Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dysfunctional Budget Crisis Again and Again

Breaking News: No deficit deals in NY Legislature special session * Paterson Cries Uncle, Will Bring Legislature Back Next Week * Paterson Will Try Again Next Week
Dysfunctional Budget Crisis Again and Again

Dysfunctional government is a silent but deadly kill. The fight in Albany over what to cut send a message to businesses and the middle class that this state is out of control and you future if you stay here is uncertain. That uncertainly means that they will be paying higher taxes and fees for less services. Unable to get rid of there incompetent leadership the people have begun to vote with their feet Empire State Exodus The Mass Migration of New Yorkers to Other States

The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive.Thomas Jefferson

New Yorkers Voting with Their Feet because they are blocked from change at the ballot box. Lack of serious challengers at election time or press scrutiny because of a weaken and clueless press we have a new form of tyrant legislator , who does what every they want.

In Albany, the tyrants are part of a get over culture among all the members that has at its core believe that whatever they can get away with they do as the current trial of for Senate Major Leader Joseph Bruno demonstrates

Budget Melt Down Slash or we run out of cash: Gov *** Wishing those deficits away (NYP Ed) ***‘On the Brink,’ New York Must Cut, Paterson Says (NYT) *** New York, Needing Cash, Pursuing Tax Delinquents *** Paterson Tries To Rally Support For Deficit Reduction Plan (NY1) *** New York State is worst in U.S. in awarding GEDs *** Hammond: Your worthless state Senate Gov. Paterson got it right with his speech to state lawmakers, forthrightly declaring, "Frankly, we are running out of money." Unfortunately, half the Legislature was turning a deaf ear. *** Paterson says state won't be able to pay bills in Dec. without cuts, but Capitol carping goes on*** State Dems plan to snub Gov. Paterson's call for health, education cuts *** The governor sets an ambitious agenda for today’s session, but that and $3.75 will get you a venti latte at Starbuck’s. (TU) *** New York Confronts Budget, Gay Unions *** Some lawmakers were not convinced. "This is a cash flow problem that can be managed, not a crisis for the state," a senior Senate Democrat told the Post *** Some lawmakers were not convinced. "This is a cash flow problem that can be managed, not a crisis for the state," a senior Senate Democrat told the Post *** Here's the full text of Paterson's speech *** Statement from State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli on State Budget Crisis *** Lopez: 'Too Early' to Say He's With Paterson in 2010 *** To the Bitter End With Paterson, Proudly

Paterson's OTB Sink Hole
Maybe it the record of governing that has turn the voters against Paterson? In June of 08 the governor bail out OTB and made John Sabini its head as part of a deal with the Queens Organization to avoid a serious primary with Hiram Monserrate Paterson Grabs Sabini, Bails Out OTB , Opposing the mayor who Citing a Drain on Profits, Bloomberg Wants to Close OTB Now we have the Monserrate problem and OTB draining the state budget You bet OTB is hurting , Monserrate Senate Query Takes Shape

Pay to Play Bruno
He's 'quid pro' Joe Bruno investor expected favors *** Bruno asks pals to help pay $2.5M in legal bills *** It was Quid-Pro-Joe: Hired firm so Bruno would do them favors, thug says *** Jailed ex-official says union aimed for favors *** At the Bruno trial: A union enforcer and current federal convict talks about the central importance his superiors placed on maintaining a good relationship with Joe Bruno the senator; and William Larkin takes the stand. (TU) *** Bruno trial: Judge chides lawyers for getting off track *** Judge: Bruno not on trial for 'quid pro quo' (NYP)

Stuy Town's Wall Street Robbery Wall Street Hijacks Federal Agencies Created to Provide Affordable Housings 1.5 billion from Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac to take over Stuy Town and push middle class tenants out. Millions more in pension funds. Will the robbers pay beyond defaults? StuyTown tremors Tishman's debt tale darkens In a major signal of defeat in its once-grand plans to turn Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village into a cash cow, Tishman Speyer has handed over its $3 billion mortgage to a special servicer

