Saturday, August 15, 2009

NY: Your money is our money

NY: Your money is our money MORE $PRITZ FOR NY STATE New York state can tap 80 percent of unclaimed deposits on beer and soda containers, a judge ruled *** 'OWE'-TB RETIREE-$$ WOE *** Betting agency OTB on track for insolvency, warns DiNapoli *** OTB Patron Falls Through Sidewalk

Senate Democratic aide John Flateau who hired Sen. Pedro Espada's son doubles up on public money *** DEM SPIN ON 120G DEEJAY FURY AT SENATE 'REBRANDING' HIRE *** 20G PARTY 'PAYBACK' *** Bronx Sen. Ruben Diaz this week asked Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to launch a full investigation of nepotism in the New York state Legislature RUBEN DIAZ'S (ONE) BRIGHT IDEA *** Paterson Set to Reject Public Authority Overhaul *** Daily News Editorial: Staff infection We've long known that the elected officials who run the state Senate are, by and large, good for nothing. Now we're being reminded of how lousy the bums' staffers are, too Dog eat dog Sen. Pedro Espada to crack down on nepotism after son quits Senate job Days after his son quit his Senate job under pressure, an angry Sen. Pedro Espada warned other lawmakers he'll be keeping tabs on future hire *** Senate Democrats Set New Controls on Hiring of Staff (Newsday) *** The Waterfront Commission: Beware the Backwater *** State Senate hires $100,760-a-year "creative director"

Cut to programs that protect the public GOV'S RED-INK VETO PEN Paterson has "reluctantly" vetoed a bill that would have created a $3 million hot line to tell state agencies about suspected abuse of adults in state health facilities While at the Same Time Protecting the Corruption Paterson, Bloomberg opposed to public authorities reform *** NY & NJ Announce Comprehensive Public Authority Reform - New York ...

Pay to Play This criminal should go to jail for used the state health depatment as a bank and servant, but was protected by the same judge that blasted her JUDGE BLASTS EX-HEALTH BIG *** Ex-state Health Commissioner cops plea deal to avoid jail *** Treasury Bailout's Limits on Lobbyists Still Not In Effect - Wall St. Jrnl *** FEC split on targeting Specter donors *** TARP's Limits On Lobbyists Still Haven't Taken Effect *** Campaign group still spending McLaughlin’s funds *** Seminerio’s hustling killed Parkway: Suit *** A Bloomberg Ally, Union Boss Michael Forde, Gets Hammered Handcuffs for a carpenters' union chief (Robins, Village Voice) *** CUOMO LETS PETEY OFF THE HOOK *** Sunday CUOMO CLOBBERS GOV: POLL *** BELLEVUE $LASHES CHARITY *** HOSP BOSS SUES OVER 'BRIBE' TRY *** Which dummy running his campaign thinks this will win Thompson votes? I'LL BRAKE CHAINS OF 'EVERYWHERE' STORES: THOMPSON

Espada Pay to Play Say goodby Padro they going to get you sooner or later. You can run but you can't hide ALL RELATIVE: PEDRO TURNS CHARITY INTO $15 MILLION 'FAMILY BIZ'

Road to City Hall Manhattan’s District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. *** Thompson Fund-Raising Drops in His Bid to Unseat Bloomberg *** Brawl between rivals spurred on by election rules Ruben Wills, a Queens City Council candidate threw a punch at rival Allan Jennings, but hit aide in argument at Board of Elections office *** Leslie Crocker Snyder has biggest DA war chest *** Mayor trips up on radio address; mentions things he'd do in a fourth term *** 38th AD Special Is Back On! (Updated) *** Matching Funds, By The Numbers (Updated) *** Barrett: Recalling When Mr. Tough-Guy Bloomberg Wasn't Too Tough to Purchase DC 37's Endorsement (Barrett, Village Voice) *** City Council Candidate 'Threw' Punch *** Sunday Buying the UFT Support $POILING 'EM ROTTEN MIKE SETS 8% HIKES EVEN BEFORE UFT PARLEY *** Poll: Paterson far behind Dem rival Cuomo Paterson is falling further and further behind possible primary opponent Andrew Cuomo, a stunning new poll shows *** Thompson not worried about fundraising woes against big-bucks Bloomberg *** Mayor Bloomberg turns to Bollywood for support of third term

Daily News Editorial: Dave's double cross Paterson has reversed a reversal and ended up betraying the voters of a Queens Assembly District. In a sneaky move late Friday afternoon, he canceled the September primary for the open 38th District seat.

