Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Well Someone Had to Win: Weak Candidate With A Weak Campaign Vs. Weak Mayor Damaged by Term Limits and Big Spending

Well Someone Had to Win

Weak Candidate, With A Weak Campaign Vs. Weak Mayor, Damaged by Term Limits and Big Spending

Why Thompson Fail to Cash in at Last Night's Anti-incumbency mood' caused by the melt down of the nations economy . . . No WFP effort Thompson shows strength in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods which because of a weak GOTV effort voted in low numbers . . . Dissed by Obama and several democratic elected officialsCould Obama have put Thompson over the edge in mayor's race? (NYT) . . . Outspent 14 to 1 . . . Campaign failed to present candidates clear messages of what his plans were . . . New Yorkers angry over mayor's term limits switch, anguished over the economy and eager for change giving Thompson with a good campaign a real chance to win. For most of the campaign the candidate’s daily schedule was curiously light, and easy opportunities to score political points were neglected. Bloomberg Foe’s Campaign Shows Lax Management Media played to the incumbent Mr. Thompson scheduled a publicity tour through a foreclosure-battered section of Queens, worried Bloomberg team was astonishment, the Thompson campaign attracted almost no press to the event. . . Millions in negative ads *** In wake of 5% loss to Mayor Bloomberg, Dems left asking, 'What if we'd done more for Bill Thompson?'. . . What if the Rev. Al Sharpton, who was happy to stand onstage last night at Thompson's concession speech, had stood a little closer during the campaign? What if the more powerful city unions like the United Federation of Teachers and SEIU Local 1199, Democratic check writers or for-hire strategists had stayed true? What if Vice President Biden, in town Monday to raise money for other Democrats, had taken 10 minutes to say something nice about the controller? Exit poll Favor candidate Thompson 32%, Dislike the other candidate Thompson voters 77%. Maybe an early positive introduction of Thompson would have helped.
A mixed bag for Working Families *** Chief Factor in Mayor’s Race: Bloomberg Influence *** Markowitz To Endorse Bloomberg, Bucking Brooklyn-Born Thompson *** Why Working Families Are Voting for Bill Thompson *** Also, Anthony Weiner and the White House trade blame for Bloomberg’s victory.

Best and the Brightest Wasn't

Voted rejected mayor's money and muscle and selling charade . . . His sophisticated strategy and tech advanced GOTV seems to be all smoke and mirrors (turnout was the lowest in modern city historyBloomberg Campaign Adds a Get-Out-the-Vote Tactician - Spending the 100 million lost the mayor votes. Voters did not buy mayor's intimidating tactics, seemingly at odds with Mr. Bloomberg’s image as a nonpolitician, like elbowing out of Representative Anthony D. Weiner . . . . Bloomberg talked about post racial city but the mayor won with the white vote . . . embarrassingly close results trickled in . . . Bloomberg's rebuke . . . $157.27 per vote for Bloomberg.” . . . Buying silence . . . Mayor's spinning continues Campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson, who can spin any failure into smashing success, declared it was "the most difficult environment for incumbents since 1994" and called Bloomberg's narrow win "an enormous victory." The mayor's victory speech made no mention of his narrow escape. Campaign kept all news off the TVs in the ballroom, even avoiding showing Thompson's concession speech. As an 11-piece band played soul and rock tunes, and Ed Koch kept the crowd going, while tuxedoed waiters passed trays of minisliders and regular hot dogs, which must have been the city's priciest - beating even Yankee Stadium's wieners. . . Hillary's people almost destroy another one Bloomberg spokesman Howard Wolfson shrugged off the close total, saying, "Whether the Yankees win in four or five or six or seven games, they are still the world champions." Jake Tapper doesn’t think Joyce Purnick’s story reads well a day later*** Bloomberg Spends $18.6M on Campaign, Feeding Staff -- Daily Intel *** Welcome to Camp Bloomberg | The New York Observer

