Sunday, October 4, 2009

Can't Anyone Here Play This Game Anymore, SUNDAY UPDATE

Breaking News Eight U.S. Soldiers Dead in Bold Attack in Afghanistan

Can't Anyone Here Play This Game Anymore, SUNDAY UPDATE

Pathetic Mayoral Campaign Money vs clueless, passionless campaign and second rate candidate Mike's $64M elex splurge Mayor Bloomberg's torn through $64.8 million in his quest for a third term, nearly 50 percent ahead of his 2005 pace, according to figures released yesterday *** Bill & Johnny expected to annoy Bloomie *** Bloomberg Spares No Expense in Mayoral Race *** A Sign From on High, or Just Some Soggy Supporters? Some of Comptroller William C. Thompson Jr.’s backers were accidentally doused during a rally on Staten Island *** Mayor spends $64,756,118.47 for 3rd term - so far *** Throw the Rascals In! Revisiting Joe Flaherty’s classic account of Mailer and Breslin on the hustings (Columbia Journalism Review)

Editorial Board Failure If you want to change the way judges are elected and dysfunctional corrupt government in New York go after the county leaders, the broken election system which has caused people to stop voting and stop the self important one shot editorials. The entire Vito Lopez Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run His Machine *** One Shot Editorial Vito's Making Judges Unfit to judge: Brooklyn boss has outdone himself with utterly unqualified Pamela Fisher *** Ex-Judges Deny Partisan Politics at Top NY CourtCan't Anyone Run the City? School of Crock The Bloomberg administration and the UFT have increasingly joined forces on the schools *** Mike's mob mess where does he rank getting the mob out of the Buildings Deparment?The Buildings Department has long been a source of embarrassment for Bloomberg -- from its neglect of the toxic former Deutsche Bank building to its failure to prevent two crane collapses last year (NYP Editoriail) *** Mob Infiltration in Buildings Department *** New Policy Outlaws Bake Sales in City Schools ***3rd cop suspended in officer's fatal DWI case *** Queens-based JetBlue considering New York, Orlando for corporate HQ *** Sunday Not easy going green A city plan to go green is hitting plenty of red lights. Two years after Mayor Bloomberg launched his ambitious blueprint for a greener Big Apple *** Port Authority Keeps On Pluckin' Canada Geese ***Bellevue Hospital tipped-off to safety inspection; discharged patients, massaged records *** Confusion, lack of space discourage recycling in NYC *** Charter advocates to Mayor: More schools fine, but more $ needed *** Sen. Dean Skelos turns down chance to box Sen. Malcolm Smith for charity event *** Feds might slash $40M funding for radiation detection system *** Second Avenue Subway - An Abomination *** Former city Finance Commissioner Martha Stark has a new job teaching at CUNY.
Why are we building a new police academy at a time the when new police class have fallen from over a thousand to less then 100 per class? Mike & Bill feud over 'Police Academy 2' CONSTRUCTION of the NYPD's new $1.5 billion Police Academy in Queens has suddenly been delayed, and angry aides to Mayor Bloomberg and Comptroller Bill Thompson each say the other is to blame *** Commercial Real-Estate Price Drop Quickens In July -Moody's

Road to City Hall Albany Interests Collide in Crowley-Ognibene Race (City Hall) *** Voters Like Mayor, but Not His Path to 3rd Run *** Sunday Thompson Stumps At Sharpton's Birthday Celebration *** NAACP bigshot calls Liu 'little Asian boy' at Sharpton bash *** Experts: Fuzzy facts in Mayor's school ads slamming Thompson *** Add slowdown in dough to Thompson woes *** The Rise of John Liu (NY Magazine) *** The Jerusalem Post's New York edition endorsed Mayor Bloomberg, calling him "among the most steadfast defenders" of Israe *** "What do you get for trying to please almost everyone amid a worsening economic tsunami? If you're Gov. David Paterson, it's the lowest ratings a New York governor has ever received," writes the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle *** Reverend Al's B-day Bash Turns Into Awkward Political Affair
NYP Editorial Board vs WFP
Party poopers Wherever the far-left Working Families Party plants its flag, it seems a good bet that you’ll find something a bit shady at work (NYP Editorial) WHY The Dwindling Power of Newspaper Endorsements, The Media Panics *** OPINION: ACORN's response to sting has been nutty *** Notes About Bias, From Opposite Points of View

