Friday, November 6, 2009

10.2% Unemployed Americans: Worse Since 1983

10.2% 10.2% 10.2% 10.2% 10.2% Unemployed American Worse Since 1983
Jobless Rate Hits 10.2%, 26-Year High (NYT) ***Jobless Rate Tops 10 Pct. for First Time Since '83 (WABC) *** Unemployment Hits 10.2% (Forbes) *** Obama's challenge: Unemployment rate hits double digits (USA Today)

Turnout Mostly About Race The media is reporting that the closeness of the mayor race was caused by Bloomberg support of changes to term limits and an anti incumbent nation wide vote. But if one examines the the NYT block by block results of the mayoral election you see that the vote had a lot to do with race. Staten Island except for the North Shore went for Bloomberg as did the Eastside of Manhattan. Harlem, Central Brooklyn and South East Queens went for Thompson. The racial voting pattern really stands out in South West Brooklyn where only Coney Island and Marboro Houses voted for Thompson, the only two neighborhoods in that area of Brooklyn where blacks live in mass. Thompson good showing is an out growth of last years Obama registration in the black communities, while Bloomberg failure to meet the poll spread had a lot to do with the white community unlearning the habit of voting because the incumbent elected officials in their areas get reelected without opposition year after year. Another clue to the closeness of the mayor's race Whites become minority on NYC council , The polls used the old turnout numbers without taking into account the great changes in the city's voting patterns Polls failed to predict tight contest in mayoral race *** Paterson Embolden by Thompson Results The gov starts his campaign commercials TV buys. His team is putting it out on the Internet and the press in hopes it will be talked about, like were doing here and pump up his very low poll numbers. Paterson is more likely to run his race on race, something Thompson refused to do Paterson Accuses Media Of Racism * Elsewhere: Did the Media Sink Thompson? Howard Kurtz scolds New York City reporters for not taking Thompson more seriously" Pollster looks to Cover His Ass Unreleased Marist Poll Showed Thompson Closing in on Bloomberg True News: NY's No Spin Zone While the Bloomberg campaign was spinning the media for votes only True News reported that the city's economic melt down and the lack of state funding for the MTA would make the mayor's plan for free crosstown buses impossible. Today's Answer by the mayor Keep waiting for that free crosstown bus: Bloomy *** Bloomberg Calls for Free Crosstown Buses - City Room Blog (NYT) * Mayor Bloomberg mulls making snail-like crosstown buses free (DN) * BLOOMBERG: FREE CROSSTOWN BUS SERVICE FOR ALL (NYP) Artz's Triangulation Lobbyist consultant George Artz is very comfortable representing three sides at once. Artz's has a lifelong relationship with Ed Koch who Doesn't Appreciate John Liu's Snubbing of Mayor Bloomberg yesterday. Artz who said on NY1 last night that he represented Liu was analysing why Liu missed the tradition unity photo op with the mayor the day a's fter the election McCall Back to the Liu Future? The NYT reported on August 23, 2002 that the just appointed head of Comptroller John Liu Elect Transition team as State Comptroller allowed pay to play Accountants and law firms Gave to Carl McCall After Getting State Contract "Law firms have given Mr. McCall nearly $200,000 in campaign donations. In the Cendant case, Mr. McCall did not interfere when the courts awarded the firms $262 million in legal fees (from the pension fund) -- by one calculation, $10,000 an hour." Carl McCall is also under investigation by the the AG in the pension scandal is to be named to head John Liu transition team. No stranger to Play to Play McCall firm Convent Capital was subpoenaed in May of this year, because he accepted a money manager fee and was unlicensed by the SEC. McCall received $48,221 for assisting Steinberg Asset Management in 2005 which received 25 million in pension funds from State Comptroller Hevesi Political Correctness Reporting Only USA Today broke through the political correctness and reported Fort Hood suspect a war critic (USA Today) the NYT reported Suspect Was ‘Mortified’ About Deployment to War *** The Daily News reported Fort Hood killer Nidal Malik Hasan opposed wars, so why did he snap? Update Suspect Shouted "Allahu Akbar"? NYT Delays Until After the Election Now you tell us? Third-Term Blues Are Job Hazard in Mayor’s Office and Albany(NYT) Slush Fund Extortion Creates Order Christine Quinn sounds feisty, “I remain frustrated that so many Council votes are 48 to 3, or 50 to 1. If we’re all in agreement that frequently, are we really challenging ourselves on the issues?”Incumbency, Apathetic Public Makes Term Limits A Non Issue 24 out of 27 councilmembers who voted to extend term limits won reelection. Maria Baez lost to Fernando Cabrera, Kendall Stewart lost to Jumanne Williams, Alan Gerson lost to Margaret Chin, David Yassky lost for Comptroller and Miguel Martinez won't be the last councilmember to go to jail for dipping in the slush fund. Not showing up signals to those in power it is OK for them to ignore you 586,890 people voted for term limits, but only 557,059 voted to re-elect Michael Bloomerg SOS NYT Spins Nonsense Election Remakes City Council, and May Give It More Bite, Too