No matter how they spin it Bloomberg did not win by 5-points, he won, so far in round numbers, 51% so obviously 49% of voters who showed up voted against him and a lot of voters voted with their feet

Election Results, In the Papers Bloomberg sweats out third term (NYP) Near upset. . . unexpected squeaker . . . With the early numbers coming in neck-and-neck, the mayor's inner circle retreated from the ballroom of his election night headquarters at the Sheraton New York for a private huddle with Bloomberg . . . Public Advocate-elect Bill de Blasio immediately signaled that the mayor needs to watch his political back. . . negative ad blitz "turned off a lot of voters". . . Thompson -- who came within 50,000 votes of pulling off the upset of the decade(NYP) *** Bloomberg's mission *** Bloomberg: 'You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet' (DN) *** Bloomberg Wins 3rd Term as Mayor in Unexpectedly Close Race Voters angry over his maneuver to undo the city’s term limits law and his extravagant campaign spending provided an unexpected lift to his vastly underfinanced challenger . . . mayor’s vaunted campaign machinery failed to deliver the surge of supporters his aides had predicted. . . "I think that Mayor Bloomberg is too egotistical and arrogant for me to vote for at this point" . . . “A lot of people, whether they said it to pollsters or not, were offended by the term limits fight.” Congressman Weiner . . . . Bloomberg's Victory Speech *** Gonzalez: The disgusted & disaffected *** Tense night for victorious Mayor Mike Bloomberg's camp as results are far closer than expected *** Mayor Mike Bloomberg's third term needs balance *** Bloomberg Wins Third NYC Mayor Term, Beats Comptroller Thompson (Bloomberg) *** Thompson supporters find comfort even after defeat *** Mayor Michael Bloomberg defeats William Thompson by thin margin; squeaks through to third term *** Must build groundwork for next mayor *** How did Hoffman go from phantom to phenom? *** Last 24 hours: How candidates for mayor spent the homestretch *** Thompson camp parties through Election Day, despite predicted defeat *** Bloomberg ekes out $100M+ victoryMayor wins third term, but underfunded challenger Thompson shows strength in African-American and Hispanic neighborhoods *** No Longer Invincible *** The little-known constitutional amendments passed in New York State. (AP) *** Republican take over the Nassau County Legislature. (Newsday$) *** Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi has a slim lead over Republican challenger Edward Mangano. (Newsday$) *** Bloomberg Spends Big, Wins Small, Survives on Independence Party Votes *** Initial General Election Results, Unofficial *** Bloomberg beat Bill Thompson by just five percentage points, and was helped by a strong showing in his bases in Staten Island and Queens *** 2013 Super Advance Preview *** Bloomberg takes the victory lap of a big winner *** De Blasio: Bloomberg's Third Term Will Have New, Possibly Tough Dynamic Due To How He Won It *** Bloomberg and Thompson, by the numbers -- including cost per vote! *** Three Reasons Bloomberg’s Win Was So Close (NY Magazine)*** Bloomberg Visits Brooklyn Voter In Wake Of Close Win *** Mayor Mike crows like big champ, despite thin win *** Bloomberg's mission (NYP Ed) *** Four Conclusions to Come To About the Closeness of the Mayor's Race *** Weiner: 'Man up and call me fat' - Ben Smith - *** Thompson's Pollster Gets to Say: "I Told You So." *** NY voters seen wanting more humble Mayor Bloomberg
Polls BS media covered polls not the issues that New Yorkers carried about New York City's Bloomberg With A Commanding Lead Over Challenger *** 9/21: Bloomberg Leads Thompson 50% to 39% : Home of the Marist *** Gov. David Paterson lamented the fact that too many Democrats stayed home because they "listened to the polls." *** 11/4: The Rap on Polls

Comptroller and Public Advocate

John Liu elected to city comptroller post (NYP) *** De Blasio wins in landslide to become Public Advocate (NYP) *** John Liu poised to make history in election