Can't Anyone Pass Health Care Gov: Senate health bill a $1B slap at NY *** G.E. Chief Sees India Helping Cut Costs of U.S. Health Care *** Where's Hollywood on Healthcare? - Lee Siegel, The Daily Beast *** Obama: We Can't Have Job Growth Without Health Care Reform *** Sen. Ben Nelson: Public option shelved *** Lawmakers Get One-Two Punch of Money From Health Industry Special Interests (Open Secrets) *** Hidden ‘Bundles’ of Lobbyist Giving Show Full Court Press by Health Care Donors (Open *** Health Overhaul Drawing Close to Floor Debate - Pear & Herzenhorn, NYT

Terror Plot Queens 'terror' raid hits G-20 anarchist *** Inside the Terrorist Take Down (Newsweek) *** Still Not Tired Though we may be tired of this “war on terrorism,” the bad guys are not. They are getting even more creative (Friedman NYT) *** Sunday Radical influences all around NYC terror suspect

Who Killed the 2009 Mets? (Vanity Fair) *** Not good time to sell N.Y. digs, says Sotomayo *** Youngest Of NYC's East River Bridges Turns 100 *** Why the Russians are coming: Billionaire Prokhorov wants more than the Nets *** Movin' On Up A network of security cameras, license plate readers and weapons sensors intended to protect lower Manhattan from terrorist threats will be expanded to midtown, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

Washington U.S. Review of Battle Disaster Sways Strategy on AfghanistanFocus on Rangel, a Chairman Under Investigation ***For Obama, An Unsuccessful Campaign - Baker & Zeleny, New York Times *** The Agony of Obama's Defeat - Josh Gerstein, Politico *** It's Upside Down to Defer to Military Leaders - David Sirota, Salon *** Obama: President or Pitchman? - Boston Globe *** Olympic blow comes at a bad time for Obama as healthcare on the line *** Sunday Deadly BattleIs Symbol of U.S. Missteps (Washington Post) *** Obama Adviser: No Climate Change Bill This Year *** Valerie Jarrett: Obama Was Told Olympics Trip Could Clinch Chicago's Bid *** Obama Wins Popularity Contests, Not Much Else - James Kirchick, NY Post *** President Obama's Magic Has Its Limits - Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune *** Will the Real President Stand Up? - David Broder, Washington Post *** The Agony of Obama's Defeat - Josh Gerstein, Politico ***Will Sotomayor Shake Up Court? *** 450 Mayors Petition Obama To Adopt Broad Gun Reform *** Economic 'fits and starts' could give Dems fits in 2010 campaign *** Lobbyists Put Ensign At Distance

Congress Pay to Play Are the Democrats Hypocrites on Ethics? Nancy Pelosi likes to brag that she's ended corruption in the House, but Democrats are the subjects of 12 of 16 pending ethics complaints *** In Debt or Full of Hope, Politicos Maintain Presidential Fund-raising Committees (Open Secrets) *** The Rabbit Ragu Democrats We’re not even nine months into the new administration, yet swaggering lobbyists seem determined to prove that the Beltway’s pay-for-play culture still exists (Rich NYT) *** Sunday After More Job Losses, Democrats Move to Extend Benefits *** Finance vs. Health Committees *** All eyes are on Rep. Charlie Rangel, whose ethics issues date back to the 1970s

Wall Street and the Economy Retailers Expect Flat Christmas Sales This Year *** 2 Regulators List Lapses on Madoff and Stanford *** U.S. Unemployment Now Lasts Longer Than Benefits: Chart of Day *** Fed Appeals Order to Disclose Emergency Bank Loans - Bloomberg *** Loans Brokered by Nonprofits Helped Fuel Housing Crisis - HuffPost Fund *** Fed Draws Court’s Eyes in Lehman Bankruptcy - Wall Street Journal ($) *** Wall Street Wizardry Reworks Mortgages - Wall Street Journal ($) *** Lobbyists stress industrial impact of derivatives rules ***Do They Take Us for Schmucks? The best arguments for the creation of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency come from the politicians and lobbyists who oppose it *** Snday Wanted: Leadership on Jobs Without more federal stimulus spending to spur job creation, the job market, which is already bleak, could get bleaker *** Alleged Ponzi schemer Philip Barry back in Brooklyn after posting bail *** The Crash Could Not Kill Faith in Capitalism - Irwin Stelzer, Sunday Time *** Is This a Real Bull or "Red Bull" Market? - Randall Forsyth, Barron's *** We've Got a Jobs Crisis On Our Hands - Joshua Zumbrun, Forbes *** Jobs Report Underscores Weak Recovery - Peter Coy, BusinessWeek