Fire Dead Change Things 98 years after the Triangle Fire disaster it still takes fire and death to change or enforce building safety standards After Fatal Fire, Many in Queens Denounce Illegal Apartment Conversions City to probe call system in fatal blaze

Another Shot in Newspaper War The City's latest Newspaper War, Not About New York or Democracy New York Post editor The daily news take a shot at Murdoch Sandra Guzman files lawsuit over firing at the NYP over the paper's infamous chimp cartoon ***Two versions of a story about the New York Post

Read it In True News First
Sunday Nov. 8, 2009 NYC Dem Congressman Votes Against Health Care fears GOP Challenger in 2010. SI Dem in the 'no' on party's bill (NYP)
Tuesday Nov. 10, 2009 Why McMahon Voted No on Health Care Bill

Keeping Hope Alive
Charlotte Street in New York City's South Bronx was once the epicenter of urban blight. No longer. Now single-family homes line the strip and boats sit in driveways.

Albany Gay Rights
New York Gay Rights Foe Sees Nuance in His Stand *** Some expect challenge for Quinn From Gotham Gazette *** Quinn says hail 'marry' for gay nups *** Same-sex marriage lobbyists are focusing on Republicans *** Despite Gay Brothers, State Sen. Diaz Still Anti-Gay Marriage *** New York Senate Delays Vote on Gay Marriage Bill

Pay to Play Albany Golisano Advisor Gets Lobbying Gig

New York Economic Melt Down House bill bad for NY's child health coverage*** Letter of the law: TA must have the power to sack drivers for texting at the wheel (DN Ed) *** Bette urges Bombers to pay for highway*** Pedestrians are 31% of traffic deaths: Study *** Stick a fork in the Champlain Bridge, because it’s done — and then run away quickly, because a fork-poke might be enough to topple it. (TU) ***Kingsbridge Armory and the Dance Around ULURP (Gotham Gazette) *** Report cites NYC foster care woes *** Bloomberg: No New Taxes (As Long As Albany Behaves) *** No Consensus on Financial Crisis’s Legacy for City

Inside City Hall Apology by heathen pol *** Racing From Bloomberg *** The Chief looks at Bill Thompson’s fractured labor support. [$] *** Bloomberg and Yankees Pay Big to Win (NY Magazine) *** How Gaspard Engineered NY-23 *** Our Public Advocate's Public A**-Kissing and Other Tales of Disappoinment *** Thompson Outspends Bloomberg ... in Tennessee *** Washington Independent: "Bloomberg dramatically under-performed in the polls and nearly lost."

Law and Order DA probing criminal charges in Queens fatal fire *** The Senate Committee of Inquiry into the Monserrate affair gets off to a fast start. (TU) *** Richard Lipsky says Al Sharpton “pretended to be supportive of the comptroller.” *** Charles Sifton, the federal judge who cleared the way for Bloomberg to seek re-election by upholding the term limits extension died at the age of 74*** Anthrax Scare At Foreign Consulates *** Bronx Teacher Suspended For Self-Pleasure Story *** Madoff prosecutor switching to defense Lev Dassin, who was formerly acting U.S. attorney for the Southern District, joins law firm Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton*** Kerik Is Ordered Released on Bail *** Former Police Commissioner To Leave Jail For Holidays (NY1)

Terror Plot Ft. Hood suspect warned of threats within ranks In Walter Reed lecture, psychiatrist urged Muslim soldiers be released as conscientious objectors instead of fighting in wars against other Muslims (Wash Post) *** Suspect to be tried by military *** FBI blew off killer e-mail to al Qaeda *** Eyes wide shut (NYP Ed) *** 'Bomber' tipped off probers to NY plot
*** U.S. Knew of Suspect’s Tie to Radical Cleric (NYT) *** Hasan Urged Release Of Army's Muslims In 2007 Lecture *** Suspect turned presentation to Army into rant on Islam *** Fanaticism hits home: Blame Islamic extremism for the carnage at Fort Hood *** Hasan Had Contact With Radical Cleric (WSJ) *** Dr. Phil and the Fort Hood Killer(WSJ) *** Lawyer for Accused Fort Hood Shooter to Raise 'Mental Responsibility' Issue (ABC) *** The Shrink and the Terrorist - Debra Saunders, San Francisco Chronicle *** Failing the Troops at Fort Hood - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *** A Case of Deadly Denial - Ralph Peters, New York Post *** PC'd to Death? The Army Must Provide Answers - NH Union Leader *** Religious Tolerance in Military Does Not Trump Security - LA Times *** Hasan's Radical Imam ***Obama: No faith can justify Ft. Hood rampage

