Friday, October 2, 2009

They Knew the Mob Runs NYC Construction Industry All Along

Breaking News: Jobless Report Is Worse Than Expected; Rate Rises to 9.8% * Chicago Loses Olympics Bid * Chicago Mourns, and New York Empathizes * Rio wins 2016 Olympic Games in landslide over Madrid * Man accused in Letterman extortion is indicted * Bloomberg spending in the stratosphere

They Knew the Mob Runs NYC Construction Industry All Along

Just Read the NYS Organized Crime Taskforce 1988 Report or There is Gambling At Rick's Place? Why did the investigation begin only after in New Jersey, where agents were listening in on the phones of an alleged Luchese-run, Internet-based sports- gambling ring that authorities believe has netted $400 million for the crime family in the last two years. When information about New York-based mobsters and buildings inspectors started turning up on the New Jersey wiretaps, authorities there passed the information to New York, prosecutors said.

Inspector Clouseau 21 Years After the State Report on Organized Crime in Construction Today's Papers Mob sweep nets city inspectors (NYP) Mob Infiltration Is Seen in New York City Agency (NYT) *** 49 indicted for bribery, racketeering schemes on a crazy Lucchese mob day (NYDN) *** Owner of bakery talks of how he stood up to Gambinos

1988 Report: Corruption and Racketeering in the New York City Construction Industry: The Final Report of the New York State Organized Crime Taskforce (Paperback) Corruption and Racketeering In The New York City Construction Industry: The Final Report of the New York State Organized Task Force, lays out in close and compelling detail the intricate patterns of currupt activities and relationships that for the better part of a century have characterized business as usual in the construction industry in America's largest metropolis. The book is the end product of more than five years' worth of investigation, prosecutions, and research by the New York State Organized Crime Task Force, a unique agency that has set a national example for marrying law enforcement initiatives with comprehensive and exhausting analysis of the causes and dynamics of industrial racketeering. This is a sobering analysis of the construction industry , one of New York City's largest industries, and in effect, one of the city's most significant economic sectors. In any given year during the 1980s, billions of dollars of construction were being carried out at any one time. The industry regularly employs more than 100,000 people in the city, involving some one hundred union locals and many hundreds of general and specialty contractors as well as a large number of architects, engineers, and materials suppliers. The book shows—in great and provocative detail—how organized extortion, bribery illegal cartels, and bid rigging characterize construction in the city. The basis for much of this crim is labor racketeering, controlled or orchestrated by organized crime. It reveals how this world of corruption affects not only the private sector but the city's vast public works program, and it spells out the ways in which both organized crime and official corruption each sustain the dynamics of ongoing criminality. Wrong-doing on a massive scale is documented at length. But this book is more than a recitation of extensive and systematic criminality. The book recommends a number of plausible options for genuine reform. Necessarily these are profound and radical solutions, but everyone who reads this book will conclude that only profound and radical solutions could hope to solve such an entrenched and intractable crime problem

N.Y. Builders `Dependent' On Mafia The Mafia's grip on the city's $5 billion construction industry has turned it into a cesspool of bribery, extortion, false billings, tax fraud, no-show jobs, minority fronts, bid rigging, violence and sabotage, according to a state report released in 1988. The 130-page report by the state's Organized Crime Task Force says those in the industry have "become dependent on" corruption. It describes a system in which major developers "ignore" racketeering while reaping its benefits, contractors willingly pay off mob figures to preserve labor peace and unions make themselves easy targets for mob

More Clues Over the Years 20 IN BUILDING INDUSTRY HELD IN CORRUPTION CASE August 19, 1987*** Mob's Shadow Still Falls Across Building Projects *** Mob tied to big NYC construction jobs *** The persistence of organized crime in New York City construction: an economic perspective *** Crane collapses, corporate greed and the mob « Louis Proyect: The ... *** Cranes Today - Local 14 mob investigation ends in deal with Feds *** Friends of Ours: Mobbed-up Union Teaches Crane Safety Classes In NYC

More Organized Crime: City Council Council members' matche$ burn city That's what a slew of City Council members are doing -- accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer matching funds to mount new campaigns, even though they have virtually no opposition in November *** $3.1M more in tax funds for candidates - even the shoo-ins (NYDN) *** Editorial: Liu and Fidler: gluttons Public Advocate-to-be Bill de Blasio did the right thing yesterday by declining to accept the huge pile of taxpayer dollars that are available to help him run a general election race against, essentially, no one. Not so controller-to-be John Liu (DN Editorial) *** Fidler Prepares for the Worst, Expensively

Designed to Fail Due to corruption and lack of resources, the State Liquor Authority "jeopardizes public health and safety and exacerbates the economic crisis currently plaguing New York." *** Serenade of 'booze' for Liquor Authority A state commission yesterday condemned the State Liquor Authority as a bureaucratic basket case beset by poor management, enforcement failures *** A new report claims systemic problems at the State Liquor Authority are an economic drain and a threat to public health. (TU) *** Can't count on them: State Senate Democrats fiddle while the budget burns (DN Editorial) *** The deal memo between Gov. David Paterson and state workers unions might leave the window open for a return of the layoff threat if Tier V fails to make it through the Legislature. (TU) *** The Times thinks SUNY needs to clean up Binghamton.

Road to City Hall Almost no reports on Thompson only campaign spin by the Bloomberg campaign and the newspapers willing going alone 'Sweet' revenge vs. Mike Fat chance Mayor Bloomberg's war on junk food would go unchallenged. The industry-backed Center for Consumer Freedom unleashed a $1 million advertising *** Bloomberg Lost $2.5 Billion Last Year (NY Magazine) *** Today's Tip Sheet: Expect a Big Number From Bloomberg on Campaign Spending (NYT) Bloomberg maps out new cyber city-gripe system (DN) *** Thompson adds voice to rent hike protest *** There's some question as to how strong the WFP support will be for Bill Thompson in the general election *** Mayor Bloomberg told an LGBT crowd he has informed Senate leaders on both sides of the aisle that gay marriage is "our number one priority," and he believes in his "heart of hearts" it will get done *** City Council candidate Lynn Schulman lost the Democratic primary to Karen Koslowitz, but will keep running on the WFP line *** Mock mayoral campaign stepped up this weekend (Newsday) ***Thompson Remembers a Term-Limits Anniversary

Bloomberg Campaign Poll must have show Mayor has problems with drivers Bloomberg suddenly loves drivers *** Sensitivity Trainers’ Advice for Traffic Agents

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Wall Street and the Economy No more bailouts Ben Bernanke declared that he is "sick and tired" of bailouts and hinted he won't rescue any big private funds from collapse *** Mission Not Accomplished Unless the government does much more than is currently planned to help the economy recover, the job market will remain terrible for years to come (Krugman NYT) *** Auto Sales Fall Back as Clunker Program Ends *** Breaking News Jobless Report Is Worse Than Expected; Rate Rises to 9.8% worse since 1983 *** Who Can Take Charge at Bank of America? *** Bernanke, in Nod to Critics, Suggests Board of Regulators *** Inspector Court Filing Indicates ’03 Problem in Madoff Investor Account *** Slide in manufacturing activity slams stocks *** Banks With 20% Unpaid Loans at 18-Year High; Doubts Over Recovery Deepen... *** Fed Draws Court's Eyes Over Lehman *** Bernanke Backs Limited Finance Council (WSJ) *** BusinessOutgoing BofA CEO Ken Lewis Has $53 Million Pension *** The Credit Crunch Continues - Meredith Whitney, Wall Street Journal

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