Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Racial Blowback Exposes Openness of New Online Media and Controls over the Old Print Media

Breaking News: Solomon Dwek, Key Figure in New Jersey Corruption Roundup Pleads Guilty

Racial Blowback
Exposes Openness of New Online Media and Controls over the Old Print Media

The political blogs reported the racial turns in the mayoral campaign after the Giuliani speech in Boro Park. The city's old media the newspapers for the most part stayed away from the issue that columnist Jimmy Breslin said 30 years ago is at the core of every issue in the city race. Today as the city voting patterns followers for the most part (with few exceptions) racial, ethnic and religious lines that statement by Breslin remains true in 2009. In past election a speech like Rudy's in front of his supporters would be little noticed by the electorate because the city's media would follow an unwritten code that playing to your base is fair game. Today with the explosive growth of online news, the blogs have made playing to your base politics impossible, everything you do in citywide campaigns gets out. The public understand the role race plays in there everyday life they vote that way. Thompson and his campaign team understand how to use the race issue to drive up his vote, and they are doing so. The old newspaper media should ask themselves that their falling hard copy readership is at least partly due to their disconnect from the issues the public cares about. Instead of supporting or attacking the racial turn in the campaign the newspapers demonstrate their disconnect by ignoring the issue. If the paper continue to be just tools of their corporate owners to accomplish their goals then they will die off when the owners realize their toys no longer work.

Old Newspaper Media
Racial claims sour grapes: Rudy (NYP) *** Bloomberg Stresses His Efforts to Unite the City *** Today's Tip Sheet: Thompson Looking for Presidential Attention (NYT) *** Union Local Pays for Anti-Bloomberg Ads (NYT) *** The hits just keep on coming: Democrats call on Bloomberg to disavow Rudy's comments (DN) ***President to Single Out Thompson

The Blogs yesterday covered a lot more of the racial turn in the campaign than the printed papers did this morning

Brawl For The Hall Daily News Blog
***Rudy's speech in all its glory: 1990s crime, terrorist attacks and the Holocaust(DN) *** The hits just keep on coming: Democrats call on Bloomberg to disavow Rudy's comments(DN)
*** Thompson on Giuliani: 'The politics of division and the politics of fear'(DN) *** Critics cry 'code words' and 'Willie Horton,' but Bloomberg stands by Rudy warning on Thompson UPDATED *** Fifteen days to go: Cops, cash, criminals and Detroit PolitickerNY
The Post edit board defends Bloomberg’s record on crime, but doesn’t weigh in on Giuliani’s comments *** Running From the Embrace of America's Mayor *** Bill Lynch: 'Giuliani Is Going Back to The Old Days' *** Assembly Democrats Endorse Thompson, Denounce Giuliani *** Asked About Giuliani's Remarks, Bloomberg Defends His Own Record *** Koch Defends Giuliani and Bloomberg Remarks. 'Weeps' for Detroit*** Rudy Looks Back, Frighteningly, in Borough Park *** Bloomberg Offers No Defense of Giuliani Comments

The Daily Politics Daily News
Gov: Rudy's Crime Comments 'Unfair' *** Fanning The Flames *** Heastie Demands A Bloomberg Apology For Thompson - And Detroit *** Jacobs: Bloomberg Is No George Washington
If Monserrate's Future is not decided soon it may also become racial as some of his backers are hinting all over town Sources: Committee To Discuss Monserrate's Future *** Chuck, Gilly: Bye, Hiram *** Gilly, Chuck and Betsy onboard the anti-Hiram train (DN) *** The State Senate will announce a panel to consider expelling Hiram Monserrate *** "(I)if the senators stick by Mr. Monserrate, they might want to be careful when he thanks them," writes Clyde Haberman, who suggests "sturdy" glassware as a gift if the senator and his girlfriend wed *** Monserrate Update: Meetings, Racial Tension *** Schneiderman Gets Prepped *** Judge Revokes Bail For Kerik *** Thompson Goes Past Bloomberg, Calls for Monserrate to Go

Behind Closed Doors
A great explanation of how the Health Care Sausage (Bill) is Being Worked On (Wash Post)

