Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Dwindling Power of Newspaper Endorsements, The Media Panics

The Media Panics The NYP, NYT and DN are reacting to the failure of the three editorial board of the city's major dailies endorsements not being able to elect Yassky comptroller now they turning over their news pages to the re-election of the mayor Post Prints Campaign Flyers for the Mayor's Reelection Bloomy 'charts' a bolder course He's doubling down on charter schools. If re-elected, Mayor Bloomberg said he plans to double the number of public charter schools in the city to 200 Then does editorial in support of that spin (NYP) Mike's good-schools fight (NYP Editorial) and a column in support of Mike's school fight Charter challenge *** Bloomy 'charts' a bolder course (NYDN) *** Mayor Again Calls for Lifting Cap on Charter Schools (NYT) *** City Hall’s Cars by Day, and Yours by Night (NYT) *** City Hall unveils effort to support artists (Crains) *** Mayor Bloomberg vows to snuff out smoking in parks, beaches *** Bloomberg calls the spread of AIDS 'a disgrace' *** Bloomberg's got a lot of gall to say he'll fix parking now *** Bloomberg said the remarks he made inside a school yesterday were a policy speech, not a campaign speech *** Sol Stern notes an irony: in order to gain mayoral control, Bloomberg argued that no one at the Board of Education was in charge of schools. Now, in campaign ads, Bloomberg says the president of the Board of Education was responsible for them *** AnsleyH questions the mayor's dedication to improving conditions for motorists *** An upstate newspaper calls Bloomberg a hypocrite, because of his diet *** Vinny Gentile doesn’t like Bloomberg’s parking plan Remember Bloomberg Said to Test a Term-Limit Reversal with newspaper owners *** Tom Robbins: Bloomberg’s Term Limits Scheme (Village Voice) *** Bloomberg will not answer Rafael Martinez's questions, Espada wanted him taught a lesson (Video) *** How New York City's Seven Newspapers Are (Nearly) Surviving (Village Voice)

Nobody Asks Me, But . . . Liu aide whacks lax WFP Lobbyist consultant Bill Lynch vs. WFP is pure BS while they fight over who takes victory and controls Liu they will work together next year and beyond in dozens of races *** John Liu's revival of the Dinkins coalition led to his primary win *** No money for John and Bill: Liu, de Blasio shouldn't take public funds for Nov. election *** Here come the layoffs State worker’s expected buyout fails to materialize *** Eliot Spitzer will be moderating some things

Road to City Hall Victors out to madden Mayor MikeRunning the government is going to be a lot less fun for Mayor Bloomberg as a result of Tuesday's Democratic runoff elections, officials said yesterday *** Paterson Says He’s Sure He Can Beat Giuliani, if It Comes to That *** Bloomberg Launches New Offensive Against Thompson (NYT) *** De Blasio: Grassroots pull uprooted Green *** Liu: Serving city is goal, not making history *** In Buffalo, Gov. Paterson addressed doubts over his political future and Andrew Cuomo gives a fairly gubernatorial-sounding speech. More here. (WXXI, Daily News) *** Appearing before the state Business Council, the governor says the state confronts fiscal disaster unless it gets spending in check. (GNS) *** Paterson said that he could beat Rudy Giuliani for governor *** Marty Markowitz is endorsing Michael Bloomberg over fellow Brooklyn-born Democrat Bill Thompson *** In a new mailer, Bloomberg attacks Thompson on his handling of the city’s pensions *** David Paterson, New York's Savior? *** Cuomo and Paterson hugged for the cameras, but their dueling speeches in Buffalo made it clear they're "on a collision course," Brendan Scott writes *** Almost-Public Advocate Bill de Blasio says Bloomberg needs someone to provide checks and balances to his power "more than he even realizes." *** At state party convention, LI Dems own Buffalo *** Despite reports to the contrary, Paul Vallone hasn't yet endorsed anyone for the Council seat he sought and lost, nor will he cross party lines to try to get back in the race *** The Other Problem Democrat in New York? Gillibrand?

