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Is New York Losing it Glitz and Glamor? UPDATED SUNDAY

Breaking News: NYT endorses Corzine faintly *** 7 Best Moments from Sunday Talk

Is New York Losing its Glitz and Glamor?

New York, New York if you can make it here you can make it anywhere
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Bigger and the best of the best, glitz and glamor is the fuel that built and runs New York City. It is clear that the city's image is beginning to weaken, in spite of efforts by the media to keep it going.
Wall Street now looks to main street America and a la costra nova organized crime operation. Albany's dysfunctional and the Espada and Monserrate attempted coup d'état and continuing legal problems and City Council slush fund is slowly changing New York's image. Washington is now the financial capital of the world. Single digit turnouts in recent primary elections show how New Yorkers have lost faith in their government. New York's unemployment, estate market melted down, weak corrupt leaders and the coming budget cutback all have and will hurt the city image as invincible and ability to meet any challenge. Wimps have no Glitz and Glamor. Business don't localed in and tourist don't visit wimp cities.

Goldman Sacks has rake in billions from the government bailouts

Mainstreaming Michael Moore Bailout Helps Fuel a New Era of Wall Street Wealth *** In Twist, Trustee Says More Madoff Aides Tied to Fraud ***Goldman Turns Into a Financial Frankenstein While the Fed Snoozes Away *** Bailed-Out Banks Raking In Big Profits - Washington Post SUNDAY Goldman Can Spare You a Dime The less we know about Goldman Sachs, the easier it is for reckless gambling to return to capitalism’s casino (Rich NYT) *** Michael Moore on The Today Show: 'Send Your Pennies to Goldman Sachs'

The straw that broke the Camel's back? 70% of voters say they are angry with the New York State (Marist Poll) the growing fight about keeping Monserrate can't help Hiram's fellow Dems are looking for a way oust *** After Monserrate’s Conviction, Some Colleagues Want Him Expelled From Senate Getting Married Wedding bells for Hiram and Karla? Queen's Machine Wants Him Out Joe Crowley, the Queens Party boss, said his conduct is "not befitting a public official" *** State Senators Call For Monserrate's Resignation *** Despite pressure from fellow Dems, Monserrate won't quit (DN) *** Krueger Demands Monserrate's Resignation *** The Albany Project bloggers launched *** Waiting For Lefties when the white liberal State Senators Tom Duane, Eric Scheneiderman & Dan Squadron will let us know their feeling about whether of not Hiram Monserrate *** Boot his glass! Dem pols calling for Hiram's ouster *** The PR in the press battle continues SUNDAY Giraldo anxious to be reunited Monserrate, despite assault *** Sen. Jeff Klein wants Albany to review possible punishment for Monserrate

What Happen to the Days of Win and Roses? Is it just me or has the Bloomberg campaign changed Aug 3 Bloomberg Calls for Free Crosstown Buses - City Room Blog .. *** June 11 Bloomberg campaign announces plan to create 400000 jobs over the next six years *** Mayor Bloomberg Announces Public Campaign to Help More New Yorkers *** Today: For a 3rd Term, Mayor Outlines Nuts-and-Bolts Goals to Suit the Lean Times (NYT)

True News Answer to NY1
NY1 Spins Like Pols and Lobbyists
What kind of journalist operation is Robert Hardt, the political director at NY1 makes running. Both True News and Fred Siegel of the Manhattan Institute pointed out that the mayoral debate on NY1 did not asked about the most important iusse facing all New Yorkers, the economy Instead of admitting to the mistake Hardt makes up a cock and bull story that there was not enough time to ask about the economy. What about the time you wasted with the dumb lighting round? Are we to believe Mr. Hardt that it is more important to asked the next mayor who will cut services to New Yorkers than if the candidates ever had a pedicures, exercise or what they think should be done in Afghanistan? (all questions asked during the lighting round) Even candidate William Thompson called the lightning round format “dumb.” Thompson which has been very supportive of gay rights his entire life in public office was trip up by your dumb format Mr. Hardt and had to explain to the Advocate that he is pro gay rights. All the lighting round did was trip up the candidate, it did not get at the truth abot anything. How could it when you ask who is better Espada or Bruno? One is on trial right not for corruption and the other one will soon be.

