Friday, October 9, 2009

Pension Corruption Bill Ignored by Assembly and Editorial Boards

Breaking News: Obama Says He’s ‘Surprised and Humbled’ by Nobel Prize *** Obama Spokesman: The President 'Supports The Democratic Nominee'

Opportunity Lost? Why?

Pension Corruption Bill Ignored by Assembly
The Assembly which got DiNapli his appointed comptroller position now attempting to block Cuomo'r reforms that would end the state comptroller's sole control of the pension funds. Silver has a competing bill that would have taxpayers fund comptroller campaigns, but not take away his control of the pension fund from the state comptroller. Maybe he has an open door? Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver arranged pension sitdowns, including one with Mike Richter It not that he doing such a good job New York pension loses $44B in a year *** Cuomo: Drop sole trustee system from NY state fund *** Mixed reaction to AG Andrew Cuomo's pension fix
Nobody ask me, But . . . Geithner's phone line to power t looks like former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson isn't the only one who has Goldman Sachs chief Lloyd Blankfein on speed dial *** Is something about to break about the Deutsche bank fire mob corruption scandal? Fire Commissioner to Step Down at Year-End *** How effective is the New York congressional delegation in the era of Obama? Dirty deal on dirty bombs: New York reps fell way short in fight for anti-nuke terror funding (DN Ed) *** Bush and the GOP remain toxic in our area. New Jersey gov who was way behind in the polls is catching up by branding Christie as a typical Bush Republica. Now Thompson is trying to paint the mayor to Bush Bill Thompson likened Mayor Bloomberg's push to extend term limits to George W. Bush's "stealing" of the election from Al Gore in 2000 *** “The WFP has influence over the Democratic Party that the Liberal Party never achieved,” writes Henry Stern *** With New York's unemployment rate over 10%, the budget deficit in the tens of billions, state agency and MTA cutback how in the world can the legislature take an increase Deficit? Lawmakers enjoy $11 a day boost Where is the revolt? *** With New York's unemployment rate over 10%, the budget deficit in the tens of billions, state agency and MTA cutback how in the world can the legislature take an increase Deficit? Lawmakers enjoy $11 a day boost Where is the revolt?

Happy TV News Sucks
WNBC should use Gabe Pressman more. In these days of dummy down TV News with good looking woman and men who are clueless of the story they read, Gabe is a reminder of the old days of journalism where reporters understood and had historical background on the story they were covering The Life and Death of the Liberal Party (Gabe Pressman WNBC) *** “The WFP has influence over the Democratic Party that the Liberal Party never achieved,” writes Henry Stern

How About Today's News Brought to You By Reelect Bloomberg
Not to many ago stations did not accept political ads on their newscasts. Today every local news programs seem to have Bloombergs ad. Bloomberg is outspending Thompson 336 to 1 on ads. If you understand how weak TV news has become Newspaper Cutbacks Means Less Real TV News - More Sex and how much today's dumb down TV reporters count on campaign press agents and their spin press releases of the day to do their news reports can the NY1 news Road to City Hall sponsored by the campaign to reelect the mayor *** Ch. 2 news auto advertisment during broadcast sign of disturbing trend *** Last fall, WNBC/Ch. 4 made the biggest news sale by branding its sportscast the "Verizon FiOs Sports Desk," the thinking being viewers are already used to logos in sports. WNYW/Ch. 5 has a New York State Lottery logo on its five-day weather forecasts ***Channel 4 took off the news a 5pm and put this crap on WNBC stumbles with LX New York-Crain's New York Business

Inspector Clouseau Troopergate: The Last Slap The state's Public Integrity Commission slapped ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer's communication director, Darren Dopp, with a $10,000 fine for his role in the Troopergate scandal *** The Post laments that the "key figure" in Troopergate, Eliot Spitzer, "gets off scott-free." *** The Manhattan Supreme Court Web site was hacked.

Road to City Hall Hizzoner gets Bush-whacked Comptroller Bill Thompson launched his most intense attack of the mayoral race yesterday *** Hillbilly pol takes shot at mayor *** Blight removed before Bloomberg events *** It's On: Thompson Compares Bloomberg to Bush (WNBC) *** Working Families Party won't be bully, executive director Dan Cantor says
*** Bloomberg's latest out-of-town endorsement: Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, who will be term-limited out of office at the end of the year *** Thompson blamed Bloomberg for the lack of legal gay marriage in New York *** Rent is Too Damn High comptroller candidate Salim Ejaz made the fundraising cut to qualify to debate Democrat John Liu, but Republican Joe Mendola did not *** "To a large extent, this is a book undermined by the principle of journalistic neutrality," writes Jacob Weisberg of Joyce Purnick's "Mike Bloomberg: Money, Power, Politics." *** Bloomberg responds calmly being compared with George Bush *** A Vanishing Electorate (Githam Gazette) *** Thompson Defends His Record on Taxes *** Obama respects Bloomberg, but will support Thompson
Gov of La Mancha Albany's $3B tug-of-war Paterson yesterday demanded that Democratic leaders of the Legislature outline plans by Wednesday to slash the budget gap, but they responded, "You go first." *** Gov shirking budget duty, pols charge *** Newsday urges Paterson to get goring *** When things get tough in Albany, the tough head to China *** Rudy Giuliani called Paterson's fiscal approach "irresponsible." *** The governor has until Saturday to take action on the Hospital Closure Planning Act *** Legislative per diems, however, are rising ***Deficit remains political football *** Upstate infrastructure projects threatened : Home: The Buffalo News *** Drilling Near City Reservoirs *** The Eminent Domain State

