Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Could the Coming Subway Budget Crash Have Been Stopped?

Breaking News: U.S. to Order Steep Pay Cuts at Firms That Got Most Aid *** Thompson: Pack Your Bags Ray Kelly!

Could the Coming Subway Budget Crash Have Been Stopped?

Wasn't John Liu the City Council chief watchdog of the MTA? Chairman of the Transportation Committee. Liu told us during his successful campaign for comptroller that he got rid of waste, indecency and fix the budget of the MTA. Well the city's new comptroller must of overlook some things? Watchdog howls at MTA budget bungles ,NY "mega" transit projects run late, cost too much *** Less than a month ago Gov Paterson pledge Paterson: No New Taxes, or fees Now Gov shaking bottle again in bid for soda tax , Gov. Paterson pushes fat tax again to slim budget Maybe it is his flip flopping that people are fed up with Andrew Cuomo popularity fast out-pacing support for David Paterson: poll *** It is the dirty secret of New York that what the entire county is up in arm against Wall Street bonuses will keep libraries and firehouses open in the city Banker Bonuses A Boon For NY and NYC another dangerios developement is the growth of Dark Pools Senator Schumer wants the S.E.C. to illuminate dark pools. *** No Obama Hugs NYP has nothing about Obama shout out to Thompson last night at a Manhattan fundraiser is does have a editorial pro mayor Gotham's finances would be a lot worse if Michael Bloomberg hadn't been around (NYP Ed) NYT reports how Obama gave Thompson more of a presidential tap on the shoulder than a hug, Obama Finally Gives Bill Thompson Some Love (DN) , POLITICO says Thompson wasn’t thrilled about it *** Is There A Terror Ring in Queens? Why have the papers not reported on New York's terror investigation which seems to be red hot. The NYT is reporting everyday on what is going on inside of the Taliban, but we also need to know what the hell is going on in Queens Queens Imam Indicted On Federal Charges *** No Albany Corruption Investigation Ever? We now have the Monserrate investigation, but where is is the investigation of how a couple of Assemblyman were about to loot a hospital and almost everything else they touched? What about the bid rigging? Court hears of ex-pol Seminerio's shakedowns a hospital, Ex-Assemblyman McLaughlin Gets 10 Years for Racketeering - *** What Does it Take to Get Kicked Out Of Albany? Corruption? No The last time legislators were expelled by their peers, five members of the Assembly were booted after being accused of being Socialists nearly 90 years ago. (NYT) , When the Assembly Expelled Socialists for Disloyalty Senator Monserrate Must Go (NYT Ed) *** Steve Rattner who was forced to leave the White House last month because of his involvement in the pension scandal now has the balls to write Why We Had to Bail Out GM and Chrysler (Fortune) Hey Steve did you or any of your friends benefit by the government bailout?

Road to City Hall
In Schools Post, Thompson Was a Conciliator (NYT) *** Thompson Nod Caps Off Presidential Visit (NY1) *** NYC's mismanaged plan to upgrade emergency system 2 years late, $700M over budget *** Hip hop video slams Bloomberg on term limits. Does it use an ethnic slur? *** Rent Is Too Damn High founder rejected controller candidate -- but wants "something" from debate ***Underdog Green party raise big cash in push to upset Vallone
*** NY Observer endorses Bloomberg for Mayor *** Bloomberg didn't attend Obama events because he didn't want to "politicize" the president's visit*** The Staten Island Advance "strongly" endorsed Bloomberg, in part because it's convinced he won't let the borough slip off his radar after the election*** CFB Dismisses Thompson's Complaint Against Bloomberg, Then Changes Rules *** Will not take effect until 2010 CFB: Candidate Contributions Are Campaign Expenditures*** Thompson Gets Gay City News Endorsement *** Bill Rallies to Help Save The Garment District| New Yorkers for Bill Thompson *** The Jewish Press reiterated its endorsement of Bloomberg *** Gay City News > The Campaign That Has Not Happened