Pay to Play Board: Bloomberg Aide Broke Law by Lobbying for Rail Yard Plan *** Bellevue Hospital Executive Is Charged With Misconduct *** A special prosecutor seizes documents in Troy as part of a ballot fraud investigation. (TU)

Kosciuszko, Gowanus top list of bad bridges, roads *** Attendance at Yankee Stadium down 13%

Law and Orders Hiram's vic stands by her man I was drunk *** Monserrate Companion Asserts Cuts Were Accidental *** Daly: Hiram's gal pal cries and maybe *** Waterfront Detective Accused of Perjury

Washington Anti-Rangel plot will put Dems on the spot *** E.P.A. Moves to Curtail Greenhouse Gas Emissions *** The wrong way to build the F-35 *** Gates Doubts U.S.'s Afghan Strategy *** GOP Antiabortion Provision Defeated *** Obama May Turn to GOP on War *** Court to Decide If State Gun Laws Violate Rights *** WATCH: Stewart Destroys Dems For Not Getting Public Option Passed *** WATCH: Arianna Defends Dem Rep. Grayson On "Countdown" *** GOP: We'll Oppose Health Care Bill Even If You Meet All Our Demands *** Republicans want U.S. generals in Afghanistan to testify before Congress on the prosecution of the war. (WashTimes) *** A conservative magazine explains that a recent column dilating on a possible military coup against President Obama wasn’t, y’know, advocating for one or anything. (Salon) *** President Obama's Opportunity in Iran - Nicholas Burns, Boston Globe *** 10 Reasons Why Sanctions Won't Work - Thomas PM Barnett, Esquire *** The Public Option Only Looks Dead - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post *** Tax Makes an Already Bad Bill Worse - Sen. Orrin Hatch, Washington Times *** President Obama's War: Take Your Time - David Wood, Politics Daily *** Why Israel Hates Obama - Richard Wolffe, The Daily Beast *** 2010 Could Easily Be a Disaster for Democrats - Sean Trende, RCP *** Chill Out, Global Warming Cassandras - George Will, Washington Post *** There Should Be No Restrictions on Abortion in HC Plan - New York Times *** Will GOP Help Obama on Afghanistan? *** Pawlenty Readies 2012 Team *** Olympic Opponents Locked Out *** Reid Cancels Senate Recess *** Grayson Refuses Demand for Apology

Wall Street & Economy Bank of America Chief to Depart at Year’s End *** Cuomo's office said this will have "will have no impact on our continuing investigation" into BofA *** G.M. to Close Saturn After Deal Fails *** Funds Try to Ward Off New Regulations *** Bill Would Make Ratings Agencies Share Liability *** Moody's gets hammered from all sides *** Warren Buffett keeps cashing out of Moody’s *** American Express drops gift card dormancy fee *** J.P. Morgan Hopes to Heal Rift *** Bernanke Calls for Regulator Council *** BAE Faces Corruption Charges *** WATCH: Arianna Defends Dem Rep. Grayson On "Countdown" *** There's No Reason to be Spooked by October - Robert Maltbie, MarketWatch *** Thorns Lurk on Wall Street Bed of Roses - Tom Petruno, Los Angeles Times *** Banks Have Us Flying Blind on Depth of Losses - Jonathan Weil, Bloomberg *** Greenspan: Hold Your Horses

Terror Plot on New York Cops eye NY train 'bombers' *** Rush for Clues Before Charges in Terror Case *** Video shows Zazi trying to rent trucks: report

National Acorn to Stand Trial in Nevada Case *** LA to require all new homes to be graffiti-proofed... *** Detroit Coaxes Students to Roll Call *** PA Senate: Toomey (R) 43, Specter (D) 42 Specter (D) 44, Sestak (D) 25

International Communists Mark Mao's Win 60 Years Ago... *** Iraqi Premier Unveils New Coalition *** Communist China: 60 Years On - Times of London *** Murdoch Dumps Labour Party

Media and New Tech Comcast: No deal to buy NBC *** Mort & Mike in battle over BusinessWeek

Media and New Tech Curling Up With Hybrid Books, Videos Included *** Comcast Denies Report on a Deal to Buy NBC Universal *** Web Survey Finds Speed Is Quickest Overseas *** Publisher dials back effort to target youth *** Firms Get Hand With Twitter, Facebook *** L.A. Times, Post to End Joint News Service *** Sarah Palin’s memoir, “Going Rogue,” is put on the fast track, and her ghost writer has a lively resume. (Politico) *** Comcast Wants Content *** New Details on the Apple Tablet *** Michael Steele: Friedman a ‘Nut Job’ *** Zucker on NBCU: "There Are a Number of Possible Things That Could Happen" *** Palin's 'Going Rogue' Tops Bestseller Lists *** Mort Zuckerman Finally Admits He’s After Business Week