Road to City Hall Union Local Pays for Anti-Bloomberg Ads *** Gloves come off The 30th District battle between Elizabeth Crowley and Thomas Ognibene *** Quinn plans to back Democrat for mayor *** The Communications Workers of America reaches deep into its pockets for an anti-Bloomberg ad campaign. (NYT) *** Barack Obama will acknowledge Thompson at a fund-raiser at the Mandarin hotel *** Thompson explains the letter he wrote about his old boss *** Christine Quinn finally comes around on Thompson *** Kevin Sheekey’s comments do not go unnoticed *** Local 1180 of the CWA, which endorsed Thompson, has spent $500,000 on ads attacking Bloomberg that portray him as rich and out-of-touch *** Thompson campaigned in the Bronx and hit Bloomberg for letting the Stella D'Oro plant close *** Bob Kappstatter mulls Councilman Larry Seabrook's future *** Bloomberg was among the "who's-who of New York society" at the New York Women's Foundation dinner *** A Referendum On Bloomberg - And Wall Street *** Siena: Paterson's 'Incredibly Steep' Climb, Rudy's Rise *** Today's Tip Sheet: Thompson Looking for Presidential Attention *** Text of Rudy Giuliani's now-controversial Sunday speech *** On Bloomberg's Campaign Site, No Giuliani *** Leading Board of Education, Thompson Showed a Sure and Graceful Hand *** Thompson isn't only pol to write a "Dear Judge" letter (Robbins Village Voice) *** Times Demotes Thompson From Deft-Handed Leader to 'Conciliator'City Going Broke We have no money, so we're buying the High Line ***City set to expand High Line park *** Broke MTA Pushes Enforcement PR Over Substance Lanes for Buses Only, and New M.T.A. Chief Means It *** MTA big Jay Walder fights pay hikes *** Taking the Jay train: New MTA boss Walder on right track to better service, lower costs *** The News likes this, and likes that Walder took a bus to get to an editorial board meeting at their office (DN Ed) *** Lloyd Webber says Coney is 'nothing at all' *** Foot Soldiers keep up fight A Bedford-Stuyvesant-based youth group - famous for its teen Foot Soldiers who clean, shovel and sweep the neighborhood's stately brownstones for a small fee - is surviving the economic downturn by moving its "soldiers" indoors ***Uh, oh, higher jobless rates could be the new normal

Gov of La Mancha NY1 Exclusive: Paterson Still Committed To Run In 2010 *** Obama to single out Thompson and help Dems raise $3M *** A look at some of the more speculative elements of the deficit reduction plan finds nothing quite as bad as the state selling Attica back to itself. (TU) *** Gosh, I’m supposed to mow the lawn that day: The state Senate schedules hearings on the governor’s deficit plan on the same day he plans to call for a special session. (DN) *** Some of the things Paterson has proposed to bridge the deficit aren't cuts *** Albany insanity, caught on tape: Senators fight to preserve an expensive relic -- stenographers *** Gov. David Paterson complained about lawmakers balking at his proposed budget cuts, saying they "would rather dither in the face of disaster and would rather fantasize as a replacement for action." *** Bill Maher has a joke about Paterson *** Poll: Paterson Still in 'Cellar'*** Paterson in big trouble if Cuomo runs: poll (DN) *** Paterson Says Legislators Better Show Up for Deficit Session *** Report Faults M.T.A. for Delays in Big Construction Projects

Mob Man Does Not Rat John Galt Agent Gets Prison for Deutsche Bank Fraud More City News City wins Jamaica water contamination suit vs. Exxon *** City Awarded $105 Million in Exxon Mobil Lawsuit *** Pols ask why hospitals delayed error reports *** The City Planning Commission voted 8-4 to approve a controversial plan to turn the Kingsbridge Armory into a mall.