NY'S Melt Down State Comptroller DiNapoli urges resolution to $3 billion budget deficit *** 72% now want Dave dumped *** Senate sets Hiram 'jury' *** Behind Cuomo's overblown record *** Team Obama is offering some $4.3 billion in federal stimulus money to states that improve education -- through such reforms as ditching charter-school caps *** City's film business in a cliff-hanger? *** Two Boymelgreen firms threatened with bankruptcy *** NY area startup funding remains tight *** Two Queens hospital sites auctioned off *** State Senate to Consider Expelling Monserrate in Wake of His Assault Conviction *** Monserrate To Cooperate With State Senate Committee (NY1) *** Walder says MTA must put brakes on 'grand plans'
*** Foes of Yards hope to run out clock before ground break *** How to hammer Hiram: State Senate Dems mangle probe of manhandler Monserrate (DN Ed) *** Nonwhite People Agree: Monserrate Should Go Away (NY Magazine) *** “It’s a mess,” said Helen Desfosses, a professor of public policy at the state University at Albany, of the Monserrate situation. “The Senate needs this like a hole in the head.” (Newsday) *** The Senate scores low on their environmental record this year. (TU) *** Gov. David Paterson asks federal officials to gauge the likelihood of “violence and civil unrest” if he starts taxing cigarettes at Native American reservations. (AP) *** Gov hangs out with Hollywood celebs during his trip to LA. (NYP) *** David Paterson will ask lawmakers to consider same-sex marriage legislation as they deal with a deficit *** The closure of the Champlain Bridge is affecting commerce *** Monserrate's attorney is confident the committee created to review the charges against his client will let him keep his seat *** New York City's record construction boom ends (DN)

Pay to Play
Ex-Assemblyman Portrayed as Corrupt on a Vast Scale Anthony S. Seminerio
*** Confession Details Former Bellevue Executive's Abuses Inspector Clouseau Kerik in the clink *** Mob Cover up of Deutsche Bank Fire Prison for man in scam at toxic ground zero tower *** Deutsche has date with wrecking ball *** Corruption at Bloomberg's DOB is business as usual Corruption sprouts with new construction *** Telling Court He's Gay, Mob Informer Crosses Line *** Ex-Commissioner Kerik Is Jailed as Judge Assails Pretrial Conduct *** Prison for Deutsche building scammer *** Bye bye, Bernie, bye, bye: Kerik goes to jail, directly to jail - where he belongs *** Fear that scandal-plagued builder would flip closed Queens hospitals bought for $26.6 million *** Kerik’s Mug Shot Is Released

White House Volcker Fails to Sell a Bank Strategy *** The Chief Fund-Raiser in New York *** ABC News' Jake Tapper Challenges White House Over Fox News Stance *** Bailout Watchdog: Treasury's Secrecy Is Producing "Anger, Cynicism And Distrust" *** Obama Takes On Wall Street At Fundraiser *** President Bush Is Ready to Motivate *** The money came more from private investors, rather than bank officials. (WP) *** Obama visits Joint Terrorism Task Force in NYC *** Gates: War Can't Wait *** Obama Knocks Wall Street at Fundraiser *** Why the White House Shouldn't Play Chicken With Fox *** Obama in New Jersey: Trying to Rescue Corzine - Michael Scherer, Time *** WH Assault on FOX News Looks Desperate - Nile Gardiner, Daily Telegraph

