingredient at Brooklyn Brewery *** Radio station goes broke, signs off Dance music Pulse 87 built a loyal following over 20 months, but the recession proved too much *** Philly tries to lure New Yorkers *** 50-cent fee drives hacks to the edge *** Many New Yorkers go for Plan B careers *** Retail faces uncertainty as CIT enters bankruptcy *** Water liens may fuel foreclosures... *** The Big-Spending, High-Taxing, Lousy-Services Paradigm *** Paying the new taxes which fund a cash-strapped M.T.A. is making people unhappy *** Mitchell Moss warns public transit agencies could face pressure to surrender some bonds *** County clerks are organizing around license plates again *** EJ McMahon calls for a wage freeze for all public employees *** The Real Pending Crisis: Public Pensions *** Durst eyes distressed properties *** Developers try 'free' chic to sell their empty condos Top decorators given carte blanche; dazzled buyers start bidding *** New York Highlights Need To Reduce Budget Deficit By $10 Billion

Pay to Play Bruno’s Trial Is Seen as a Hearing on Albany *** The corruption trial against former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno begins today. (TU/ TU) *** Here’s everything you could possibly want to know about the Bruno trial. (TU) *** “If he gets convicted, that would be the political equivalent of an earthquake in Albany,” said Blair Horner of the New York Public Interest Research Group *** The head of the SUNY Research Foundation distances himself from the federal probe into Medicaid fraud. (TU) *** The Legislative Ethics Commission is probing the hiring of Pedro G. Espada *** NYPIRG has posted every legislative ethics disclosure filing online. *** Bruno's Day Of Reckoning *** The partially-formed Legislative Ethics Commission has started an investigation into the hiring of Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr.'s son *** McCabe Agrees to Settle Cuomo Probe, Lawyer Says (Update1)
More City News Happy 'berth' day! *** U.S.S. New York Crew Recalls Its Own 9/11 Ties *** Keflezighi wins marathon for his adopted country *** Pass on this gas: Energy prospectors can't be allowed to imperil city's water supply *** City vows to help Bronx shops razed by fire *** Hospital sale put on hold *** The Rev. Al Sharpton took his anger at the NYPD to Twitter *** NYC Officials Reviewing DWI Test Process (WCBS) *** Panel Tries to Speed Warrant Process in Drunken-Driving Cases (NYT)
White House Bam's butt on the line for Corzine *** Obama Strategy on Health Care Legislation Appears to Be Paying Off *** Europe Still Likes Obama, but Doubts Creep In *** Clinton Reasserts Foreign-Policy Role (WSJ) *** The President puts his clout behind the New Jersey governor’s race. (WT) *** Shared Interests Define Obama's World - Scott Wilson, Washington Post *** Has Obama Lived Up To His Promises? (Huff Post) *** Did Hamid Karzai Play the Obama Administration? - Jason Zengerle, TNR *** High-stress position, low-key personality Patrick Gaspard, the White House's political director, keeps it cool and calm

Congress and Political Parties Democrats Strive to Hold Governor Posts in Two States *** Upstate Republican, Pushed Out, Backs Democratic Rival *** Senate Takes Up Unemployment, Homebuyer Aid *** Climate bill faces hurdles (Washington Post) *** Democrats' Quiet Changes Pile Up *** After dropping out of the 23rd Congressional race on Saturday, Republican Dede Scozzafava backs Democrat Bill Owens. Handicappers say that this race isn’t a bellwether for 2010 races. (TU/ NYT/ GNS) *** The ethics committee leak is bad news for Democrats. (WP) *** Chris Cillizza zooms past this Election Day and breaks down House races to watch in 2010. (WP) *** With health care on the move, Democrats are split on climate change. (WP) *** Gannett looked at Congressional staff salaries *** Conservative Revolt a Good Thing for GOP - Chris Stirewalt, DC Examiner *** Hearts, Minds and Health Care - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post *** Rep. Charlie Rangel spreads the love around with his campaign cash *** Kucinich Amendment on Single Payer *** Gingrich tweets Hoffman endorsement (The Hill) *** NSA To Build $1.5 Billion Cybersecurity Data Center *** Health care plan hits rich with big tax increases... *** Wrangling begins for DCCC leadership *** The Tea Party Takes Over GOP - John Nichols, The Nation *** What NY-23 Says About the GOP - Scott Rasmussen, Rasmussen Reports