NYC's Economic Melt Down 530 school aides to be let go: Principals question logic *** Big batch of tears: Stella D'Oro closes doors after 78 years *** 16 Post Offices in City Still Under Threat of ClosingMTA Twisting in the Wind Tunnel The governor nixed the state DOT's five-year $25.8 billion road and bridge plan, saying New York can't afford it *** Subways are hell on rails Repairs put riders in fix *** M.T.A. Station Agent Cuts Leave Riders LostRockaway project gets some stimulus *** Contract feud between MTA and TWU could lead to slowdown
*** Can the MTA afford to pay an $11 per-day per diem boost legislators will receive starting this montn?*** Because of MTA cutbacks, snack vendors direct traffic *** $10 billion in capital funding will not be going to the M.T.A. *** On the F Train is a Mess, the M.T.A. Confirms What Riders Know *** Still: Almost All LIRR Workers Approved To Receive Disability *** The City Misses Station Agents
Law and Order Defense Rests in Monserrate Trial *** Monserrate trial: defense rests without putting pol on stand

White House Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize (NYT) *** Prez gets Peace Prize *** Committee Cites Work to Reach Out to Muslims (Wash Post) *** Obama Faces Pressure on Jobs *** Pullout From Iraq Poses Daunting Challenges *** Rep. Mike Arcuri was among the bipartisan group invited by Obama to help christen the White House's new basketball court. Said Arcuri: "I'll let my game talk for me." *** Even Greater Expectations for Obama After Nobel Win - The Economist *** Absurd Decision Makes Mockery of Nobel Prize - Michael Binyon, The Times *** The Real Trouble w/Afghanistan & Obama - Thomas PM Barnett, Esquire *** Afghanistan Could Decide This Presidency - Robert Shrum, The Week *** Young Hamlet's Agony - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post *** The Case Against Transparency - Lawrence Lessig, The New Republic *** Barack W. Bush - Mehdi Hasan, The New Statesman *** Obama Should Have Met With Dalai Lama - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette *** Michael Moore: 'Congratulations President Obama -- Now Please Earn It!' ***The 8 Most Inflammatory Attacks On Obama Over Nobel Prize *** Nobel Prize Snubs: Which Great People Never Won? *** Obama Helping One Gay at a Time (NY Magazine)

Congress In House, a Bid to Hasten a Credit Card Law ***House Passes Expanded Hate Crimes Bill *** Judiciary Panel Approves Patriot Act Sections *** Benefits could be extended for 2 million unemployed *** A funeral will be held today for Rep. Carolyn Maloney's husband *** Baucus Bill is an Adventure in Wonderland - David Harsanyi, Denver Post *** So Much Happening in D.C., So Little to Show For It - Robert Reich, Salon *** Palin Shunned in State Races *** 'Destined for a Taxpayer Bailout' ***Republicans Flip Out Over Nobel

Health Care Pelosi: Make insurers fund reform *** Patients in Middle of Tug of War (Wash Post) *** Public option gaining steam, say backers *** Health Reform Will Benefit Small Business - Sen. Mary Landrieu, WSJ *** The health care industry steps up to take swings at health care reform legislation. (Washpost) *** The House examines a windfall tax on insurance profits. (WashTimes) *** The GOP's Lone Health Reformer *** Closer: Schumer Tinkers, a Public Option Looms

Wall Street and the Economy BofA to face 12 angry taxpayers in trial: SEC
*** U.S. Mortgage Backer May Need Bailout, Experts Say Federal Housing Administration *** Fed Is Split Over Timing of Rate Rise *** Wynn's Macao Unit Soars in Hong Kong Listing *** Unemployment Looms Large - Irwin, Montgomery, Fletcher, Washington Post *** Has America Cast the Dollar Adrift? - Editorial, Wall Street Journal *** It's Time For Some Serious Deficit Reduction - Bruce Bartlett, Forbes *** Climbing the "Golden" Wall of Worry - Mark Hulbert, Barron's *** It's All Just Monopoly Money - Bill Fleckenstein, Minyanville *** Citigroup Sheds Energy Unit and Its $100 Million Trader *** Arthur Delaney DEBTORS' REVOLT: Bank Of America Bows To Another Enraged YouTuber

Connecticut Democrats Say Rell Spent Taxpayer Money on Politics *** ‘You Lie’ Remark Again, With a Republican Target Schwarzenegger took the podium during a surprise visit to a Democratic fund-raiser in San Francisco *** Lies & Kisses: Assemblyman Crosses Line w/Shouts at Gov - SF Chronicle *** Fat Is the Issue in New Jersey (Wolff Newser)

Terror Plot A Man Under Watch, but Not Under Wraps, in a Terrorism Case *** Feds Question 2 Others In NYC Terror Plot (WCBS) *** Feds questions 2 more men in train terror plot *** Nuclear researcher from top European lab arrested for al-Qaeda links... *** Terror Suspect's Father Charged With Lying To Feds (NY1)

Media and New Tech 'Phantom of the Opera' sequel to be set in Coney Island *** Better targets than NBCU for Comcast (NYP) *** Re-Kindle-ing sales *** The Devolving Standards of the Legacy Media - Jonah Goldberg, NRO *** High-Profile Tweets Invite Lawsuits
*** The Newseum erects a relic-filled shrine to Tim Russert. - By Jack Shafer - Slate Magazine *** YouTube Reaches One Billion Views Per Day *** Condé Nast May Lose $1 BILLION In 2009 *** TV Station alleges competitors crossed line between news, advertising *** USA Today to post 17 percent drop in circulation -- largest drop ever... *** Fat City: W. Va. Town Braces for TV Show Depiction *** John McQuaid: The Era of Media Objectivity Is Over. Deal With It.