White House Obama set for Afghan surge *** White House, Lobbyists Still at Odds *** Obama Seeks Revision of Plan’s Abortion Limits *** A Word, Mr. President Health care reform is important, but President Obama’s priorities should be putting Americans back to work and ending the war in Afghanistan (Herbert NYT) *** Obama: 'This Is A Health Care Bill, Not An Abortion Bill'' *** Obama poised to send tens of thousands of troops to Afghan war *** U.S. Border Arrests Decline Again *** Obama appears to be close to a decision to augment troop levels in Afghanistan — but maybe not by the numbers sought by top generals there. (AP) *** Michelle Obama’s poll numbers ebb and flow. (Politico) *** No Matter What Happens, It's All About Jobs - Byron York, DC Examiner *** Not Enough About Him? Obama Skips Berlin - Toby Harnden, Telegraph *** Budapest, Berlin, Iran. What Obama Doesn't Grasp - Marty Peretz, TNR *** Obama Course, Obstacles All Too Familiar - Steve Huntley, Chicago ST *** Cutting Our Losses in Afghanistan - Richard Cohen, New York Daily News *** Leaving Afghanistan Would Betray the Fallen - Boris Johnson, Telegraph *** CBS: Obama Wants 40,000 Troops *** Obama: Drop Abortion From Health Bill *** President, Soldiers, Families Flock to Ft. Hood Memorial *** White House Communications Director Stepping Down *** Gorbachev Says USA Can't Win in Afghanistan Even With Additional Troops... *** To Succeed, Obama Must Forget the 'Chicago Way' - Joel Kotkin, Forbes *** Does Obama Have a Plan B for the Middle East? - Tony Karon, Time *** W.H. tactics rearrange lobbying world (Politico) *** Fox News: 'We Wish Anita Dunn Well' ***An unwelcome endorsement Al Sharpton

Congress and Political Parties
Senate Confirms Judge to 4th Circuit *** Trick for Democrats Is Juggling Ideology and Pragmatism *** AP: Bill Clinton To Meet With Senators About Health Bill *** Bam will pass health care by Christmas, Schumer tells News *** Jon Stewart Mocks Use Of Leis, Babies, And The Holocaust To Argue Against Health Care Reform (VIDEO) *** Michael Steele says some white Republicans are scared of him — and not just because he’s gaffe-prone. (Salon) *** The Man Who Made Pelosi Cry 'Uncle' - William McGurn, Wall St. Journal *** Republicans Take a Premature 2010 Victory Lap - Bob Shrum, The Week *** Past as Prologue: 2010 Looking Most Similar to 1994 - Rhodes Cook, Politico *** Senate Shouldn't Follow House on Anti-Abortion Measure - NY Times *** How the Senate Filibusters the World - Annie Lowrey, Passport *** With a Broken Congress - Ezra Klein, Washington Post *** Nelson Demands the Stupak Amendment - Jon Walker, Firedoglake *** Sarah Palin’s Back on Twitter *** Bill Clinton to Meet with Senate Dems *** Steele: Some White GOP 'Scared of Me' *** Democrats Raise Alarms Over Costs of Health Bills *** Senate bill would create single bank regulator *** Eating Their Own: Activists From Both Parties Aim At Those Who Stray
*** Rep. Lynch’s Wife Tied to Agencies He Won Grants For - Boston Globe *** Two Dots Don't Make a Political Map - Froma Harrop, Providence Journal *** The Filibuster is Blocking Needed Change - Christopher Hayes, The Nation *** Are Republicans Too Giddy? - Julian Zelizer, CNN *** Clinton to Senate Dems: 'We are winning' (Politico) *** Reid hopes to begin debate next week *** More calls for Ft. Hood investigation *** Kos: Don't donate to DCCC