By the way Mr. Hardt your political coverage is infected with lobbyists like Al D'amato who are enablers to the corruption in this city. The owner of Parkside lobbyist who was in the middle of the council's slush fund , Carl McCall and Freddie Ferrer who go paid as a money managers by the city or state pension funds, the same thing Ex-Comptroller Carl McCall Is Part of New York Pension Inquiry, After Introduction From Ferrer, Firm Earned $100000 From State Mr. Hardt do you feel responsible for the lobbyist McCall and Ferrer trying to tap into the new comptroller who has not committed to get rid of the money managers like NYS Comptroller DiNapoli has? H. Carl McCall, Freddy Ferrer, Betsy Gotbaum Endorse John Liu More Time Warner who owns NY1 gets tons of ads from the Brooklyn housing complex Flatbush Gardens. He is one story your never see on NY1 Landlord's letting Flatbush Gardens rot to flush us out, say tenants (DN) *** Corporate News Media executives’ desire for acquisitions has led to $200 billion in write-offs since 2000, write the authors of “The Curse of the Mogul.” The Hunger of the Media Empire

DN 10 Billion Not 9 Million
The DN said the State Senate is spending 9 million to ensure the democrats keep a suburban senator New York's porkiest pig: Sen. Craig Johnson fattens rich district with $9M (DN Ed) It is not the first time that the Albany Dems have used the tax payers money to protect or win suburban elections. Since 1999 the city has lost over 10 billion by not having a commuter tax Legislature Acts Quickly To Repeal Commuter Tax

Feeding Base Supporters When your having trouble passing public option and there are no easy answers to the war in Afghanistan create an easy enemy for your base to rally around WATCH: White House Continues To Criticize Fox News: "It's Not Really News" *** As Charlie Rangel spends on legal bills and uses his loyal democratic congressmembers to stay in congress Rangel's Ex-Aide A Political First Timer Will Run Against Him the local political talent don't want to be left out Powell may challenge Rangel *** As Ethical Questions Linger, Rangel’s Financial Clout Erodes * Ethics fight hurting Rangel's campaign purse for 2010 *** Adam Clayton Powell IV has eye on Rangel's House seat *** Test trouble The feds say just 40 percent of fourth graders cut it in math -- not 80 percent, as Albany claims. And only 34 percent of eighth graders are up to snuff -- versus 87 percent, in the state's account *** Grades Go Up With a Look in the Mirror *** As Charlie Rangel spends on legal bills and uses his loyal democratic congressmembers to stay in congress Rangel's Ex-Aide A Political First Timer Will Run Against Him the local political talent don't want to be left out Powell may challenge Rangel *** As Ethical Questions Linger, Rangel’s Financial Clout Erodes

Road to City Hall Bloomberg, Thompson play nice in new ads New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Democratic opponent used to say nice things about each other *** Thompson Rally Focuses On Term Limits Overthrow (NY1) *** Gillibrand building impre$$ive war chest *** Mortgages and the Mayor: Candidates on Foreclosure (City Limits) *** AUDITOR-IN-CHIEF: HAS THOMPSON EFFECTED CHANGE? (City Limits) SUNDAY Balancing Power in a Room Packed With It The Alfred E. Smith dinner *** Mike's running scared His obscene spending could hit $100 million and is increasingly devoted to negative ads, a sign he has lost confidence in his own record *** Mike honing third-term ax with eye on bosses
*** New ed. slap at Bill *** Koch tells Bloomberg: Third time could be the charm (DN) *** DOES BLOOMBERG DESERVE A THIRD TERM? *** PM Rudy rooting for Mike (NYP) *** Citizens Union Gets Over Term Limits Angst, Endorses Bloomberg
New York's $$$$ Melt Down Gov to budget foes: Get real! (NYP) *** Gov. Paterson to state senators criticizing $1 billion budget cuts: 'Grow up!' (DN) *** Hospitals sold to realtor for cheap *** Challengers Pounce On Gov. Paterson's Budget Cuts (WCBS) *** Gambling in Gotham The news that Manhattan's Stuyvesant Town is on the brink of bankruptcy *** 'Closed for Renovations' Is the New 'Closed' *** Which Candidate Can Best Handle Fiscal Shortfall? (NY Civic) SUNDAY We're paying $14M to open a few locks Custodians to get extra 50G at each schoolyard *** Homeless Numbers–All Time High (WNYC) *** Diet COLA for labor: As seniors get zeros, unions shouldn't get big raises (DN Ed)

More City & State News
Shale and Our Water New York State must give those who have serious concerns about the potentially toxic process of drilling for natural gas in the New York City watershed a fair chance to state their case (NYT Ed) *** TLC Proposes Banning Drivers From Using Electronics In Car *** 'I thought I died': Gay man Jack Price, beaten in Queens, talks about attack *** Corrections Dept. Heads Resign After 'Tombs' Scandal *** Manhattan Milk aims to reintroduce the milkman to Brooklyn neighborhoods