Pay to Play Report targets key lawmakers *** Putting Teeth Into "Pay-To-Play" *** Health lobbyists swarm Congress Make huge, costly effort to cushion reform bill's blows (Crains) *** Medicare Drug Planners Now Lobbyists, With Billions at Stake *** Wife of Sen. Against Public Option Rakes In Millions From Insurer - The Street *** PhRMA Gave to Congressman’s Iffy Foundation, Hired His Son - TPMMuckraker

Wall Street and the Economy Survivor: Icahn Carl Icahn's victory in the CIT bankruptcy drama is giving him a seat at the table *** CIT Group goes bankrupt *** Creditors Back CIT’s Bankruptcy *** The hedge 'plunder' Fund titan took JPMorgan & others for $400M: feds *** Raj Rajaratnam Bucks Wall Street Stereotypes The insider trading case and the man himself are more complex than they seem *** Geithner Laments the Deficit, but Demurs on Tax Increases *** Ford Posts an Unexpected Profit of $997 Million *** Small Banks Move In as Giants Falter *** Goldman Looks to Buy Fannie Tax Credits *** RBS Faces More Forced Asset Sales *** CIT Group files for bankruptcy (Crains) *** Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner says the banking system is “more stable.” (AP) **** Up Against a Wall of Debt - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek *** Stimulus and the Jobless Recovery - Edward Lazear, Wall Street Journal *** The Threat From Somalia - Washington Post *** There's Less to Q3 GDP Than Meets Bulls' Eyes - Randall Forsyth, Barron's *** Why Keep Geithner? *** How Big Banks Fleece You (Huff Post) *** CIT Files Bankruptcy; U.S. Unlikely to Recoup Money (Update3 *** GAO: Taxpayers Won't Recoup $80B Car Loans Full Recovery of Investment in GM and Chrysler Unlikely, Government Watchdog Says *** In Factory Towns, Waiting for the Stimulus to Arrive ***The Media Equation - A Deflated Reality for the Business Press -

Pay to Play For Galleon Executive, Swagger in the Spotlight *** Madoff said he had 'too much credibility' with SEC *** As Change Threatens, Small Banks Wield Powerful Lobby - Washington Post *** Secret Bond Deal Led IRS to Middleman Financing in the Dark

International Afghan election commission says runoff canceled *** With Karzai, U.S. Faces Weak Partner in Time of War *** When Texting Kills, Britain Offers Prison *** Afghan election panel declares Karzai victor (Washington Post) *** What Really Happened During Gaza War? - Lawrence Wright, New Yorker *** Remember the Fall of the Wall - Boris Johnson, The Telegraph *** Iran suggests it's not ready to export uranium

Teror Plot Imam pleads not guilty to NYC terror charges *** Queens Imam Pleads Not Guilty To Federal Charges

National 23 College Presidents Get Million-Plus *** Ohio to Vote on Casino-Gambling Bid

World Series
A-Rod puts Yanks a win away*** '1'-derful! fans set for Yanks' clincher *** A-Rod earning his elusive pinstripes *** Yankees Pull Away in the Ninth and in Series *** Lupica: A-Rod clutch for Yanks *** Bombers close in on 27th title *** Kate's a huge help to Rodriguez ***Philly paper jumps the gun on World Series congrats

Media and New Tech Can't beat 'It': Jacko film is No. 1 *** Columnist Quits After Newsday Starts Charging for Its Web Site ***If Fox Is Partisan, It Is Not Alone ***DVR, Once TV’s Mortal Foe, Helps Ratings ***One London Paper to Rule Evening Commute ***Comcast Said to Be Close to Gaining NBC Universal ***Sue Simmons Admits to Drinking-and-Anchoring During the '80s *** Did NYT Pay Rohde Ransom? *** TNT Picks Up "Southland," Canceled By NBC *** The pro-Fox Democrats *** Leno Says He'd Return to 'Tonight' If NBC Asked *** Katie Holmes begins shooting The Romantics in NYC this week