Health Care Missing in Health Bills: Solutions for Rising Costs *** The Ban on Abortion Coverage The House health care reform bill passed with a steep price. The Senate should work to preserve a woman’s right to abortion services (NYT Ed) *** The Rush to TherapyThe well-intentioned public commentary that followed Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan’s rampage at Fort Hood denied any possibility of evil in his actions (Brooks NYT) *** 5 Senators to Watch in Health Care Debate *** How Long Before Health Care Bill is Too Big to Pass? - Rick Klein, ABC News *** Healthcare reforms will cost US states millions

Wall Street and the Economy
Wall St. clueless about economic hardship in US *** Lazard eyeing new leadership structure *** Pfizer cutting 15% of its research staff, 6 centers *** Pfizer profit jumps 26% on cost cutting *** J.P. Morgan says it will boost small business lending*** Renault-Nissan to Release World’s Cheapest Car *** Sprint Nextel Plans to Trim Another 2,500 Jobs *** FHA's reserve fund at 7-year low *** Lloyds to Slash 5,000 Jobs *** Dow Leaps in Skeptics' Rally *** Life on Severance: Comfort, Then Crisis *** Goldman Sachs Doing "God's Work"? - Charles Gasparino, Huffington Post *** Welcome to the Jittery, Jobless Recovery - Will Swarts, SmartMoney *** Welcome to the Jittery, Jobless Recovery - Will Swarts, SmartMoney *** If Anyone Deserves a Bonus, It's the Taxpayer - Glenn Hall, TheStreet.com *** The Information Broker Andrew Ross Sorkin is at the intersection of high finance and news *** UPS vs. Fedex: Using Unions as Weapons - Nick Gillespie, Reason.tv

Pay to Play Wall Street
Ex-SEC lawyer pleads guilty in Dreier case *** Trustee May Win Billions for Investors in Madoff *** Lehman Creditors Accuse Barclays of Orchestrating $5B Bargain - NY Times "*** Hedge Fund Managers at Bear Stearns Found Not Guilty of Fraud - NYTimes.com *** Jury throws out charges against two Bear Stearns managers

US hikers spies: Iran ***Gorby hailed at 'wall' fete ***Iraq clears vote hurdle *** Korean Navies Trade Fire in First Incident in Seven Years *** North Korea, South Korea briefly exchange naval fire *** Iraqi Arabs, Kurds Look to Cooperate *** Allies Uncover Vast Cache of Bomb Material in Afghanistan

National Connecticut Governor Won’t Seek Re-election *** Trial Begins for Baltimore Mayor *** Surprising Victory in Seattle Mayor’s Race *** Power for U.S. From Russia’s Old Nuclear Weapons *** N.J. May Declare Financial Emergency *** Time Magazine Salutes "Committee To Save Detroit"

Media and New Tech Hachette shutters Met Home *** Google's mobile message *** Google and Authors Win Extension for Book Settlement ***Metropolitan Home Will Close After Its December Issue ***Sony to Offer Film on Internet TV, Then DVD ***Major Shakeup At Conservative Washington Times ***TV writers script outrage at hanging gags, teen threesomes to fan ratings ***War on Fox News over? Not a chance A Democratic strategist reportedly got a strongly worded warning from the White House to never appear on Fox News again ***Conservatives Grouch-y over 'Sesame Street's' Fox News jibe ***Google, Verizon Deepen Ties ***Abdul-Jabbar, a Private Man, Goes Public With His Fight Against Leukemia - NYT ***Condé Nast to Launch More Magazines! ***Will Somebody Please Save NBC? (NY Magazine)
***Rupert Murdoch: The Internet Does Not Exist (Newser Wolff) *** Feature: Fox News' New Online Video 'Strategy' *** Google launches Maps tool for finding flu vaccine ***Times Square Enters the WiFi Age *** Public Poll: No One Wants to Pay For Pay Walls ***100 Expected To Be Let Go From AOL Today ***Murdoch’s Google Gambit ***Reuters: Zucker To Run Comcast-NBCU Joint Venture