Monday, October 19, 2009

Kill Bill: Bloomberg's Team Changes Strategy

Breaking News: Times Says It Will Cut 100 Newsroom Jobs *** Bill Thompson Endorsed by NY State Assembly Speaker Silver and 12 members of the Democratic Conference

Kill Bill Bloomberg's Team Changes Strategy

One thinks of David Halberstam The Best and the Brightest. The Bloomberg 100 million dollar campaign machine with all its well paid star players, no long believes it can elect the mayor based on his record on the reason he and to City Council to extend term limits, save the city's economy. Here come the mud his researchers private investigations dug up in addition to wall to wall 24/7 TV ads forcefully telling us how Thompson will raise taxes. The mayor's team is using attacking Thompson and Rudy Giuliani to turn on its base and make sure they vote. (Exhibit 1 )Today's NYP has a story how Thompson tired to get his former boss out of jail and hot that former congressman now support Bloomberg. Rep. Fred Richmond pleaded guilty to tax evasion, drug and bribery in 1982. Thompson letter to the federal judge said "shame and humiliation that Fred has suffered, the living nightmare that he has endured, I feel that incarceration would serve absolutely no purpose."Thompson's plea for crooked pol '82 letter begs judge to spare his old corrupt, druggie *** The NYP continues it push for the reelection of the Mayor by reporting that he is the only one out there at this time of education funding cut backs, pushing for more charter schools A harder charter push Proposal scraps school limit in bid for fed ed. bucks *** Today's NYP looks like a campaign mailing for Bloomberg Rudy: Re-elect Mike - or else NYP editorial says Bloomberg was Making the grade on Education Saving the city's fashion industry in response to an HBO show saying how it is dying. Mike pushing city's fashion passion (NYP) *** Cindy Adams hears Thompson talk about race *** NYT Pushing for the Mayor also Today's Tip Sheet: Bloomberg Gains Strong Police Backing NY Magazine Push for the mayor like the NYT, DN they do not allow Thompson or anyone opposed to the reelection to comment in their stories about Bloomberg. NY Magazine's Smith says if you like the first two terms should it matter that he is buying the third Mike Bloomberg Owns *** NYC is doomed if you vote for Thompson, Giuliani warns (Daily News) DN Hits mayor without letting Thompson make the attack Mayor, can you spare a little real change? Homelessness is rising - so change the city's policy Kid Gloves Reporting The reporter does not even ask the mayor what he thinks of his commissioner's son missing in action Sanitation Commissioner's son spends more time away than on the job Is Middle America Turning Against New York Again ? after 9/11 ended years of open hatred for the city. Thanks You Wall Street Crooks Small Businesses to NYC: Get Off Our Backs - Steven Malanga, City Journal *** After taking millions from the financial industry and Wall Street destroying the nations economy and facing an uphill reelection you cover your ass Dodd rips big bonuses Why not call for a congressional hearing Senator Dodd to see why so much of our money was given to AIG or the banks without any strings? *** In this era of New York's economic melt down should NY Magazine be asking what the city's leaders are doing to prevent it or if there lack of leadership caused it? The Power Dozen *** Memo to the DN: The mob runs the dept of buildings and the construction industry in NYC always have Corruption sprouts with new construction , Three busted building inspectors had prior raps , Pioneering female hardhat who sued for sexual harassment dies in fire *** GOTV or Else Lose? True News has been saying for weeks it all about turn out. That is why they brought Rudy in this early to pull the base Bloomberg aides say they fear low voter turnout *** Is this the first time Schumer has show moral outrage at a New York pol? There is a lot of bad people harmful to New York out there senator Schumer And Gillibrand Want Monserrate Out What is old is new again, including Lynch Bill Lynch: 'Giuliani Is Going Back to The Old Days'

Road to City Hall Stumping With Mayor, Giuliani Stirs Old Fears *** Giuliani’s comments verge on race-baiting,” said Bill de Blasio *** Lupica: Yankees providing the drama, not the politicians *** Mayor flunks school truth test - Thompson *** Hiram ripped by Mayor, may get Senate boot *** Racial charge in council race *** Bloomberg’s Diversion Strategy *** Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. has been out-fundraised by his Green Party opponent *** Heastie Demands A Bloomberg Apology For Thompson - And Detroit *** Koch Defends Giuliani and Bloomberg Remarks. 'Weeps' for Detroit *** Bloomberg Staying Out of New Jersey Slugfest *** Bloomberg Stresses His Efforts to Unite the City

