Sunday, November 8, 2009

Health Care Passes House; True News Updated All Weekend

"Oh, What A Night"
Health Care Passes House

Delayed since Thurman’s time, Health Care passes House Sweeping Health Care Plan Passes House ***Narrow Vote of 220-215 Provides Victory for Obama (NYT) *** House passes landmark health-care reform bill (Wash Post) *** House Dems Pass Sweeping Health Care Bill (WSJ) *** Health plan adds billions in fees, taxes (NYP) *** House makes deal on abortion *** House Democrats Who Voted Against the Health Care Bill *** The LONE Republican To Vote For Health Care Reform *** The House Passes Health-care Bill A look at how members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted and how much they received from the health care industry *** WATCH: Lieberman Pledges To Filibuster House Health Care Reform Bill *** WATCH: GOP Senator Graham Says House Health Reform Bill "Dead On Arrival" *** Obama Calls Health Care Bill’s Passage ‘Courageous’ *** Health Bill Clears House, City Reps React (NY1) *** Dems Insist Health Care Bill Is DOA In Senate Legislation Passes House, Facing Fierce Opposition In Senate Due To Government-Run Insurance Plan (WCBS) *** Senate millionaires: Will they reform health care?
Health Care Saturday Top Democrats Push for Votes Before Health Debate *** Pelosi Faces Competing Pressures on Health Care *** On Health Care, Democrats Play Down Election Results *** Abortion amendment faces vote (Wash Post) *** Democrats clear impasse blocking health care vote *** Decision day for health care in House *** Obama Weighs in as House Debates Health Overhaul *** All Eyes on Harry Reid - Carrie Budoff Brown & Manu Raju, Politico *** The Drama Was In the History - Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic *** The dream of a single payer health care system lives

Pension Fund Lobbyist? Comptroller Elected John Liu transition team should require New York's pension funds placement agents to register as lobbyists, in response to the corruption uncovered by AG Cuomo and the SEC CalPERS (California Pension fund) to consider requiring placement agents to register as lobbyists , California May Limit Placement Agents *** Weiner's Bad Week On Tuesday Congresman Anthony Weiner realized he would have been the next mayor if he stayed in the race. On Thursday he was forced to give up his fight for single payer health reform. On Friday Weiner the Met fan how to watch the Yankees celebrate with the mayor their chaimpsonship Weiner Drops Push to Force Vote on ‘Single Payer’ Plan *** On Facebook a PETITION: New Yorker's Against the MTA Payroll Tax has 1518 signers a Petition to Fire State Senator Monserrate has 681 members Lynch Loves the Boycott Political Consultant Lobbyist Bill Lynch is the real power behind Comptroller John Liu. Liu is already boycotting the mayor Comptroller-Elect Snubs Mayor Bloomberg When Lynch was deputy mayor for Dinkins they were responsible for the city's most famous boycott of the Koren R.& N. Fruit and Vegetable Market Judge Critical Of Dinkins Over Boycott Spin for Bonuses The close result make Bloomberg's campaign staff defend their work to justify the usual very generous bonuses the mayor paid his campaign staffs in other campaigns. They are begging the mayor must be mad at their work Making sense of Mike's re-elex nonsense Thank You Art D'Lugoff A great New Yorker has past away Death shuts Gate on plan for new nightspot A Real Reporter Leonard Levitt, a former police reporter and columnist for Newsday, who needed the help of civil rights lawyers to regain his press pass after being barred from the building a few years back. Now retired, Mr. Levitt, 68, still makes weekly rounds at Police Headquarters to feed his blog , * Permitted Behind Police Lines, but Not Welcome NYC Dem Congressman Votes Against Health Care fears GOP Challenger in 2010. SI Dem in the 'no' on party's bill (NYP) *** NYT misses the point. It’s not that there should not be work place vaccinations, it's that the city did such a pxxx poor job at getting school children vaccinated first Official Approves Workplace Clinics to Distribute Vaccine -

Gov of La Mancha Paterson defends pricey trips abroad in sake of jobs *** Dems rethink gov snub *** Gov launches TV blitz *** No satisfaction for Paterson in Bam's heat over election losses *** Posturing in Puerto Rico *** Paterson Empowered By Obama's Election WoesGov. Still Plans To Run Despite President's Request He Not *** Detecting a silent bridge-killer
State fails to make ultrasonic test of concrete piers, which could have avoided Champlain Bridge closure(Times Union) *** Monserrate Panel Will Meet Monday *** Monserrate's amigo Pedro Espada Jr. will back a same-sex marriage bill, but he wants to link the bill with one about farm workers' rights.