More Analysis on Mayor's Race 8 Reasons Bill Thompson Lost the NYC Mayoral Election *** Here's What Happened To Bloomberg *** Dinkins: 'No show' O hurt Thompson ***The man behind the NY GOP's gains *** Exclusive: Thompson has no regrets about failed mayoral bid *** Bloomberg holds out $850G olive branch to de Blasio for new office budget*** Bill Thompson: “While I can be angry about it, the mayor - he's the one who has to live with, you know, how negative his campaign was.” *** Thompson also spoke with NY1, saying he did the best he could, and that Bloomberg doesn't have a mandate *** Larry Littlefield bucks conventional wisdom. “More turnout, I believe, would also have meant a much greater Bloomberg victory.” *** “I am proud of my role as county leader,” says Vito Lopez *** Bill Thompson isn't bitter and hasn't ruled out taking another crack at the mayor's office in 2013 *** Gabe Pressman thinks it's time to revisit the issue of morality in politics *** Mayor’s Math Would Devalue His Victory *** New York's Bloomberg spent big, for small return (LA Times)

Road to City Hall
Election Remakes City Council, and May Give It More Bite, Too *** With a Solid Council Win, Reyna Breaks With a Formidable Patron *** Councilman Charles Barron hasn't ruled out challenging Council Speaker Christine Quinn if no one else of color will do it ***
Queens Elects Three Republicans | The New York Observer\*** Councilman-elect Ydanis Rodriguez has a slight edge over his fellow freshmen.

Gov of La Mancha
Gov launches TV blitz(NYP) *** Paterson Is Beginning Ad Campaign for Election (NYT) *** Marriage for Gays on Agenda in New York *** Hospital union launches radio attack ads *** Albany standard time: Gov. Paterson tries to cram a year of work into a day's agenda (DN Ed) *** Gov. Paterson: Albany's as bad as Iran and Bosnia *** Gov. David Paterson is fighting with the Senate Democrats over Monday’s address to a joint session of the legislature… and the governor goes to the Republicans for help. (TU/ AP/ BN) *** Assembly Republican Leader Brian Kolb defends Paterson. (Messenger Post) *** Another Paterson official, Judith Enck, departs for the Obama administration. (TU) *** Brodsky: ‘More Than Optimistic’ on Authorities Reform *** Paterson: Obama's Losses Aren't My Gain *** The Senate Democrats might not show up for Paterson's address before a joint legislative session*** Paterson: Time for my own late inning comeback *** Senate Dems back down (UPDATE 1 & 2)
*** Paterson Bristles at Soda Tax, Sees No Silver Lining in Democratic Setbacks *** State Democrats To Now Attend Paterson Budget Address (NY1)

New York Economic Melt Down
Third fare hike' alarm *** New York has bad health care NY hemorrhaging health-care bucks: study *** Taxpayers subsidizing yuppie commutes *** Bloomberg Asks for Patience on M.T.A. Plan *** Another empty retail space in the East 40s *** Retailers miss sales expectations in October ***Ed. Dept. pays New Age guru $374K *** Bloomberg offered an $850,000 olive branch to Bill de Blasio *** Walder did not rule out a fare hike *** A Bloomberg spokesman said outgoing Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum is "overspending" - an allegation her office rejected *** Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb says the budget deficit is likely to hit $3.7 billion this year *** New MTA chief Jay Walder wouldn't rule out another fare hike in 2010 *** Teachers' Pensions Checks Are Canceled *** Court pulls Fannie Mae deeper into housing fracas Mortgage guarantor, stuck with 14 foreclosed properties, must answer charges that it is allowing apartment buildings to fall apart *** Why the Commercial Real Estate Bust Will Be Hard to Fix - BusinessWeek *** nyc's current budget perils may be worse than 2002 Reuters *** To Save Money, the State Is Eliminating Personal Printers

Government By Spin Lies
Today 'Third fare hike' alarm

July 29, 2009 - MTA: Revenue Dropping, but No 2010 Fare Hikes

Stupid Politician Tricks Bklyn's CB13 afraid to speak out against Marty's $64M potato chip *** Officials Defend Distribution of Flu Vaccine to Companies *** Palin to skip NYC during 'Going Rogue' tour, but Levi's coming for nude photo shoot *** NYC Commissioner Defends Giving H1N1 Shots to Goldman (Bloomberg News)