New York's State Melt Down Dave: It'$ not about me *** Gov's chief says what gov won't: Boot Hiram Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs *** Foreclosures Force Ex-Homeowners to Turn to Shelters *** Groups Criticize a Proposal to Pull Environmental Funds *** Fed Up With Albany Unless the lawmakers in Albany pull off some miracle to clean up their mess, it is up to the voters to get them out, all of them (NYT Ed) *** Paterson Responds to the Times *** Unions insist it's all or nothing on 2,200 Bronx jobs *** Labor woes may force restaurant closure *** Paterson on Kosciuszko replacement: No span do ***Former Sen. Al D’Amato welcomes a new addition to his family (Newsday) *** Republicans are preparing a formal resolution to expel Monserrate. (NYP) *** *** The public comments from senators were split among racial and ethnic lines. (BN) *** Democratic Sen. Ruben Diaz, who is an ordained minister, says he will officiate at Monserrate wedding. (NYP) *** Billionaire Florida resident Tom Golisano sues to halt an investigation into his political organization, Responsible New York and his top aide, Steve Pigeon. (BN) *** Former Attorney General Dennis Vacco pens an op-ed, suggesting that Paterson call a special prosecutor to investigate Pigeon’s alleged election law violations. (BN) *** Two gubernatorial contenders (not Giuliani or Cuomo) comment on Paterson’s proposed cuts. (AP) *** Bloomberg later said New York could turn into Detroit *** Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson returned from China last night, and is expected to announce as soon as today a committee has been formed to consider Monserrate's future *** Global warming fund faces cuts Activists lamenting Paterson decision to use money elsewhere *** Time's up for troubled loans *** Calls Mount for Monserrate to Resign *** Parker A 'No' Vote For Ousting Monserrate *** Source: Schneiderman To Chair Monserrate Committee (Updated) *** Women's groups are working together against Sen. Hiram Monserrate *** New York has 23 guilty state elected officials per capita *** NY1 Exclusive: Paterson Still Committed To Run In 2010

Only True News Said Month Ago the MTA Was Melting Down

The NYT Gets It Now No Easy Option for M.T.A. if Albany Cuts Its Revenue (NYT)

True News August 3, 2009
Subways Fare $4.00 by 2010 While Bloomberg TV Commerical Takes Credit for MTA programs the entire agency is in melt down because of the economic crisis and not long term funding plans NEW TV AD: BETTER TRANSIT NOW *** NYC mayor calls MTA "bloated," proposes changes ‎Aug 3, 2009 *** MTA deal takes all of us for a ride The MTA is billions of dollars short of the funds needed to modernize the system and keep it in good repair. Its latest five-year that is unfunded (CrainNY) Hey Bloomberg who will pay for the MTA? Politicians blast MTA over plans to hike student bus fares *** MTA may fight panel's hefty pay hikes for transit workers *** Fay: Hey MTA - Take your toll and shove it! *** Daly: Clunker dollars should fuel free rides on subway August 15, 2009

More MTA Troubles Ahead 2nd Avenue subway at a dead end? ***2nd Ave. Subway project delayed by lack of funds

More City News Civic group charges that city colluded with Brooklyn developer *** School for the Gifted, and Only the Gifted