White House Obama Threatens Insurers’ Anti-Trust Exemption *** Obama the RainmakerPresident Obama will do his fair share of fund-raising in the coming weeks *** $1.4 Trillion Deficit Complicates Obama Plans - Jackie Calmes, NY Times *** The Obama Presidency: Where I Dissent - Brent Budowsky, The Hill *** Ignore Fox News - Jacob Weisberg, Slate *** Breitbart: Taking on the 'Democrat-Media Complex' - James Taranto, WSJ *** Stimulus by $250 Check - Los Angeles Times *** Weekly Address: Taking the Insurance Companies on Down the Stretch As the health insurance reform debate enters into its final stages in Congress, the President denounces the desperate and deceptive last-ditch efforts of the health insurance companies to derail SUNDAY *** White House Helped Create Corporate-Backed Health Care Campaign - Politico *** Labor chief takes on White House (Politico) *** Teachers' unions uneasy with Obama (Politico) *** Liberals ask Obama: At what cost is health care reform (DN) *** President Obama's Frank Capra Moment - David Shribman, Pittsburgh PG *** The Anguish of Decision - Bob Woodward & Gordon Goldstein, Washington Post *** The Danger of Obama's Dithering - John Bolton, Los Angeles Times *** The Compromiser-in-Chief - Maureen Dowd, New York Times *** Ultimate Test of Obama's Engagement Policy - Michael Adler, Daily Beast *** WH Brings Knife to Gunfight With Fox News - David Carr, New York Times *** Obama Too Quick to Please China at Dalai Lama's Expense - Boston Globe *** Rebranding America - *** Is Obama Tough Enough? Neither foreign leaders nor U.S. lawmakers fear the vengeance of the president, critics say *** Saturday Night Lives video says Health care gridlock make The Rock Obama angry

Congress and Political Parties
GOP Sees Gains in Race for Donations *** Deficit of $1.4 Trillion Limits Democrats (WSJ) *** Reaching the 60-Vote Threshold on Health Care - Eleanor Clift, Newsweek *** 'Reform' No One Wants to Pay For - Michael Barone, Washington Examiner *** Doubling Down on Wrong Housing Policy - Charles Lane, Washington Post *** Health Care: Will Democrats Ram It Through? - Investor's Business Daily *** Frustrated Liberal Lawmaker Balances Beliefs and Politics *** Wall Street Bounce Boosts Member Campaign Accounts (Roll Call) *** House liberals see new score as bolstering cause on healthcare (The Hill) ***VIDEOS- Sen. Rockefeller slams Big Insurance: "They don't care. They don't have to care" *** VIDEO- Sen. Bernie Sanders Unfiltered: Return to the Gilded Age *** Progressive Groups Prep Ads To Pressure Reid on Public Option SUNDAY Small Group Working Privately on Health Bill (Washington Post) *** Congressional Ethics Inquiries Drag on, Despite Vows to End Corruption *** Dems see path for Deeds in Virginia *** Ensign pulls in less than $33K *** Schumer pushes Fed on overdraft fees *** Kerry: 'Irresponsible' to Send More Troops *** Small Group Leads Closed Negotiations on Health Care - Perry Bacon, WP *** Treating the Elderly Like Spoiled Brats - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune *** Spending Stimulating Incumbency - George Will, Sacramento Bee *** Reaching the 60-Vote Threshold on Health Care - Eleanor Clift, Newsweek *** Olympia Snowe's Conservatism -- and Ours - Ezra Klein, WaPo

Wall Street and the Economy $1.4 Trillion Deficit Complicates Stimulus Plans *** Regulators Seize Small Calif. Bank *** AIG, Greenberg Closer to Resolution *** Dow 10000: A Caution Sign for Investors (WSJ) *** Happy Days? (Nation) *** A Bull Market In a Weak Economy Doesn't Last - Robert Lenzner, Forbes *** The Dollar's Fall: Deal With It - Donald Luskin, SmartMoney *** How Moody's Sold Its Ratings - And Sold Out Investors *** Wall St. Gambles on Life Insurance Settlements

Play to Play Hedge Fund Chief Is Charged With Fraud *** Six Charged in Vast Insider-Trading Ring *** Lawmakers Exploit Loopholes for Spending Campaign Cash - Politico *** How Wall Street Bigs Protect Corruption (Black Star News) *** Look Out, Wall Street: Feds Using Wiretaps Now *** Campaign cash: The tops and the flops