Law and Order Kerik Confesses to Cheating I.R.S. and Telling Lies *** Trial Shows Fine Balance for Police and Informers *** Ex-police commissioner Kerik cops a plea (Crains) *** Former Top Cop Pleads Guilty To Federal Criminal Charges *** Disgraced Bernard Kerik, who was a stand-in for Police Commissioner Giuliani, didn't see this coming *** he lawyer who became the poster boy of the double-dipping pension scandal has agreed to pay $240,000. (Newsday) '*** Working Families Party hires lawfirm *** After complaints during the campaign about their connection with Data and Field Services and related unfavorable press reports, the Working Families Party has retained the law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher and Flom to "conduct a thorough review of the structure and relationship between the WFP, WFO and DFS," etc. The review will be led by Judith Kaye, the well-regarded former Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals, who was succeeded by Jonathan Lippman (Village Voice) *** Post-Parade Chaos on the Staten Island Ferry *** WFP Hires Kaye to Review WFP

Bruno Pay to Play
Did union get benefits for ties to Bruno firm? *** At least one union and client received grants from former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, according to state records. (TU) *** A former Teamsters official testifies that he did not know of Bruno’s role as a consultant. But witnesses say they were not influenced by the promise of legislative muscle from Bruno. (AP/ TU) *** A number of bills favored by unions were passed after they became clients of Bruno’s employer, Wright Investors. (DN) *** Ten state lawmakers derive income from consulting businesses — and some are more willing to disclose clients than others. (TU) *** The city Corrections Officers Benevolent Association hired Bruno's firm, Wright Investor Services, just before lawmakers adopted bills the union had pushed for years *** "Wright Investors are doing a heck of a job. They're outperforming the S&P," said COBA President Norman Seabrook *** Ex-official recalls Bruno's NY investment pitch (AP)

White House
Obama Announces Endorsements for Health Care Bill *** Tribal Chiefs and the President President Obama has taken important steps to address the economic and social problems facing American Indians (NYT Ed) *** Obama Faces His Anzio President Obama chose a cautious approach rather than bold action on the economy, and the decision may haunt Democrats for years to come (Krugman NYT) *** Bam hopeful as health plan heads to House *** It's Obama's fault, say gay leaders about same-sex marriage loss in Maine *** White House to host 'Iron Chef' with Michelle's garden in starring role *** One Year Later, It's Obama vs. the Economy - Gary Langer, ABC News *** Obama's Race Against Time Hits a Tipping Point - Kimberley Strassel, WSJ *** Enough! Obama, Stop Dawdling & Pass Health Care - Anne Lamott, Salon *** Obama Cedes the Center - Michael Gerson, Washington Post *** The State of Hillary: The Diplomat and Her World - Joe Klein, Time *** Hillary's 'Mixed Record' *** W.H. feels pressure on jobs, spending (Politico) *** Hoyer: Dems still shy of 218 votes *** The Obama Generation, Revisited - Elizabeth Mendez Berry, The Nation

Congress and Political Parties
Charlie could catch a break *** U.S. Readies Jobless Aid and Help on Homes *** House Democrats Seek Allies for Health Care Vote *** Democrats Push Climate Bill Through Panel Without G.O.P. Debate *** Senate Votes on Terrorism Trials *** Right-wing health bill protests hit fever pitch - but GOP bill makes ill, elderly pay MORE *** Republican protestors march on the Capitol to 'kill' healthcare *** The looming health care vote has split the upstate New York congressional delegation *** House Democrats push for a vote on the health care overhaul bill. Democrats are counting the votes, trying to get to the 218 needed in advance of the expected Saturday vote. They worry about defections over immigration and abortion issues. (AP/ NYT/ WP) *** An estimated 10,000 Tea Party activists descended on Capitol Hill to protest the health care overhaul bill. (WP) *** The Myth of '08, Demolished - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post *** Democrats Wary of Health Care Defections - Murray & Montgomery, WP *** Attack of the Palinites - Eugene Robinson, Indianapolis Star *** Abortion, Immigration Continue to Threaten HC Bill - Los Angeles Times *** Fear of Health 'Reform' is Warranted - San Diego Union-Tribune *** Democrats Tackle Hot Button Issues Before Health Care Vote - The Hill *** Democrats Lost Independents on Tuesday - McClatchy *** Senate Votes to Renew Home Buyers Tax Credit - Washington Post *** Interview with the Club for Growth President - Marc Ambinder, The Atlantic *** Health-Care Reform's Hidden Taxes - Jane Sasseen, BusinessWeek *** Year After Obama vs. mccain It's Obama vs. the Economy (ABC) *** Michael Steele Wants More Purging *** Report: 237 millionaires in Congress *** Dems see lessons in defeat of Deeds *** Democrats Fall Back to Earth With a Thud - Chuck Raasch, USA Today *** Rep. Anthony Weiner gave up his push for a single-payer health care system
Wall Street and the Economy Oct. shop lift *** Fannie red ink: $18.9B *** Retailers Report Sales Increases *** Final Arguments Against 2 in Bear Stearns Fraud Case *** Break for Companies in Bailout’s Fine Print *** For Rear-Seat Passengers, Ford Puts Air Bags in Belts *** Goldman and Yankees? A Pinstripes Brotherhood *** Three Decades of Subsidized Risk - Charles Gasparino, Wall Street Journal *** Clash Looms on Banking Regulations - Wall Street Journal *** 3 Potential Bubbles for Retail Investors - Joshua Brown, Reformed Broker *** Steve Jobs: The CEO of the Decade - Adam Lashinsky, Fortune *** Valuing Bonds, Dollar Crazy in World Gone Mad - Mark Gilbert, Bloomberg *** How To Find $288 Billion in Hidden Gold - Martha White, The Big Money *** EXPLAINED: How Congress Allowed For "Too Big To Fail" *** Banks Hire Derivatives Expert To Fight Financial Reform *** Civil War In Corporate America: Banks Battling The Chamber On Accounting Rules *** Stimulus for Cotton Candy, Tango and a Fish Orchestra? Wacky, or Actually Worthy? *** *** Credit Card Companies Rush to Raise Rates - Boston Globe *** Banks Thwart Pay Rules By Changing Bonus Formulas - Bloomberg *** Small Business Bailouts Expected to Have High Default Rate - Washington Post *** Lobbying Push Wins Business a Boon in Jobless Aid - AP *** New Bill Would Keep Public In The Dark About Threats To Financial System