White House White House losing trust in Afghan partners *** Decision on Afghan Troops May Wait (NYT) *** White House vs. Fox, Revisited *** Obama Aides Go on TV to Criticize Wall Street *** White House Goes To War With Chamber Of Commerce *** Axelrod and Emanuel: Wall Street Is The Worst ***New Obama policy protects medical marijuana users *** Liberals frustrated with President Obama *** White House aides affirm that the public option isn’t mandatory. (WP) *** Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the bills. (WP) *** White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel says that Afghanistan’s government must be assessed before a decision is made on troops. (WP) *** White House Offers More Bad Media Criticism - David Zurawik, Balt Sun *** Foreign-Policy Goodwill Yet to Be Repaid in Kind - Garry Kasparov, WSJ *** Is Obama Tough Enough? - Kirk Victor, National Journal *** Obama Isn't an Ideological Typhoid Mary - Michael Tomasky, The Guardian *** Time to Reawaken Young Voters - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post *** A Test of Obama's Pledge to Pay For Health Care - Washington Post *** U.S. Aid to Pakistan Can't Flow Without Accountability - USA Today *** Clinton 'Misspeaks' Again on Belfast Bombing *** 'Chaosistan': Stanley McChrystal Mistakenly Reveals Secret CIA Report *** Secret Service Strained as Leaders Face More Threats - Boston Globe *** Barack Obama Nominates Politically Connected Ambassadors for Hungary, New Zealand *** White House plan: Neuter the Chamber *** Teachers' unions uneasy with Obama *** Caught on Tape: Obama Adviser Explains How to Control Media *** Obama, Chamber cross swords

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Pay to Play Congressional Ethics Inquiries Drag on, Despite Vows to End Corruption ***

National The Squandering of D.C.‘s AIDS Dollars - Washington Post *** Crist twist: Florida primary tightens

International A Variety of Sources Feed Into Taliban’s War Chest (NYT) *** Iran to Enrich Uranium if Talks Fail *** Another strategy – sort out the “real enemy” among the Taliban. (WP) *** The flow of terror recruits is increasing. (WP) *** The Taliban-Al Qaeda Merger - Peter Bergen, The New Republic *** Iran Blames Pakistan for Attack *** Did Israel Plant Spy Gear in Lebanon? *** Afghan election crisis *** Iran Backpedals on Nuke Deal *** One-Third of Drone Deaths Are Civilians *** Obama's New Plan for Darfur

Wall Street and the Economy Fade to blackstone might be losing its mojo *** Hands off our pay Uncle Sam shouldn't dictate Wall St. bonuses *** Arrest of Hedge Fund Chief Unsettles the Industry *** The Banks Are Not Alright While bank trading operations are highly profitable again, the part of banking that really matters — lending, which fuels investment and job creation — is not (Krugman NYT) *** Site Lets Investors See and Copy Experts’ Trades *** Wall Street's Shame - David Paul Kuhn, RealClearPolitics *** Restarting the Job Machine - Robert Samuelson, Newsweek *** A Sickening Deficit - Alex Brill and Amy Roden, Forbes *** Gov't Preps Insider-Trading Crackdown *** Carl Icahn throws CIT a $6B lifeline *** How Moody’s Sold Its Ratings—and Sold Out Investors - McClatchy ***PM Apple Profit Surges on iPhone Sales *** BusinessBizarre Details Leak Out In Major Insider Trading Case

Media and New Tech Face-to-Face Socializing Starts With a Mobile Post *** Twitter and a Newspaper Untie a Gag Order *** Media Giant Wrestles With a Shifting Identity *** Smoking in ‘Land of the Lost’ Brings Reprimand to a Studio *** The Worth of NBC as a Piece of G.E. *** Arianna: Journalists Shouldn't Be "Merely Passive Observers" *** Don't expect a rush to sell New York magazine *** Where the News Comes From *** Yankel brother backs Rush against Sharpton *** Fox Fires Back at Obama *** New York on Less: Just three months before graduation, a journalism student with $95,000 in loans applies for food stamps *** Downie Study: Government Should Subsidize Local Journalism *** New BusinessWeek Chair: "I Didn't Say The Magazine Has To Be Profitable" *** Jay Leno Show "Wreaks Havoc" For NBC Affiliates' 11PM Newscasts *** WaPo Editor Knew Salons Were Sold as Off the Record - Politico *** The New York Times plans 8 percent newsroom staff cuts *** Did Arthur Sulzberger Know About the Impending Times Newsroom Cuts Three Weeks Ago? *** Why Is Condé Nast Dragging Out Its Staff Cutbacks? *** Report urges action to preserve journalism *** Washington Post Unveils Redesign *** Gannett Profit Down 53%, But Beats Estimates