‘Convincing Win’ in Ireland for a European Treaty *** U.S. Wonders if Iran Is Playing for Time or Is Serious on Deal*** Rio erupts in celebration with 2016 Olympics...
America stunned...
*** The Coming Failure on Iran - Jackson Diehl, Washington Post *** Report Says Iran Has Data to Make a Nuclear Bomb *** Irish Ayes on Lisbon Treaty Have Europe Smiling *** Big protest in Rome against Berlusconi media grip... *** Sunday Iran prez Ahmadinejad is secretly ... Jewish? *** Thousands rally for press freedom in Rome *** Iran: Obama wrong to say nuke site hidden *** Containing a Nuclear Iran - Fareed Zakaria, Newsweek *** Is Tehran Just Stringing Us Along? - Fred Kaplan, Slate *** Why Brazil Won the Olympic Games - Eduardo Gomez, Foreign Policy *** Pakistan's Model For Fighting Terrorism - David Ignatius, Washington Post *** Europe's Verdict on Georgia War - Washington Post *** What About Rio's Crime? *** The Coming Failure on Iran *** Too good to check: British paper claims Ahmadinejad … has Jewish roots

National Cracks in the Future The grandeur of the University of California, Berkeley is being jeopardized by shortsighted politicians and the state’s colossally dysfunctional budget processes ***The 'Vacancy' Blight: Finding New Uses for Empty Stores *** One dream died, but we can still dream big(Chicago Sun Times) *** Gov. Strickland is sinking fast, and taking Ohio down with him -- Brent Larkin (Cleveland Plains Dealer) *** Detroit’s rape kits must be checked (Detroit Free Press) *** Jerry Brown leads California governor's race -- at the moment (Sacremento Bee) *** Will California become America's first failed state? *** Sunday Trail of E. Coli Shows Flaws in Inspection of Ground Beef *** Public Still Wary of Inoculations *** Soda Is the New Right-Wing Issue—and Fatsos the New Base

Media and New Tech Rahm Emanuel’s brother defends Michael Moore’s use of non-union labor on his latest movie *** Magazine publishers plan digital store; TIME INC leads industry-wide effort... *** Bombshell comes as host rises in ratings game *** The U.S. Abandons the Internet - Jeremy Rabkin & Jeffrey Eisenach, WSJ *** MediaDean Baker: The Economy Loses 824,000 Jobs And The Washington Post Doesn't Notice *** What Will Become of the News? (Nation) *** The Next Printing Press Google CEO Eric Schmidt on how the Internet will continue to change lives (Atlantic) *** 'Washington Post' Starting Wire Service With Bloomberg *** Incoming 'Star-Ledger' Editor: Web, Print Need More Distinction *** Knight Foundation Report Urges More Information Access (editor and publisher) *** Peggy Noonan: Power and responsibility New media elites have a duty to speak out against ranters -- before something terrible happens *** Google Chrome gains Native Client muscle *** Will Books Be Napsterized? *** Dropico Lets You Drag And Drop Pictures Across Social Networks *** Google's Plan to Stay No.1 in Search (Business Week) *** Google CEO: We have a moral responsibility to help solve the newspaper industry's problems *** Media Notes by Howard Kurtz: Will Stupid Human Tricks Turn Off Letterman's Fans? *** Disney to slash Miramax Films staff to 20, reduce releases to 3 a year *** Layoffs At TV Guide Include Publisher

Blog Report The Road Ahead for the City’s Non-Profits (Huffington Post) *** Making the City’s List of Databases Searchable (Transparency Corps) *** More on the Plan to Give Superintendents Green Training (Green Building in Gotham) *** No Real Debate About It: Press Remains Way Off Track in Presupposing Bloomberg’s “Charity”(Noticing New York) *** The Ratner-Prokhorov Atlantic Yards Deal (Develop Don't Destroy) *** We Are The People....A Letter To Senators Schumer And Gillibrand Regarding The Gowanus Canal Clean-Up (Pardon Me for Asking) *** What Purnick Has Purged: The Bloomberg Bio Mysteriously Missing Atlantic Yards (Noticing New York) *** TWU Members Protest MTA Headquarters (Transit Blogger) *** Discord in Eden Who Won It for Liu?Icing on Winners' Cake ? WFP Problems (NY Civic) *** Union Sq. Park Court Date! (Union Square Not for Sale)