National Cheap Natural Gas Deflates South Texas *** Pols call for firing of justice of peace in interracial marriage flap *** The Race Card, Football and Me - Rush Limbaugh, Wall Street Journal *** Academia Goes Silent on Free Speech - Peter Berkowitz, Wall Street Journal *** SEIU, AFL-CIO battle Puerto Rico’s governor over looming layoffs (The Hill) SUNDAY Los Angeles Prepares for Clash Over Marijuana *** Va. Rivals Summon Spirit of '08 (Wash Post) *** L.A. Readies for Pot Battle (The Daily Beast) *** N.J. GOP candidate's sex-toy side job *** A Suprising Battle in Delaware - David Broder, Washington Post *** Creigh Deeds for Governor - Washington Post

International White House Sees Victory for Karzai in a Runoff *** U.N. Disaster For the West - Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic*** U.S. Drops Plan to Isolate Sudan Leaders *** Pakistan Moves Against Taliban *** Human wrongs at the UN: World's worst try to put Israel in the dock *** Hillary says Afghanistan got 'short shrift' & needed more from start *** Russians Tough, Americans Soft? - Wesley Pruden, Washington Times *** The Case for Humility in Afghanistan - Steve Coll, Foreign Policy *** A Fair Plan For Honduras - James Baker, Washington Post SUNDAY Pakistan Opens Offensive in a Militant Stronghold *** Iran Guard Commanders Said to Be Killed in Blast *** Sudan’s Critics Relieved That Obama Chose a Middle Course *** Muddled election picture in Afghanistan delays U.S. troop surge *** Pentagon seeks $1.3 billion for Afghan projects Military wants to replace ‘inadequate’ facilities, dilapidated infrastructure (MSNBC) *** PM Iran Guard Commanders Are Killed in BombingsBaseball Playoffs Small Ball and a Big Lefty Lift Yankees *** Yankees Trample Angels In First ALCS Game *** CC, Yanks land first punch in ALCS *** Yankees Win Deep Into a Cold, Wet Night *** It's deja vu as the Yankees win epic Game 2 vs. Angels *** Harper: Joe wins war of pens

Media and New Tech Conan says he's $orry Late night funnyman Conan O'Brien, saying mocking Newark was the most "expensive joke I've ever told," had Mayor Cory Booker on his show last night to make amends and forked over a $100,000 charitable donation *** Price War Over Books Worries Industry *** Walmart fires first volley in Web book war *** 'Tonight Show' host Conan O'Brien, Newark Mayor Cory Booker make peace ***Monty Python’s Geriatric Circus (Vanity Fair) *** Treasury Presses On Banker Bonuses (The Atlantic) *** Wal-Mart Enters the Online Book Market (The Atlantic) *** What "On-demand" Media Really Means And Why Your Cable Company Should Be Scared *** 'NYT' and 'Wash Post' Battle? Have Different Versions of Brauchli Statement on 'Salons' *** Logical, Ethical Lapses Beset Washington Post *** Broadband Now! So Why Don’t Some Use It? *** Networks Too Big for Their Own Good *** Podcasting live from Greenpoint *** An NBC look-see Liberty Media and News Corp. eye network *** ImpactArianna: Journalists Shouldn't Be "Merely Passive Observers Of The World" *** U.S. Government sets up its own URL shortener, others to follow?

Blog Report Mayoral Campaign Hits Bronx Streets: Bikers for Billy Roll Down Concourse; Bloomberg Heckled in Morris Park ( *** Analysis of the State Transportation Department’s Capital Plan (Tri-State Transportation Campaign) *** The Trouble With Finding Open Wi-Fi Networks (NYCwireless) *** Did the MTA Create Blight at the Atlantic Yards?(Atlantic Yards Report) *** The Importance of the Atlantic Yards Case (NY Fiscal Watch) *** Charters, Bloomberg, and a Two-Tier System for Schools (New York Teacher) *** Historic Bed-Stuy (Brownstoner) *** Emotions well up as Stella D'oro closes its doors for the last time (Riverdale Press) *** YouTube Video: Atlantic Yards Eminent Domain Argument from Freddy's Brooklyn Roundhouse (Develop Don't Destroy) *** Lawsuit Filed to Halt Dock Street (Brooklyn Heights Blog) *** Will Coney Island ever become a year round community? (Kinetic Carnival) *** Health Insurers' Self-Inflicted Wounds (Connecting the Dots) ***Seeing What Works: The Tiger of Ambition In Bloomberg (Noticing New York)