Congress and Political Parties CBO finds Dem bill with public option reduces deficit *** Oprah and Sarah *** Senate Democrats Hit Snag With Doctor Payment Bill *** Wall St. Giants Reluctant to Donate to Democrats *** Anthony Weiner: Obama Administration "Half-Pregnant With The Insurance Industry" *** Liberals lawmakers are pressing harder for a public option. (WP) *** Senate Democrats intend to try to strip anti-trust exemptions from health insurance companies. (AP) *** House Democrats have reportedly trimmed the health care bill to $871 billion. (AP) *** The Senate passes a bill allowing Guantanamo Bay detainees to be transferred to the U.S. for trial. (WT) *** The satellite tv lobby is planning to bring in sports fans to lobby against cable. (WT) *** Health Care: Making Matters Worse - Vincent Carroll, Denver Post *** Pelosi Provokes Glee & Fear From Health Reformers - Jonathan Cohn, TNR *** Dems Have Reawakened the Perotistas - Jonah Goldberg, Los Angeles Times *** What's the Public Option, Again? - Matthew Yglesias, The Daily Beast *** D.C. 'Solutions' Worse Than Status Quo - Richard Rahn, Washington Times *** Dems' Fickle-and-Dime Health Strategy - Dana Milbank, Washington Post *** Gov't Spending: Trillions of Reasons to Worry - Jay Ambrose, DC Examine *** Fix Schools Along With the Banks - Thomas Friedman, New York Times *** Republicans Snipe Instead of Offering Solutions - Gloria Borger, CNN *** Beltway Harry May Need to Get Home More Often - Las Vegas Review-Jrnl *** Hutchison Stays Mum on Retirement - Politico *** Monserrate Committee Lacks Latinos and Legitimacy, Opponents Say *** How Health Care Reform Got Off Track - Sen. Mitch McConnell, USA Today *** Is Afghanistan Impossible for Obama? - Raddatz & Stephanopoulos, ABC *** Afghan Runoff Is a Chilling Prospect - Simon Tisdall, The Guardian *** Green Shoots For GOP - John Mercurio, National Journal

Health Care Unbelievable: Woman's Rape Called "Pre-Existing Condition" By Insurance Companies

Wall Street and the Economy Madoff's druggie bunk bud *** Mets lose again Team owner Wilpon liable for Madoff million$ *** Apple shares soar; value beats Google *** State Street sued by Calif. *** Lazard on hold picking new CEO *** Time Warner quiets the critics
***In Fraud Case, a Deal That Lost Millions***For Car Buyers, the Brand Romance Is Gone *** Sun to Cut 10 Percent of Its Workers *** Madoff's HQ fueled by coke, filled with bare-breasted women: docs *** Where Will the Jobs Come From? - Robert Borosage, Huffington Post *** The Hidden Costs of the Bailout - David Goldman, CNN Money *** America's Banana Republic Economy - James Pethokoukis, Reuters *** Why the Dollar is Falling - The Economist *** $1.4 Trillion Budget Deficit May Be Difficult to Unwind - Washington Post *** When Investing Poorly Is a Crime - Holman Jenkins, Wall Street Journal *** Goldman: Pay 'Inequality' Is Good

National 2 South Carolina Republicans Apologize for Reference to Jews

International Rival Says He Is Ready for Runoff With Karzai *** Violence in the Newest Olympic City Rattles Brazil *** Poland to Accept U.S. Offer on Shield *** Pakistan shuts all schools after university bombings *** Poll: Majority of Americans think Afghanistan is turning into Vietnam *** Combat troops out of Iraq in 2010: Obama *** The U.N.'s Latest Anti-Israel Stunt - David Warren, Ottawa Citizen *** Nobody Wins in Afghan Runoff Election - Rajan Menon, Los Angeles Times *** The Resilience of Western Civilization - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe *** Karzai's Advisers: Clinton and Kerry

Terror Plot Feds: Boston terror suspect…

Media and New Tech Biz reporters rip each other's reps *** Editor out at BizWeek ***Spielberg extends pact with Universal *** Back to the '90s: film industry *** Barnes and Noble's nook takes on Kindle *** E-Book Fans Keep Format in Spotlight *** Yahoo’s Profit Triples Despite Sales Decline *** A New Electronic Reader, the Nook, Enters the Market *** In Book-Pricing Battle, How Low Can They Go? *** Channel 7's Ritter makes 'Top C--k' slip *** George Lopez Eyes Younger Audience For TBS Talk Show *** Sarah Palin Going On "Oprah"
*** Can We Please Stop Whining About The Death Of Journalism Already? *** American journalism needs public support (FT.Com) *** Times Rips Off Chronicle, Chronicle Guy Says
*** LMAO: Attorney General Jerry Brown Punks CNBC *** MSNBC Mistakes Reverend Jesse Jackson for Reverend Al Sharpton *** Microsoft reaches deal with Facebook and Twitter to index real-time feeds on Bing