Pay to Play Wall Street
Feds bust 'Octopussy' insider trader-tipster *** 14 Charged With Insider Trading in Galleon Case *** A Scheme That Relied on Early Deal Tips, With Touches From a James Bond Movie *** UBS Fined $13.3 Million for Illicit Trades by Employees *** Feds bust 14 more in Galleon case *** Hedge-fund billionaire seeks lower bail *** Galleon a shipwreck: Hedge fund shop to 'wind down' *** Hedge hog: I want bail lower than Madoff's!

Terror Plot
Army Doctor Held in Fort Hood Rampage *** Shootings Kill 13 and Wound 30 at Army Post in Texas *** Suspect Was ‘Mortified’ About Deployment to War *** Allen West, GOP Candidate: Ft. Hood Shows "Terrorists Are Infiltrating Military" *** Nidal Malik Hasan, Suspected Fort Hood Shooter, Was Called "Camel Jockey" *** Female Cop Downed Gunman *** Contradictory picture of Fort Hood suspect emergesspacer(Wash Post) *** Anguish of Ft. Hood Attack Will Echo for Years to Come - Bob Owens, PJM *** Fort Hood Was an Act of Terror. Period - Ralph Peters, New York Post

Palestinian Leader Abbas Threatens to Quit *** Top Palestinian Rules Out Race for Re-election *** Brown Warns Afghan Leader on Corruption *** Deal to End Standoff in Honduras Appears to Fail *** UK's Brown Stands Firm on Afghanistan *** Russia Moves to Resume Borrowing From Abroad *** E.U. Finds Trade Barriers Rising Since Global Crisis *** Why the Wall Fell - James Baker, Newsweek *** Student Stuns Iran By Criticizing Supreme Leader To His Face *** Iran Tested Advanced Nukes

After Gruesome Find, Anger at Cleveland Police *** Florida Officials Fail to Provide Quality Education, Suit Claims *** Lessons From Virginia & New Jersey - Nathan Daschle, Politico *** Battleground State...Again - Miami Herald *** FLDS Polygamist Convicted of Sexual Assault

World Champs
NYC celebrates Pinstripe glory *** Bubbly Bombers do Series-ous partying *** Relive the Yankees' World Series ride *** With Boss talking repeat, Girardi will change number *** Sweet 27 New York is on top again — with the Yankees world champs for, uh, "only" the 27th time (NYP Ed) *** Yanks on top of world! ***After the Championship Comes the Challenge *** For a District That’s Short of Heroes, a Teamful *** City Gears Up For Pinstripe Parade *** A CELEBRATION FIT FOR KINGS (WCBS) ***Jeter, Pettitte, Posada and Matsui yuk it up on Letterman *** Secretary collecting confetti for decade is parade-ready *** Stores run out of MVP Matsui's merchandise *** Yankees Fans Grab Bragging Rights on House Floor

Media and New Tech Observer taps Pope for editor *** Condé Nast hires crisis intervention expert *** Question for Oprah: Broadcast or Cable? *** HOME RUN: World Series Ratings Highest Since 2004 ***Crunch Time for Time Warner *** Oprah Eyeing Channel Change *** Time Warner CEO: Broadcast Networks "May Not Survive"