Bruno Play to Play
Documents: Bruno solicited Pataki for employer (Newsday) *** Prosecutors probe Bruno biz deals (Troy Record) *** Long time Bruno associate takes the stand (WNYT) *** Bruno Trial Day Five (WXXA) *** Oddo Survives Leadership Challenge

Pay to Play Casino Off track on betting: Casino mogul Steve Wynn folds in Albany's rigged Aqueduct game *** New York can't Wynn Even as taxpayers are being squeezed, Albany is turning away potential gold-chip investors who can generate new tax revenues (NYP Ed) *** $200 million assurance keeps Delaware North in casino race Buffalo News

Pay to Play Albany, City Hall Albany heat on hosp big amaica Flushing and Brookdale hospitals, where CEO David Rosen steered about $400,000 over eight years to ex-Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio's bogus consulting company. Rosen has not been charged in the corruption case *** Fidler on the hook: It's time for greedy Brooklyn pol to return unused public funds *** Judge questions defense's statements in Seminerio case (Brooklyn Paper)

Road to City Hall Bill Thompson got no help from 'allies' in failed run for NYC Mayor *** New York Democrats were MIA in supporting Bill Thompson *** Brooklyn has fallen out of love with Bloomberg*** Bloomy bucks means bupkis in Brooklyn (Brooklyn Paper) *** Markowitz gets four more years as borough’s cheerleader

Bloomberg 3rd Term Lame Duck Chancellor? *** Bonuses Uncertain for Bloomberg Election Aides

New York Economic Melt Down
Foreclose $$ woes sock city & tenants *** Freeze teacher pay (NYP ED) *** Diners choke on Nathan's price hike: Hot dogs now cost $3.15 *** Saturday New Kosciuszko Bridge to cost $1B *** Broader Measure of Unemployment Stands at 17.5% *** Pension Checks of Retired New York City Teachers Canceled *** Bellevue Natural-Birth Center, Haven for Poor Women, Closes *** Prep Schools Face Cuts in Student Aid *** 27 Million Reasons to Leave New York (WSJ) *** Hundreds vie for lucrative NYC toilet job *** Arby's claims historic home of Gage & Tollner on Fulton Mall *** State Budget Cuts *** Lost in the Recession: Affordable Homes

Law and Order
Judge not sympathetic toward Two-Ton Tony *** Disbarred lawyer Vance in transitionDisbarred lawyer C. Vernon Mason - a civil rights leader at the heart of the Tawana Brawley case - is on the transition team for Manhattan District Attorney-elect Cy Vance *** State report slams Bronx court program *** Sunday 911's 'fatal typo' *** Justices Weigh Life in Prison for Youths Who Never Killed *** Feds probe charge workers underpaid at construction sites *** Exhibit shows off mementos of a legendary NYC lawman NYPD Lt. Joseph Petrosino remains one of the greatest immigrant tales New York City has ever known

Stupid Government Tricks Subway extension forces eviction of homeless shelter *** Big party, big pain: MTA muffs Manhattan transfer for multitude of Yankee fa *** Latest Ma Gotti tirade for judge: 'YOU F****** LIAR!'

8 Years Later Navy Builds a Battle Ship
Navy Ship Built with WTC Steel To Go into Service ***Ship born of WTC steel comes to life *** USS New York comes aboard New York Has A Hole in the Ground After 8 Years, Work Starts at a Sept. 11 Site , Plans for security bunker at World Trade Center site still lackingMore City News *** Secrets of the Stacks NY Public Library *** Water Bottle Deposit Goes Into Effect

World Series
A grand $lam for vendors *** It's confetti & meatballs *** Girardi likely to up ante with uniform switch ***Yankees celebrate World Series title with trip through Canyon of Heroes*** Paterson defends pricey trips abroad in sake of jobs *** DN Editorial: Thanks, Yanks!
*** Ten ideas for building the 2010 New York Yankees *** Lupica: Yankee 'budget' concerns
White House All Afghan War Options by Obama Aides Said to Call for More Troops *** Can't Obama hire you? (Wash Post Ed) *** Abomination accepted: U.S. shamefully silent in the face of UN Israel-bashers *** Obama By the Numbers - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times *** Cool Obama Makes Americans Wistful for Bush - Toby Harnden, Telegraph *** Time to Walk Away from Peace Process - Thomas Friedman, New York Times *** The Abject Failure of Obama's Mideast Policy - Elliott Abrams, Wkly Stnd *** More Stimulus Needed - New York Times Editorial *** Obama's Awkward Response to the Deadly Shootings - Boston Globe *** Saturday Prez leads nation in mourning *** Investors Beware President Obama and his aides need to do a lot more to close the regulatory gaps that allowed the financial system to spin dangerously out of control (NYT Ed) *** Gibbs on Protests, Jobs *** Administration Rejects Plan to Buy Fannie Mae Credits *** Obama Has Off-The-Record Lunch With Journalists At White House *** Defending the Deficit The White House believes red ink is not a political danger in the short-term (The Atlantic)

Congress and Political Parties 'Chuck' bucks have run dry Just 3G in donations for 'Rangel' school just $3,315 to the Rangel Center at City College since the Harlem congressman became enmeshed in scandal last fall *** Republicans Seek a Path to Revival - Dan Balz, Washington Post *** Get Serious, Sarah - Salena Zito, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review *** The Night They Drove the Tea Partiers DownDemocrats need to realize they appear overly sympathetic to fat-cat bankers, particularly because Republicans may not self-destruct (Rich NYT) *** GOP's Graham steps out on a limb on climate change
Terror Plot From Humdrum Day to a Scene of Chaos *** The Victims at Fort Hood *** Heroism marks a horrific afternoon for weary troops (Wash Post) ***Ideology, stress or other motive? (Wash Post) *** Ft. Hood hero cop prevented 'extremely high' carnage: Army *** On Fort Hood Base, 4 Minutes of Chaos *** Little Evidence of Terror Plot in Base Killings *** Terror at Home - Los Angeles Times *** The Officer Who Stood Her Ground - Las Vegas Review-Journal *** America-hater in Qns. hails Hood massacre *** Ground Broken for Flight 93 Memorial in Pa. *** WATCH: Army Chief Of Staff Worried About Backlash Against American Muslim Soldiers *** Is There a 9/11 Link to Ft. Hood?