White House Wall St. Giants Giving Little to Obama Party Fund-Raiser *** The Early Word: One Eye at Home, One Abroad *** School Day for Obama *** Obama White House, Fox both win with tit-for-tat dueling *** A look at the growing divide between the President and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. (WashPost) *** Critics say the White House is using creative accounting to keep the health care reform bill within promised budget parameters. (WashTimes) *** The White House understated by 10,000 the number of teaching jobs saved in New York City through stimulus funds *** First Lady Michelle Obama will appear on "The Jay Leno Show" *** Excuses Wearing Thin for Obama, Media Pals - Steve Huntley, Chicago ST *** As Obama Deliberates, Troop Frustration Builds - Elisabeth Bumiller, NYT *** Obama and His 'Enemies' Fetish - William Murchison, Dallas Morning News *** Obama's Dumb War on FOX News - Ruth Marcus, Washington Post *** Why Wait To Disarm Iran? - Christopher Hitchens, Slate *** We Must Stand Strong With Allies & Confront Iran - Mitt Romney, AIPAC *** Finance Titans Avoid Obama Fundraiser *** One-Third of Drone Deaths Are Civilians
Congress Senate Bill Would Curtail Bank Overdraft Charges *** Health Care Bill Language Is Now Online *** The government fears the Census will bring back less data due to tough times, anti-government mood. (USA Today) *** Field Study: Just How Relevant Is Political Science? ***Census predicts big fall in responses - USATODAY.com *** GOP Seethes & Sputters While Obama Moves On - Bob Shrum, The Week *** Democrats Need to Get With the Program - Brent Budowsky, The Hill *** Landscape Shift: More Trouble for House Dems - Stu Rothenberg, Roll Call *** We're Not Trying to Kill Health Reform - Karen Ignagni, Washington Post *** Insurers Their Own Worst Enemy - Paul Waldman, The American Prospect *** Obama's Rhetoric vs. His Record on Human Rights - Bret Stephens, WSJ *** Congress Should Consider Costs of 'Cap and Trade' - Pete DuPont, WSJ *** Public Option Back on the Table

Behind Closed Doors
A great explanation of how the Health Care Sausage (Bill) is Being Worked On (Wash Post)

International Afghan Leader Said to Accept Runoff After Election Audit *** White House’s New Sudan Strategy Fits Envoy’s Pragmatic Style *** Talking to Sudan - New York Times *** Afghanistan Runoff Scheduled *** The U.N.'s 'Moral Atrocity' *** Karzai Agrees to Nov. 7 Runoff

National Government Scientist Arrested for Spying *** Two SC GOP-ers: DeMint 'Is Watching Our Nation's Pennies' -- Just Like A Wealthy Jew | TPM LiveWire

Wall Street and the Economy
In-cit-ing icahn Investor threatens suit vs. board over debt plan ***Icahn Offers $6 Billion to Help CIT (NYT) The Race to Save Lehman Brothers In this excerpt from a new book by Andrew Ross Sorkin, Lehman’s chairman reaches out in several directions to find relief for his sinking firm *** 'Pirate' Raj facing mutiny An accused hedge-fund pirate yesterday told his crew at Galleon Group that he is innocent of bombshell insider-trading charges -- freaked out employees ***Insiders like Raj will end up Inside *** Safety Nets for the Rich We’ve shoveled money at the rich and given banks and megacorporations everything they’ve wanted for decades but it’s time to realize that trickle-down economics is a fairy tale (Herbert NYT) ***Apple’s Profit Climbs 47% as Sales Gain *** Thin Line Separates Insider Trading and Research *** New York Fed Tunes Up a Cash Management Tool *** Beijing Goes After U.S.-Made Nylon *** An insider trading scandal that involves information on the GlobalFoundries chipfab in Malta. (TU) *** What to do About the Jobs Crisis - Michael Lind, Salon *** America Drowning in a Sea of Red Ink - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette *** The Stock Market Has Never Been This Overbought - Hussman Funds *** Has Goldman Sachs Become the New GM? - Matthew DeBord, The Big Money *** CEO Perks Boom After Bailout *** College Costs Keep Rising, Report Says

Pay to Play Wall Street
"What former Manhattan US Attorney Rudy Giuliani did to the mob is what Preet Bharara will do to Wall Street," is how the new US attorney for the Southern District is described in the WSJ *** On Rescued Wall Street, Perks Keep Rolling - Tomoeh Tse, Washington Post *** Hedge Fund Dominoes May Start Falling - Allan Dodds Frank, Daily Beast***PM California Sues State Street Bank The state's attorney general, Jerry Brown, accused the Boston-based bank of committing "unconscionable fraud" against California's two largest employee pension funds. Mr. Brown, a former California governor who plans to seek that office again in 2010, has stepped up enforcement action against major financial firms in recent weeks. Last month, he began an investigation into whether the three major credit rating agencies — Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s Investors Service and Fitch Ratings — acted improperly during the credit boom by assigning super-safe, triple-A ratings to structured products that later turned out to be extremely risky, and in some cases, worthless.Media and New Tech Paper cuts, again at the New York Times *** NY1 Exclusive: Paterson Still Committed To Run In 2010 *** Gannett net falls by 53% *** Cronkite Was There. Now His Papers Are, Too *** New York Times Moves to Trim 100 in Newsroom *** Barnes & Noble to Introduce Its Own Electronic Reader *** Lawyers Worry Blagojevich TV Role Will Taint Jury