Wimp, Dogs and Cops NADLER PHONES IT IN *** VETERAN VENDOR'S 'DOG'FIGHT *** Why crime stats are down From 1010WINS *** KELLY SUPPORTS SHOTGUN SAVIOR *** Street chefs throughout New York City vie to cart off the 2009 Vendy Award

Subways Fare $4.00 by 2010 While Bloomberg TV Commerical Takes Credit for MTA programs the entire agency is in melt down because of the economic crisis and not long term funding plans NEW TV AD: BETTER TRANSIT NOW *** NYC mayor calls MTA "bloated," proposes changes ‎Aug 3, 2009 *** MTA deal takes all of us for a ride The MTA is billions of dollars short of the funds needed to modernize the system and keep it in good repair. Its latest five-year that is unfunded (CrainNY) Hey Bloomberg who will pay for the MTA? Politicians blast MTA over plans to hike student bus fares *** MTA may fight panel's hefty pay hikes for transit workers *** Fay: Hey MTA - Take your toll and shove it! *** Daly: Clunker dollars should fuel free rides on subway

Yesterday's Great Leadership Can't Anyone Here Play This Game Anymore? Erie Canal Became NY's First Economic Engine *** How NYC Became the World's Banking Capital

Today's Dummies WTC fiasco makes NYC a laughingstock From WCBS880

Congress Gives Developers Our Money Goldman Sachs Seeks to Bail Out of Luxury Brooklyn Condo (Crain's) *** Congress bailing out slumlords From the NY Post *** Slumlords with violations to get share of $81M stimulus

' FEARLESS THUG-SLAY GUY BACK AT STORE *** Harlem owner: 'I haven't done anything wrong' *** Top cop says "Shotgun Gus" was right in defense

Washington How FDR Took Control of the Debate - Nancy Altman, Los Angeles Times *** Congress' Jet-Buying Plan Astonishing - San Diego Union-Tribune *** Are Dems losing August? (Politico) *** Obama Recalibrates Strategy (Washington Post) *** Maria Shriver's eulogy moves many (Boston Globe) *** Sunday Rahm Emanuel: "Perhaps The Most Influential White House Chief Of Staff In A Generation"

Health Care Illegal Immigration Enters Health Debate *** Big Health Flexes Its Lobbying Muscle - Peter Wilby, The Guardian *** Ridiculous Conservative Healthcare Critics - Steve Benen, Huffington Post *** Kennedy's Absences Raise Concern for Health Care Vote - The Hill *** Shields and Brooks on Obama and Health Care - The NewsHour *** ACLU v. single-payer? *** Plan B for business groups: Go negative *** Politics WATCH: Obama Goes After Health Care Reform Opponents In Weekly Address *** PRESIDENT ACCUSES INSURANCE COS. OF 'FUNDING IN OPPOSITION'... *** Obama Goes After Insurance Industry *** My Libertarianism and Health Care *** Required Town Hall Reading (The Nation) *** Campaign tactics back as Obama presses health care (Chicago Sun-Times) *** Sunday Competing Ads on Health Care Plan Swamp the Airwaves *** A Public Option Isn’t a Curse, or a Cure An insurance option run by the government would neither invigorate nor destroy the health care system *** OBAMA GOES AFTER POLITICIANS SPREADING "DEATH PANELS" LIES AT COLORADO TOWN HALL

Wall Street Economic Mess IT'S SLACK TO SCHOOL RETAIL OUTLOOK WORSENS FOR CRUCIAL SHOPPING SEASON *** Feds to auction off Madoff's homes *** Dealers Await 'Clunkers' Cash *** Why Big Banks Should Pay for New Regulation (The Atlantic) *** Money for Nothing Corporate Responsibility & Accountability Big profits on Wall Street, and the big bonuses they fund, are not justified by the marketplace (The Nation) *** Sunday IT'S TIME TO END 'TOO BIG TO FAIL' SINCE '84. WALL ST. HAS BEEN WORKING WITH A NET *** SEC RUNS FRAUD-FEST DAY CAMP

National BUDGET BLOWOUT: CHICAGO GOV'T CLOSED ON MONDAY *** One Note Dowd Does this columnist even have a job without Palin? Sarah’s Ghoulish Carousel

International Africa the land of no service Freedman, NYT

Media & New Tech DYLAN'S A COMPLETE UNKNOWN *** GOOGLE PUTS MOVIE, TV PREVIEWS ON ADS *** Report: Tribune Creditors Working To Force Zell Out *** NYT Creates Wine Club To Make Money *** Jerry to Sit with Jay *** Weinsteins Struggle to Regain Their Touch *** Sunday Facebook Buys Rights To Nearly Everything You Do Online For $47.5 Million

Blog Report Albany Makes Labor Contracts Available Online (City Doesn’t)(IBO Web Blog) *** Another Bronx City Council Candidate Bumped from Ballot(Bronx News Network) *** Transit Workers’ Raise Highest Since 1966(NY Fiscal Watch)