Wall Street and the Economy Car Buyers Come Back, but Not in Droves *** Berkshire Says Profit Tripled in Quarter *** Blackstone Reports $275 Million Third-Quarter Profit *** Faces of a jobless recovery (Wall Street) *** Former Citibank CEO: Sorry I built Citigroup *** Taxpayer dollars at work: AIG's 2nd straight quarterly profit *** Bank Failures Hit 120 for the Year *** Growing hedges *** Sunday Windfall Is Seen as Bank Bonuses Are Paid in Stock *** Inside the Global Gold Frenzy *** Realism is job one: Staggering unemployment figures cannot be sugar-coated (DN Ed) *** Welcome to the Seedy Side of Wall Street - Will Hutton, The Observer *** Mr. Goldman Sachs, 'Doing God's Work' - John Arlidge, Sunday Times Mag *** Goldman One-Ups Gordon Gekko, Says Jesus Embraced Greed Buffett's Berkshire profits triple ***Bear's last supper *** Small Businesses Hunker Down to Survive *** The Recession’s Over, but Not the Layoffs *** Geithner: need stimulus, not financial transactions tax *** Goldman Sachs boss: 'bankers do God's work' *** Frank Rich: Rage At Wall Street Against Background Of Despair *** WATCH: SNL Rips Goldman Sachs On 'Weekend Update'
*** Stock Options Hit New Highs After Bailout Rebounds *** Why the Stimulus Creates Few Jobs One $450 million project shows what the economy needs and what Congress wanted are different(The Atlantic) *** BusinessHow Low Will They Go? Wal-Mart, Amazon, Target In DVD Price War *** Cheers for Weak Economy U.S. Stocks Advance as Fed Pumps Cash into Financial System
Pay to Play Wall Street Choice for Bear Trial Jury: Two Clashing Stories *** Bear Stearns execs told 'black and white lies': prosecutors *** Hedge-Fund Giant Surfaces in Probe *** Lobbying Push Wins Business a Boon in Jobless Aid - AP

International Prospect of More U.S. Troops Worries Afghan Public *** With Wall Just a Memory, German Divisions Fade *** Britain and U.S. Clash at G-20 on Tax to Insure Against Crises *** Remembering Berlin Wall's fall *** Are Nuclear Warheads Safe in Pakistan? - Seymour Hersh, The New Yorker *** Afghan president: No corrupt officials in new govt *** WorldSeymour Hersh: Can An Unstable Pakistan Keep Safe Its Nuclear Arsenal? *** Is There Any Hope For Agreement at Copenhagen? (Time) *** China Pledges $10 Billion to African Nations *** INCOMING: Israel planning cell phone rocket alerts... "*** Iraqis pass election law crucial to U.S. withdrawal plans *** Obama will meet Netanyahu at White House U.S.-Israeli relations have been strained over Jewish settlement issue

National Equality’s Ragged March Recent election results show how far the nation has traveled in the struggle for gay equality — and the distance still to go *** Four new casinos approved by Ohio voters *** Talks in Philadelphia transit strike break off
*** To Help The Kids, Parents Go Back to School (Time) *** Jerry Brown Leads Poll Of Gloomy California Voters
New Jersey New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, seen here slouching on the healing sands of St. Barts, has retreated to the Caribbean to recover from his crushing defeat at the polls Tuesday *** No Surprise: Poll Finds Corruption Still a Problem in NJ (WNBC)
Media and New Tech Virtual Goods Start Bringing Real Paydays *** Windows 7 Sales Start Strong *** At 60, Wintour is in her spring *** Opening day: 'Christmas Carol' debut not looking too jolly *** WATCH: SNL Mocks Fox's Election Coverage, Glenn Beck's Spelling Problems *** newspaper economics - all you need to know *** Christmas comes early: 'Carol' tops box office

Blog Report The New State Legislation Web Site(Open Legislation) *** Senate Should Take Advantage of New Reforms (ReformNY) *** Biking is Only Part of a Balanced Transportation System (Word on the Street) *** Bloomberg Campaign’s Online Spending (paidContent via NYConvergence) *** Voters Repudiate Rich Man’s Politics (The New Republic) *** Disgruntled Star Editor Takes Constructive Revenge*** Election Day Triangles (Noticing New York)
*** Coney Vid: Skuld II A Coney Island nostalgic lull footage taken from various Prelinger films (Kinetic Carnival) *** Save Coney Island Stragety Meeting Monday (Kinetic Carnival)